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Incestuous Harem
Chapter Three: Sister’s Anal Advice
By mypenname3000
Copyright 2016

Melody Samuels

My pussy was burning so hot as my cousin Clint, my lover who I would do anything for, groaned atop his mom, my sexy Aunt Cheryl. He slammed into her, cumming into the very pussy that had given him birth, maybe breeding his Mommy like he might have already bred me last night.

I shuddered, pressed against Aunt Cheryl’s side, watching the pleasure burning in both their faces, the incestuous passion they had shared. I was so thrilled I could witness this moment, my heart thudding in my chest, my wet pussy humping against my aunt’s thigh. Everything had changed last night.

For a year, my nineteen-year-old cousin Clint and I had been kissing cousins. We had always been close growing up. I was a month older then him and a tomboy. We played as kids—soldiers, ninjas, tag, basketball, and violent video games—and were best friends. That didn’t change through Junior High and into High School. I always knew we would end up having sex, we were just both afraid of crossing that line into incest.

And then Clint’s subconscious gave him that final boost of confidence to go all the way with me. He had a dream of his dead dad, my sexy Uncle Clinton, telling my cousin he had to put both our families back in order by fucking us all. Me first, since we were in so much love. He popped my cherry last night. And then we learned the shocking news—his mom and my mom were lovers. They were sisters and lovers.

Our family was so hot.

“Oh, yes, Mommy needed that,” moaned Aunt Cheryl as she pulled her son down for a hot kiss. My cousin’s hot, muscular body draped over her busty frame, her tits crushed to his chest. She was a sexy MILF, her hair dyed blonde, not natural like my dirty-gold curls, and in great shape.

And she was so lonely since Uncle Clinton died six months ago. But I could tell being taken hard by her son was exactly what she needed.

“Oh, that was so hot, Aunt Cheryl,” I moaned, licking my lips as they kissed.

Clint broke the kiss, his dark eyes falling on mine. I shuddered, understanding in an instant what he wanted. What I had promised to do last night. I licked my lips and nodded my head. I would do anything for my cousin. I was a submissive, like Aunt Cheryl appeared to be.

Only I was Clint’s top submissive. His girl.

“Oh, no,” Mommy moaned as Clint pulled out of her pussy and rolled off her body, his dick half-hard and coated in her pussy cream. It rested on his stomach as he stretched out on his back. “I liked you in me.”

Clint shrugged. “Melody has a task to do.”

A task. I shuddered at those words, my pussy clenching. I moved, my round breasts jiggling. They were so small compared to Aunt Cheryl’s. But they were firm, and Clint loved them even if they weren’t as big as my aunt’s, my mom’s, or Zoey’s, Clint’s twenty-year-old sister. But at least my tits were bigger than my bratty, little sister Lee.

I moved between my aunt’s legs, nervous and excited all at the same time to have my first true lesbian experience. Yes, I had kissed Aunt Cheryl and sucked on her nipple while Clint fucked her hard. But licking her pussy, devouring Clint’s cum out of her snatch, would be a true girl-on-girl experience.

And I was eager for it because Clint wanted it.

His eyes were hungry. “Eat the creampie I made in my mom.”

“Oh, you are a naughty boy,” moaned Aunt Cheryl. “Mommy raised a big, strong, naughty boy.”

“You did,” I said. Then, as a joke, added, “He’s into watersports.”

Clint’s face tightened while Aunt Cheryl actually smiled. “Like to show your dominance over your women, huh, Sir? Humiliate them. Dirty them because you can. Because they will let you. Because they need to please you in any way possible.”

I blinked as I lowered my face to her pussy. Was Aunt Cheryl into watersports?

“I don’t want to pee on her,” Clint scowled. “Melody’s got the fetish. She had to watch me pee this morning. Made her wet just thinking I might piss on her.”

“That he might make me,” I corrected, my pussy clenching again. I really, really didn’t want to be peed on, but I would submit for Clint. I needed to submit to him, to do what he wanted. It was the yearning ache inside me. It gave me pleasure to please him and he knew it. He knew he had this power over me. A power that I gave to him.

It was so sexy.

I breathed in. I smelled the salt of Clint’s cum and a spicy musk. Aunt Cheryl smelled different than my pussy. I took another breath, deeper, savoring the aroma as I moved to her trimmed, black bush matted with juices, her pussy lips thick and engorged, thrusting out of her slit. She wasn’t tight and virginal like I was.

All those times fucking Uncle Clinton’s cock had opened her up.

“Lick her,” growled Clint. “I love creampie porn.”

I shuddered, loving to learn that fact about Clint. I wanted to know all the secrets he had kept from me, all the times he had dodged when I pried at his porn-watching habits. And now he was opening up, letting me know what pleased him.

I licked boldly at Aunt Cheryl’s pussy. My tongue licked through her hot folds, her curly pubic hairs tickling my lips and cheeks. I gathered Clint’s salty cum and the wonderful, spicy juices of Aunt Cheryl’s pussy. She moaned and shuddered as my tongue licked up to her clit, pink and hard and throbbing as I lapped at it.

“Oh, yes, lick Aunty Cheryl’s pussy. Mmm, you are just a submissive slut for my son. Oh, yes, you’re my son’s slave.”

Slave! That was a wonderful word.

“My chief slave,” Clint added, twisting his mom’s nipple. Hard. She gasped, shuddering, humping against my voice. “Right, Mom?”

“Yes, yes,” moaned Aunt Cheryl. “Your slave. Mmm, just like your father. So sexy, Clint. My sexy boy. I raised a sexy man to master me.”

Her hand moved down his body as I licked again and again. I gathered the cum like I was licking an ice cream cone, but one had never tasted so good. So naughty I devoured the incestuous mix as I loved my aunt. My hands wrapped about her thighs, holding her as I licked and nuzzled, taking long drags.

“My cock is all wet,” groaned Clint as his mom reached his pubic hair. “You got me dirty, Mom. And you know the rules of the house.”

“Clean up your mess or face the belt,” moaned Aunt Cheryl. It was one of Uncle Clinton’s sayings. Since my dad, the sperm donor, ran out on my mom while she was pregnant with Lee, Uncle Clinton kept the discipline in my household, too. Lee and I had been been spanked by Uncle Clinton. Maybe that was why our families lived next door.

“That’s right,” groaned Clint as his mom brought his cock to her lips and licked at the half-hard shaft, cleaning up her pussy juices from him.

“Oh, that’s hot,” I groaned. “Lick his cock, slave. Please my man. I want you to make him hard again.”

“Yes, Miss,” moaned Aunt Cheryl. And she licked again, swirling her tongue around the crown of his dick as her hips humped against my lips.

My pussy was on fire as I licked and nuzzled at my aunt’s cunt. I probed my tongue into her silky sheath, savoring the heat and warmth as I quested for more of my cousin’s jizz. Aunt Cheryl’s lips sealed over Clint’s dick, cheeks hollowing as she sucked hard on her son’s cock.

Clint groaned, gripping his mom’s dyed-blonde hair as she swallowed all of his half-hard dick. Clint’s muscles rippled as he shuddered. I bet his dick was throbbing hard in his mom’s mouth, getting ready for round two.

Oh, this was so hot.

I sucked on my aunt’s clit, nipping, making her moan and gasp before I nuzzled back at her pussy lips. I probed a final time, searching for any more salty treat, but all of Clint’s cum was gone. I had licked it all up.

“That’s it, Mom,” groaned Clint. “You nasty slave. Mmm, you’re my Mommy-slave. You’ll do anything in the world I tell you. You’ll help me fuck your sister. And your daughters. Both of them. Alicia and Zoey. And you’ll help me discipline bratty Lee into acting like a proper eighteen-year-old.”

Aunt Cheryl moaned so loud about his dick. Her hips bucked, grinding her pussy against my face. Her pillowy tits jiggled. Her cheeks hollowed as she sucked hard while her juices flooded into my licking mouth. Spicy cream poured past my lips and coated my throat with their passion as I swallowed.

She came.

She backed hard, moaning louder and louder as she gobbled her son’s hardening cock. She bucked. The idea of her son fucking her daughter set her off. Her eyes were squeezed shut. I held on to her thighs, licking at her juices, savoring the hot delight of contributing to her orgasm while my pussy clenched and ached, needing to be satiated.

“Fuck,” Clint groaned. “You just came, you nasty slut.” He pinched her nipple. “You want me to fuck my sisters. You want me to pop Alicia’s eighteen-year-old cherry. To make my little sister howl on my dick. And you want to witness as I bend Zoey over the counter and teach her to respect me. To stop calling me squirt and realize I am the man of the house.”

“Your mom does want to help you, Clint,” I moaned, lifting my dripping face. “She squirted, Clint. That’s how hard she came.”

“Fuck,” Clint groaned, ripping his cock from his mom’s mouth. He was fully hard, his dick throbbing before me. “Mommy-slave, get Melody’s ass ready. I need to break in every one of my girl’s holes.”

My ass clenched. Anal? “Doesn’t that hurt?”

He stared at me. “And?”

“And I want you to fuck my ass, Clint,” izmir escort bayan I moaned despite my fears. He wanted this. So I would make a gift to him. I spun around, kneeling, pointing my ass at him. “Take me. I’m yours, Clint. I always have been. I’ve wanted to be your woman, your wife, since we were kids.”

Aunt Cheryl laughed. “And everyone knew that you had such a crush on your brother.”

I blinked. Clint and I said, “Brother?” at the same time.


Clint Elliston

My dick throbbed hard as I wrenched my eyes from my submissive cousin’s tight ass, her shaved pussy glistening between her sleek thighs, to the tattoo on my mom’s left breast. Over her heart. It was a triangle with three letters inside it. The letter C at the top point while a second letter C and a V were at the lower two corners.

I traced it, touching the top C. “Clinton,” I said then moved down. “Cheryl and Vicky. You were both Dad’s sex slaves.”

“And lovers,” Mom moaned, pain flooding her eyes. “I loved your father so much, Clint. From the first time we made love, I knew I would be his wife. And when he wanted to do other things, experiment, I didn’t fight him. I submitted. I gave him what he wanted. Even other girls. And then he wanted my younger sister. And I was so excited. So wet to make her a gift.

“Our first night together was magical. The three of us were welded, united. Vicky and I were so much alike, but submissives, eager to please this strong man who loved us both. Since I was already dating him, we kept that up. Vicky became his secret lover, his mistress.”

“That’s why we live side-by-side?” I gasped. “So Dad could have access to Aunt Vicky.”

“And…and…” Melody looked over her shoulder, her hazel eyes wide. “That means Uncle Clinton is my…”

“He’s your father,” nodded my mom. “Until now, Vicky and I never had another man. Only him.”

I glanced at my cousin. Only she wasn’t my cousin. She was my half-sister. My dick throbbed even harder. I had already fucked one of my cousins, and she was the woman I loved, my best friend in the whole fucking world.

“Damn,” I groaned, my dick felt even harder. “I’m going to break in my sister’s ass.”

“I have a brother,” Melody said and turned, throwing herself at me.

I was startled by the hug, by how tight she pressed against me, her breasts rubbing on my chest, nipples so hard, my dick throbbing against her stomach. I hugged her back, holding her as she cried into my neck. Her wet cheek pressed against mine.

“My brother,” she groaned. “My man, my brother, my master, my husband. Oh, Clint. I…”

I understood. Nothing had changed and yet everything was some how different. We were even closer now. I rocked her and kissed at her cheek, loving my half-sister. She squeezed my tighter for a moment before breaking away and glaring at my mom.

“Why didn’t anyone tell me that Uncle Clinton was my dad? I thought I didn’t have one.” Her voice broke and her lower lip quivered. I put my arm around her shoulders, pulling her close.

“We were waiting for Lee and Alicia to get older.” Tears beaded my mom’s eyes. “We wanted to make sure everyone in the family was mature enough to understand and not freak out. We wanted to make sure you wouldn’t tell people, even by accident, and start rumors. It might have made things weird for you at school or something. And then…”

“He died.”

Tears beaded my mom’s eyes. I held out my other arm for her. And then my mom was pressed against me, her face pressed into my neck, sobbing for my dad. She loved him a lot, probably as much as I loved Melody. Tears burned at my own eyes as I held both my sister and mother. Their arms were around each other, all of us hugging, remembering what a great man Dad was.

Finally, the tears dwindled. My mom sniffed. “I’m sorry, Sir,” she said. “I…I shouldn’t have been crying. I ruined the mood.”

I shook my head. “Mom, don’t be. It’s good to cry. I understand. You’re my Mommy-slave, but it’s Dad who you’ll love. I don’t mind. I have Melody. I just want you to be my slut.”

“Oh, I am,” she purred. “And I do love you. You’re my big, strong son.”

Melody giggled. “He’s already getting hard again, Aunt Cheryl.”

“He wants that ass.” Mom’s hand moved and squeezed Melody’s rear. “He wants his sisters tight, virgin ass.”

My dick was hard again. Aching as it pressed into Melody’s stomach. My half-sister, that would take some remembering, wiggled, her nipples hard against me. “I do. I want that ass. I love watching anal.”

“What other porn do you like?” Melody moaned.

“Lesbians,” he grinned. “And creampies.”

“We covered that,” Mom said. “And anal.”

“Titty fucks.” My eyes flicked down at Mom’s big breasts pressed into my side. “I’ll be breaking in those tits sometime.”

“They’re yours, Son,” she breathed.

“Asians,” I added. “Tight, petite Asian girls.”

Mom laughed. “Your father did, too. Your Aunt Vicky and I were on standing orders to find him any Asian woman interested in a threesome.”

Melody gave me a look. “Well, there’s Pam Hiragawa. No wonder you’re always staring at her ass during PE.”

“Guilty,” I groaned, loving Pam’s tight, petite body and slanted eyes. She was Japanese but born in America. Silky, black hair, almond eyes, delicate face.

“I think you just got harder thinking about another woman when you have your hot sister and busty mom in your arms, asshole,” Melody said, a playful smile on her lips as she lightly punched me on the shoulder.

“Asians,” I grinned. Then I smacked her ass, hard. She gasped at the stinging slap. “Now on your knees. Mommy-slut, get her ready for my cock. I’m going to pound my sister’s ass.”

“Oh, yes, Sir,” moaned Mom, her voice husky, eager to please.

“It better be my ass you’re thinking about while fucking me,” Melody said, a dangerous glint in her eyes. She was still a tomboy.

“Keep that tone with me, and I’ll bend you over my knee.”

She smiled. “I just might like that.”

Then she turned onto her hands and knees, presenting that beautiful ass. So firm and curving. She had a great ass. I stared at it, loving my red handprint marring her ivory flesh. Oh, yes, she would be over my knee before too long. That ass was too inviting to give up.

“I also love watching women getting spanked,” I groaned. “My last kink.”

Melody wiggled her ass at me, teasing me as Mom knelt before her. Damn, I loved my half-sister. She would be my wife. I bet there was states were we could marry. Technically, she was my first cousin. My dad’s name wasn’t on her birth certificate. I would have to look into that. Maybe relocate the family in a few years.

“Anal can hurt,” Mom said as she ran her fingers through Melody’s dripping pussy lips. “But if you are ready for it, cocks are lubed with spit or pussy juices, then it is amazing. I’ve had some of my best orgasms with your father’s cock in my ass.”

“I bet Daddy fucked you so hard,” Melody moaned, savoring the word. I could hear the joy in her voice. Just knowing she had a Daddy who loved her, even if he had passed away, made her feel wonderful. Dad always did show affection for Melody and Lee, treating them like he did my sisters and me.

Damn, Dad was a stud.

“So we’re going to get you nice and juicy for your first time,” Mom moaned and shoved two fingers into my sister’s hot, tight twat. Melody moaned, shuddering as Mom licked her tongue up through her taint and between the cheeks of her ass. “We’ll use spit and pussy juices to get you lubed up.”

“Oh, damn, Aunt Cheryl,” gasped Melody as my mom rimmed her ass. “Oh, isn’t that nasty?”

“So nasty, Miss,” Mom answered. “That’s what makes it hot. So sour. Mmm, I love it.”

I licked my lips, envying my mom. I slowly stroked my dick, wanting a taste of my sister’s ass as Mom’s tongue licked and swirled about her sphincter, getting her nice and wet while her fingers pumped in and out of Melody’s snatch. Mom pulled her two digits out, covered in my sister’s cream, and moved them up to Melody’s asshole.

My half-sister gasped as Mom worked the first of her fingers into the tight, brown sphincter. I groaned, my balls aching as Melody’s back arched. Her sandy-blonde hair danced about her shoulders as she wiggled.

“Oh, that feels soooo weird,” gasped Melody. “Your finger is going so deep in me, Aunt Cheryl.”

“Does it feel good?” I asked, moving around the bed. I grabbed her blonde hair, yanking her head up to look at me. “Does it, slut?”

“Yes, Sir,” she moaned. “It does. It’s weird, almost burning and yet… Oooh, yes, that’s even better.”

My mom had slid the second finger in, making Melody rock and shudder on the bed, her eyes fluttering as her hips undulated. She moaned again, sounding so wanton and aroused. She licked her lips, eyes fluttering. Her lashes were so long and lovely. I stared into her eyes as Mom fingered and rimmed her, watching the pleasure cross my half-sister’s face.

Damn, this was hot. I wanted to share everything with Melody. I wanted her to enjoy my sisters with me, especially bratty Lee. I wanted to watch her make her own mother cum. I wanted her to seduce Pam Hiragawa for me and lick my cum off that Japanese beauty’s face.

“Shit,” I groaned and rammed my cock into her mouth. “Keep me hard but don’t make me cum. I just want to feel that mouth on my dick while Mom gets you ready.”

Melody moaned her yes about my dick as I shuddered. My balls ache so much as I held her hair, savoring buca escort her warm, wet mouth around my cock. She didn’t suck and tried not to move her tongue, but it was still paradise. My eyes were locked on Mom ripping her fingers out of my sister’s asshole and moving them lower, out of sight.

Melody moaned. Mom had shoved her fingers back into Melody’s pussy.

“Get her ready for me, Mommy-slut,” I growled. “Get her nice and loose. I’m going to pound her asshole so hard.”

“Yes,” Mom moaned. “I will, Sir. I will make sure your top slave is ready for you. That she will cum so hard when you fuck her. I know you want to make her cum. You are such a generous man, like your father. You want your women happy.”

“’A happy woman will do anything for her man,’” I quoted Dad. He had been grooming me to be a dominant, to probably claimed Melody as my submissive lover if everyone in the family realized we had been in love since children.

“She will,” Mom moaned. “Look at Melody. You made her very happy, Sir.”

“I licked her pussy to orgasm before I popped her cherry. And she tasted wonderful.”

“That will do it,” Mom smiled.

My sister moaned about my cock, vocalizing her agreement. The humming delight of her voice sent flutters racing down my dick. I grit my teeth, fighting the urge to fuck her mouth. I wanted that ass. I watched Mom work a third finger into Melody’s sphincter, widening her brown ring, getting her ready for my dick’s girth.

Damn, this was so hot. So sexy. My own fucking harem of women. Melody at the top, then Mom and her sister, and then my sisters. Maybe other girls. Stefani, my older sisters best friend, was always flirting with me, cock-teasing me like Zoey did. Those two would have to learn there are consequences to teasing a man and making him hard.

“Fuck,” I snarled, my balls aching. “She’s ready, Mom.”

Mom pulled her fingers out of my sister’s ass. She held them up to me, a twinkle in her eye. “She is, Sir.”

I licked her fingers, savoring the lingering traces of sweet pussy mixed with sour ass. I groaned as I pulled my dick out of Melody’s mouth. She sucked in deep breaths as I moved on the bed, Mom sliding out of the way.

“May I guide you in, Sir?” Mom asked, her eyes big. “I want to hold my son’s big, thick cock as he fucks his sister’s ass for the first time.” There was motherly pride in her voice.

“Yes,” I growled.

She shoved her fingers between her thighs, rubbing her pussy before she seized my cock, stroking her cream onto my shaft. I grinned at her as she brought me to my half-sister’s asshole. Melody watched over her shoulder, her face tight, fear in her eyes.

“Melody,” I said. “You’re a fucking tomboy. You once skinned both your knees and wanted to keep on playing. Don’t be scared. Trust me.”

Her breath quickened. She nodded. “I do, Clint. I do. You won’t harm me.”

“He’ll only hurt you,” Mom purred. “And that is something completely different” She rubbed my cock against Melody’s tight sphincter. “Now fuck your sister’s virgin ass. She needs it so badly. Her ass is yours.”

“Mine,” I snarled and thrust.

Melody’s back arched. Her head snapped up. She hugged a pillow to her as my dick forced past her tight sphincter. My eyes widened as the velvety, hot tightness of her bowels gripped me. I pushed deeper and deeper as she groaned, shuddering, clenching down hard on my dick. She sucked in a deep, shuddering breath when I bottomed out in her.

“I took you,” she groaned, voice tight with pain. “I took you, Clint.”

“You did,” I growled, my hand sliding around her hip to her stomach. “God, you are tight. I could just stay like this forever, savoring your bowels.”

“Oh, God, yes,” she moaned, her breath slowing, her bowels relaxing. My finger reached for her clit and—

Her phone blared Pharrell’s Happy. She threw a look to her discarded jeans on the floor, her phone peeking out of a pocket, the screen lighting up. “That’s your house’s landline, Clint.”

“Alicia,” I groaned. My little sister eschewed cell phones for some reason—don’t ask. She enjoyed having her kindle eReader, which wasn’t even a proper tablet she could do something else on beside reading books. Only her and my mom ever used our landline. “Why would she be…?”

Melody and I both looked at each other, our eyes widening as the same idea popped into our head.

Last night, when Melody and I had made love and fucked four times, we had not been quiet. My bedroom was on the third floor, sharing the attic with a storage room. Alicia’s was on the second floor but not directly beneath mine. She was the only person home last night, and she might have heard us.

And now she was calling Melody. She never called Melody.

“Get the phone, Mom,” I growled, my finger rubbing on Melody’s clit. “Hurry.”

“Yes, Sir,” she said, not questioning, hearing the authority in my voice.

“Clint?” Melody asked.

“Talk to her,” I grinned. “If she heard us last night, I want to know if she’s turned on. Probe her. Put her on speaker phone and let’s find out how ripe my sister’s cherry is.”

Melody’s bowels clenched on my dick. “Oh, you are a wicked brother.”

“Uh-huh,” Mom said, rushing back to the bed and handing Melody her iPhone.

“Quiet,” I told Mom, my finger slightly stroking Melody’s clit. I wanted to pound her ass so hard, but I resisted.

Melody connected the proper sequence of dots on the screen to unlock it and hit the speaker button. “Hey, Cupcake, this is a surprise.”

“Are you with Clint?” the quiet voice of my sister asked. I imagined her in the kitchen, sitting at the island on one of the stools, the phone pressed against her ear, her petite body trembling. She was just budding into womanhood, a late bloomer compared to Zoey or even Lee.

Melody glanced at me. I shook my head.

“No, no, he went to play a game of pickup basketball with his asshole friends,” Melody answered. “I decided to hangout at the house. So what’s up, Cupcake?”

“I…” Alicia’s voice hesitated. “Well… I don’t know… It’s… Maybe this was a bad idea.”

“You heard Clint and I making love last night,” Melody boldly said, her bowels clenching on my dick.

I fought a groan, rubbing her clit. Melody shivered as there was silence on the other end of the phone for a moment. Then Alicia said, “I…did. So…?”

Her cheeks must be crimson right now, her cute glasses slipping down her button nose. Damn, it was torture not fucking Melody’s hot, tight bowels. My dick ached so badly. I needed that sweet friction about me.

“So…what? Why did I make love to your brother?”

“I know why.” Alicia swallowed. “You love him.”

“I do. And it was so sexy. Your brother made our first time special.”

“He did.” Her voice rose, interest clear in her tone. “That’s good. What was it…like?”

“Why are you so curious? Eager to have that special boy carry you off and pop your cherry. Who is it?”

“There’s no one,” Alicia said. “Not really.”

Melody looked at me and mouthed, “She wants you.”

Mom nodded her head, lying on the bed, biting her lip as she slowly rubbed at her pussy lips, listening to her youngest daughter’s breathy, virginal curiosity. Mom’s breasts jiggled so invitingly while Melody shifted.

“You can tell me who the boy is,” Melody purred. “Is it a boy at school?”

“I guess,” Alicia squirmed. “So what was it like? When he… You know?”

“Popped my cherry?”

“That’s not romantic,” Alicia gasped. “I thought you said it was romantic.”

“It was so romantic, Cupcake.” Melody shuddered. “I walked in wearing this tight tank top, no bra, and his eyes just bugged out. I could tell he wanted me. That we were finally going all the way. He pulled me to him, so strong, claiming my lips.”

“Wow,” Alicia said, her voice throaty.

“The kiss was amazing. I mean, fireworks and bells and all that. I melted against him. It was the best kiss ever. I squirmed on his lap, and I could feel him growing hard.”

“His penis?”

“Come on, say the right word,” Melody purred. “I know they use dirty words in all those romances you read.”

“His cock!” She said it fast, excited. “You felt his cock?”

“I did, Cupcake. Your brother was hung. He was so hard beneath me. I ground and groaned on him, growing hotter and wetter. And then he laid me on the bed.”

Listening to Melody describe last night to my—our—little sister made me ache. I slowly pulled my dick back, savoring the hot grip of her ass as Melody told about how it felt to have her nipples sucked and how I kissed down to her pussy. “He pulled off my panties, and I was exposed. I was so scared and thrilled all at the same time. He was seeing me naked. All of me, and there was such desire in her eyes.”

“Oh, I want that,” panted Alicia. She must be wet, too, squirming, her virgin pussy soaking her panties.

Mom groaned, rubbing harder at her pussy. Her toes curled as she masturbated, her black curls engulfing her fingers. She shoved two digits into her pussy, biting her lip to fight off another moan. Her eyes fluttered. I understood. This was so damned hot.

I pushed my dick forward, muffling my grunts as Melody’s tight ass gripped my cock, the friction racing through me.

“And then he ate my pussy, Cupcake. He devoured me.” Melody shuddered. “Oh, god, it was so many sensations. They were all mixing and swirling. It made masturbation pale. He was so wonderful. My sexy man was eating me out, pleasing me, loving me. His eyes stared up at me izmir escort and I knew. I knew, Alicia, that he loved me.”

“Oh, yes,” Alicia moaned. Was my sister masturbating on the other end of the line, rubbing her virgin, eighteen-year-old cunt? “Then what? Did he make love to you? Did he take your maidenhead?”

“Yes.” Melody bucked into me, sliding her ass up my shaft as I thrust, her hips shaking. “His cock was in me. We were united, one flesh. It was so intimate. I was his woman. He was atop me, loving me, pumping away, driving me wild. Cupcake, it was the best thing ever. Ooh, I hope you and your special boy have as much fun as we did.”

“There’s no one,” Alicia repeated. “But…but… Oh, you’re so lucky, Melody. My brother is so handsome and…and…” Breathy squeaks came through the phone.

“She’s cumming,” Mom whispered, rubbing her pussy faster. “My baby girl is cumming. She’s masturbating to you, Sir.”

Melody groaned, listening to the wild gasps of Alicia on the other end of the phone as I slid my dick faster and faster in and out of her bowels. Her flesh gripped me. I groaned, my eyes fluttering as I reamed my dick in and out of her depths. I diddled Melody’s clit harder.

“It was amazing, Cupcake,” moaned Melody. “I came so hard on his dick. So hard. My pussy spasmed on him. I loved it!”

And then her bowels spasmed on my dick. Melody was cumming, too, adding her moans to my sister’s gasps. I fucked her harder, not caring any longer about being quiet. My dick ached. This was too much. Alicia wanted me to make love to her, to take her cherry like I had taken Melody’s.

And I had to pluck her cherry. I had to fuck my little sister.

“Oh, yes, Cupcake,” moaned Melody. “It was amazing. He’s my man. I’m so happy. I want you to be happy, too. I want you to surrender to the man you desire. To give yourself to him.”

Alicia let out a moan in the background. Then she gasped. I could hear her embarrassed, fluttered breath, and then she quickly blurted out, “I have to go. Bye.”

The line went dead. “Fuck,” exploded out of my breath as I pounded my sister’s tight ass, rocking her on the bed. “Fuck, that was so hot.”

“It was,” Mom gasped, her body heaving. “She came. The little vixen was masturbating on the phone with you.”

“I know,” Melody moaned. “Oh, it was so hot. Especially with your dick in my asshole, Clint.”

“And my finger on your clit.” I rubbed harder and she bucked.

“So hot. That was amazing.” Her hips bucked back into me, her hot, tight bowels gripping my dick. “Mmm, yes, pound my ass, Clint. Ram that huge dick into me. Oh, yes. My brother’s big cock is in my asshole. My man’s dick. Fuck me. I need to cum again. And then you have to dump all your cum in my bowels.”

“Because all of your holes are mine?” I snarled. “Mine to cum in whenever I want?”


“If we’re at the mall, and I say, ‘Pull down your panties,’ what do you do?”

“Pull them down and offer you my cunt,” she moaned, bucking harder, her words driving me wild.

I pounded her ass, my balls smacking into her taint, her butt-cheeks rippling. “And if we’re at school and I say ‘Melody, fall to your knees,’ what do you do?”

“Fall to my knees, unzip your pants, and suck your cock, Clint.”

“Even if we’re in the middle of a crowded hallway? All the students passing. Your friends watching you suck my cock.”

Her bowels clenched so hard on my dick. “They would all watch me be your cock-sucking whore, Clint. I would show them how a girl worships her man’s dick and swallows all of his cum. Every last drop.”

“Damn, I love you,” I panted, my dick aching in the depths of her bowels. Her hot, tight flesh gripped me so hard.

“Yes,” she hissed.

“Oh, you two are so beautiful together, Sir,” Mom moaned. “Just perfect. Your father would be so proud of you both. He was eager for you to take command of your half-sister, to make her your woman. He wanted you to be as happy as him.”

“Shit,” I groaned, my balls ready to burst.

I slammed my dick hard and fast into Melody’s bowels. I growled, the friction building the pressure in my nuts. They thwacked into her body, full of cum, ready to flood her. I groaned, rubbing harder at her clit as I humped over her, watching her supple back writhe as she bucked back into me.

Her blonde hair danced as she undulated her hips. She grunted and groaned, slamming back into me. Her bowels tightened. Her head snapped back. And then she came again. Juices flooded around my finger on her clit as her asshole spasmed on my dick, milking my cock.

“Cum in my ass, Clint,” she growled. “Please! Cum in your slutty, submissive sister’s asshole.”

“Do it,” moaned Mom, frigging herself to another orgasm, her tits bouncing as she humped. “Please, Sir. Empty your balls into her asshole.”

“Yes,” I growled and buried to the hilt into Melody’s tight asshole.

My cock unloaded. Pleasure pumped through me. It surged to my mind. My back arched. Stars danced before my eyes. Ecstasy bathed through me. Alicia’s face burned bright in my mind, a beacon. My next conquest. I was going to enjoy her.

And Mom and Melody were going to help.

As the pleasure peaked in me, an idea formed in my mind. Something so naughty and wonderfully delicious, a way to cement I was the man of the house. I shuddered a final time, the last blast of cum flooding into my half-sister’s tight bowels. She groaned, milking me.

“Oh, thank you for cumming in me,” moaned Melody. “I so needed that, Clint. You always know what I need.”

“Uh-huh,” I groaned, pulling my cock out of her asshole.

“And you made a mess, dear,” Mom purred. “I hope you remember the rule.”

Melody’s eyes widened as she looked at my dick. Then she turned around. Her nose wrinkled, smelling her sour ass on it. But then she licked up my shaft to the top. I groaned, savoring her submission, her willingness to degrade herself for my pleasure.

“Let me help,” Mom moaned, nuzzling in, licking at the other side of my dirty cock.

“Damn,” I groaned, staring at their faces. “Oh, you two are such wicked sluts.” They would do anything for me. Even let me pee in their mouths… “We’re going to have fun today. There is an eighteen-year-old virgin pining for her brother. I think she needs her ‘cousin’ to help her out, soothe her fears, and get her ready to have her maidenhead pricked.”

“You wicked boy,” groaned Mom. “Yes, Sir, I totally agree with you. That’s what my daughter needs.”

Melody winked at me and then sucked on the crown of my cock hard. Damn, it was great being the man of the house.


Alicia Elliston

Embarrassment flooded through me. My hand was still in my shorts and panties, pressed against my wet, virgin pussy. I couldn’t believe I had masturbated listening to Melody talk about making love to my older brother.

But Clint was so handsome, like one of the heroes out of a romance novel. He was so muscled, like Dad, and broad-shouldered. My brother’s hands were strong. And he knew how to please a woman, just like the men in the romances did. They seduced their women, gave them pleasure, and then took them so hard.

Ravished them.

My pussy clenched, and I shuddered as I rubbed my fingers up and down my hot pussy. I shivered, the bar stool creaking beneath me. I set the receiver down. The long, curly cord led back to the phone mounted on the wall.

Clint. How wonderful would it be if Clint made love to me? But he was Melody’s boyfriend. And he was my brother. I couldn’t have him. It would be soooo wrong.

And that made my pussy tingle. I rubbed myself again, closing my eyes and—

Stairs creaked. Bare feet padded.

I gasped, wrenching my hands out of my pussy, my cheeks burning as I fumbled at the fasteners of my jean shorts. My heart thudding, Zoey stumbled into the kitchen. My older, far bustier sister walked in, her brassy hair a tangled mess, her breasts stretching out a pink tank top, a pair of bright-red, lacy panties clinging to her hips and crotch.

“Hey, Alicia,” she muttered on her walk to the refrigerator.

“You slept in,” I said, my cheeks on fire. I wiped my fingers off on my shorts. But I could smell my fresh pussy juices. What if she could smell them, too? What if she realized I was masturbating in our kitchen? I wanted to bolt.

“Late night,” she yawned.

“Working at Dairy Queen?” I arched an eyebrow. “I didn’t think they were open past 11.”

“Drive thru’s open later at this one. Get the people coming home from the bars hungry.” She yawned again, stretching. If Clint was here, he would be staring at Zoey’s ass in those tight panties. The fabric had dipped into her crack and molded to her round cheeks.

He would never notice me. I was so flat, so petite. Puberty had done its best to ignore me. But it would be so wonderful to lie with Clint. I would let him make love to me. I would. I didn’t care if it was wrong. He was so handsome. My sexy brother.

“Right, no OJ,” grumbled Zoey and closed the fridge. “Mom better go grocery shopping today.”

I nodded absently. My pussy tingled again. I put my bowl of cereal in the sink then rushed upstairs. I had to masturbate again. To Clint. I slammed my door behind me, locked it, and threw myself on my pink comforter, surrounded by my stuffed animals. I wiggled out of my shorts and panties before i grabbed my large teddy bear. He was as big as me.

“Clint,” I moaned as the fluffy bear loomed over me. I rubbed my crotch against the teddy bear’s, savoring the slide of his soft fur against my virgin pussy, and humped, pretending it was Clint on top of me.

To be continued…

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