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I feel very sexy laying here on the bed. I’ve been waiting for you to show up. I’m wearing that sexy red satin teddy with the white stockings, the one you liked in the photos I posted. It was such a relief to know that even though, you had recognized me on the website; you wouldn’t say anything to anyone we knew.

You walk over towards me, and offer your hand so I can stand up. It’s warm and bit sweaty. We just sort of stand there gazing over one another for what seems like a long time. You have that knowing look that we are about to explore each other in the most intimate way. I keep biting my bottom lip and looking up at your chest rising and falling with each longing breath.

I can feel you reach out to brush my hair back, and begin lowering the straps of my silk teddy. With a wisp, my lingerie drops off my shoulders, past my hips and thighs then lands on the floor around my ankles. I shiver a bit standing there in nothing but my heels and garter. I swear I can hear my heart beating through my chest. Do you hear it too?

I begin unbuttoning your shirt, sighing and breathing with growing desire as I look down over your body, taking in the sight of your smooth skin and rugged figure. As your shirt drops to the floor, I watch as you begin to unbuckle your belt. All the time, you start walking slowly around me, circling closer and closer until I can feel your warm breath growing more and more rapid on my skin.

I start to tremble as each pass brings you a bit closer. I start to feel the bulge of your hardening cock pass against my thigh then across my ass. I step back as you circle again in front of me, stepping out of one pants leg at a time. I let out a longing sigh as I look down to see your cock bulging inside your underwear. I watch you pull them down. Your cock and freshly shaved balls flop heavily out of them, the rushing flow of blood to your cock evident in the veiny shaft and the purple coloration of your swelling, mushroom shaped head.

I stand there in front of you with eyes exploring every aspect of your body; from that sweet face and angelic smile, the way your arms seem like they would crush me if you held me too tight. I can feel your eyes roaming all over me, touching me with your look to my natural breasts and my pussy just tucked between my smooth, thighs. I see you begin to gently stroking the length of your throbbing, growing cock; as you continue looking over my body, just as an artist looks over any scene of natural beauty before creating his masterpiece, composing his climactic scene onto a blank canvas one brush stroke at a time.

I reach out to pull you closer. I want to take over the stroking of your cock with one hand. While moving to take your other hand, I lead you to cup my pussy. We both begin panting at one another’s touch, as I slowly stroke your cock and you gently massage my clit. Occasionally you slip your middle finger inside my wet, dripping pussy. It feels so good to be touched like this.

You turn me around, my back to the wall. I watch you lower to your knees, as I rest my back against the wall. I slip one leg over your shoulder, as you move your face toward my inner thigh, sucking and kissing all along my thigh, each little love bite leaving a small trail of red marks on my skin. You work your mouth over to my pussy, pausing long enough to blow a long warm breath over my clit before continuing your sucking and kissing of my other inner thigh.

Suddenly, you move your face back over and suck my entire pussy into your mouth. I feel faint. Thank god the wall is holding me up. You are massaging and gyrating your tongue right on top of my clit. I moan long and illegal bahis deep as you suck on my clit. Gently you roll it between your lips. I grab the top of your hair to pull you closer. I can’t get enough of this. I’m going to be coating your face in my juices soon. You continue sucking on my clit, alternating the tip of your tongue between massaging the tip of it over my clit and dipping down to sink it as deep into my kitty as it will go with a sucking motion. I lean forward and ask you, “Can you taste my sweet juices?”

I watch you try to nod your head, which is hard when my hand is holding you so tight to me. You keep working your mouth on me until you find the right combination of movements that begin to bring on my orgasm. As you find them, I can’t help it. I begin panting faster and deeper and I can feel my body tightening up all over. I’m starting to shake. I let my leg pull you closer and begin to work my hips back and forth, grinding my pussy against your tongue and lips. When I begin to cum I let out a yelp of delight as you insert two fingers upside down inside my pussy and begin massaging them back and forth across my g-spot. My body is flying.

I feel you turn me around and lay me back across the bed. Then you lean forward and your hard cock slides perfectly into my wet throbbing pussy. You push me further across the bed, to gain better access to my body. My head hangs back off the other side of the bed, as you hold my legs up in the air and back, lifting my hips slightly off the bed. Then you dip down a bit and begin stroking your rock hard shaft in and out of me an upward motion.

I can feel the head of your cock rub across the upper ridge of my opening with each pounding stroke. I let out a long moan with pleasure as it prolongs my orgasm. Soon the only sounds are of your balls slapping against my ass and my moaning. God the feeling of my undulating pussy as it wraps around your cock, is pure heaven. I try to look up and see what you see. The sight of my breasts bounding up and down with the rhythm of each stroke. My head tossing back and forth on the bed. Soon the sound of our orgasmic breaths and moans are all more than you can take. I know it. I can feel your orgasm begin to well up inside me. You have grown bigger somehow. I hear you asking me, where I would like you to put your load of hot cum.

“I want it in me Steve!” I can feel my whole body starting to shake as you pummel in and out of me. God it feels so good to be fucked like this. No restraint at all, just wild abandon.

“Ohhhh Cella…fuck baby that feels so good”…I hear you groan.

You are pumping your cock in and out of my soaking pussy. The bed is getting wet with the way it’s dribbling down the crack of my ass and onto the bed beneath me. With each thrust, you slightly pause to tap the tip of your cock as deep inside of me as it will go. I see you standing over me…fucking me…taking in every sight, sound, and sensation of our erotic encounter. I want you to cum. I need to feel your body dumping that hot fluid into me.


My eyes are rolling back each time your pumping cock hits just the right spot, each time that I hear the fleshy slapping sounds that come from two bodies colliding together over and over with passionate intensity. Oh that sound you keep making with each grunt; assure me that your satisfaction is close at hand. Soon I feel your balls are pressed hard against my ass. Your hands pulling my hips against you, I watch you throw your head back in ecstasy.

With a groan you yell, “Awwwwww…fuck yes!!”

I feel your cum pulsating from your solid shaft then exploding deep illegal bahis siteleri into my body. The warmth of it floods me, enveloping your cock with a hot, pulsating flood of sensation. Our bodies collapse together and shiver with exhaustive finality. Laying there with your cock still inside me; the only sounds are those of our pounding hearts and deep, panting breaths. Our juices, with no where else to flow, drip out from inside me trickling down your balls and my ass, soaking the sheets beneath us.

I hear you gasp, “Will I ever see you again?”

“Well there is that Sales Brainstorming Group at 10,” I laugh as I roll you off of me and sit up.

I put my hand between my thighs and pull up a handful of our mixed juices. I let you watch me lick each finger…slowly. Your hand starts to stroke your flaccid penis. Your eyes are glued to my lurid display. Seeing your lust makes mine rise again.

“I’ve never done this you know. Pick up someone at one of these Company Conferences. But damn Steve did you have to keep looking at me that way all day?” I push your thighs apart and snake up between them. I begin to lick you clean. I love hearing you moan.

With a sheepish grin, I hear you tell me, “Woof, Cella, you are a seductive little imp, aren’t you? And ME?! You were the one looking so invitingly edible up there at the podium…using all your big words and making all those humorous references to your days as a career counselor during your ‘Up The Learning Curve in Personnel Development’ presentation. Honestly, all I could think about was learning your curves…mmmmmmmm,” you moan, “And if the rest of the group only knew how talented you are at using that tongue for much more than just public speaking.”

You are resting your back against the headboard, the stream of sunlight just beginning to peek through the partially open curtains into my hotel room. The sight of my head bobbing to and fro…up and down…ignites yet another lustful yearning inside you. I love looking up and watching you; watching me slurp and suck our juices from your scrotum and up the shaft of your penis. Your eyes roll backwards at seeing your cock once more disappear deep into my throat. I feel your cock rising to the occasion. Its pressing deep into my mouth, to the top of my throat. I give you a little wink before letting it slide right down. God it feels so good having your in me…my mouth and my pussy, which is itching again for you. I suckle you strongly and pull my mouth off of you, elongating you with each moment…each lick and twirl of my tongue. There’s a PoP sound when I free you from my mouth.

“Well look there Steve, you’ve gotten all hard again. Should we make you have breakfast with the other junior vp’s like that?” I ask you as I push my body up along yours, letting my hair tickle your belly and chest. My big soft breasts with their hard nipples caress your thighs and then your hips. I rise up and begin to kiss your collarbone, your neck, and lick along your chin. My breasts pressing against your chest, I can feel your hands reaching for my hips, guiding them further up your body. I straddle your waist and let your wonderful hard erection slide up and down my wet slit. God you feel so good rubbing my clitty this way. I put my hands on your chest and lean forward into your ear. “Should we Steve? Should I just leave you like this? All hard.” I slide down and let your penis enter me slightly. “All ready and stiff!” I slide back up and make you fall out.

“Ooohhh, girl you can be such a tease,” you tell me. I rise up and let your cock fall out of me, springing back hard against your stomach, making this delicious canlı bahis siteleri smacking sound. You reach around and grab each side of my ass. You are straining your hips up to meet mine. You bury your face between my soft, plump breasts; licking and sucking them. As your mouth passes over each one, I catch my breath when you stop to nibble on my nipples. They are erect now, from your sucking them gently between your lips and rolling your tongue softly over them. You’re looking up at me. I gaze into your eyes; they are silently asking, no pleading, “Please, Cella, fuck me again.”

Your hands are still massaging my ass, pulling me down to you, all the while pushing your cock against my wet pussy. I feel you slide against my throbbing wet hole. I can’t help gyrating my hips and grinding my clit against your hard shaft. As I slide back up and down your cock, your head enters my pussy with ease. Still looking into your eyes, I smile back at you. I softly chew my bottom lip, as if to silently answer, “Take me again.”

I breath out a long sigh, “Yesssssssssssssss”, when you quickly thrust yourself all of the way into me. We grind our bodies against one another. Do you feel my pussy tighten around you? I raise my ass slightly, to give you room. You begin stroking in and out with deep upward thrusts. My hair all around us, you begin softly sucking on my neck. I can feel my breasts bounce up and down against your chest, the little bits of hair there brushing against my nipples in the most delicious way.

Suddenly, you are abruptly jolted from our encounter and back into waking consciousness by an annoying ringing sound. You quickly sit up, looking around this strange place…your hotel room. You curiously raise your hand from the sheet, wondering what that wet sensation on your hand could be. Running it across your belly, you feel yet another wet, sticky sensation. Realizing the feeling of your own cum, you smirk and whisper, “Cella…” You pick up the ringing phone to hear the generic, nasal sounding operator, “Good morning Mr. Womack, this is your 6:00 a.m. wake up call. Will you be having breakfast in your room or downstairs this morning?” You chuckle, “I’ll be dining downstairs for sure this morning.”

Rising from your bed, you begin readying yourself for the day. With each stroke of the razor against your face, you recall vivid glimpses of your dream. Your penis responds with great attention. While showering, you continue to obsess over your dreamed rendezvous, wondering how many times you must have cum during the night for your bedding to be so wet. Finally ready, you can’t wait to get downstairs, but wonder how you will act when you run across me. Will you be embarrassed that you had such an immensely erotic dream about me? Will it show? The elevator doors open, and you step into the lobby. As you enter the hotel restaurant, you immediately see me sitting alone at a table, sipping my coffee and looking over my notes. I look up, and our eyes meet. With what seems like a knowing smile, you nod your head at me and mouth, “Good morning.”

“How many sir?” the hostess asks, interrupting your erotic thoughts about our, well your, steamy encounter.

“How many what?” You blush.

“How many in your party?” She asks with a puzzled look.

“Oh, I’m sorry…just one.” You answer.

As you make your way to your table, you ask the hostess to wait a moment. I watch as you grab a napkin off of her station. You quickly scribble out a note on it, and fold the napkin in half. As you pass my table, you lay the napkin next to me and smile. I open it. “Good morning, Cella. I’ve been thinking about your presentation all night long. Cocktails this evening?”

As the hostess seats you behind me, you nervously take the pitcher and pour yourself a glass of water. I turn my head back toward you and with a sly smile; give you an affirming nod and wink.


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32