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If I had one night with you I would tie your hands and feet to the bed. I would start by licking every inch of your body briefly stopping to suckle your clit and nipples. Then I would bite and kiss your most sensitive areas, your neck, shoulders, behind the knees, small of your back, ankles. Next I start slapping your boobs, gently at first and increasing with each slap until you develop a nice red hue on them. Then I will pinch that pert nipples of yours and pull them and just when it feels like I can’t pull any harder, I let go and bathe them with my tongue.

Then I’m going to focus on the already juicy wet pussy. I’m going to rub it nice and slowly and let my finger glide over it, spreading your juices all over it until I start slapping your pussy. Making your moan with each slap. Slap slap slap slap, until you can’t take it and more and cum.

I untie your ankles and roll you over. I start massaging your neck and shoulders and thighs and calves. I get to your feet and spend time getting the knots out and rubbing each toe, and sucking on each toe. Hearing your little moans every time another toe goes in my mouth makes me eager to finish sucking on them.

I make my way back up your legs until bahis firmaları I get to that sweet ass. Hmmm, damn. I rub it and caress it and enjoy kneading it. I grab it and squeeze it. I bite it and kiss it and spread your cheeks and lick that tight little asshole. I finger your pussy as I lick and tongue fuck that ass. Your moans grow louder and louder each time my tongue penetrates your anus.

Slap, you feel a stinging on your ass. Slap slap slap more stinging. After each new slap I gently rub your ass making the sensations all the more intense. Are you a good girl? Wrong answer, slap slap slap slap. I rub and caress your ass. The warmth of the blood rushing to your sexy little ass. My handprints are starting to leave welts. I lick over the welts and lick your ass some more, your pussy dripping wet at this point.I roll you back over and burry my face into you clean shaved pussy. I slowly lick and tease you clit and pussy lips with my tongue. Flick, flick flick, flick goes my tongue across your clit. I bite and nibble on your clit and labia, sucking on them and hearing your moans is sending me over the edge. I dip my tongue into your and taste the sweetest juices that I have tasted. I tongue fuck your kaçak iddaa pussy while fingering your ass making you cum so hard you don’t know which way is up.

I straddle your chest and tell you to open your mouth. I shove my cock in and fuck your mouth, making you gag on my cock. I take my cock out of your mouth and slap it on your lips and shove it back in. take it out and slap your face with it.

I put you back on your knees and scratch my way down your back, watching you arch and moan as I do it. I lick your pussy and ass some more, playing with your clit as I do this time. I spit on my cock and shove it in your pussy. I fuck you hard and fast, nice and slow. I can feel your orgasm building again. I slap your ass and start fucking you faster and faster, harder and harder and deeper and deeper. I reach up and wrap your hair around my hand and I give it a tug. You clenched and moaned deep in your body. I did it again and slapped your ass this time you moaned so loud it was a scream. I did it one last time. I pulled hard and slapped your ass while I was doing it and didn’t stop either until you came again.

I pulled my cock out of you creamy pussy and shoved it back in your mouth. Taste yourself kaçak bahis on my cock. Lick all your juices off.

I tell you to spit on my cock and get it nice and wet for my. Like a good girl you make sure it is.

I get behind you and start putting my thumb in your ass stretching it and making you ready to get the pounding of your life. I ease my cock in going slowly so not to hurt you. After I am in I slowly start to pump your ass, giving you nice slaps on your ass and squeezing it as I go. you start getting in to a grove and start bucking back against me, that’s when I start pounding your ass harder and harder and start smacking it harder and harder the welts rising after each smack now. I can feel your ass tightening around my cock; you’re going to cum again soon. I push your head into the pillow and pound you harder and harder, faster and faster and deeper and deeper until we are both grunting like animals. You start to scream because of the pleasure. You shout fuck I’m going to cum and as you do your ass squeezes my cock and sends me over the edge and I pump my hot cum into your tight ass.

I slowly withdraw my cock and cum dribbles down your pussy onto your leg. I give you two more smacks on your ass, untie you and rub baby oil all over your body. I rub you down for 15-20 minutes and then cuddle with you. Spooning your sexy naked body, you start rubbing your ass up against me making my cock hard again. Round 2!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32