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Hand of Love

Ed was walking down a dark street on night, alone, but not drunk. He was too sad to get drunk. Instead he chose the long walk home in the rain through the park.

As he entered the grassy boundaries of the park he noticed a hump on one of the benches. Deciding to investigate Ed moved in.

As he got closer he saw that the lump was a person wrapped in a blanket sleeping on one of the park benches. He prodded the person in what he assumed was their shoulder. The lump moved and rolled over limp.

As Ed looked down he saw a beautiful girl, about 17 with a curvaceous body and a nicely rounded if deathly pale face. Her breath came in ragged gasps. Ed moved quick and scooped the surprisingly heavy girl up into his arms. Then he grabbed her bag of belongings and slung it over his shoulder and hurried home to his apartment, filled with a purpose he had been lacking for the past several months.

When he reached the door to the block he fumbled with his key, nearly dropping the poor girl as I opened the door and hurried her up the stairs.

When he reached the top he unlocked the door and nearly fell in. his arms were aching and his back felt like it was on fire. He dropped the bags and lowered the girl onto my big double bed. I peeled the blanket away to reveal an amazing form albeit a bit grubby but lovely nonetheless. She was clad in a pair of dark jeans and a black t-shirt, certainly not outdoor clothing. I ran into my bathroom and began to run a hot bath. When it was full and nice and soapy I returned to the bedroom and with no small amount of guilt removed the girls clothing. After she was completely naked Ed hefted her back up and lowered her carefully into the bath.

When he was sure she was secure he removed his arms, now soaking, from round her and began to wash her down with the water making sure every inch of her was clean.

After the bath was complete Ed dried her off with one of his towels and laid her to rest under his sheets, he didn’t dress her again as nothing he had would fit. So he left to relax in front of the TV and let the girl sleep.

Lucci slowly woke up. Her first conscious thought was “where the hell am I?” the next was “why the fuck am I naked?”

She realised she was under a nice warm duvet of clearly very high quality, she sighed and tried to open her eyes. She moaned with the pain building behind them and then she finally got them open and looked around.

Her first sight was a guy about 17 looking standing in front of her smiling.

He was about 6’2 with brown hair that was very curly. Deep hazel eyes looked out from underneath bushy eyebrows, but there was no malice in those eyes, only compassion and worry.
“Are you okay? I found you in the park with a case of hypothermia, I brought you here and cleaned you up and let you rest. Oh and sorry about the clothes, I had to take them off to get you warm again.”
As he garbled out these words Lucci smiled and croaked,
“Thank you, I probably owe you my life, but I could really do with a drink please.”
“Oh my sorry, “he blabbed and raced out to fetch Lucci a glass of water.
When he returned he gave Lucci a big glass of water and she greedily gulped it all down,
“Better?” he asked
“Yes thanks, “she replied “thank you for saving me, my name is Lucci, my father abused me after my mum left, and so I ran away.”
“How long have you been away?” Ed asked in a calm and soothing tone.
“About a month “Lucci snivelled, with that she burst into a fit of crying. Ed held her close to his chest protectively,
“Don’t worry Lucci you can stay here with me, I’ll keep you safe.”

After a few days had passed of Ed sleeping on the couch he asked Lucci if she would mind him sleeping back in his bed. She obliged and that night they both slept fitfully.

The next morning Ed awoke to find Lucci’s arm draped across his chest and her head snuggled up against his shoulder. Ed carefully prized her arm from his chest and started to sit up. Instead Lucci put a hand on his chest, pushed him down and leant over him and izmir escort bayan whispered,
“Thanks Ed, you are my real hero and I love you.”

Then before Ed could react she kissed him on the lips hard. She came back up for a bit of air then dived down again with another hard kiss. This time though she brushed his lips with her tongue and their mouths opened up to each other and their tongues began to explore each other’s mouths. Their tongues danced and rubbed against each other till they both pulled away panting for air.

The same happened for the remainder of the week, both of them could sense that something had changed between them. Day after day the make out sessions got more intense and lasted longer.

On the Sunday after pasta prepared by Ed they leapt onto the bed and began to kiss. After about 3 minutes of passionate making out Ed’s hand travelled to Lucci’s ample bosom and began to squeeze it and caress it gently producing moans of pleasure from Lucci. At the same time Lucci’s hand travelled to Ed’s arse and began to squeeze it slowly in time with Ed’s caressing of her tits. At exactly the same time the both pulled away and quickly shed their clothing.

Ed ripped off his shirt and hastily unbuckled his belt (he worked for a large storage and distribution company as a manager) letting his trousers drop revealing a pair of cotton briefs in black.

Across from him, her eyes fixed on Ed disrobing Lucci whipped off her t-shit revealing a lacy satin bra. She then quickly discarded the tight jeans she had on, all presents from Ed. Then the unhooked her bra drawing ravenous looks from Ed and let it fall revealing her gorgeous 36B breast.
Once again they came together, their bodies meeting and rubbing against each other.

Ed began to massage Lucci’s breasts again causing moans of ecstasy to escape her vigorously kissing lips.

Slowly his kisses descended down her neck and he began to lick her nipples. Then he began to nip slightly cause Lucci to shudder in pleasure. He squeezed with his hands and sucked, nipped and licked with his tongue pleasing her no end.

Slowly he moved down and reached her satin panties. He grabbed the top in his teeth and teased the panties down revealing a neatly shaved pussy. He let the panties slip the rest of the way down and slowly brushed his tongue along her slit and over her clit. He clamped his mouth over her pussy and thrust his tongue in and wriggled it about causing Lucci to groan in pleasure. As he moved his tongue around Lucci felt a pressure build in her stomach area. Then as she couldn’t hold it any longer she came to her first ever orgasm and her scream nearly deafened Ed.

He got back up and kissed Lucci on the lips letting her taste herself on her love.

Now though it was her turn to be the one brining the pleasure. She made him lie flat on his back on the bed and spread his legs. As he did so she carefully slipped off his cotton briefs exposing his rock hard 8.5 inch long member.

She prepared herself mentally and grabbed the base of the shaft and took the huge head into her mouth. She tasted the delicious salty pre-cum and wanted more. She slowly liked around the head of the cock and then without warning took it all into her mouth making her gag on its length.

Ed moaned at the amazing work that she was doing and tried to hold back as long as he could but he knew it wouldn’t be long before she brought him to orgasm.

Lucci bobbed up and down on Ed’s cock deepthroating it each time and after each dip she greedily swallowed his delicious pre. Within no time Ed moaned louder than before and shot his load into her awaiting mouth. Then swilled it around savouring the delicious taste and swallowed the whole load down.

They came together to kiss again. As they were engaged in their passion Ed flipped Lucci over onto her back and repositioned his hard cock at her sodden entrance.

He gazed into her eyes, asking her consent. In return she gave little nod and Ed slowly pushed his way into her tight pussy. Then when he bottomed out he pulled back and buca escort then went in again, increasing the speed with each successive thrust. Soon Ed was pumping in and out of Lucci and they were both moaning and groaning in ecstasy. Then in one almighty thrust Lucci came screaming and holding onto Ed’s chest pulling him onto her. As Ed felt Lucci’s vaginal muscles clamp down on his member he could no longer hold back and shot his load straight into her pussy.

They both collapsed on top of each other and fell straight asleep.

They continued on like this for several weeks and then one day Lucci told Ed about her Bondage fetish. It just so happened that Ed also happened to like bondage and so they agreed to try it the next night.

After a trip to the adult shop in town Ed was prepared for the night ahead. He placed his tool-bag in the corner and began to set up.

Lucci entered the room wearing nothing as instructed. She walked to the centre of the room and stood awaiting her lover.

The on suite bathroom door opened and out strode Ed wearing a crotch less set of latex briefs that nicely showed off his huge member. On his top half he had a set of tight latex gloves on and a leather belt that held ropes, cuffs and locks.

Lucci gulped as he approached. He leant forward and whispered,
“Scream when, if, you want me to stop”
And with that he placed a leather collar round her neck with the words, Luccianna and Love tattooed into it in red.

Then he clipped a leash to the collar and led her to the bed gently. He made her sit down on the edge of the bed. When she was seated he attached matching sets of leather cuffs with fur lining to each of her ankles and wrists. Then to finish the whole think off he adds a red rubber ball gag to the outfit and tightens the straps to make sure there could be no movement.

He ordered her to lay spread eagled on the bed. Once she had done so he produced the under bed restraint straps and locked them to her cuffs ensuring she was nicely spread eagled in front of him. But he was also very careful to check that they weren’t too tight to be uncomfortable.

He disappeared from Lucci’s sight line as he went into the kitchen to retrieve something. He returned looking like the hottest thing she had ever seen in her life. In his hand was a bottle of chocolate body paint.
He proceeded to pour it all over Lucci’s breasts and then in a little trail down to her clean shaven pussy where he pooled a fair amount of the liquid chocolate.

I started to slowly lap up the delicious chocolate sauce on her nipples first making painfully slow work of it, teasing her and causing her to moan in a low growling way. With slow laps I caress her nipples until all the chocolate was gone. Then I follow the little trail ever so slowly down her belly until I reach her pussy. Upon reaching the pool of chocolate a begin to lap it up, causing a shudder every time I lap on her pussy lips. Soon all the surface chocolate is gone. I use my tongue like a shovel digging out the chocolate slowly bringing primal moans from her. Then I thrust in one final time causing a deep groan and a large flood of vaginal juices to wash over my face.

I step back and then straddle her positioning myself at her very moist entrance and slowly push in. I increase the tempo with every thrust revelling in her moaning and the heat of her vagina. Soon she moans in orgasm and her muscles clamp around my shaft causing me to blow my load too.

I take time to catch my breath and then unclip her and lift her up. Then I get a sex support strap from by bag and attach it to the bolts in the ceiling. Then I locked the cuffs together do they acted as had and ankle cuffs and the I placed her belly onto the sex strap and fished out some lube from my bag. Lubing up two fingers I stick the middle one into her arse. She moans as the second one goes in and I begin to work them around opening up her passage. When I think it is loose enough I lube up my now fully erect cock and position myself at her back passage. I slowly ease myself in, too much izmir escort groaning from her. Once my head has slipped inside I slide myself all the way in soliciting large moans from Lucci. Then I increase the tempo, taking it slower than I normally would. The heat and tightness of her hole is too much and I um explosively inside her, in turn setting her off which clamps her strong anal muscles around my shaft milking it of any leftover cum.

I undo the cuffs and slump on to the bed exhausted. Once she has undone the ball gag, she pants,
“That was great, when next?” then she fell on top of me snoring and I drifted off too.

The next day she told me about her baby fetish and I took it all in planning ahead.

A few days later and another trip down to the adult store and I was ready to give her surprise.

She walked in to the apartment at the end of the day after having been shopping for basic supplies. She dumped he coat and sat down at the couch knowing that Ed wouldn’t back home for another hour. Ed emerged from behind the couch and clamped the chloroform soaked cloth over his loves moth till she was defiantly out cold.

When she opened her eyes everything was blurry, as far as she could tell she was in a room, but the walls were black. As her vision cleared she could see she was in a cage…. no it was a large baby’s cot. She looked down at herself, she was wearing mittens and a nappy and no more and was lying in the cot. She had a pacifier in her mouth preventing her from speaking and it was held in too by a knotted ribbon harness on her head.

The door in the far side of the room opened and in walked Ed, in a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. He walked straight over and crooned,
“Hello my little girl. It’s time for your feeding”

He lowered one side of the cot and held the bottles nub to the side of her mouth and stuck it in so she could feed. The milk was creamy and a bit salty. She wondered what it could be. Then it struck her, it was cum. She wanted to stop but it tasted soo good so she drank the bottle dry. Once she was done Ed pulled the bottle away,
“Good girl, it’s time for a nappy change.” Ed crooned.

He took her current nappy away and wiped her crotch down with a baby wipe. Then he took what looked like a rattle and slowly slid it into her pussy. Then when he was done he did the nappy back up.
“Now baby that’s your only nappy for 3 days so don’t go ruining it.”

And with that he left.

After he left the room the rattle in her vagina started to buzz. After a while it began to make her wet, then the intensity increased. She moaned through the pacifier and squirmed but it only made it worse. Worse still she had to piss really badly.

Half an hour later she mphhddd in orgasm and lost control of her bowels and wet herself. Every hour or so she would orgasm and all her restraint would go.

By the end of the first day she was bogged down in wee and she hated it. The smell and the humiliation were the worst bits. And then she needed a poo. Try as she might she could no t hold it back and with the next orgasm she lost all control and now to add to the wetness the was a stodgy grittiness.

After the three days were over Lucci expected to be let go instead Ed just took her out of her cot and washed her down with a hosepipe. The same treatment was given to the cot as well. After Ed had cleaned her and the cot he let her feed on milk from the source.

He took the dummy out and inserted his huge cock instead, Lucci , was glad to be able to suck anything other than that damned bottle and eagerly sucked her master off until he came down her throat.

By the end of a month Ed took her out and removed the pacifier and instead of inserting his cock he gave his love a deep passionate kiss and took her to the bathroom to have a shower.

They both clambered in together and Ed massaged the whole of Lucci’s body with the soap and them washed her down making sure she was squeaky clean then after they were both clean Ed took her legs and pushed her up against the wall and rode her till she came and he came inside of her. They got dried and headed to bed to snuggle as lovers, all down to one simple gesture of kindness,
a hand of love.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32