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Alexa Pearl

Kyle and I met at the gym and followed our workout with a swim and a sauna.

“Just to be absolutely clear,” Kyle said and pointed. “You’re interested in this.”

“Yes, I am.”

“We’ve both been fantasizing about this and neither one has acted on it.”

I nodded, confirming what we had already talked about.

“As much as I want to try, I can’t do it without my wife’s blessing.”

A flood of relief rushed through me. “That’s what I thought as well. I can’t go behind my wife’s back either.”

“I’ve told my wife a bit about you and she suggested I invite you and your wife for a barbecue. How about next week?”

“Sure,” I said. “I’ll ask Holly. She would love to make new friends. As you know, I’ve told my wife about some of my thoughts, so advancing the line wouldn’t be a shock for her.”

That evening went well, along with many others that followed. Holly and Jane became good friends and Kyle and I thought the time to open up with them was close at hand. That decision was taken from us when during dinner, Holly asked, “So guys. Is there something you’re not telling us?”

We both froze. Thinking of breaking the news was one thing, but really saying it was another.

Holly continued. “We’ve compared notes and unless we’re off base, you guys have been contemplating a sexual relationship.”

The nail had been hit squarely on the head and the horse was out of the barn.

“I promise we’ve done nothing, except thought and talked about it.” Kyle said.

Jane spoke. “If we thought you had done something, you both would have been in serious trouble.”

“Trust is everything and there are a few ground rules.” Holly said. “Neither one of us want to know what you do or if you started doing anything. No sex on our beds and don’t extend it beyond yourselves. We’re all STD free and Jane and I want to stay that way.”

We both nodded. güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri I looked at Holly. “Are you absolutely sure. I’m sorry. This can’t be easy for you.”

“No, I’m not sure. But I do know that you have desires that I can’t satisfy. I hope you never lose the desire for me.”

The night ended with laughs and hugs, but there was an undercurrent of change. There are many things that happen in life, but few result in a crossroad. We were all at the same crossroad and life would never be the same.

Little changed over the following weeks. We met at the gym, worked out, swam and occasionally visited the sauna. I continued looking and Kyle continued to show. We became flirty and touches began to linger. He liked to rub and pat my bottom and I loved the attention.

We had finished our swim and sat in the sauna. Beads of sweat trailed down his chest, running to the top of his pubic hair. His cock was thick and his foreskin puckered at the tip like the end of a balloon. I dreamed of sticking my tongue inside and rolling it around the head of his cock, and then pull back the skin and reveal his cock head and slit.

He stood. “I’m ready to leave. Are you?”

I stood and reached for the door handle. He spun me around lightly and pressed his lips to mine. I was surprised that I didn’t back away and more surprised that my lips softened. Before my mind could wrap around what had happened, the door closed and he was gone.

Looking down confirmed how hard I was. I sat back down and time slipped away. I had no problem imagining kneeling and sucking him, but a kiss never entered my mind. Getting aroused by a kiss scared me and I was glad that when I entered the locker room, Kyle was gone.

Over the next week I had sex once with my wife and masturbated twice. Both times I thought of Kyle’s kiss and both times my orgasms were earth güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri shattering.

The next time we met, we skipped our swim and sauna and stopped for a coffee. I was hoping Kyle would mention the kiss.

The coffee shop was almost empty and I kept my voice low. “Your kiss surprised me.”

Kyle smiled, “It surprised me as well.”

“It made me do a great deal of thinking and the intimacy of a kiss scares me,” I said.

“Yeah, I agree. But I’m not sure I can be sexual without intimacy.”

“Reality is a hell of a lot more complicated than the fantasy,” I said.

“Ken. Let’s pretend this is a date. After we finish our coffees, we can go in my car and I will take you to a quiet place by the river.”

I did pause for a moment. “Sure. Sounds good.”

We both took our last sips a Kyle stood and asked, “Are you ready, sweetie?”

The term of endearment surprised me and it sent a tingle through my tummy. Our roles were being defined and I couldn’t have been more thrilled.

We parked by the river and walked to the gravel path that followed the river. There was nobody in sight and Kyle’s fingers touched mine. I took his hand, just as my wife had taken my hand thousands of times.

The path curled up and to the right and Kyle led me down an old path that opened into a small clearing. He turned me to him.

“We’ve talked about so many things. I’ve been a top in all of my fantasies and imagined you kneeling before me, seeing your eyes looking up with my cock in your mouth. I’ve imagined taking you doggie style and on your back, with me over you.”

My heart was pounding and I took his other hand. Our bodies were facing each other and our fingers entwined.

“Several questions went through my mind last week, but I think just one will answer them all,” Kyle said.

I felt my lip quiver, güvenilir bahis şirketleri hoping my answer would be the one that Kyle wanted to hear.

“If you had the choice, would you have been born male or female?”

There was no need to think about my response, for I had thought about it a thousand times. “Without a doubt, female.”

“You’re not saying what you think I want to hear, are you?” Kyle asked.

“No. Definitely not. Years ago, I even admitted that to Holly.”

The smile that crossed his lips was delightful, but not as delightful as their touch on my lips. A moan escaped and his tongue probed between my lips, which soon parted invitingly. His tongue swept over mine and my tongue twirled around his. He pressed his hips to me and I pressed mine back.

I felt breathless and weak kneed and his lips trailed down my chin, to my neck. Without thought, my head tilted, exposing my neck for him. A shiver of warm currents drifted through me and if I was female, I would be soaking wet.

My hardness was pulsing and drips of precum were wetting me. My head was spinning and without doubt I would have given myself to him.

My hair curls to the bottom of my collar and Kyle gently brushed a lock of hair over my ear.

“Mmmmm, your neck is as sensitive as I hoped it would be. I think we both need to catch our breaths.”

The walk back to the car was done in silence. I wondered if I was gay and that I was fooling myself all these years. But, I loved the female form. Their hips, bottoms and breasts were such wonderful eye candy.

“When a girl catches your eye, what are you thinking,” I asked Kyle.

“I’m thinking about how good it would be to have sex with her. What about you?”

“I imagine what it would be like to be her.”

“That doesn’t surprise me,” Kyle said.

Driving home, I wondered how I could want to be a female, have the desire to suck a guy and yet get hard with my wife. What if being with Kyle lowered my desire to be with my wife? What if making love to my wife was only to prove that I wasn’t gay? There were so many variables and my mind was jumping from one to the other.

End of Part Two … Part Three to Follow

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