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Dinner at Alpha Beta Delta that night was Chateaubriand with potatoes au gratin and a Caesar salad. Afterward they had coffee and cake served in the living room by Polly and Nikki, who continued to be on their best behavior, mindful of what Miss White had told them.

“That was a wonderful meal,” said Luz. “My compliments to the chef.”

“Yes, excellent work,” added Miss White. “Sasha, Sofia, all of you.” She looked around at the lovely young women who were her charges, and breathed a deep sigh of both satisfaction and anticipation. It had been a lovely evening, but the night was still young.

After finishing an enormous piece of chocolate cake and two cups of decaf, Luz stood up and took Jodie by the hand. Turning to Miss White, she asked, “Sewing machine still in the same place?” Miss White nodded, and Luz led Jodie up the stairs and down a hallway to a rarely used room that Jodie had never even noticed before.

In one corner was an old sewing machine coated with a substantial layer of dust. Luz shook her head; had it really been that long? Turning to Jodie, she said, “Do me a favor, sweetheart, and get that cleaned off while I try to find some thread here.”

Happy to have been given a task to do, Jodie went to grab some cleaning supplies, then set about the task with alacrity. While digging through a series of boxes looking for thread, Luz occasionally glanced up and watched the younger woman as she bent over the machine, tiny skirt riding up on her shapely rump. That was one thing about the uniform Luz had no intention of changing; the effect was delightful.

Once she’d found the appropriate thread Luz had Jodie take off the uniform, leaving her naked except for her shoes and socks. Jodie found herself blushing; though she was getting pretty accustomed to being nude in front of the women of ABD, at the moment she felt particularly exposed for some reason. She stood watching nervously as Luz’s hands moved deftly over the sewing machine.

As she worked Luz stole a few lingering glances at Jodie’s naked body. She really was a tasty little morsel — sweet and shy, a brown-haired girl with glasses, a type that Luz had always liked. Luz knew that she could have Jodie at the snap of a finger, and she fully intended to. But there was no need to be in a hurry. It had been years since she’d had the opportunity to indulge her lesbian tendencies, and it might be a good while before she had another. She meant to savor it as much as possible.

Working this way casino siteleri made Luz feel nostalgic for the old days at ABD. The life she lived now was the one she’d always wanted, and she certainly had no intention of giving it up. But her old life had been much simpler — not to mention wilder. Her husband was a wonderful man and a considerate lover, but at no point in her married life had she experienced anything like the sexual abandon she’d known at Alpha Beta Delta.

Her mind drifted back to when she had first started at ABD. She had been just 19, the same age as many of the students whose needs she served. Back then she had been a good Catholic girl, so innocent and naive that it was hard for her to believe now, though not a virgin — she’d had sex exactly twice, with a boy who lived down the hall from her.

When she missed her period she’d thought her life was over. Her parents would kill her — maybe not literally, but close. She prayed and prayed, telling God that if he made her not pregnant, she wouldn’t have sex again until she got married.

And God came through for her. She’d never been so happy as she was when she started bleeding. After that she steered clear of boys, concentrating on her schoolwork and her job.

Even so, after high school it was clear that she was going to have to work for a while before she could think about college. After a few months of cleaning hotel rooms she landed the job at ABD, which had the added advantage of providing food and board.

Luz had been hired by Miss White’s predecessor, Miss Winters, a Nordic-looking blonde in her mid-40s. Miss Winters was strict but fair, and Luz was happy with the job, though she worked very hard. Between keeping expenses low and not having much time to go out and do things, she saved up money at a good clip.

Under Miss Winters Alpha Beta Delta had been considerably more buttoned-up, and it had been weeks before Luz started to suspect that there was more going on there than met the eye. At times she heard strange moans in the night, and for a while she started to suspect that the place was haunted. One night, finally, she screwed up her courage and went to investigate.

Climbing the staircase toward the third floor, from which the sound seemed to be coming, Luz felt like she was in a dream. The moans soon resolved themselves into two distinct voices, one high-pitched and girlish, one slightly huskier.

Upon reaching the top of the stairs Luz found herself looking through slot oyna an open door into a bedroom illuminated by candles and moonlight. She blinked a few times, not quite able to register what she was seeing; nothing in her experience had prepared her for what she now beheld.

Opposite the door was a bed, and leaning back against the headboard was a girl she recognized from around the house, a brunette named Melissa. They had exchanged pleasantries a few times but no more. And now Melissa was sitting there in plain sight, naked, with her legs spread wide.

Stretched out on the bed in front of Melissa was another girl, also naked. Her hands were bound behind her back and her head was between Melissa’s legs; Luz couldn’t see her face but Melissa was holding on to her red ponytail as her head moved up and down, back and forth.

For a long few seconds Luz stood there watching, both shocked and fascinated. A voice inside her was telling her to get away — she shouldn’t be there, wasn’t supposed to be seeing this. But she remained frozen in place, unable to move. Still the feeling was of being in a dream — surely this wasn’t, couldn’t, really be happening?

Then Melissa’s eyes met hers, and a look passed between them. Luz felt like Melissa was seeing all the way down into her soul, exploring her deepest desires, the hidden corners of her mind.

Finally Melissa raised one eyebrow and her mouth curled into a smile. “Would you like to join us?”

Luz’s heart began to pound furiously. Alerted now to her presence, the redhead turned to look at her; Luz recognized the face but couldn’t put a name to it. She had big green eyes and freckles, and the look on her face showed no surprise or embarrassment, just curiosity.

Luz found her eyes wandering to Melissa’s crotch, taking in the triangle of brown pubic hair, the shiny pink pussy, the slightly parted lips. She’d been around naked women plenty of times, for instance in the locker room, but never seen one with her legs splayed open this way; it was lewd and wanton, but also beautiful.

Realizing that she’d been staring, Luz blushed and returned her gaze to Melissa’s eyes. They were glimmering now with amusement, and displayed a certain knowing calm, as if she knew exactly what was going to happen next.

Without ever consciously deciding to, Luz took one step forward, then another. Melissa patted the bed next to her and Luz sat down in the indicated place. She was quivering with nervousness but knew, somehow, that canlı casino siteleri this was where she was meant to be.

There was a cloud of scent in the vicinity of the two naked girls, and Luz’s nostrils were filled with mingled hints of flowers, sweat, and the fishy odor Luz knew from exploring her own private parts. She felt a little lightheaded, almost faint. Then Melissa reached one arm out to hold her and leaned in for a kiss.

Those lips seemed like the softest thing Luz had ever felt and she allowed herself to return the kiss, ignoring the nagging voice telling her how sinful this was. This was not, she told herself, what she’d promised God she wouldn’t do — it was something different, something she’d never even imagined.

From that point forward time seemed to disappear. Melissa pulled away and the redhead took her place; there was a strong taste on her lips of what Luz realized must be Melissa’s pussy; the idea sent a shudder through her, but not an unpleasant one.

Next thing Luz knew the girls were pulling off her nightgown, kissing her neck, her breasts, her belly. The craving this incited in her was like nothing she had ever felt before. All her inhibitions fell away, and before the night was over she’d been pleasured by both Melissa and the redhead, and pleasured both in return; had a dozen orgasms more intense than she’d ever thought possible; and discovered a whole new side of herself.

After that Luz regularly trysted with Melissa, sometimes in combination with the redhead — whose name was Joanna, she learned — and sometimes with other girls. It became well-known around ABD that the maid was hot to trot, and she found herself involved in some kind of sexual escapade almost every day.

In time Miss Winters caught wind of what had been happening and summoned Luz to her office. When confronted Luz tearfully confessed, expecting to be summarily fired. Instead she found herself being tied up, spanked, and then fucked with a strap-on. As she lay there on the floor of Miss Winters’ office, sweaty and panting and thoroughly sated, she knew for sure that her life had changed.

A lot had happened since then… but Luz shook her head and brought herself back to the here and now. The uniform was done and Luz held it up, inspecting her work with satisfaction. She helped Jodie into it, though not before copping a little feel, squeezing Jodie’s boobs and then her ass.

“Better?” asked Luz.

Jodie nodded and said “Yes, thanks,” still blushing slightly from having been fondled. She found Luz very attractive and hoped she’d have the chance to show her gratitude a little more intimately. But at the moment Luz was taking her by the hand and leading her back downstairs.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32