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Chapter 20
Backdooring Leah Tarred

“Hey, L. O., make sure you suck his cock real hard,” Leah said into the phone after we’d finished our last rumple the sheets game in her bedroom.

“Yeah,” I yelled into the mouthpiece before Leah managed to pull it away, “And remember to drink all his cum!”

“Ooh, I heard he likes that,” Leah screeched into the phone now that she had it firmly back in her possession.

“You guys!” I heard L. O. laughingly answer.

“Give it your best shot,” Leah shouted. And then much softer, she said, “And we want to know all the filthy details later. I’ll be over at Aubrey’s. You have his number?”

“In more ways than one,” L. O. retorted happily, and hung up on us.

I envisioned Duane’s happy surprise when L. O. went down on him, and hoped he remembered what I’d told him about eating pussy.”

Leah bounded from the bed, and ran into the bathroom to take what she termed a “quick shower.”

I dressed and waited until she came out, then I kissed her good bye and went home, knowing she’d be by in two hours, ready to fuck like a rabbit again.


My mother had a date, and wouldn’t be home until after eleven, if then. I regretted not having invited Duane and L. O. over to join us; but with Leah laid spread-eagled on the sheets of my bed, I didn’t linger over the fact. ‘No coitus interuptus tonight, ‘ I thought, as I knelt with my knees widened and told Leah to “Spread herself, nice and wide.”

I felt fully recovered from the fucking and sucking that had gone on earlier and intended to prove it Leah, saying: “That’s how you’re most beautiful.”

“What? How do you mean?” she replied, anxious to hear my latest compliment.

“I refer to the sight of you so wide open, ready to accept me on the bed.”

I laced my fingers in hers, pressed the backs of her hands into the sheets just above her head.

Her small breasts rose up a fraction, but her nipples, already hard, seemed to peak in their size, and I fought the compulsion to attack them frenziedly, telling her that she was going to love what I was about to do to her.

“I love everything you do to me. I can’t imagine what you’re going to add.”

“Can you wait a while longer?” I teased.

“No, I can’t.”

“Maybe you can,” I said continuing to tease her.

“I can’t wait. I need to cum.”

“Do you?” I said lazily and rubbed the head of my dick over her glistening pussy lips.

“Bastard!” she moaned.

“Ah, I like it when you talk dirty to me!”

“Do you?”

“Yeah, it reminds me that you’re not the sweet little thing everyone says you are.”

“Fuck you! You’ve got me all worked up. Are you telling me I’m not gonna get to cum? That’s not fair. And no fucking fun either.”

“Yeah, I want you all worked up. Talk dirty to me. Get me hot.”

“Your cock is pointing at the ceiling. How much hotter can it get?”

“That’s a nice start, c’mon, let’s hear more from that filthy mouth of yours.”

“Oh, so you want to hear some heavy breathing … maybe some moaning … like give it to me, baby, please, give it to me?”

“That’s a start,” I said.

“Should I moan in your ear, or in your mouth?”

I laughed, and to make her happy, I sank the tip of my cock into her eagerly sucking cunt.

“Yes! Now fuck me hard!”

I laughed again, and eased my cockhead out of her, rubbed it carefully over her tiny clit, just emerging from its hidding place.

Leah moaned, and squirmed, trying to line her cunt and my dick up and engulf me. I pulled my hips back, denying her the opportunity and nuzzled her nipples.

“Fuck me!” Please, fuck me!”

I kissed her breasts, throat, eyes, and mouth, murrmuring little nothings to her all the while.

Leah forced herself to calm down and began to enjoy my enticements. “Okay, okay, you want to hear me moaning whle you … play with me?”

“Yes … but slowly.


“I want to blow warm air across your delicious nips. I want to bite them when they reach their peak.”

“Yeah … bit them hard. I love that!”

Her hips were churning up at me.

“I want to slide my tongue into your cunt. Run my teeth across your inner lips.”


“And then what shall I do?”

“Then,” Leah answered, “I’ll shove my hips toward you … pushing me against your mouth. Your tongue … will enter me, and I’ll pull your head into me and cum big time!”

“See,” I said, excitedly, “how good it is to talk dirty to each other before doing it?”

“I’m beginning to get the picture.”

“Picture, you’re getting the picture. Well picture this: I can feel your hot, wet pussy sliding across my mouth…”


“You’re getting wetter and wetter.”

“Oh, Bree!”

“You’re holding my face against you. I’m licking away. Then what?”

She was into the game now; fully into it, and said: “You focus all of your attention on my clit. You watch me … you watch me quivering and tensing up. But you keep at me. You look up at me from between my thighs and smile. But canlı bahis şirketleri you don’t stop.”

She paused, and I knew she wanted me to pick up where she’d left off. So I said: “Watching you hump up against my face is great. And hearing you calling my name out, or cursing me out tells me you’re going to cum. So why would I stop?” I treasure the taste of your pussy, and after you cum, I’m going to grab your legs, push them back until your pretty pussy and your tight little asshole are pointed straight at my face. And then, do you you what I’m going to do?”

She’s numbed by those words for a moment, then says, “Um… (and giving me a big smile) you lick me … one long lick after another. Then quick short ones, and then your tongue dives into me, and I cum again, and again, and again!”

“Where does my tongue dive? Into that lovely pussy? Or maybe that beautiful puckered asshole?”

“Oh … my … God!”

“Yeah, that tight ass that clenches with that first long lick…”


” … then flexes and relaxes with the short quick ones…”

“Gonna cum!”

” … and as my tongue enters that puckered star, I grab hold of your thighs to help me push until my mouth is crushed against your asshole and my tongue is wriggling like a snake inside it.”

“Please … stop! Do me! Please do me … now!”

“Where should I do you?”

“I want it in my ass! Oh, Bree, I can’t believe you even had to ask me. Or do you just want to hear me ask for it?

“No. don’t ask me, tell me where you want it. Grab me by my head and pull me up to your mouth. Kiss me, then tell me to stick my tongue in your ass. Tell me how much you want it. Grab your own legs, pull them open, and point your ass at me and say, “Here, stick it right here, while rubbing your fingers over that little brown hole.”

To my amazement, Leah did exactly what I’d asked her to do. Grabbing my head, she brought her mouth to mine and we kissed. It’s hard to distinguish one’s best kiss ever, but this one was right there, right at the top for sure. Sensual, and exciting. Adventursome and exhilerating. I couldn’t wait to eat her ass.

My hand went between her legs, keeping her pussy stimulated and hungry. Leah began writhing eagerly, coaxing me into sucking and bitting her nipples again, while rubbing her mons feverly, trying to get off.

I moved south, and Leah flung her legs wide in invitation. “I want your goddamn tongue, Bree!”

I licked my way down to her knees, and then headed north as Leah fingered herself in anticipation of what was to come. Wanting to make it asgood as possible, I spent what seemed an eternity licking her perineum; later, Leah would complain not about her ass, but that I’d licked her raw there, on that little patch of skin between her asshole and her cunt.

I cupped her buttocks and spread them, baring the tiny pink tightness of her clenched asshole. I gave it a long lick, heard Leah make a kind of whooshing noise, and sent my tongue into her ass.

It didn’t go very far, but she was making a lot of noise. Prying her asshole open with my thumbs, I managed to get the tongue into her, flicking and stabbing, attaining an undeniable presence there.

Leah was jerking and twitching at each touch of my tongue, and her fingers became almost maniacal inside her pussy.

Her ass grew hotter and hotter, “Christ,” she panted, “Oh, Christ!”

Covering her hole with my mouth, I started to suck. Leah later told me how gross she thought I was at the time, but her body language right then was anything but repelled by my actions. Her body began to shake and quiver in excitement, reacting to the caress of my hungry mouth.

She was flailing away with one arm, and discovered that by reaching back she could take hold of my dick. Clamping a fist around me, Leah began jerking me off, all the while chanting, “You’re so fucking filthy.”

Wrenching my mouth from her ass, I shouted back, “Am I?”

“You are! But I’m so fucking hot I don’t care. Make me cum. Make me cum anyway you want.”

“Okay, let’s do it now,” I said.

“My ass? You’re really going in?”

I was kissing my way up her body, licking her spine, then the shoulder blades, when I answered with a low, “Mmmmm.”

She moaned.

I pushed her hair to the side, and kissed her mouth.

Leah groaned, “I should be repulsed by this!”

“Are you?”

“No! I love it!”

She opened her mouth, and greeted my tongue with her own.

Minutes later, I rolled her over onto her back and came down on her, kissing and biting her little tits, feeling the nipples throbbing against my tongue. My fingers found her open cunt, opened it even more.

Leah gave my cock a delicious squeeze. “Oh, yes, let’s fuck right now!” she moaned happily. “I want you so bad I can taste it.”

I leaned across her prone form and found a condom.

“On the pill,” she protested, “there’s no need.”

“Just obeyin’ Momma’s orders, baby.”

“If you insist, just l let me put it on.” She did a commendable job of it; and then in her sultriest voice chirped, “I’m gonna come canlı kaçak iddaa all over this dick.”

Leah lay back, ran a palm over a stiffened nipple, and spread her labia apart.

I brought the tip of my dick down to her glistening opening.

“Yes,” she said, “tickle my clit with that big hard thing!”

“I thought you wanted to cum.”

“I’ve been coming forever. Just fuck my brains out!”

In I went.

“Yes! Yes! Yes!”

“How do you want it?”

“I want it hard and nasty!”

I went at her furiously, but she was ready, more than ready and met me with surging hips.

What a collision! Neither of us gave an inch to the other.

“Deeper … faster,” Leah panted, “you can’t fuck me too hard this time, baby…”

Squeezing the cheeks of her ass, I kept her high and gained even deeper access to her. We were both grunting and groaning; and the bed reflected our exertions by rocking and screaming for mercy.

I was hitting bottom with every stroke.

“Make me cum a million times!” Leah gasped.

My cock slipped out of her hole. “Goddamn it!” she wailed, reaching down to recapture me, and put that fuck tool back where it belonged.

Two strokes later, I twisted my hips and my dick popped out again.

“Fuck!” she exclaimed.

But I got her ass a little higher in the air, and she yelped on feeling me at the entrance to her asshole.

“Oh, wait a minute,” Leah called out, a tinge of panic in her tone.

“You wanted it back there!” I said tersely.

Did I?”

“Yes, absolutely, baby.”


“I’m going in…” My dick was already nudging at the tiny petal of her anus.

It was slick and slimy from her cunt, and my knob did a kind of slip-slide and popped in. Not far, not far at all, but her rectum felt like heaven to me.

“Wait! Wait!” Leah whined. “Go slow! be sure to go fucking slow, Bree!”

I did, pausing every few seconds until I felt her trying to relax. I took my dick out and lubed it up again, then reinserted it into her now somewhat opened asshole.

With the next gain on my part, Leah surprised me by backing into me until my cock began to disappear into her rectum. She was incredibly tight.

“It does feel pretty good, Bree,” she conceded after a time, as we waited for her sphincter to relax again; then little by little, she wriggled backward, while I did nothing but hold firm. It no time at all, I was all the way into her. It was like my dick was in a velvet vise.

“Jesus H. Christ! You’ve got that monster all the way in me!”

I backed out, and surged in, but not all the way.

Leah groaned, and not from any discomfort.

I repeated the move, and did it again, and suddenly I had a freedom of movement denied me earlier.

“I … I never would have believed it!” she gasped in wonder.

“I know,” I said, “its fuckin’ unreal.”

She gave a lewd laugh and asked, “Do you like the way my ass swallows your baby maker?”

“Love it. But you can’t get knocked up this way.”

“Good! Now stretch me ’til I cum on that big, meaty cock!”

That was my cue to let it rip. And I did. I had her with her face half buried in a pillow, while I knelt behind her pumping for all I was worth.

Leah came a split second after I did, filling her ass with a gigantic load.

“I love you, Leah!” I said for the first time, after taking a deep breath and exhaling onto her shoulder.

“I love you too, Aubrey, she responded a half second later. “That was the nicest fuck. And I appreciate your going slow.”

I had my hands on her shoulders, and my dick was still pulsing in the snug confines of her ass. I let one hand drop and searched out her clit. She gasped, and moaned, “Cumming … again!”

The phone rang and we both went for it. At the last second, I let Leah take it. My dick flopped out, and I rolled away to watch her talk on the phone.

Leah said, “Hello?” about as tentatively as anyone I’d ever heard pronounce the word.

“Oh!” she said, and mouthed that the caller was L. O.

“How … how did it go?” Leah asked.

A second later she gave me a thumbs up and winning smile.

“Did you really feel it sliding down your throat?”

Leah nodded frantically to let me know that she had.

Then she held the phone so I could also listen in.

“It was super hard after I rubbed it a few times…” L. O. gushed.

“Was he surprised when you touched him there?”

“Was he ever? He actually hollered out loud, and I had to shush him!”

I laughed, and L. O. said, “Is Aubrey there with you?”

“Hi, L. O. throat feel good, does it?”

“Mmmm, yeah … are you two doing it?”

“He just had it in my ass,” Leah chirped.

“Oh, God … did it hurt much?”

“At first. But he was good. He went real slow-like and it was really enjoyable.”

Really? Well I know he’s a good teacher…” she hesitated a second, then followed with, “and so are you. You’re two great instructors.”

“Want some more lessons?” I called out.

Before she could respond, Leah asked, “Does he have a canlı kaçak bahis big one?”

L. O. was laughing heartedly at our antics.

“Yes, I want more lessons,” she finally blurted, after controlling her laughing to some extent. “And no, he doesn’t have a big one. But it’s a great starter size, ‘ L. O. said, causing Leah and me to laugh as hard as L. O. had moments earlier.

“Well, there won’t be any tonight,” Leah chirped. “He went dry on me.”

“Bullshit!” I yelled. “She’s still leaking out of her ass!”

“My God … seriously, are you, really?” L. O. asked Leah, seeking confirmation.

“I guess…” Leah answered. Then put a finger to her anus and laughed, “I sure am!”

“You guys are filthy,” L. O. laughed.

“Meet us tomorrow after school, we’ll show you filthy,” I said.

Leah playfully punched my shoulder, and mouthed the words, “Want to drill her?”

I nodded.

“You’re such a bastard!’ Leah said.

“What? What happened?” L. O. asked quickly.

“He wants your cherry,” Leah told her.


“Someone’s going to get it,” I said, “Why not your instructor?”


“Think about it. We’ll see you tomorrow.”

“Yeah … okay.” She replied, but she was already pondering the possibilities.

Looking down I saw that I was hard again.

Leah hung up and saw it too.

“Front or back?” I asked with a grin.

“Front … but we can do it doggy-style”

“Fine, doggy-style it is.”

We positioned ourselves and I eased right into her well juiced cunt until I was fully embedded in her.


“Feel good?”


“Leah, when we’re done with this fuck … um, you can tell me to eat you out … I think it’s called a creampie, or something.”

She squirmed a little trying to manuever my dick to a more sensitive spot in her pussy.

“That … would … be nice,” she hissed.

“You can tell me how you want me to sit on your face … right?”

“Yeah, you tell me, Leah,” I was kneeling directly behind her, and started a rapid pumping that could only last twenty or so seconds before I tired and resumed the slower, but longer strokes that ended with me tapping against her cervix.

“I love sitting on your face, Bree. I love being able to control how much or how little of my pussy is in your mouth. But after I come this time … I want you to sit up and turn around and lick my asshole right before you slide that devilish tongue into my pussy. Promise me you’ll make it last. Do it slow … tease me. I’ll cum and cum and cum.”

“Okay, I’ll do it, Leah.”

I eased my dick out of her and grabbed her, turned her so that she was almost compelled to squat, hovering mere inches above my mouth.

“No! I meant…”

“I know what you meant. You want me to do it now, and I will. I fuck your brains out after you finish coming.”

“Bree … I love you!”

“Will you still love me after I’ve fucked L. O. tomorrow?”

“Yes, of course. I’ll even help you do her.”

“Good, now I’m not all that comfortable like this. How about putting your face down into the pillow, and using your hands to spread your cheeks for me so that I can lick bboth your ass and your pussy?”

“Sure!” Leah replied, and did it, moving faster than I thought possible. I spent the following twenty minutes carefully kissing, sucking and licking both her cunt and asshole. True to her word, Leah started to cum and kept coming until she collapsed and lay there shuddering and whining softly, staring blankly at the ceiling.

I un-kinked my legs, and lay down upon her, holding my weight on my elbows, my cock pressed against the folds of her glistening pussy and let her settle down from the orgasms and catch her breath.

When I entered her slippery walls there was a series of wonderful velvet like contraction around my member. I figured my tank was almost empty, that I had one last burst left in me and decided to give it to her a slowly as possible.

We rocked back and forth in an exquisitely slow-motion ballet for the next forty minutes, and then as if meeting a pre-arranged signal we came together and collapsed, both of us sprawling out spread-eagled on the sweaty sheets.

I woke up to Leah’s wiping me down with a hand towel and drew her to me so I could suckle on those magnificent nipples of hers. She had one last climax from this attention and pushed me away, pleading, “No more. No more.”

I had forgotten about the game the next day, as well as the following day, and on awaking it hit me. We were going to drive about 70 miles to play one of the better teams in the state. True it was an out of conference game, but an important one as the state tournament loomed ahead in just two weeks. That meant I wouldn’t be able to see either L. O. or Leah that night as we were playing a game that began at 7 PM.

The Game:

Coach told us our opponents fully expected to run away with the state title. Our seniors scoffed at that, but I knew the coach was telling us the truth. What the coach didn’t mention was the number of professional and college scouts at the game. Normally we had a few at our games, you can pretty much tell ’em from the regular fans and parents since they’re either timing a player running, or clocking the pitches with a radar gun, and always, always, making notes on a pad of some kind.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32