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It was Monday, the second day of the month. I was already a day late on the rent and due to an unexpected car repair I wasn’t going to have the money until payday on Friday.

I knocked on the apartment manager’s door to explain.

“Come in.” She was a hard-faced heavy boned brunette in a swivel chair behind a big cluttered desk. I presented my dilemma. “Thirty bucks for every day late,” she growled.

“I can’t swing it with the late penalty,” I answered regretfully.

She slowly eyed me up and down. “Management let’s me grant a week’s extension in cases I deem hardship.”

“That’d be wonderful…”

“I haven’t granted it yet and you may change your mind about wanting an extension.”

“No! I need it. I….”

“Lock the door ‘n’ c’mere,” she swiveled her chair to the side and pointed to the space in front of her. “Here!”

I obeyed and stood as if at attention before the brown eyes evaluating me from her full face. “Strip,” she ordered firmly.

“No, I just want….”

“Request denied! G’bye.”

I illegal bahis paused, weighing my options. I had no options. Slowly I complied. I stood before her clothed only with a very red face. She snorted in disappointment as she lifted my shy penis with her fingers. She rocked her weight forward onto the balls of her feet and lifted her dress to her waist before settling back into her chair and spreading her knees to reveal a crotch covered with shiny black pubic hair split at the center by her slit.

“Now, lick it,” she commanded softly.

I hesitated before dropping to my knees. Leaning forward, I inhaled and was relieved to smell a feminine, flowery scent. I noticed that she looked clean before I closed my eyes and tentatively began licking her hairy outer lips. She squirmed her butt closer to the edge of the chair and widened her knees. My reluctance dissipated as her moans of approval encouraged me. My hands found her fleshy knees and my tongue found her moistening center. I probed her opening and dragged my flattened tongue to her clit. illegal bahis siteleri Her fingers entwined in my hair and steered my face to repeat the process again and again. We were both relishing my efforts attested to by her guttural sighs and rocking hips. I became aware that my cock was now throbbing. She guided my head to indicate that I should focus on her clit with my tongue. I took the initiative to insert a finger into her as I alternated pressure with my tongue and suction with my lips. She came like a freight train but I couldn’t hear it because her hands were pulling my head into her pussy as her meaty thighs sandwiched my ears.

She gradually released her grip on me. I noticed that it was now her face that was flushed. She stood to her feet and swept one side of her desk free of clutter. She lifted the loose dress over her head and reached behind to free bountiful breasts with areola the size of coffee cups that pointed at my feet. As I stood, she hoisted herself onto the desk. She leaned back and splayed her thighs. “Do it,” she canlı bahis siteleri whispered lustily. When I approached close enough, she gripped my cock and guided it to its target. I was bombarded with the sensations of wet, slippery, snug, and hot simultaneously. I began thrusting slowly relishing the sensations. She moved with me. I bent forward at the waist, continuing to plumb her depths. I gathered her heavy tits in my hands and suckled her rubbery nipples. Her eyes were clenched shut in concentration. My balls were smacking her plump ass in time with the squishy noises produced by our coupling. I became aware of my impending climax. I could feel the eruption building somewhere behind my balls. She was grunting with each thrust. I felt her fingers digging into my back. She was grinding her pubic bone into me at each downward thrust. Then I felt the walls of her pussy clench, release, clench and release. I emptied myself into her. Over and over my body spasmed shots of semen.

I became aware of my ragged breathing and realized I was covered in sweat. Her eyes were still closed but were relaxed, no longer clenched. Her face seemed serene and satisfied. I bent and kissed her lips softly.

She whispered something I couldn’t quite hear.

“What was that?”

“Extension granted.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32