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Authors note:

This will probably be the final chapter in Laura’s saga for now. I started this story to get the idea out of my head and onto paper and I feel that the quality went a little down with pt. 3. I hope this final (for now) chapter will be better and more what the readers are looking for.


It had been six months since Laura was first taken away from her old life and turned into a pet, sexual plaything, and body modification canvas. Of course, she had agreed to all of this. She had been tired of always fending for herself and wanted a change. That, coupled with her intense jealousy of any modified person she saw on the street, led her to the initial ad she found deep on the internet. She and her owners spent months conversing back and forth, each verifying that the other was for real and wouldn’t back out of their agreement, as well as forming the agreement that would be the basis for their arrangement. Laura had agreed to whatever modifications her artists wanted to make as long as she wouldn’t be permanently disabled by them. The one exception to this was her voice. It had been her idea that a true pet shouldn’t be able to speak, and the group that she had been communicating with went to great lengths to find a reversible way to make their pet’s dreams come true; they wanted to make sure that she could communicate effectively if an emergency arose.

Laura knew that her transformation was nearing completion, and she couldn’t wait to be the perfect pet that she had promised to be all those months ago. Today was to be the day she was finally allowed a look in a mirror. She knew some of what had been done to her, as she could see most of the work on the front of her body. But she had not been allowed to see her face in her time here, nor could she see her back, so the pet did not fully know what to expect. She anxiously awaited being let out of her crate to do her business and get fed before the big reveal. Her internal clock had done a good job of adjusting to the daily routine, and the pet found herself waking up daily only a short while before she was to be let out of her crate. Her owners had promised that once she was healed and trained properly, she would be allowed to sleep at the foot of their beds, if the owners so chose, and that promise was yet one more reason Laura was having trouble containing her excitement today. While she had come to love her crate and the playroom around it, she wished for a bed to stretch out on and a warm body to snuggle up to, and to be able to explore the rest of the house and property she had yet to see. She was even promised some excursions out into the real world if she behaved well enough.

Before long the pet heard the keypad and the steel door that signaled her morning release. Master Dan entered and unlatched her crate. Laura crawled out and headed straight for the door outside. She had not walked upright since she had been in her new owners’ possession and wasn’t sure that her muscles would allow her to anymore if she tried. She made her way outside, found her favorite spot, and quickly squatted to relieve herself. Upon finishing she shoveled dirt over her pile with her hands, having learned the mannerisms of a good pet in her first month on the property. She excitedly returned to Master Dan and he let her back into the house. Her tattoos and piercings had all healed, so there was no more aftercare to do, and she was able to quickly scarf down her breakfast which consisted of a special dog food substitute designed by her owners that was human safe. She licked the bowl completely clean and then sat in her prescribed position of waiting with her hands resting, palm up on her knees.

Laura’s group of owners slowly trickled into the playroom as a large mirror was wheeled in, covered in a sheet. As the rest of the group had their phones out to film, Master Dan removed the sheet and Laura proceeded to gasp as tears of joy streamed down her face. The tail that had been attached to the implant at her tailbone began to wag back and forth as she took in her new self, and she resisted the urge to go up to each of her owners and give them a big doggie kiss, she did not want to risk being punished before dikmen escort she could even see her entire new self.

In front of Laura sat a tattooed goddess that she barely was able to recognize, the only thing that remained the same were the rosy cheeks and the stunning blue eyes. Her head was now permanently bald thanks to the treatments she had been given, and her scalp sported a large tattoo that resembled a pool of pearly cum wit the words “aim here” in the middle. Early on her captors had learned that pissing and cumming on the pet’s head caused an intense sexual reaction in her, and they made sure that this most prominent piece payed homage to their discovery. On either side of her scalp were threaded implants that could hold a variety of interchangeable ears, and even horns, depending on what mood the pet or her owners were in. Laura’s eyebrows had been replaced with intricate tribal swirls, and sported three piercings each. The ring through her septum hung large and heavy, touching below her pierced bottom lip. She stuck out her tongue and surveyed its forked appearance. The large center piercing had been stretched and then turned into a split over the months of her captivity.

The two halves of her tongue now sported their own piercings that had once made up the original triangle she had been given on her first day. She turned her head side to side and surveyed the heavily pierced, surgically pointed ears that she now sported, giving her an elf-like appearance. The pet’s throat was tattooed with a paisley collar over the floral design that extended down to her chest. Within the flowers on her chest was a design of particular purple flowers that, when looked at properly, spelled out the word “slut.” Each nipple had been made a bright orange flower with a large gauge seamless ring running horizontally and a smaller gauge barbell running vertically behind the ring. The graffiti design running from her sternum down to her pubic region had been colored in, and her labia and hood rings shone in the bright light of the room. Her arms and legs were filled with erotic scenes and pin-ups in compromising positions.

A handheld mirror was handed to Laura as she turned around to survey her back. A huge back piece had been completed of a graveyard scene and buxom zombies in various states of decay and undress. Her ass had been tattooed with “own” on one cheek and “me” on the other. Even her stretched asshole sported a bright blue star around it. The tail she wagged earlier was screwed into an implant, much like the ones on her head, that sat a the base of her tailbone. She had quite a collection of tails, matching her collection of ears and horns, to be screwed into the implant. The only skin left that had not been tattooed was some of her face, the palms of her hands and the bottom of her feet. She loved each modification more than the next, but by far her favorite was the injection she was given that paralyzed her vocal chords so that she could only whimper, bark, and growl like a real pet. She knew that the effects were reversible, but her owners agreed that they would only do so in a dire emergency where she would need to be able to communicate effectively without writing.

The pet wanted to thank her masters in a special way and crawled over to her ear and tail collection. She removed the husky-like dog ears and tail she currently had in and replaced the tail with a shorter, corkscrewed pig’s tail, and screwed the matching ears into her head. The owners knew that this meant she wanted to be used and degraded like a true pig, covered in piss, spit, cum, and fucked in every way possible. Laura crawled back to them and took her rightful place at their feet. The group standing over her smiled to each other at the success of their project and proceeded to disrobe. Laura began to drip and salivate as she saw the tattooed and pierced bodies that had provided her with so much anal pleasure over the last six months. She could not wait to finally be able to use her mouth and pussy again in her quest to further pleasure her masters and mistresses, and they in turn could not wait to finally make use of the two healed holes.

Master Dan, elvankent escort as usual, was the first to call the pet over to him. Attaching a leash to her septum ring, he pulled her in and pressed his pierced cock head to her lips. Laura opened wide and proceeded to wrap her split tongue around his tip as she felt the warmth of the first stream of piss from Master Tom hit the tattoo on her skull. Tom’s stream was soon joined by two others belonging to the twin masters, Phil and Rob. Meanwhile, Mistresses Robyn and Samantha were locked in each other’s embrace on top of the table that had been the platform for all of the pet’s modifications.

Laura took Master Dan’s tool deeper into her mouth as she moaned around his girth. Dan kept a steady pressure on the leash attached to her septum as he helped to pull his cock into the pig’s throat. Tears welled up in the pet’s eyes as her lips came to rest against the base of the studded member in her throat. Dan then took hold of the sides of Laura’s head and began to slowly piston in and out of her face while her forked tongue massaged along the underside of his shaft. Laura felt the streams of piss on her head slow and whimpered a bit as hands grabbed her around the waist and brought her ass higher into the air. She didn’t miss a step and kept Dan’s cock deep in her throat as Master Tom slid under her and positioned the cross-pierced head of his cock at the entrance to her heavily pierced pussy.

Tom had won the right to be the first to attempt to breed the pet, he hoped by being the first, his seed would be the one to fertilize her eggs. However by the end of the day, he knew that three other men’s cum would be joining his in the fight. Tom didn’t let this bother him as he pulled Laura’s hips to him, impaling her onto his cock. She let out a loud moan around the cock in her throat, this was the first time she had been vaginally penetrated since well before she came into her owners’ possession and she was able to feel everything with more sensation than she could ever remember. Tom let his cock rest deep within the pet for a brief moment while Master Phil, who had just won a game of rocks-paper-scissors against his brother, took his position at the pet’s ass and pressed his own member inside.

Laura moaned even harder as she was filled in all three holes. She had only ever had sex a handful of times before she was taken, and had never had more than one partner at a time during those encounters. As the cocks in her pussy and ass began to move in and out of her, she felt the familiar rumbling deep inside her of a pending orgasm. Over the last six months, she had learned to control orgasms produced through anal play or nipple stimulation, but the combined sensations of the three cocks in her body was too much for her to handle. As all three masters sawed into her at the same time, her entire body began to shake, and she soaked Master Tom, who lay underneath her, with her cum. Master Rob, being the only person in the room not occupied at that moment walked over to the chalkboard and marked a large tally. He was sure that more would be added before the end of the day.

Rob turned around from the chalkboard to find Robyn and Samantha cornering him against the wall. As much fun as they had been having together, they yearned to share in all of the cock going around. The mistresses dragged their prey to the table as the guttural moans of the foursome on the floor filled the room. Robyn and Samantha pushed Master Rob onto the table and then proceeded to climb on top of him. Robyn mounted his hard, silicone ribbed, cock; while Samantha positioned her pierced pussy over his mouth. The mistresses both tossed their heads back and added to the chorus of moans in the room as Rob’s tongue and cock went to work.

Laura wasn’t able to see the three owners on the table to her right, but was curious as to the source of the additional moans. She quickened the pace of her tongue swirling around Master Dan’s cock, hoping to bring about his orgasm and allow her to satisfy her curiosity. Dan, being close to his climax, couldn’t hold on with the new assault from the forked tongue of his pet and slid his cock emek escort deep into her throat once more as he began to pump her stomach full of his cum. The pet slowly slid Dan’s cock from her mouth as he released his grip on her head. She was able to look over and see three of her owners going at it on the table, which brought a huge grin to her face. Her only want was to see her Masters and Mistresses pleased, and she was overjoyed to see them in pleasure even when she wasn’t the direct source.

Laura’s focus turned to the cocks going in and out of her lower holes. Master Tom and Master Phil were able to feel the modified undersides of each other’s cocks through the thin wall separating the pet’s ass and pussy and were being driven wild by the extra stimulation. Tom reached up and grabbed a hand-full of the pet’s flowered and pierced tits as he rammed himself deep into her womb and shot his load. Phil was able to hold on a bit longer, but, being able to feel the pulsations of his fellow owner’s cock inside their shared pet, he too drove himself deep inside of her as his cock dumped his seed. The dual pulsations, coupled with the pressure on her tits, caused Laura to unexpectedly launch into her second unauthorized orgasm of the day. Dan marked the board appropriately.

As the two cocks now began to deflate and were pulled out of the pet’s holes, Laura found herself being lifted up and soon took Rob’s place on the table. Samantha now lowered herself over the Pet’s mouth as Rob had Robyn bent over the table and was fucking her hard from behind. Robyn was able to bend low enough to take one of the pet’s pierced nipples into her mouth and was clashing her tongue piercings against the nipple ring. As Laura was lost in concentrating on eating her first pussy with a split tongue, the three masters who had just spent their loads inside of her, moved into position and strapped her to the table once again. She was unable to move her head to see what was happening as Samantha’s thighs had a lock on her head. She continued her assault on the clit of her Mistress as she felt the first lash of the whip across her thighs, followed by another across her ribs.

The pet had been warned that once she was healed, her expectations would be greatly increased; and along with those raised expectations came harsher punishments for failure. She yelped as the tail of the leather whip dug into her tattooed flesh. The pet was unable to scream due to the modification to her vocal chords, and was equally unable to move due to the restraints that held her to the table. Laura knew that she was to continue using her tongue to please her mistress, or she may face a worse punishment. Mistress Samantha did not complain as the pet’s efforts on her clit doubled. Samantha could feel the pet shudder with each blow of the whip. She gushed all over the pets face as the final of the ten blows was dealt to the graffiti that adorned the pet’s sternum and stomach. As Samantha screamed out in orgasm, Robyn also hit her climax and released the pet’s nipple from her mouth. Rob pulled his cock from Robyn’s dripping pussy and quickly unstrapped the pet’s legs and drove his tool into her pussy. It did not take long for him to reach his climax from the combined pleasure of Robyn and the pet’s pierced pussies, as his cum joined Master Tom’s deep in Laura’s fertile womb.

The rest of Laura was unstrapped from the table and she quickly took her position of subservience at her owners’ feet. She hung her head, partially in shame for disappointing them on her first full day as their pet, but also so they could not see the tears that formed in her eyes from the stinging in her ribs and thighs. As they were all spent for now, Master Dan took a hold of the leash leading to Laura’s septum and lead her to the shower to clean up her lashes. The owners cleaned themselves up and re-dressed and went about cleaning up the play-space. They would be back down here after lunch to allow the breeding of their plaything to continue. Laura’s frown disappeared as she was lead upstairs and found her bowls in the kitchen, she was now a full pet and allowed to be around her owners as they ate. She hoped that the breeding would work and she could be everything to her Masters and Mistresses that she had promised to be all those months ago. She knew that she still had much to learn, but also knew that today was truly the first day of the rest of her life.

Needless to say, Laura the canvas had never been happier.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32