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The next day, after work, I went straight to Fiona’s apartment. As I’ve mentioned, she does porn for a living and makes pretty good money, so she has one of the nicest places of anyone I know, up in a lovely old high rise. You have to sign in at the building’s reception with a security guard. It was autumn and the sky was already dark when I arrived.

I knocked on Fiona’s door, and she answered, already stripped down to nothing but a green silk robe, barely drawn enough to cover her nipples. Before either of us said a word, she grabbed my shoulders and leaned into an aggressive kiss. I reciprocated, putting my arms under her robe and around her waist, enjoying the feel of her soft, smooth skin and of her tongue and lips against mine.

Fiona is a tall, thin redhead, with well-defined, decently-sized breasts (I think she’s a C-cup but I’m not sure), a nicely-toned ass, high cheekbones, tons of freckles, and a filthy mind. Up until that first lingerie party we’d been really more acquaintances than close friends, but I’d always had a bit of a crush on her – I was a big fan of her work, to put it mildly – and, like I said, after the party turned into an orgy we’d had a pretty great time.

Fiona pulled me into her apartment and shut the door behind me, pinning me to the wall and kissing me, with wild intensity, hurriedly unbuttoning my shirt.

“Hello to you too,” I said, when I got a chance.

She smiled. “Hi,” she said. “I guess we should probably wait until Beth gets here before we go any further.”

“Probably,” I said, giving her a little squeeze. My shirt was now unbuttoned but still on.

“You hungry?” she said, as if nothing had just happened. “I was thinking I might order some Thai. My treat.”

“I could eat, yeah,” I said.

She handed me a menu for a nearby restaurant. It all looked pretty good. “I’ll ask Beth what she wants,” she said, getting out her phone and sending a text. “So how did you two meet?”

I sat down, my erection from our kissing dwindling a little. Good. It would be back. “The party at Steve and Linda’s,” I said. “We, uh, we got along pretty well.”

“From what Beth tells me, that’s putting it mildly,” said Fiona, smiling wickedly.

“What can I say? I’m an easy guy to get along with,” I bragged.

Fiona put a hand on my lap, lightly grabbing my still somewhat erect package. “You sure are,” she said. “Beth will be here in a few minutes. She says we might as well get started.” I told her my order from the menu and she unzipped my pants with her long, delicate fingers, and started to gently wank my stiffening cock. I moved my hands up her chest, cupping her breasts, and she stuck her tongue down my throat.

“God, you’re pretty,” I said, as we came up for air. She chuckled, still working me with her hand.

“So how do you know Beth?” I slid a hand down her tummy, toward her cunt.

“We met on a plane,” she said. “Beth was a… oh, fuck…” she gasped as I stuck a finger into her. “She was a flight attendant. Told me she was a big fan of my work, and slipped me her hotel room number.”

“And what did you do in her hotel room?” I asked, wanting to hear her say it.

“We fucked,” she said, matter-of-factly. “That was about a year ago. She’s not a flight attendant anymore. I talked her into auditioning for the studio and she just moved here last month.” I kept moving that finger back and forth. “That’s nice. Keep doing that.”

“Wow, so she’s in porn too, now? I’m surprised I haven’t seen any of her stuff.”

“None of it’s out yet,” she said. “But we filmed a great scene together last week. That’s part of why I wasn’t at Steve and Linda’s. I was too sore. Wait til you see it.” She lowered her head and licked the tip on my penis, gently working her lips over me and sucking, more to taste and to tease than to really stimulate me. I sat back and enjoyed it, but not ten seconds later, there was a soft knock at the door. I would have been annoyed but I had a pretty good idea who it was.

Fiona grinned and stood up, tightening her robe a little in case there was anyone else in the hallway. She sashayed over to the door and opened it wide.

There was Beth, looking gorgeous as ever in a pair of tasteful brown houndstooth pants and a somewhat more audacious white blouse that she was practically spilling out from, a lacy white bra and an entire shelf of cleavage on full display. It was her all over, the perfect blend of dignified and provocative, ladylike and deeply, deeply sexual. “Good evening,” she said to Fiona, before enfolding her in a deep, passionate kiss. “You’ve been sucking dick,” she said, pulling back. Apparently she could taste me on Fiona’s breath.

“Sure have,” said Fiona, closing the door behind Beth.

“There he is!” squealed Beth, noticing me in the armchair where Fiona had sat me down.

“You two take a moment to catch up,” said Fiona. “I’m going to order dinner.” She disappeared into another room with her phone.

Beth walked illegal bahis toward me and I stood up to meet her. Her right hand moved down and grabbed my penis, and her left moved to the back of my head, pulling me in for a kiss as she gently fondled my dick. I moved a hand along her back, feeling her bra strap, and the other down to cup her round bum. “Boy knows what he likes,” she purred.

“I do like it. I think you like it too.”

“I do, and I’m frightfully sorry, but I’ve already promised my bum to Fiona today.” She pouted.

I knew Fiona was into anally dominating other women, from watching her videos, but seeing it in person was still a pretty exciting prospect. “That’s okay,” I said. “I never really got to know your cunt that well the other night.”

“That’s true! Maybe this is a good day for you to get acquainted,” she said. “And then maybe you can have Fiona’s bum.” By now I had more or less gotten her bra clasp unhooked behind her back, through the material of her blouse. A lot of guys on the internet make a big deal out of how hard those things are to undo but I don’t see what the fuss is about.

“Oh wow,” she said, “you’re just diving right in.” I pushed my face into her ample cleavage, lightly kissing her breasts. She giggled. “Oh, you’re a sweetie,” she said, and started unbuttoning her blouse. In a moment, it fell off her, her bra sliding down with it. She pushed me back down onto the chair and sat on my lap, straddling me, my erection awkwardly sticking up between her pants and my stomach. She grabbed the back of my head again and started grinding her sizable tits against me. I was all too happy to oblige her, and really went to town on those tits, squeezing her nipples, sucking, kissing, licking, as she cried out in pleasure. People forget what an erogenous zone a woman’s breasts are. I once gave a lady an orgasm entirely by working her breasts with my mouth and hands.

Beth pulled my face up to the level of her own and kissed me again, as aggressively as Fiona had done, her tongue as deep down my throat as I think she could get it. I moved my lips back a little and started to suck her tongue, and she groaned out in pleasure. I kept sucking, almost hard enough to hurt her, before we broke the kiss. “Missed me?” I asked.

“You have no idea,” she said. “You really rocked my socks the other night, cutie.” She moved off of me now, crouching at the foot of the chair, and took my penis in her hands. “Ah, my favourite new toy. May I suck your cock?” She didn’t wait for an answer. Her polite girl routine wasn’t just an act, but it belied her incredible sex drive, and she was already sucking my cock like her life depended on it, with incredible finesse and skill. Clearly, Beth had sucked more than her fair share of cock.

At the party, the brief blowjob she’d given was a quick, simple business, a fun way of getting my dick wet before it went up her butt. This was a real blowjob, a merciless attack on me, and I thrust upward to meet her lips.

Fiona slipped back into the room, shedding her robe as she walked, revealing her pale, freckly nakedness, her vagina, shaved except for a decorative fringe of coppery hair. She was behind Beth, now, who couldn’t see her from her angle and, I suppose, couldn’t hear her, and must not have realized she was back in the room until Fiona squatted behind Beth and reached around her to pinch her puffy, stiff nipples. She opened her hands now, massaging Beth’s ample breasts. Beth’s eyes drifted closed as she enjoyed the sensation, but Fiona’s eyes were locked onto mine. “Incredible, isn’t she? I wish I had tits like these.”

Beth took her mouth off me and tilted her head back. “I wish I had hair like yours,” she said to Fiona, and kissed her deeply. After a moment she seemed to remember I was there and started jacking me off with a free hand. Fiona and Beth kept making out, and one of Fiona’s hands migrated down from Beth’s tits and down the front of her trousers. Beth gave a squeal of pleasure as Fiona worked her clit, and then moved onto her knees, leaning forward and sucking my dick once again. Fiona took the hint and started to pull Beth’s pants down. I caught a glimpse of white boxer shorts with comical red hearts on them – funny, I figured her for something frilly and lacy like her lingerie the other night – before they, too, were pulled down around her knees. Without hesitating, Fiona dove into Beth’s ass. I couldn’t see it, but I could tell from the cries of pleasure Beth was giving voice to, even with my dick in her mouth. It was exactly like how she sounded the other night, when it was me eating her ass.

I couldn’t take it any more. The two women’s sheer hunger for other and for me was too much to bear, and I knew I couldn’t hold off an orgasm much longer. “I’m going to come,” I hissed to Beth. She pulled me out of her mouth and took me back in her hand, grinning up at me as she jacked me off and as Fiona ate her ass. She pointed me directly at her lovely breasts and I obliged, illegal bahis siteleri shooting a load of cum onto her tits. She pulled her ass away from Fiona and turned over, falling nimbly onto her back.

“My dear Miss Inverness, this dirty boy has made rather a mess of me,” she gasped. “Come clean me up.” Fiona smiled at me, and crawled over Beth’s body, moving her face to Beth’s big spermy tits, and began to lick her clean. She stuck two fingers – from Beth’s cunt, I imagined – into the blonde girl’s mouth, and Beth gleefully sucked up her own juices as Fiona kept licking my sperm off of her. It was a beautiful sight. I reclined in the chair, content in the knowledge that I’d be up again soon and ready to rejoin them.

Fiona stuck her fingers back down into Beth’s cunt, which was now so wet I could practically hear it flowing. Beth gave a high-pitched little scream and then a wistful sigh as Fiona withdrew, reaching her fingers out to me. I happily sucked them. It was the first time I had tasted Beth’s pussy juices, and I liked it.

“Let’s take this party to the bedroom,” said Fiona, once Beth’s chest was reasonably clean. She helped Beth up to her feet, and out of her pants and shorts – yep, little hearts – but Beth didn’t bother to remove her knee-high socks, which had cartoon penguins on them. Adorable. Everything about her was either adorable or unspeakably raunchy.

Fiona has a king-sized bed, and today it was made with dark green satin sheets. On the bedside table, a vibrator and butt plug, along with a half-full tube of lubricant, had been left out, perhaps from the night before. I looked at Fiona, perhaps expecting embarrassment, but she was brazen as always, still grinning at me.

Beth flopped down onto the bed, lying on her back, and beckoned to me. “Come eat my cunt,” she said. “And Fiona, you can sit on my face and I’ll eat your cunt.” I couldn’t say no to that. I moved down between Beth’s long smooth legs and lowered my face to her beautiful vagina, a well-trimmed little blonde vulva and some very long pink lips and a very prominent clit. I stuck three fingers into her and she screamed out in pleasure, and when I began to gently flick her excited clitoris with my tongue, her scream became a low, happy hum. I wet a few fingers on my other hand with her juice, and slid that index finger, very slowly, up her yielding asshole, working it in and out. When she started to get used to that, I stuck my middle finger in, too, savouring her springy tightness.

Fiona was now starting to really straddle Beth’s face, grinding her gingery twat onto Beth’s willing tongue, and Beth reached a hand down to the back of my head, tousling my hair again as she held me in place. I could feel a second wind starting to develop, certainly aided by the taste of Beth’s cunt, her tight anal grip on my fingers, and the outrageous eroticism of the display in front of me. The two hottest women I’d ever known, one eating out the other. Fiona, meanwhile, was squeezing her own breast with her right hand, while her left hand ran through Beth’s short blonde hair. Her breathing was rapid, tempestuous, and her eyes were screwed up shut.

We stayed in that position until both of them came, Fiona first and Beth not long after. I think what really pushed her over the edge was when I inserted my ring finger up her ass as well. I felt her juices flow freely across my face, in a little flood not quite on the level of the one from getting butt-fucked the other night, but still very hot. Beth gently pulled me up her body as Fiona slid off her, pulled me up to her face and kissed me deeply, savouring the taste of her own juices, sucking my tongue now. I could taste Fiona on her breath, and, a little more dimly, my own dick, but whatever. Like I said, with a girl this hot, you give and take.

Beth reached down and grabbed a hold of my now fully erect dick, moving down to give my balls that same saucy little squeeze she’d given me at the party. “Ready to fuck?” she asked, eyes shimmering with excitement. I nodded. “Turn over onto your back,” she whispered. “I want to ride you.” I was happy to oblige. I rolled over, Fiona next to me. Our host was still catching her breath after Beth’s expert tongue-lashing, and I could see she was still a little spaced out from the look in her eyes. I leaned in and gave her a peck on the cheek, and then another on her nipple.

Beth now moved to straddle my crotch, sliding my penis effortlessly into her very wet vagina. She gave an exultant little cry as I entered her, and slowly started to gyrate her hips on me. I lifted my head to kiss her again, and she reciprocated, sucking my tongue again. “You like tasting yourself on my lips?” I asked her.

“I do,” she answered, still bouncing on my lap, and not missing a beat. “Sometimes when I’m by myself, I like to just stick a finger in and taste myself. Tasting how wet I am gets me even wetter.” She started to speed up in her movement, rising higher off of me before moving canlı bahis siteleri back down, skewering her sopping wet cunt with my hard dick, and running her fingers through my hair. She must really like my hair.

Fiona now started to get up beside me, ready to rejoin the action. She reached into her bedside drawer and pulled out a long pink strap-on, and started to put it on, and I knew what was next. “Want to get DP-ed?” I whispered to Beth, and her eyes lit up.

“Ooooh, yes please!” she squeaked. Fiona reached down and cupped one of Beth’s buttocks, massaging it absent-mindedly as she opened up the bottle of lube. Beth was now as excited as I’ve ever seen a woman get. I thrust up to meet her, and she cried out, an orgasm starting. Fiona started to work the lube into Beth’s asshole, her fingers probing deep into her friend, so deep I could feel them through the wall separating her anus from her vagina. Fiona shot me a naughty look.

“It’s almost like I’m giving you a handjob,” she laughed. “Right up through Beth’s slutty little ass.”

“I’m not a slut,” said Beth, in mock offense. “I’m a very good girl.”

“A good girl who is about to get fucked up both her holes,” I remarked.

“A good girl who knows what she likes,” Beth sniffed. “You’re the slut,” she said to me. “I just called you my favourite new toy back there in the other room and you didn’t contradict meeeeeeeee…” The word turned into a scream as Fiona and I worked, and Beth’s orgasm came like an avalanche. I felt her come around me, her cunt spasming with intolerable pleasure. And just then, Fiona slid her strap-on up Beth’s ass. I could feel it through her. I had come once already so I figured I could keep it under control. On round two, I tend to last a lot longer. So Fiona and I started alternating our thrusts, one of us pushing in while the other pulled out, and Beth was caught in the middle of our unrelenting fucking of both her holes, riding from the crest of one orgasm right into the buildup to the next one.

“Is Fiona a slut?” I asked Beth, wanting to keep the dirty talk going, to keep her excited. She deserved to be spoiled.

“No, she’s a pervert,” Beth gasped, without missing a beat. “Putting that big nasty thing up other girl’s bottoms. It’s… oh, it’s so disgusting…”

“You let me,” said Fiona. “You love it. Are you a pervert, too?”

“I’m… I’m only human,” groaned Beth. Her cries were moving back into the low, guttural, obscene sounds she’d made while I was penetrating her anally the other night, and I knew we were on the right track.

“Isn’t she great?” Fiona asked me.

“Incredible. You’ve brought us back a real treasure, Fiona.” Tears of pleasure were streaming down Beth’s face, mingling with her sweat to ruin her carefully applied eyeliner. Finally she gave an almighty groan and I felt the flood around my dick once again, if anything even greater than the other night. Beth’s gyrations on me stopped as her every muscle went limp, and she collapsed utterly onto me, her groan still trailing out of her lungs. But Fiona wasn’t done, and from the look on her face, was desperately close to a towering orgasm of her own. I knew this was a personal kink of hers, fucking other girls in the ass, and I knew she could make herself come from it. She kept going, a little slower perhaps, but carefully, breathlessly, methodically, continuing to sodomize Beth with the strap-on.

Beth had caught her breath by now and although she’d more or less collapsed over me, she now started to push up off of me. She winked at me and then jerked her head back, as if to gesture at Fiona, and I realized what she was suggesting. With her help, I pulled out from under her, and she gave my still-hard dick one little parting lick, savouring her own taste on me. I stepped off the bed and took the tube of KY and squirted a blob onto Fiona’s asshole.

“Oh, you are a slut,” Fiona hissed at me, as I slowly pushed the lubricant up her asshole with my middle finger, working it back and forth into her. “One girl isn’t enough for you?”

“Do you want me to stop?” I asked, mostly facetiously, as I kept working the lube in.

“Fuck no,” she said. “Fuck that asshole, dirty boy.”

I roughly pulled my fingers out, and she gasped at their sudden absence, and then I hurriedly lined myself up with her hole, straddling her tight little body. She was about to pop, I could tell, and I didn’t think I was far off myself. I pushed in, enjoying Fiona’s pretty ass for the first time. It wasn’t as big or as round as Beth’s, but a small, pert little bum is a fine thing.

Fiona screamed out in pleasure as I drilled into her, and Beth continued to moan as the strap-on – perhaps driven in further by my thrusts up into Fiona – kept pushing deeper and deeper into her.

“He’s such a good toy, isn’t he?” Beth asked Fiona.

“The best,” gasped Fiona. “An amazing slut.” And then she screamed out her orgasm. After a moment, Beth let out another, almost exasperated moan. Had she really come again? Fucked to a fourth orgasm of the evening?

The thought pushed me over the edge, and we all collapsed like dominoes as I shot my load up into Fiona’s bowels. “Mmmmm,” she sighed, coming down from pure bliss.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32