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Frustrated once again by his wife’s complete lack of interest in sex, Harry grabbed his car keys and rushed out of the house. It was a Saturday afternoon and he really had no idea what he wanted to do, he just had to get out. As he drove he thought perhaps he might go by a bar or something, perhaps have a few drinks.

He let his mind wander, picturing a scene in a bar, an attractive older lady drinking alone as he walks in. After buying her a drink they get to talking, but something seems wrong, her makeup is a bit too heavy and he smells a strange odor. As she leans to kiss him a tooth falls out of her mouth and splashes into her drink.

Shaking his head, Harry refocused his mind on his driving noticing a flashing sign up ahead. It was a newsstand featuring triple X videos and other toys and devices. “Well some good porn never hurt anyone,” Harry said to himself. He eased over one lane, turned on his blinker and pulled into the driveway.

The parking was situated behind the building so the customers couldn’t be spotted from the roadway, it was a nice convenience for Harry. No need for any of his wife’s friends spotting him here. He parked his car and slowly climbed out. He walked slowly, feeling a bit nervous since he had never been in a place like this.

Stepping inside the first thing he noticed was the bright fluorescent lights over the magazines, books, DVDs, and videos that were for rent or sale. Then next thing he noticed was the sickly sweet smell of cleaning supplies. “They must use some industrial strength disinfectant,” he thought to himself.

Harry quietly moved around the shop, looking at a magazine or two and then strolling past the wide assortment of sexual gadgets and toys. “Damn, if these things were only around when I was younger,” he whispered to himself.

“Anything you are interested in?” came a voice from over his shoulder.

“Oh no, just looking,” Harry replied nervously.

“Okay, if you need any help just let me know.”

Harry nodded and moved on, noticing the curtains that lead into the dark back room. Over the opening he saw a the Video Arcade sign. He quickly slipped through güvenilir bahis the curtains but had to pause while his eyes adjusted to the darkness. Someone ran into him from behind so he moved out into the dark before his eyes had gotten used to the dark. He grabbed the door nearest to him and stepped inside.

A man was standing inside watching a video of two women giving a lucky guy a blow job. Harry looked at the screen, then over at the man and then said, “Oh, excuse me.”

Before he grabbed the doorknob the man said, “No, no it’s alright. We can watch together.”

Harry paused and then nodded.

“Just lock the door before it gets too crowded.”

Harry locked the door and then looked back at the screen. The sight of the two beautiful women going after the man’s cock like it was candy had Harry adjusting his cock as it hardened in his pants.

“Would you like me to suck you off?” the man asked.

“No, no, I just want to watch.”

“You don’t mind if I jack off do you?”

Harry had noticed the man had already been pretty much jacking off through his pants the whole time he was there so he shook his head, “No.”

The man pulled his cock out of his pants, slowly wrapped his fingers around it and began stroking. Harry had never watched a guy jack off before, besides himself, so he found himself distracted between watching the man’s hand work his cock and the women on the screen.

Harry reached down and adjusted himself again, this time leaving his hand on his crotch and gently squeezing himself. He focused on the other man’s cock which seemed to be absolutely dripping with precum. He had never seen that much before. Harry might squeeze out a drop or two from his cock but this one had a puddle on the floor already.

“Go ahead and take it out,” the man said, noticing Harry watching him. “That way at least I can watch you.”

Harry unzipped his zipper and carefully slipped his erection out between the fierce teeth of his zipper. Hooking his underwear under his balls cupped his hand around his cock and began sliding up and down.

“Yeah, there you go… no imagine those ladies doing that türkçe bahis to your cock, running their tongue up and down the shaft.”

It felt odd for Harry listening to this man encourage him, odd, but definitely a turn on. He continued stroking watching and then copying what the man did. When he speeded up Harry speeded up when he slowed down Harry slowed down. He even switched hands like the guy did when the video ran out and he had to feed another dollar into the slot. Amazingly the man did it without missing a stroke on his cock.

“Here we go. I try and time it to come the same time they do on the video. You ready?”

Harry, feeling the pleasure running down his shaft now nodded, moaning, “Yeah almost there.”

“Okay, now slow down a bit… they like to stretch it out, get more money that way. See what I mean, not yet, not yet. They’ll cut to his face and then cut back to his cock, it will come then, just watch.”

Harry slowed a bit, feeling himself on the edge. Suddenly the screen cut to the man’s face and Harry began stroking furiously. The screen cut back to the man’s cock as it slid out of a woman’s mouth, but Harry turned from the screen and watched the man nest to him as he moaned, arched his back and spurted a long arch of cum splashing up onto the video screen.

Harry shoved his hips forward and watched his cum spurt out over his fist and fall to the floor, while the man’s cock next to him spurted out two more long arches of cum splashing on the wall. It then spurted once more tumbling down over the man’s hand.

“Damn you hit the screen,” Harry said.

The man grabbed a paper towel and wiped the screen the best he could saying, “Yeah, I love doing that. Can only do it on my first of the day, after that it doesn’t go as far.”

“Yeah, like mine.”

“Hey don’t worry, I bet you doused plenty of girls with your cum back in the day.”

“Well I did surprise my wife a number of times.”

“You still married?”

Harry nodded.

“But why come here, you have a wife.”

“Menopause, she just isn’t interested.”

“Oh damn that’s too bad. Coming here is fun for a change of pace, güvenilir bahis siteleri but I wish I had someone.”

“You wanted to suck me originally, don’t you worry about disease,” Harry asked.

“I do some, but I try to keep it just to oral, it’s harder to get it that way. So far I am clean.”

“But how long will that last?”

“I don’t know, it’s just… I can’t help it. Every day I say I will stop and yet here I am every day.”

“Have you thought of perhaps just finding one person?”

“Yes but I can’t meet anyone,” he replied.

“Why not, I mean there are a bunch of guys here.”

The man laughed. “In spite of what I do here, I am not gay. I’d much rather be with women, but they are more picky than here. Besides most of these men are married.”

“Married, really?”

“You see my friend, I guess you aren’t entirely alone, a lot of these guys have wife’s who, for whatever reason don’t have sex. Maybe that’s one reason I’m still clean,” he said.

“Why can’t you meet women?”

“My job, I work most of the night and not many women around here are that interested in an Arab man. Especially one as ugly as I am.”


He turned his face to Harry showing his right side for the first time. There was a large scar running from just under his eyes down to his chin. “You see ugly.”

“But it’s a scar.”

“A scar that makes me look…”


“Like a terrorist,” he whispered.

“It’s just not right,” Harry replied, “How did you get the scar?”

“Well September 11th happened and then September 12th when someone thought I was involved. No, not a lot in this world is right I think… but hey, another movie starts, want to go again?”

“Sorry, it will be several hours, perhaps a day before I can do that again.”

“Oh well, have a nice day. Perhaps in a day your wife might want to do something.”

“I doubt it, but I’ll keep trying,” Harry said as he opened the door and slipped back out into the darkness. He carefully worked his way through the men milling about and then stepped out into the garish light of the shop.

In the sale rack he spotted a DVD of the movie he had just seen in the booth. He grabbed it, walked over to the counter and paid in cash. The attendant wrapped it up and Harry then carried the brown paper bag out to his car and he headed home.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32