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My love, as you lay there replete from our evenings exertions, I find my eyes running slowly over your body, admiring your full lips, your hard muscles, the way the streetlight frames your long patrician nose and highlights the planes in your face. But I digress, I am so tired but I still find myself wanting more of you. My mind wanders to my favorite fantasy and I feel myself grow wet in response.

We are in bed together- a huge king size four poster talking and kissing as we settle down for the night.

Your hand is running up and down my back when the pressure changes slightly and becomes a sensual stroking. I roll towards you and I ask if you are up to something new. Of course you are. I sit up and trailing my hand down your chest get up and go to the dresser. I come back holding three silk stockings. Your eyebrows raise when you see them but I see the devil in you in your eyes.

You willingly raise your arms so I can tie them securely to the posts at each corner of the bed. You wonder if the third one was brought as a mistake as I look at it and then cast it aside. You lick your lips nervously as the soft light caresses my body, bringing out the fullness of my breasts.

I raise my arms over my head and stretch catlike and almost purr in contentment. Your cock is already hard and I see the pulse of it as it twitches slightly. My long blonde hair brushes across your chest as I drag myself up your body to kiss you softly, my tongue darting out to caress your lips. You part them trying to deepen the kiss but güvenilir bahis I am like the spring wind-oh so sweet and yet so fleeting.

I have already moved on, turning your head so I can get to the delicate place just behind your ear and lave it with my tongue. I move down slightly, kissing your neck and biting at it gently. Your sighs of pleasure tell me I am doing a good job. I work my way down your body, tasting you and touching you with my finger tips. I linger at your nipples feeling them stiffen under my knowing touch. You arch off the bed a little and a slight gasp escapes your lips. I continue.

I flick my tongue out over your belly button darting inside. I don’t stay long there moving on to bigger and better things. You expect to feel my tongue on your cock next and flex your hips in invitation. But all you feel is the lightest kiss of my hair as I brush past. I continue on down your body paying attention to your legs next. I give them the same attention as I did the upper half of your body. I feel your legs tremble as I hit extra sensitive spots. Reaching your feet I move up your body again trailing my hand over your cock. As I move past. it jumps at my touch eliciting a groan from you.

I arrive at your mouth and finally give you what you wanted. I kiss your full lips sinking my tongue between them. Our tongues duel for a while as the sound of our breathing becomes more pronounced. I finally withdraw and sit back on my haunches. I look at you and smile as you lay there and tremble in anticipation. I reach türkçe bahis down and pick up that long forgotten stocking and look at you with a wicked light in my eyes. I trail the stocking lightly over your body in much the same way my hair had earlier. Your groans sounded in my ear making my pussy grow moister.

I cant take it any more and I climb over top of your body. You are stretched out on the bed down just far enough that I can bring my pussy up to your face and ask you to lick it for me. eagerly Complying your tongue delves into my folds and finds my clit unerringly. My moans of passion echo around the room as my pussy washes your face with its juice.

I ride your face through two orgasms and then climb back off, my breath coming in ragged gasps. I put my own tongue back to work delicately cleaning my juice off your face.

When it is all clean I slide down your body to apply the same technique to your hard cock. I slide my tongue all over your cock before sliding its length deep into my mouth. Now it is your turn to groan and thrash around on the bed. I bring you right up to the edge of orgasm and then I come off of your cock and grab it to squeeze just under the head.

Your frustration is palatable and you try to free yourself so you can take matters into your own hands so to speak.

I am able to stop you telling you to wait and be patient. I come astride you and place your cock at the entrance of my pussy. sliding down slowly, as our moans match in intensity. I start sliding up and down on top of güvenilir bahis siteleri you and lean over to lock my lips with you again. My pace quickens slowly until I am slamming down on top of you as fast as I can. My orgasm takes me over the top again and my pussy clamps down on your cock hard. I am screaming in ecstasy now and you are hard pressed to keep from joining me, holding onto your composure by the slimmest thread.

I relax a moment, unable to move and then I am ready. I lift up at the beginning of the first stroke when your voice stops me. you ask if you can fuck my ass and how can I help but agree? We do not need any additional lubricant as the juice from my pussy is more than enough. Breathing deeply I slowly slide my tight ass down onto your cock feeling it stretch me out.

I lean over and untie you giving you the freedom to grab my hips and rock me up and down. Our moans and groans sound as music to my ears. I am coming again and this time I take you with me as my ass clamps down hard on your cock. The feel of your cum spurting up inside my ass is enough to send me over the edge again and I am clawing at the sheets as the feelings become more powerful.

We collapse together on the bed and after withdrawing you begin to stroke my back again.

After a while to recover, this beautiful dance begins again but this time it is my turn to be teased and tantalized by you.

You know my dear, I really would like to try this form of entertainment with you and I eagerly await your response. That is why this letter is resting on my pillow waiting for you to wake up. Let me know what your answer is when I get back from work.

To Be Continued…

All comments are appreciated as this story is still a work in progress.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32