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Most Saturday mornings Elle was the first one up, it was her morning routine to be awake and have Daddy’s morning coffee going and They would soon sit at the table and discuss the day’s events. This morning though, Daddy had gotten up before her, quietly turned off her alarm and left her sleeping.

At 9:15 a.m. Elle rolled over in bed, her eyes still closed she wiggled to His side of the bed. Oh no! He wasn’t there. Instantly Elle sat up in the bed, her messy curly hair falling all over her shoulders and hung into her eyes, pushing it back she looked at the clock.

“Oh Elle…you’re in trouble.” she softly whispered. Leaning over to grab her robe she saw a note in its place.

“My dear kitten, by the time you find this note it’ll have you slightly rattled. I’m sure you’re curious as to why I didn’t wake you, simple fact is, I couldn’t. There was such a peaceful glow and the sound of your breathing was too sweet to wake. So this morning I have completed your chores. Today I have a very special day planned for you; I hope that you are ready. Once you’ve finished reading this, I want you to go into the bathroom. You’re to start the bath water and don’t add bubbles. For this isn’t going to be your usual Saturday play bath. As the tub fills I want you to come into the living room and get Me. Is this understood, kitten?”

Quickly and quietly Elle climbed out of bed, she didn’t even bother with her robe. She wanted to be completely bare to Daddy when she went in to get Him for Their bath. As she reached down and turned on the water tingles began to fill her small frame.

It was the familiar touch of Daddy’s hand, softly she gasped and giggled “Daddy, I was supposed to come and get You.”

His hand slipped between her legs and gently cupped her cookie, His middle finger instantly pushed between her lips checking to see how wet His kitten was.

“I know princess but Daddy was standing at the door just peeping through the crack, I saw you get up and get all frantic for a moment. Which I have to say was one of those cherished moments of yours. And then I waited for you to come in here.”

Slowly He leaned into her ear and whispered “Daddy has a special day in store for His kitten, think you’re up to it?”

The night before Daddy had spent several hours teasing kitten, making her so wet, pushing her to the limit and then stopping. A few times He’d even had her make a drink with her legs still weak from His pleasurable torture. She was only allowed to cum once, when He did before bed.

He took His usual blow job and let her grind her well past soaked cookie on His foot as she knelt before Him. He had picked her up and carried her to bed. It was always Daddy’s style to remind her the next day how amazing she was, and how even at her darkest dirtiest moments she was still His princess.

“Yes Daddy.” Elle purred as He slowly helped her step into the tub.

Looking up to Him from the tub she noticed all He had on was His sleep pants. She smiled softly to Him and watched as He gathered a towel for Them both later and sat them along the counter. His eyes locked on hers, He reached over and pushed play on the radio she kept in the bathroom.

It was the second part of her surprise. He’d taken and asked her to make a mix of all her favorite relaxing seductive songs to a CD for Him at the beginning of the week. This made her heart glow and she sank down into the tub a bit to get her hair wet, laying there she watched Him slip off His pants.

Sitting up in the tub kitten scooted forward and let Daddy climb in behind her. He scooped up water in His hands and let it run down her bare breasts, mixing with the water that stopped at her nipples.

“I know last night you experienced a lot of self control, something that you do so well and I am so proud of you babygirl. And so today I wanted to take another step in your training, one last hole yet that Daddy’s not taken with His cock.”

His large hands began to slide down into the water, gently cupping her large beautiful breasts and squeezed them together. Pinching at her nipples and pulling them as He let go. She moaned and laid her head back on His shoulder. The idea of finally illegal bahis feeling Him take her in the ass was all that had been on her mind since the night He teased and played with it at the back door.

“Does My kitten like this idea?” Elle hung on every world of Daddy’s as her curvy frame shivered in the water. Closing her eyes and nodding softly she whispered.

“Yes, Daddy, I would love that.” Relaxing back against Daddy she let Him caress and kiss on her, leaving trails from her shoulders to her ear, turning her head a bit and making her kiss His lips.

“Daddy…may I turn around and face You in the tub?” Elle purred as she playfully kissed at His cheek.

“Yes kitten, you may.”

Slowly without splashing any of the water in the tub Elle turned herself around to face Daddy. She ran her legs over His and slowly wrapped them around His waist. Left arm slinking into the tub she reached between Them and let her hand brush against His hardening meat. Her eyes still locked on His she searched for His permission. Nodding slowly He smiled to her and that was all she needed.

Daddy knew that kitten loved playing in the tub; it meant lots of lubrication and that meant lots of pleasure. Each finger wrapped around Daddy’s thick hard shaft and she began to stroke Him. His hands grabbed at her breasts in the water and continued to play with them. Each squeeze of her big tits together made her moan; gently He tugged on them until she was belly down in the tub. Daddy placed His now hard member between her globes and began to smile.

“You have such beautiful breasts kitten, Daddy loves fucking them.”

Elle wasn’t sure who loved it more, her or Him. Placing her small hands over His she pushed gently with Him and held herself so she could stroke Daddy’s cock with her breasts. Tilting her head a bit she stuck out her tongue and licked at the tip each time it appeared from the top of her breasts.

Laid back against the tub Daddy relaxed and enjoyed His kitten’s play time. Before long Daddy was moaning and He grabbed at kitten’s hair, pulling up on her and pressing her lips hard to His. Passion rolled through the kiss as Daddy’s tongue explored every inch of her oral cavity, teasing her as He’d often done her cookie and ass.

Reaching down with His free hand Daddy slipped His fingers back between the swollen lips of Elle’s cookie and He moaned in Their kiss. He could feel her heated pussy and her own sweet juices even under the water, she was a soaked lil slut and He loved it. Instantly her walls clenched around His fingers and she purred in His kiss, her tongue wrapping around His and mimicking the movements of her walls.

She loved when He played with her cookie, always making it so wet before He’d slip deep inside. Only today He had no plans of taking her pussy with His fingers or cock, He’d be placing those in her tight puckered hole. It had been coming for a long time and she was ever so ready.

Pulling from Their kiss He pulled her up onto His lap and whispered in her ear “Grind princess, and don’t stop until Daddy tells you to, understood?” “Yes Daddy.” Elle purred.

Elle did just as Daddy said; slowly her hips began to work their magic. Grinding and rolling in circles and figure 8’s. The tight walls of her pussy clenched wishing they could be filled with His cock as she felt Him press and glide along her slit. Elle placed her fingers in Daddy’s hair and let her arms rest on His shoulders, His hands placed on her hips He pushed her down a bit more and helped her to grind.

Just when Elle thought she couldn’t take it anymore and she could feel the tingles in her toes He’d read her mind. Nipping at her lips His words were quick and short.

“Stop, you need to wash that sexy cookie of yours and then make sure that ass is clean and smelling fresh for Daddy. I want this done in ten minutes, then you dry off and join Me in the bedroom. Got it kitten?”

A little caught off guard by His actions she bit her lip and nodded with a sweet whisper “Yes Daddy, ten minutes and I will be in there.”

Looking at the clock Daddy looked back at the bathroom door and there she came, swaying her full hips as she crossed illegal bahis siteleri the floor. Stopping at the bed she knelt before Him and locked her almost blue eyes into His and she smiled. Her whole body shivered and tingled, she could feel her nipples so hard and aching forcing her sweet cookie to remain warm and moist.

That cute little button of hers was aching and she wanted Daddy so badly, but she sat there patiently awaiting His orders. His left hand slipped into her hair and gently He pulled her head back, arching her neck before He attacked it; leaving a trail of wet kisses and then licking down that trail and back up.

His words flooded her ears like a melody “Crawl up here kitten, knees on the edge of the bed and present yourself just like Daddy likes.”

His right hand reached down and slapped at her cute full ass.

“Mmm…yes Daddy.”

Elle moaned and gracefully climbed up into the bed, presenting herself just as Daddy liked. She reached back and pulled her plump ass cheeks apart and she could almost feel Him smiling behind her.

“Good girl, Elle. Now relax, Daddy’s going to make your lil body tingle and shake. And remember, no cumming until you ask. I won’t deny you; I just want to hear you.”

And with that Daddy lowered His frame to the floor behind her and flicked His tongue along her swollen pussy lips. Instantly she moaned and clenched at her ass cheeks, gripping them tightly as she paced her breathing. She was going to hold off on cumming until it just was too much. This built up her self control and she loved that. There wasn’t a fold, crevice or drop of her pussy He didn’t devour and all she could do was wiggle and moan.

After what felt like forever Elle bit her lip and whimpered “Please Daddy may Your kitten cum?”

With the muttered words escaping her lips He slapped her ass hard and granted the permission she needed. “Cum for Me kitten, soak Daddy’s face now.”

Ellen’s back arched and she pushed her face hard into the bed sheets as she cried out in pleasure. Her sweet cookie trembled and the juices began to flood Daddy’s face, never missing a drop of her honey. Slowly she caught her breath and He chuckled at how sexy and cute she looked all hot and bothered. Reaching for the small clear bottle on the night stand He opened the top and spoke gently.

“Kitten, I think you’ll love the feel of this.” And with that she felt the cool sensation of liquid roll down her puckered hole and her opening clenched and released.

The sensation just got cooler as it dripped down her sweet slit and He placed His finger on her and rubbed. Biting her lip Elle whimpered and purred, she loved the cold sensation on her hot cookie, and His finger just relaxed her.

“Don’t forget to breathe kitten like Daddy told you too. It’ll help you to relax.”

Normally she would vocally answer Him but at this very moment a muttered moan escaped her lips and she wiggled her ass up to Daddy. His fingers made gentle but firm circles and strokes relaxing her tight hole. Pushing in to His first knuckle He could hear her moan and her body relaxed still, she loved it.

Slowly He forced His finger deeper until He was at His last knuckle and carefully He began to wiggle it around and slip it in and out. His free hand slipped to her sweet cookie, found that swollen pearl and rubbed. He wanted to make sure she was relaxed.

She couldn’t hide the fact she needed to cum again and His words filled her ears “Go ahead, ask kitten, I know you want to.” He was right, she couldn’t and she moaned again.

“Please Daddy can Your slut cum?”

“That’s My good girl, yes you may.”

His permission muffled in her sweet cookie as she began to tremble and shake again. Her ass cheeks aching from the clenching nails of hers. She could feel her juices just pouring from her and He smeared it along her ass.

“Does my kitten want Daddy to fuck her sweet little hole now? To take the last part of you and own you?”

His hands now taking the lube and slowly pouring more along her puckered hole. The cooling sensation making her shiver. Tossing it on the bed His hands pulled her cheeks apart for canlı bahis siteleri her instead and she gripped the sheets.

“Please Daddy, please fuck my sweet ass. Own all of me.”

And with that she felt the very tip of His cock push against her sweet hole. Elle bit her lip and moaned but He reminded her to breathe once again. Slowly the tip pushed until it was hidden and He checked to make sure she was ok. Taking in each breath and her movements He knew she was ready. Another inch slipped deep into her tight anal cavity and she purred.

“Reach down and play with that swollen clit Elle, I want to feel you relax even more because Daddy’s going to feed you the rest of His cock.”

Softly she purred “Yes Daddy.”

Gently He began to feed each inch into her tight ass. Once He was fully buried into her ass He held Himself still and He could feel her walls molding, stretching and tightening around Him. It was all He could do to keep from cumming Himself. This was the moment He’d been waiting for since the first time He laid eyes on her sweet ass. His hands held her cheeks spread apart and slowly He inched His way back out. The tip never slipping free as He pushed back into her again.

“Oh God Daddy…You make it feel so amazing.”

Elle purred and moaned as Daddy slowly worked His cock in and out of her ass, stretching it to fit Him. Continuing in her firm and teasing circles she rubbed at her cookie making it wetter and wetter, dipping her fingers into her cunt and wiggling them around deep. He never spoke a word to her, just closed His eyes and enjoyed the bliss of His kitten’s ass. Owning the very last bit of her.

Within about 6 long strokes into her ass Elle was whimpering and moaning again as the tingles built up in her toes.

“Oooh Daddy…please can I cum? Please I’m going to fall apart.”

Within seconds she felt His hands grip around her hips and dig into them. Her ass cheeks and puckered hole kept hold of Him and He moaned loudly “Cum Elle, cum for Daddy.”

His words echoed in her ears and she arched her back, trembling she fell to the bed face to the side and chest heaved as she cried out “OH DADDY…DADDY!”

He slammed into her twice before His deep growl filled the room and pelvis met her ass. Fast and hard His load shot into her ass, filling her full and dripping along her sweet slit. Elle bucked and wiggled back into Him as her anal walls clenched and released in time with her pussy and she milked Him dry.

Her heart beating in her ears she still managed to hear Him sigh a sigh of contentment and satisfaction. Very carefully He began to slip Himself free of her now owned ass. Watching the mix of His seed and her juices shine off her slit made Him smile and He reached between her legs and slapped her pussy.

“Mmm damn kitten Daddy’s proud of you.”

Elle’s heart beamed with pride and she blushed as she whispered to Him in complete satisfaction.

“Thank You Daddy, it was amazing and so are You.”

She carefully crawled around and faced Him, cleaning His cock without ever being asked to do so. Her soft blue eyes looking up to Him and she was one proudly owned kitten, His slut. This is where she wanted to be forever. Smiling down to her He cupped her face and kissed her forehead.

“You are amazing too kitten, you were so perfect. Now the next time it’ll be slightly different. But you’ll love it just the same. Daddy promises. Now get that sexy ass up here and hug Me.”

Doing just as Daddy asked she could feel Their cum run down her legs and she wrapped her arms around His neck and hugged Him tight. A soft passion filled kiss was shared before He smiled.

“It’s time for you to get dressed; I don’t want you showering yet. And no panties. Just the lil skirt and top I laid out for you. We’re going out for lunch and then Daddy needs to run a few errands. You’ll find everything you need in that bag at the foot of the bed. 15 minutes kitten. Don’t be late.”

Wearing the biggest smile ever Elle nodded to Daddy before kissing His cheek.

“I’ll be ready Daddy. I promise.”

Scampering off Elle dressed herself for lunch with Daddy in the cute blue jean skirt He laid out and the form fitting tank styled top that read “Daddy’s kitten” across it with a cute lil black cat wearing a collar with a bell. He knew her so well. Smiling she met Him at the doorway of the kitchen. Together They ventured out the door.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32