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I think that I married a Druid!

My wife, Jennifer is a beautiful woman. I met her in college and we were married just after she graduated. I am two years older so that gave me a chance, after I graduated, to get a good job and become established before we took the plunge to become man and Wife. She has given me two wonderful sons and we are more than happy.

Jenn, was born in the United Kingdom (England) in a place called Port Isaac. She came to the USA with her parents when she was about 7 years old; her father was working for an international company which decided they needed him ‘over here’. Her birthplace is on the Western side of the country and I would like to visit there someday; it looks like a really nice place. The ‘Britts’ do some TV shows from that area–mysteries and historical dramas. Jenn is about 5′-7″ tall and somewhat slender. She has wide (childbearing) hips and medium sized tits. The tits grew appropriately while she was carrying the boys and I enjoyed the ‘extra bit’ for the period following both births. The boobs eventually returned to their normal, pre nursing, size promptly when the boys were weaned.

Jenn has vivid blue eyes and brown hair with touches of red here and there. She keeps herself well and has a neatly trimmed bush except in the summer swimsuit season when she shaves it completely. Her skin is very pale and she looks almost transparent in the winter, when the little tan that she gets fades away–sometimes you can even see the veins in her arms and neck because she is so white.

She is 35 years old now and is in excellent health. Sometimes, when she is talking to her parents, especially her mother, she uses some funny words. They sound like English but they’re not. She says that they are Welsh and she even wrote a few of them down for me. These words are absolutely indecipherable–I think that they probably didn’t discover vowels in that part of the world until very recently! The language is essentially all consonants.

Anyway, I think that Jenn, and probably her parents and siblings, are closet Druids. They advertise that they are Christians but there are a few clues that I have picked up over the years. All of them follow the seasons and the phase of the moon very closely. They all tend gardens and bury little bits of food (usually fish) when they plant things. I’ve seen Jenn reciting (sounds like mumbling) some prayers when she is toiling in the garden and there are unique alignments (North-South-East-West) of the plants and decorations in the front and back yards. Very few women carry a compass in their purse. Does this sound like a closet Druid?

Shortly after we were married (September of that year) Jenn told me that she is “Required” to do a wifely cleansing and penance-sacrifice twice a year, on the evening of the Equinox. That’s when the sun is over the equator and the length of the day and the night are equal. The dates for the Equinox are usually around March 21 and September 21 of each year. She could tell immediately that I had no idea what she was talking about and she sat me down to “Explain it–once and for all”.

She said that the cleansing and sacrifice must occur and continue as long as she is fertile and may only be omitted while she is pregnant. Once she has completed menopause the ‘ritual’ becomes optional but many women continue to observe it. Rather than trying to explain it, I will narrate one of the observances and the reader is welcome to come to any conclusions about the origin or merits of this ritual.

On the day of the ritual, when I come home from work, I see that canlı bahis şirketleri Jenn has her hair up and admits to working in the garden and to have “gotten a little dirty” and will need help cleaning herself up. She has prepared a traditional pot roast dinner, with wine; the boys are staying with their grandparents for the night. My parents actually. I guess that her parents observe the ritual themselves. (That idea gives me an interesting mental image!) Anyway, my father will take them to school the next day and they can come home on the bus, as usual.

After dinner, the ritual begins. Jenn takes me by the hand and we go on up to the bedroom. I remain dressed while Jenn strips off and goes into the master bathroom. She goes to the shower/bathtub and adjusts the water to a comfortable temperature. She then steps in and turns to face me. I pick up the wash cloth and soap and begin to give her a general wash down from neck to feet. I make it very sudsy and I can tell that she really enjoys this rubdown. I rinse her off with the hand wand and then rewash her again, this time paying a little more attention to the “girly bits”. I shut off the water and hand her the big fluffy bath towel; she dries herself off. When dry, I take a bottle of body lotion and apply it from her neck to her calves–again paying appropriate attention to the ‘bits’. When she is appropriately “anointed” she turns to the wall, with her back to me, and waits.

Waiting on the counter next to the sink is our traditional red enema bag with tube and nozzle. You know, the kind that looks like a hot water bottle but has a hose coming out the bottom and is fitted with a black tapered nozzle and a shut off valve (clamp). In preparing the enema, I run warm water in the bathroom sink, test it with the back of my hand; then add five drops of liquid soap and ten drops of soothing oil (Aloe). I vent the tube and nozzle into the sink and then hang the bag on the shower head. Taking a small dab of Petrolatum from the jar on the sink, I lubricate the entire surface of the black plastic nozzle.

Once she sees that the bag is in place and that I am ready to do my administrations; Jenn bends forward slightly at the waist, toward the back wall. I spread her beautiful ass cheeks and insert the nozzle slowly into her cute little butt hole. When it’s in and seated, I release her ass cheeks adding a little stability to the hose. I check to make sure that the nozzle stays ‘in-place’ and then click the shut-off valve to the “on” position. When flow is confirmed (the bag starts to shrink) I quietly leave the room, close the door and await Jenn by just sitting on the bed. When Jenn finishes the enema, she shuts off the valve herself, removes the nozzle, and exits the shower, leaving the bag hanging from the shower head. She sits down on the toilet and releases the enema. Jenn tidies herself up, puts on a big, fluffy, old terry cloth bathrobe and exits the bathroom. She sits on the bed next to me. We usually share another glass of wine, still without speaking.

Jenn then lays herself down on the bed and props pillows up behind her shoulders. The bathrobe opens a little and I lay down alongside her. We share some long kisses then I start with a foot rub; at least three to five minutes on each foot, then I massage her calves then knees and thighs. Another kiss and them I nuzzle her tits and suck on her ‘not-too-sensitive’ nipples. Jenn rolls to her side, facing me, and I rub her back while concentrating on her breasts. Jenn eventually rolls to her back and spreads her legs a little, a sign for me to continue. canlı kaçak iddaa I kiss down her front, I sometimes put my tongue into her belly button; she sometimes giggles at that. I then begin to nuzzle her mound. At this point Jenn spreads her legs a little more and eventually puts her legs over my shoulders. I love this part as I begin to kiss and lick her pussy. I spread her lips and kiss the inner lips at her vagina. I lick up to her clitoris and make circles around the clit with my tongue. I slide my hands under her butt cheeks as I begin to suck on her now stiffened clit. Keeping this up for a few minutes, I notice that Jenn draws long deep breath and lets it out with a hissing sound. This is the sound that she makes when she starts to come. And she does come with a long moan and rhythmic thrusting of hips. I continue to nuzzle her mound while she enjoys the aftermath of the orgasm; then I move back up and kiss her tits again. Another kiss and suck on each nipple and then I get up off of the bed and cover her with her robe. Jenn closes her eyes and I don’t know if she is napping, praying or what. But she doesn’t move for a while.

I go back to bathroom and retrieve the enema bag from the shower head. Once again, I run warm water in the sink, and making sure that the valve clamp is shut, I refill the bag; but this time with water and Aloe only. I carefully re-lube the nozzle with Petrolatum, vent the tube into the sink and return to the bedroom. By this time, Jenn is laying on her left side with her butt exposed. I hang the bag on the bedpost, apply a quick kiss on her right butt cheek and spread her cheeks to insert the nozzle. Once the nozzle is in place, I release the clamp and massage her tummy while the enema is flowing. I watch the bag as it collapses. When the flow appears to have stopped, I shut the valve clamp and continue to massage her tummy. I wait for a signal from Jenn. The signal is her pointing to the bathroom. I slowly remove the nozzle and Jenn carefully gets up and goes into the bathroom and closes the door. She again releases the enema and then “tidies up” again.

Meanwhile, I remove the enema bag from the bedpost and put it into the top drawer of her dresser. There is always a hand towel folded in the drawer; I have been taught to put the bag, tube and nozzle carefully onto the towel. Jenn will dry it and put it away (I don’t know where) tomorrow. I now remove all my clothes and open her night stand drawer to find Jenn’s lubricating “invention”. She found that the nozzle (dispensing tube) from the name brand hemorrhoid cream applicator has the same thread as the tubes of lubricating (J-Y) jelly. And by screwing them together — she invented the easiest method for lubricating her delicious butt hole for anal sex.

Jenn returns from the bathroom; this is the part where there is to be absolutely “No talking”. I don’t understand why–but that is her way, and I fully intend to comply with her wishes–after all–she is letting me fuck her in the ass. Jenn walks over to the bed and kneels down on the end of the bed while putting her hands flat on the mattress. I get up and walk up behind her and rub her hips for a little while. When she is ready, Jenn moves down onto her elbows and puts her head down onto the pillow.

Taking the “Invention” I insert the applicator into Jenn’s cute butt hole and gently squeeze a generous dose of lubrication directly into her rectum. I have learned to keep squeezing as I remove the nozzle thus lubricating the outside of her beautiful ass hole in one continuous motion. I apply a little lube to the business canlı kaçak bahis end of my dick–then put the cap back on the “lube invention”. I carefully place it onto the chair next to the bathroom door, right on top of the towel that Jenn has placed there so that there are no lube stains on the upholstery, smart girl!

Now for the object of the evening. After again massaging Jenn’s hips and lower back–I carefully line-up my dick with her ass hole. I push just a little, again waiting for a signal from Jenn. When she is ready, she pushes back against me and this actually starts my dick on its wonderful journey up her beautiful butt. Going slowly, I push-pull my dick into her, going maybe a ½ inch at a time. I listen for any sounds of stress or discomfort on her part, but hearing none, I continue to invade her bowels until I am in “to-the-hilt”.

The warmth and tightness of her nether region is magical. I usually have to stop, be still, and concentrate so that I don’t just fire a wad as soon as I get in; but after a few moments and thoughts of baseball or something other distracting–the fuck is on!

Decision time: sometimes Jenn likes me to reach around and massage her clit while I am fucking her ass and sometimes, she doesn’t. There doesn’t appear to be any rhyme or reason to this, I just let her decide. I start by reaching around and she either lets me or she moves her hand down and pushes me away; either way I am happy and still in her ass.

This time she doesn’t want the clit rub, OK by me, and I begin the long strokes — a slow and steady rhythm is apparently what she likes and it’s just fine by me. After what seems like far too few strokes it becomes apparent to me that I have reached the short stroke portion of the fucking. Holding on for dear life, I begin to pummel her butt with strokes that cause a kind of slapping noise and I feel my ball sack begin to tighten as my release becomes imminent. Pushing in as far as I can go, and she always pushes back strongly at this point, the throbbing spasm begins. And it is a grand and glorious orgasm–lights flash behind my closed eyes–my knees begin to tremble and I have to make a conscious effort to remember to breathe. It feels like I have shot about a quart of cum into her and I am suddenly a little weak in the legs.

Jenn slowly stops pushing back against me and I stay in-place, impaling her, as we gradually sink down to the bed, kind of on our left sides. Our legs are hanging off the end of the bed. After a short while, I soften and gradually fall out of her well fucked ass. Once we’re separated, we crawl up the bed until we’re spooning in the middle of the bed. I rest for a few minutes (trying not to fall asleep) and if I can stay awake, I get up and cover Jenn with the sheet and blanket and then get back into bed. If I somehow fall asleep (which I usually do) I wake up an hour or two later still spooning Jenn but with the covers in place–must be more of her magic.

We do not speak of this semi-annual ass fucking, ever. Once I learned the rules and the schedule, I was expected to perform and enjoy, probably in that order. It’s the only time that we do anal. We do enjoy a healthy sex-life with date nights, the random blow-job, the occasional Saturday morning quickie and the once-in-a-blue-moon standing-up fuck in the laundry room. Oh yeah, I can’t forget the fairly frequent mutual masturbation while we watch TV with a blanket over our laps. Did I tell you that she likes me to come up close behind her and fondle her tits while she is standing at the kitchen sink rinsing the dishes? Or when she stands on the landing at the top of the stairs and lets me look up her dress, or the bazzilion other times that she can give me “that look” and get me instantly hard?

So what do you think? Is she a Druid, a little weird or just plain wonderful?

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