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Susan stretched out on the couch, put her book to the side, and flexed her toes. She admired the taunt muscles of her legs and realized for the first time that the happiness of her new life was beginning to assert itself. She watched the snow filter down through the pines outside the window of her home. Her self-image was healthy and her confidence was found anew. Even the exercise she had been getting had become more refreshing than tasking.

The funk of her previous sorrows was slowly washing away. It was wonderful to finally have her home to herself. Her husband would be away for at least two weeks on business, and she decided to enjoy every moment of her freedom. She felt like she had her life back again and it was invigorating. In another hour she would be able to enjoy the best addition to her home, a brand new hot tub. He had said that he didn’t care what she bought. It was only fair since he dropped a bunch of cash on a new dish/DVD television system—yet something else to ignore her with. To make for an even more enjoyable afternoon, her new love interest would be spending the afternoon with her and had promised to cook.

Susan stretched again, enjoying the lazy afternoon. She lifted from her couch and ignited the gas fireplace. She went over to her stereo and smiled as her fingers selected her new favorite CD. Stan, her newest lover, had bought it for her as a gift. The smooth jazz tones filled her soul with relaxing warmth. Another long stretch and she headed back for her couch. She debated whether or not to change clothes. She rather liked the way the jersey tunic complemented her olive complexion, dark curls, and brown eyes. The fact that she could dress comfortably around Stan was just one of the many things she liked about her new beau. She smiled and picked her book back up. She reclined on the sofa enjoying the anticipation that was buzzing around her this afternoon.

Stan returned from the store to see that spa delivery truck was gone, and smiled to himself. He had been looking forward to this afternoon for quite sometime. In a few more hours he would be sliding into the warm hot tub with his new lover, Susan. His mind reeled with the anticipation of making love to her. While they had not yet spoke the promise, it had been in their eyes the last few dates they had. They both knew that tonight would be their first “real” night together. Stan sat in the driveway and calmed his nerves. He wanted everything to go well. He wanted this romantic evening to be perfect for the two of them. He opened the door and gathered the grocery bags from his car and proceeded up the walk to her condo. He saw Susan in the living room relaxing.

He smiled when he heard the vibration of the smooth jazz CD he had given her last week emanating from her stereo. He took a moment to admire how peaceful she seemed reclining on the couch and reading. Her legs were stretched out and crossed at the ankles, and he murmured a prayer of thanks for the lovely woman he had met as he admired the long sleek grace of her limbs. Susan was moving her foot to the music, and the slight bounce caused her thigh muscles to ripple underneath the button-down baseball jersey she was wearing. Stan rang the door bell. The music switched off abruptly and he could hear her naked feet pad softly, but quickly across the wooden floor of the foyer.

“Who is it?”


He could almost hear her smile in the long pause from behind the door.

“Can I come in? He joked after several moments. Was that a giggle he heard as she finally opened the door?

“Sure,” she said pertly as she swung open the door. The motion caused her to lift slightly and the jersey sailed up over her hips revealing her hidden treasures. He never doubted that she was a sexy, hot-blooded Italian, but the sight of her trimmed, yet dark pubis swirled over her olive skin made him swallow in anticipation. She blushed, forgetting that she didn’t have anything on underneath. Stan politely looked the other direction as she pulled the long shirt back down. Her eyes slipped down with embarrassment.

“Sorry–I uhhmm–gee that was dumb of me.”

“That’s quite all right. I can’t think of a better way to be greeted.” He smiled to disarm the awkwardness as they stood in the foyer. For the first time he realized she was almost as tall as him and it sent a thrill through his entire body. He could almost feel those legs wrapping around him. So far, they had only been able to grab quick lust in the backseat of a car, tonight they would be exquisite together. Stan shrugged his arms which were full of groceries as he slipped passed her. Susan’s eyes rose to meet his, but lingered at the slight bulge in his pants. She shut the door and followed him into the kitchen and helped him unload the bags in his arms.

“Lasagna?” Susan asked as she pulled the loaf of French bread and red wine from the shopping bag.

“As promised, my specialty!” Stan bowed playfully as he finished removing the fresh spices and tomatoes from the sack. “That’s why I am early. Sorry to surprise you. But I realized that it would take a little longer since the illegal bahis sauce is from scratch. I didn’t have any base left over in my freezer from the last batch.”

“That’s okay, I was going nuts trying to amuse myself anyway. I mean the cute spa technician finished the installation early so I didn’t have anyone else to flirt with. . .” she teased.

“Flirt away.” Stan smiled as he began to arrange things and get accustomed to her kitchen.

“I have to admit, I thought you were all talk when you said you could cook. I expected you to show up with frozen lasagna. This is such a treat. So where did you learn to cook?” Susan asked curiously as she reached above her head for the wine sleeve. Her firm buttocks wiggled as she pulled the sleeve from the shelf.

“My soon to be ex-wife is all thumbs in the kitchen—and in other places,” he giggled as he pointed at her lack of bashfulness.

“Ooops–I’m sorry.” Susan whispered devilishly, implying that she really wasn’t.

“No need to apologize,” Stan said as he began browning the meat and slicing tomatoes.

Susan smiled and moved from around the counter and sat at the table careful not to flash Stan, but overacting with a demure smile.

“Are you hungry? I’ve picked up some salad that we could eat while we are waiting for the lasagna to bake,” Stan offered as he finished layering the pasta, meat, and cheese. He began to saute’ the tomatoes and garlic, preparing fresh base. “I hope you don’t mind, but it will take a while to bake.”

“I’m pretty hungry,” Susan said, the double meaning in her voice was not very subtle.

“I hope I can fill your appetite.”

“I don’t think there will be any problem there.” Susan mused as she sneaked another glance at the bulge in his khakis.

“Do you happen to have oregano. I need just a pinch more than I brought.”

Stan saw where attention was fixed and blushed. He wasn’t used to a woman being so bold and aggressive. He decided he liked it. It thrilled him to be the prey for a change.

Susan stood and opened one of the cabinets and handed him the spice bottle. Her fingers brushed the inside of his wrist and he nearly jumped out his skin. Her touch was electric. Things were moving faster than he expected. She moved away and leaned against the counter. He was intoxicated by her simple beauty. Her brown eyes seemed to peer into his soul from beneath her lovely brown hair. Susan sighed, as she return his look of deep longing. They stood there and melted in the mutual gaze. Susan cleared her throat and turned to sit back down. Her mind reeled. Part of her wanted him to throw the things from the table, lay her down on it, and mount her with reckless abandon.

Susan’s breathing quickened and her breasts swelled beneath the jersey. Stan’s eyes gazed at them and she caught his admiration. She let him look and even seemed to turn in her chair slightly and brushed one hand through her dark hair to give him a better look at her waiting beauty. Something silently passed between them in that quiet moment. Her brown eyes locked with his briefly. They could sense the tingle of the electric spells passing between them. Each was waiting for the other to make the first move, but both delighted in the delicious delaying of gratification, not wanting to be the first to give in. It was a playful yet serious game, and they reveled in the sensation.

“Your special recipe smells wonderful. Not even my mom used home-made sauce,” Susan pointed toward the oven, thus breaking the spell.

“Mhmmm, wait until you taste my special four-cheese garlic bread, There are times when I can eat just that with a chilled glass of Lambrusco. We can have some wine–your mom won’t mind if you have a glass of wine with dinner will she?”

“Well, she said I should never drink wine on a date. . .but she didn’t say anything about drinking wine before fucking.” Susan shot him a impish glance that heated his loins.

Stan cleared his throat and opened the bag holding the bread and began cutting cheese and mixing garlic and butter. Susan stared at his strong hands and nimble fingers and sighed deeply wishing they were roaming over her body instead of working the bread. She reached out to grab his wrist.

“Can I lick the knife?”

“Damn!” Stan blurted as her touch surprised him and the knife cut into his thumb.

Susan grabbed his wrist to see how bad it was. Several large drops of blood had dripped onto the counter. She placed his thumb in her mouth without thinking and sucked the blood away so she could see how bad the cut was. Blood beaded back up immediately and she pushed his thumb between her soft pink lips and sucked it gently. She was standing unbearably close to him. She pulled the thumb out and wrapped it in a paper towel and led him into the bathroom.

“It’s not too bad–just a scratch. It’ll stop bleeding as soon as we get a bandage on it.” Susan reassured him as she opened the medicine cabinet. She ignored the fact that his erection had formed a tent in his trousers and was brushing against her thigh. She opened a bandage and began to dress his wound.

“Stan, illegal bahis siteleri can I ask you a question?”

“Sure, you have me in a very vulnerable position.”

“What’s cuntyminglus?”

Stan jerked and his thumb started to bleed again.

“I think you mean cunnilingus, Susan. Where did you hear that term?”

“I read it in one of your stories.”

“It’s something that would be easier to show you, than explain dryly in lecture form. Remember, when I told you about that velvet butterfly technique, well that is part of it.” Stan replied trying not to lose his composure. His cock twitched in his pants. Susan went back to sucking on his thumb and watched him intently with saucer-like brown eyes. Neither one of them thought to use the bathroom sink. Susan’s pink tongue licked his wound and she bandaged the cut.

Stan went back to the kitchen and poured himself a glass of wine. He drank it quickly to wet his dry nervous throat. Why was he suddenly losing his cool with her? True, it would be the first woman he had been with since divorcing his wife of ten years, but before that he was vastly experienced and was a best-selling romance novelist. Right now however, he felt like a young teenage boy full of angst. He wanted desperately to fuck her–and he suspected that she was just a little horny for him too, but he didn’t want to move too quickly. He was inexplicably wary of messing things up. Stan poured another glass and drained it. He whirled when he felt Susan’s arms wrap around him from behind. He brushed her arms away casually and smiled at her.

“Are you trying to injure me again?” Stan asked playfully as he went back over to the counter and spread the slices of cheese onto the bread.

“Why? Do you want to play doctor?” Susan flirted back.

“I think I am ready for a soak in the hot tub. Do you think it is ready yet?”

“I am sure we can heat it up, if the temperature is still too cool.” Susan flashed him another wicked grin.

He finished the bread and left it ready to go into the oven. The timer indicated fifty-five minutes until the lasagna would be done. Susan helped herself to the wine as Stan covered the bread and turned down the oven. She licked a few drops that had spilled over the edge of her glass. Her tongue rolled slowly along the rim of the glass as she gazed up at Stan suggestively with wide brown eyes. Stan was bewitched by her little trick. His cock seemed to be ripping out of his pants as she licked the glass a few more times and glanced at him. Stan moved away from the counter and made a quick exit to the bathroom to switch into his bathing suit. He needed the hot tub right now. The effect she was having on him was nothing short of enormous. He had not had an erection of such girth and hardness in years. Only the hot tub could cover the massive thing. He felt like a teenager who was called up to the blackboard after being caught daydreaming. His erection was throbbing to the point of pain. Maybe if he soaked in the tub, he could ease things. At this state he was afraid he would cum at her first touch, and he wanted their first time together to last longer than it took to pop a bag of popcorn in a microwave. Just as he was about to shut the bathroom door, he saw that she had followed after him.

“Can you be more specific?” Susan asked playfully.

“About?” Stan said quickly trying to change clothes before she reached the doorway. His cock wouldn’t fit inside his briefs, it was now visibly throbbing and even more erect, so he threw them back off and grabbed a towel from the shelf.

“Exactly what the velvet butterfly does. I mean I know it is a type of oral sex, but it just amazes me that there is a technique that can do what you describe for a woman.” She said leaning into the room before Stan could cover himself with a towel. She stared hungrily at his prick and walked into the room.



“It’s not something I can describe to you, Susan.”

“Why, because you think I’m too naive?” Susan teased as she toyed with the top button of the oversized jersey. It came undone and her fingers slipped to the next button.

“No, because your too dammed beautiful and. . .I really need to soak in the hot tub.” Stan quickly explained.

“Your not losing your nerve are you?”

“Susan, I. . .”

“Yes?” She smiled at him demurely and unfastened another jersey button.

“I just don’t want you to think. . .”

“What? That you are a normal red-blooded American male. We’ve waited long enough. I am tired of waiting.” Susan retorted as two more of the jersey buttons slipped open revealing a great deal of her breasts. Stan drank in her beauty. He was as intoxicated by her creamy skin as he was from the sweet Lambrusco. He felt the towel nearly come undone as his erection threatened to push up from underneath the terry cloth fabric. Susan took another step closer and he turned slipped past her. He went back to the kitchen and slid out the patio door off the kitchen and glided down the steps to the hot tub. He unfastened the towel, slid quickly under the water, and turned canlı bahis siteleri the jets on. The hot water washed over his body promising relaxation. It was a magnificent hot tub. Susan came out onto the deck from the kitchen carrying a tray of cheese, grapes, and another bottle of wine and two glasses. She flashed him a devilish smile as she padded over to the tub and set the refreshments down.

“Mind if I join you?” Susan asked not waiting for a reply as she shrugged out of her jersey. She let him gaze at her nude body in the moonlight before sliding into the swirling water. Her breasts jutted out of the splashing waves as she moved closer to him. Stan closed his eyes and gave into the moment. Susan reached out and stoked his hairy muscular chest with great curiosity. Her hands snaked downward and wrapped around his cock. Stan eased out of the water and sat on the edge of the tub. Susan smiled at him and moved between his legs.

Her mouth was even hotter than the water as it slowly swirled down his length. She blew softly as she descended and then her lips wrapped tightly around the base as she swallowed him whole. Her lips tugged and her cheeks flared as she sucked hard on the upstroke. Stan opened his eyes and stared down at her dark curls that shook as her head bobbed methodically. He nearly swooned at the sensation of his first blow-job in nearly six years. Her mouth was skilled and experienced. She soon began to speed up, and her mouth began making small gurgling noises as she fucked him orally. His pent up desire began to pound in his loins and he reached down to warn her. Her brown eyes flashed up at him as she pushed his warning hands away. She continued to suck him harder and faster.

Susan’s throat expanded and the tip of his cock brushed against her gullet. She didn’t gag or even cough–just sucked and sucked until his mind reeled. Susan reached for his balls with her fingers and rolled them gently into her mouth with his huge cock. She looked like a sexy chipmunk–her jaws stuffed full of manhood. Stan couldn’t last any longer and started shooting off in her mouth. Susan backed her mouth up and stopped with the knob just inside her flexing lips. She used his cock like a big fleshy straw to drink his salty milkshake right out of his balls. Stan began to spurt in tremendous spasms.

Susan continued to cover Stan’s cock with small kisses and licked it slowly back to an erection before it could ever deflate. She pulled him into the tub and he surprised her by giving her a long passionate kiss on her lips still milky with his cumm. He kissed her expertly and began to gently caress her lovely breasts.

“You don’t no how much I needed that,” Stan informed her as he pulled away from a deep french kiss to nuzzle her breasts. His fingers found her soft netherlips and began to stroke her clitoris. Susan leaned back and moaned as he continued to stroke her pussy. Susan tried to swing into his lap but he pushed her away. He reached for one of the lounge chair cushions and arranged it next to the tub. He lifted her out of the water and set her gently on the cushion. He pulled the cushion over the edge and spread Susan’s thighs with strong gentle hands. Stan lifted her legs slightly and softly kissed the arch of her foot. His lips then made a slow path toward her inner thighs covering her long, shapely legs with tender kisses. His nose brushed her pubis as he switched legs and teased her with his tongue, lips and teeth.

Susan breathed heavily and her body shuddered with each kiss. Stan once again descended down to her thatch, this time letting his tongue dart inside her pussy. His hands gently opened her labia as Stan sank his tongue deeper inside her writhing body. He made slow figure eights with his experienced tongue, stopping only long enough to cover her twat with his entire mouth and drink deeply of her sweet juices.

He replaced his twirling tongue with his middle finger. He hooked it deep inside her and began to tease her G-spot very slowly. She writhed on the cushion and he dipped down and took her clitoris between his lips. He sucked on it gently as he continued to hook his finger back and forth deep inside her.

“Uhhhhmmmm. . . Ohhhh. . .aohhhhh. . . please don’t stop,” Susan breathed heavily as Stan playfully pulled away from her moist lips.

“So you like cuntyminglus?” Stan teased as he worked his tongue back into her creamy pussy.

“Yesssssss!” A sharply whispered reply escaped through Susan’s tightly clenched lips. She whistled as she breathed through her clamped teeth.

Stan dipped his chin down inside her cunt and covered her blossoming clitoris with kisses.

“Ohhhhhhh. . .uhhhhmmmm. . .ahhhh. . .ahh. . .ahhohh–ahhhh!” Susan cried out as her body became caught in the throes of a massive orgasm.

Stan stepped up in the tub and spread her shuddering thighs. Her pussy was wide open and dripping. Stan slid his cock deep inside her before another spasm came. His cock was gripped in a velvet glove of wet flesh. He tried to move in and out of her, but her pelvic muscles clamped his tool tightly. Stan pushed his thumb gently to her dark-haired pubis and massaged it until she loosened and relaxed. Susan lay back on the cushion and gazed up at him as he slowly pumped inside her. She tried to thrust back at him with her hips and he used his hands to slow her down.

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