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Ugh. Hot. I swear you could use the ground to grill burgers. I glare down at the asphalt, trying to match the ferocity of the sun. My body finally reaches its tolerance for the heat, forcing me to retreat back inside from the balcony. Which to be honest, isn’t any better. Several of the apartments in this building has had their a/c conditioner go out. Including mine.

I finally shed my t-shirt, sporting a black tank top and a black sports bra. The baggy, faded blue jeans will be the next to go. I sink down onto the couch and sigh. I tied my long brown hair up into a pony tail, but the humidity helps a few strands escape. I have four fans blowing, trying to create some kind of air current, and one facing me. I find myself praying that the air conditioner repair man gets here soon.

The door of apartment 16B must be open. I can hear her arguing with someone about her cooling system. She’s loud. And bossy. A little crazy. Incredibly hot. Long, dark brown hair, sun tanned body, and curves that could make hands tremble. Her lips form the most kissable pout I’ve ever seen, and her eyes are a crystal clear blue-green that remind me of rain. Her temper makes her like some kind of tropical storm. Beautiful and destructive. And I just want to drink it all up.

So many times I’ve sat in this exact spot. Dreaming about what it would be like to have her ride my strap-on. Feeling her thighs against mine. Watching her pleasure rise. God, I wanna fuck her so bad. My hands reach down to the zipper of my jeans. I’ve been wearing my harness and its new attachment to get a feel for it. The draining temperature wins and I give up on the struggle to move it aside so I can touch myself as I dream about her. Kasey.

In an attempt to take my mind of her and the blazing heat, I turn on the radio. Music fills the living room and though the temperature seems to rise, due to an additional electronic being used, at least my mood improves.

The yelling across the hallway stops and I hear heavy footsteps quickly making their way to the elevator. Kasey follows them halfway screaming obscenities and then, I assume she walks back to her apartment. I just shake my head at the unnecessary commotion.

Suddenly there’s a loud knock at my door. Who the hell wants to bother me today?

I open the door. To my astonishment and pleasure, Kasey is standing in my doorway. “Do you have any air conditioning?” she asks with her hands on her hips.

As I stand there staring with my mouth open and her impatience rises. “What?” I stammer.

“Is your A/C working?” she repeats.

“Oh. Not it’s not.” I say, disappointedly.

She breathes out in frustration and runs her hands through her hair.

“But, I do have ice cold beer casino siteleri and tea, if that helps any.”

“It doesn’t,” she says pushing her way into my home, “but I’ll still take the beer.”


She plops herself down on the couch, and I work on opening two bottles of beer. As promised they are chilled. I sit on the edge of the coffee table across from her and hand her one. She takes it and gulps a quarter of it down like soda. I’d be lying if I didn’t say I was a little impressed. I take a swig of mine and set it down.

“The heat’s bad isn’t it?” Best I could do for small talk. She gives me a well-that’s-pretty-obvious look and crosses her legs.

“Yeah. In fact I think it’s even hotter in your apartment than mine.”

“Sorry about that. I’ve got all my fans going. Not much else I can do.”

“It’s ok. I’ll probably head out, soon anyways.” Her beer drains another quarter.

“Sure you’re not gonna want another one?” I say teasingly with a raised eyebrow.

“Can I?” She lights up.

“Yeah. Let me go get you another one.”

I rise from my perch and make my way back to the kitchen. I hear her sigh, and so I look over my shoulder. She grabs her hair and pulls it to the top of her head, before letting it spill over the couch. I just want to run my finger through it.

“I don’t know how you do it.” She calls to me.

“Do what?”

“If this was my apartment, I’d be sitting around naked.”

“Well, to be honest I was getting there; till you knocked on my door.”

“Well, we’re both girls! If were gonna go another round of beers, I have to take some of these clothes off.”

I try to swallow the lump beginning to form in my throat.


“Yeah, is that ok?”

I brace myself on the counter, and then refocus on opening the beers. “Yeah. It’s fine.”

When I get back to the living room she’s tossed her shorts and t-shirt on the ground and is wearing only her bra and panties. She eyes my tank top and I give a thin smile as I set the beers down and pull it off. She looks somewhat disappointed, probably mistaking my reluctance to take my clothes off for modesty. Really it’s to conceal the pretend boner I’m sporting.

After a third round of beers her bra and panties come off. Kasey the hot girl from apartment 16B, is walking around my apartment stark naked. Fuck. This is so much more than I could hope for. She smiles happily from intoxication. Casually and confidently she strolls about, almost parading her amazing body in front of me. No doubt thinking that I’m the kind of girl who would get jealous over such things, wishing that I had her features. Well, in a sense I was. I was wanting her features on me.

She slot oyna picks up one of the frames on a shelf. “What’s this?” She asks before taking another sip of beer.

“An ex.” I blurt out before I can stop myself.

“Oh?” She looks at me curiously. “Are you a lesbian?”

“Yes.” I say, before taking a drink of the beer in my hand. “Does that bother you?”

“You mean because I’m naked?” She asks.

I nod.

“No.” She says setting it back down and walking to the side of me. “I’m not a lesbian.” She tells me.

“Alright.” I can’t help but admire how comfortable she is with her body, and that somehow makes me uncomfortable. Which she notices. She smirks.

“Do you like what you see?” Her vanity rises up and she stands before me.

“God yes.” I say, unable to lie, unsure if I’d even want to.

Her smile widens and she straddles me. “Do I turn you on?”

“More than you know.” I smile back.

“Show me.” She demands.

And that’s it. I feel myself melt. And it’s been proven. Not even the sun could give off this much heat.

I twist my fingers into her hair, pulling her mouth to mine. My whole body pulses when our lips touch. Hers does too, I can tell by the way she gasps for air. She kisses me harder. I’m giving her what she wants, but she wants it all at once. Oh God her lips feel so good as they take mine into her mouth. She begins to rock on my lap, her body ebbing and flowing, her abs becoming flush with mine, and then her back arching. Closer or deeper? She can’t decide. Her breasts press against my sports bra, and I regret not taking it off sooner. They aren’t much bigger than a handful, but they are so full they could burst.

She begins to moan a little. Just from kissing. Just from grinding on me. I wanna know how wet she is. I wanna feel it on my fingers, on my mouth, on my cock. And that’s when she notices it. As she pushes her hips into mine, I buck my waist up, and she feels my strap on.

“What is that?” She asks, partly dazed from the heat and lightheaded from kissing.

I try very hard not to blush, but I can’t help it. “It’s uh… It’s a strap on.” I admit feeling a little silly, wearing it for, to her, no apparent reason.

“I see.” She removes herself from me and gets on her knees. She takes her time, and runs her hands up my thighs. She undoes the belt. The button. The zipper. Oh fuck. I know I must be dripping wet beneath this harness. Oh fuck. She pulls out my cock out and smirks again. “Do you ever let girls suck it?”

I can only nod.

“Good.” She looks up at me, the look in her eyes makes my heart hammer. She grips it and licks from the base to the head. She looks so hot doing it. Her lips part and she takes it into her mouth canlı casino siteleri and moves it around with her tongue. She continues to move her hands over my thighs. Up to my hips, where she squeezes. I press into her hands and force her to take the cock a little deeper. We both moan loudly.

Suddenly she stops. She rises from the floor and straddles me again, lowering herself onto my cock. She arches back, her breasts bare in front of me. I pull her close to bring one to my mouth. Carefully I drag my tongue from underneath, to the tip of her nipple, up to her neck. Then I work back down to suck on her nipples. She lifts herself up a ways off the strap on, and moves back down quickly.

“Oh. God, yes.” She breathes. I moan as well, flicking my tongue hard and fast. Her thighs tremble a bit and then she pushes me back against the couch, takes off my sports bra, and takes one of my breasts in her hand and the other in her mouth.

My moaning increases and in turn I thrust against her. “Oh fuck! Yes. You’re cock feels so good! Fuck.”

“Oh god, yes baby.” I say gripping her hips, helping her slide faster on me. “Yes. Ride me hard.”

“Yes. Oh. Yes. Fuck. Fuck this feels so good.” She slams hard onto my cock, and it’s like I can feel her tightening around me.

“Your pussy feels so good on my cock. So fucking tight. So fucking wet.”

“Mmm, fuck. Yes.” She’s riding me so hard. So fast. Her nails dig in as she grips my shoulders, and I’m sure I’ve left a nice brand of fingerprints. Her breasts rub against mine, the sensation drives me insane. She’s so wet it’s soaking through my jeans.

“Fuck. OH, God. Oh. I’m gonna cum.” She’s riding me so hard now that her breasts bounce, and I marvel at the sight of her perfect tits.

“Come baby. I want you to come all over my cock.” I feel like I’m so deep inside her, and as her orgasm mounts so does mine. I feel like I’m going to come inside her. I grab ahold of her hips and thrust, fucking her as hard as I can. Her moans get so loud she’s almost screaming, and I know I’m going to push her over that edge.

“Fuck. Fuck. Oh God, baby, yes! Fuck me hard! Fuck, you’re gonna make me come so fucking hard.”

Her body tenses before she shivers from her orgasm. As her trembling increases and her moaning subsides it’s as if the world stood still for a while. Everything seems quiet. No more static from the radio. The shuffling upstairs has stopped, and the person in the apartment next to mine has turned down their TV. I laugh and look up at Kasey. She laughs a little too.

She kisses me swiftly on the mouth. “I think I’m gonna go shower,” She says running a hand through her hair.

“Yeah. Um. Want me to grab you a towel?”

Kasey laughs. “No. At my apartment.” She throws her t-shirt back on, and zips up her shorts. She grabs her underwear off the floor and heads to my door. “But, you’re welcome to join me.” She says over her shoulder with a seductive half smile.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32