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I meet my girl at the airport and greet her as she runs into my arms, our tongues entwining in the most passionate of kisses as we embrace for the first time in weeks. Having already arranged everything beforehand, I’ve got a hotel, an opulent suite somewhere in the countryside, booked for the night — the real world can wait for one more day after all.

We leave the airport by car and she tells me all about the details of her trip. Traffic is flowing well but fairly slow with it, making the journey longer than it was supposed to be. By about halfway in, I notice her shifting around in her seat, evidently in some discomfort. After another ten minutes, she lets out an audible sigh and I ask her if she’s alright. She tells me that she’s fine, but that she needs to pee. We aren’t too far from our destination now so rather than stopping, she tells me we should press on.

I hide it, but I’m getting more and more turned on as her desperation increases visibly with each passing mile, our conversation starting to falter and her squirming and faint whimpers and sighs becoming more frequent.

Eventually, we arrive at the hotel. Check-in is swift and we get to the lift to go to our room on the fourth floor quickly. We’re alone and I see her unfasten the button of her jeans to help relieve some of the pressure she feels in her full, aching bladder. I sense my cock twitch involuntarily at the sight and the knowledge of the fullness she’s feeling.

The lift arrives on our floor and we walk quickly, half running, along the corridor to the door to our room. As soon as we’re inside, she pushes past me into the bathroom that sits adjacent to the main door. I close the door behind me, turning the lock and am about to make my way into the room itself past the still-half-open bathroom door, which, I assume in her haste, she hasn’t bothered to shut properly when I hear her calling my name.

I answer, asking, “What’s up?”

“Come here,” she tells me from inside the bathroom.

Intrigued, I turn back around, push the bathroom door fully open and enter the room to find her standing in front of the toilet facing away from it, looking at me with her jeans unfastened to reveal the waistband of your underwear. She smiles at me, her hands lingering momentarily on her full-bladder-swollen stomach and I watch, with the breath caught in my throat, as she pushes her jeans and panties to the floor at her ankles in one swift movement. My cock twitches in my trousers as I see her glistening pussy exposed to my gaze, her thatch of soft brown güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri hair tantalisingly concealing the intimate folds of her hot pink flesh. Beckoning me to come closer, I watch as she spreads her legs and squats down over the toilet bowl. My pulse quickens in anticipation and I see her eyes half-close in sweet relief as almost at once she starts to pee, the hot, faintly golden liquid flowing from her pink quim to splash noisily into the water below. I move in closer and kneel down in front of her to see more as she reaches a hand down between her legs to spread her pussy between her index and middle fingers, allowing a faster stream of hot, glorious piss to flow from her. I hear her sigh above me in ecstasy at the feeling of release as her flow of urine starts to lessen, the loud splashing becoming steadily quieter as her bladder empties fully.

I can’t contain myself any longer, what with the sight of the lasciviously lewd display; even as the last few drops of her pee are flowing from between her lips, I move towards her on my knees to take hold of her arse cheeks in both of my hands, straightening her knees as I pull her piss-soaked quim closer to me and lean forwards. Taking in the heady scent of her hot girl-flesh covered in her fresh pee for just a moment, I crane my neck forwards and upwards and extend my tongue into the delightfully wet folds of her pussy, lapping at the wetness, tasting the delicious combination of her arousal and her piss, feeling her moist pubic hair brush against my nose. I let out a groan of appreciation and feel her hands grasp the back of my head as I hear her moan in pleasure from above me. All the while, I continue to lap at her warm wetness with long, lingering strokes of my tongue, cleaning all of her delicious urine from her engorged flesh with my mouth, relishing the lewdness of the act.

With her moans of ecstasy increasing, I suddenly feel her push my head away and I sit back on my haunches to look her in the eye. She stands up straighter and takes me by the hand, bidding me to stand up. I rise to my feet, my arousal all-to evident with my now solid cock pushing at the crotch of my trousers. She leans in to kiss me and as our tongues meet, the taste of her still fresh on mine, I reach down to between her legs with my hand to trace the line of her engorged pussy lips with my index finger, over her swollen clit before finally delving inside her, making her gasp around my tongue.

Once again she pulls away from me, teasing me somewhat, to step out of güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri her crumpled jeans and underwear. I follow as she leads me by the hand out of the bathroom and into the suite’s bedroom. Arriving swiftly at the bed, she turns to face me, kisses me and then collapses back onto the soft surface. I watch as she first removes her top and bra, exposing her full, beautiful breasts to my gaze and then lifts her knees and places her well-spread feet onto the surface of the bed, her spit-slick crotch inviting me in. I pause to undress quickly, my engorged cock springing free as I release it from the shackles of my clothing. Kneeling on the floor once more, this time at the foot of the bed between her legs, I reach my head forwards and bury my face into her waiting cunt, my tongue tasting the sweetness of her arousal. I hear her moan in pleasure and can sense her tensing and gripping the sheets beneath her at her sides as my tongue finds the swollen bud of her clit. I know what she wants, but withhold it for just a moment longer, encircling her most sensitive spot with my tongue and then teasing the whole line of her wet slit with long, slow strokes.

As her breathing rate increases yet more, I reach a hand up beneath my chin to rub some of the combination of our juices, her wetness and my saliva, onto the tight pucker of her arsehole. I hear her moan her assent, breathlessly telling me how I’m her naughty boy, as I start to probe just the very tip of my spit-slick index finger into her well-moistened anus. Her hips rise and fall in time with my gently thrusting digit and I start to move my tongue more rapidly on her clit. I can hear her getting louder and can feel her grasping at the sheets even more tightly with one hand as her other goes to the back of my head, so I push the whole length of my finger into her arse right to the hilt, my tongue getting yet faster on her clit as I do. Her hips buck involuntarily in pleasure at the sensation of being so deliciously filled in the rear and I increase the pace of my tongue on her swollen bud yet again, driving her wild with pleasure. I can hear from her breathing and her moans that her orgasm is perilously near and can feel as she just starts to tip over the edge when she pushes my head away from her, causing several lines of wetness to trace their way from my mouth to her slick pussy.

“Wait…” she breathes. “I want to cum with you inside me…”

With that I watch as she slides herself upwards on the surface of the bed towards the headboard, my güvenilir bahis şirketleri probing finger slipping wetly out of her tight arse as she does. I stand and make to move on top of her but she stops me and turns over, getting up on all fours to present herself to me, her engorged, sodden vagina and winking pink anus displayed to my gaze. I smile and climb onto the bed behind her, settling myself between her legs, my cock raging hard at the thought of entering her from behind. I position my swollen prick at the entrance to her pussy, feeling her slick wetness on my engorged glans and I’m about to slide inside her when she turns her head around and says, half at a whisper, “No, I want you to fuck my ass…”

I feel my cock twitch at the sound and sight of the invocation and I moan in lewd appreciation and arousal. Dipping my head downwards behind her and extending my tongue, I probe the warm tip into her waiting anus, making her sigh in pleasure and bury her head into the pillow below her. I work my saliva into her arsehole with my tongue, warming her up and feeling her tight ring start to give beneath the probing organ.

“Do it,” I hear her say, her fingers rubbing at her juice-soaked clit. “Fuck me in the ass now!”

I kneel up straight behind her again and line up the hugely swollen head of my erect cock with her waiting, spit-slick arse. Pressing the tip of my member to her tight ring and grasping hold of one of her hips with my free hand, I feel her push backwards, impaling her own anus onto me. We both groan in ecstasy together as my cock starts to slip inside her tightest, most intimate hole, the muscle giving way to wanton lust. I grab hold of both of her hips for purchase and start to thrust home, getting deeper and deeper into her with each stroke, filling her from behind as she frenetically rubs her own clit. Within moments, with both our orgasms looming large, I bottom out inside her, the outward curve of my abdomen colliding with the full globes of her well-spread arse cheeks. Holding back my own ecstasy as hers approaches, I start to fuck her with long, slow strokes, my steel-hard cock intruding into her tight arse as deeply as possible with each inward thrust. I can feel the knot of her penetrated ring and the walls of her slackened anus start to contract around the length of my shaft as her orgasm begins.

“Oh my God…” she gasps around the ecstasy of being filled so rudely from behind. “I want you to cum inside me… Cum for me… Cum in me…”

Neither of us can take anymore; with one final thrust, holding onto her hips tightly, I bury the full length of my cock inside her anus, my thick cream shooting deep into her triggering her own orgasm and we cum together, wave after wave of pleasure flooding us both, her thick juices streaming down the insides of her legs as her arse is filled with my spunk…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32