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Dear Nicole,

Oh my God; you’re right! However did I mess up those months in my last letter? Anyway, let’s straighten this out; Franklin and I had our initial conversation over lunch the first week of October, and then we did the study thing with Sammie later that week. Then the next week, THAT’s when we had the frat-party and our sexy rendezvous. I’m laughing, for me it was a rendezvous; for them it was an initiation! I’m glad you pointed out the timeline mess-up to me because as I’ve often told you, if I don’t keep these things in good chronological order, this story will never make sense.

And yes, from that day on, Samantha and Franklin were a couple. I ended up having lunch with them a couple of times a week cuz lunch was right after anatomy! It was during those times that I got the memory tips I needed from him. Nicole, it was completely amazing how my quiz and test scores improved. In the next three weeks I took three quizzes and a test; the quiz scores were two B+’s and I got an A- on the test. I don’t remember the other quiz score; I think it was an A- as well! When I got that test grade, I just screamed right out loud! Everyone in the room turned and looked at me…and Franklin had the biggest grin! He didn’t grin though when I gave him an awesome kiss in the cafeteria; he blushed big-time!

Sammie was there with us; she got an A on the same test (of course, Franklin did also.) So I said to them, “God, we just need to celebrate this!”

“Absolutely,” said Sam, “You SHOULD be proud! Hell, we’re crazy proud of you!”

“Yeah,” Franklin added, “you’ve been a good student of the system, Nance. You deserve this!”

“Then let’s celebrate!” I said, “How about if I use some of my winnings from the wet t-shirt contest and take you guys to dinner? We need some real food for once; you both like Outback Steakhouse?”

And then Franklin said something that would change my life forever; he said, “Their steaks are okay, but I know a guy named Jason; he’s a junior here at Western, and he’s also a server at O’Charley’s on Scottsville Road. I bet he would give us one of their coupons.”

“I’ve never been to O’Charley’s; is it good?”

“I think their ribeye is better than Outback’s; let’s save a little of your cash and try it!”

“I’ll drive, said Samantha, “pick you up at 6:30?”

I looked at them both and giggled, “Tomorrow night is Friday, I really don’t want to mess up your date night and sex party!”

Sammie burst out laughing! “Maybe I need to wear him out later tonight instead, huh?” Franklin just pursed his lips and kept silent; so Samantha added, “That okay with you, Sweets?” Silence from the Franklin guy, and Sam giggled, “I’ll take that as a ‘yes’!”

“Hmm, he looks so serious, Sam; maybe he needs an orgasm right now to take that serious edge off!”

Both of Franklin’s eyebrows shot up! “Would you girls put a lid on it, please! Maybe someone will hear you’s”

Putting my hand on Sam’s arm, I leaned toward her and whispered loudly enough for him to hear, “How’s he doing, Sam? That big dick of his doing the job?”

Sammie laughed and Franklin shook his head as he finally cracked a smile, “I’m thinking Sam has no complaints, do you Sammie?”

“Uhh, no…none that come to mind!”

Then Franklin grinned really big and said, “Well then, what do you think, Sam; maybe we could talk Nance into joining us again and she can check our sexual progress, right?”

Now it was my turn to blush a little, “Oh my! Uhh, Sam…your boyfriend just propositioned me!”

Without hesitating Sammie looked me right in the eye, “Yes, and I kinda like that idea; want to?”

“Oh myyy Gawwdd; what have I created? You guys are soo bad!”

“Yes,” she replied, “we are!” Even Frankie laughed at the way she said it!

Glancing at my watch I said, “I have to get to my next class,” and then with a wicked, little smile I added, “but it sounds like we have a plan for tomorrow night!

Franklin pumped his fist! “Yesss!”

The next twenty-four hours flew by; standing naked in front of my mirror at 5:30, I contemplated what I should wear. I couldn’t really guess what Samantha was going to do; jeans and a shirt was all I had ever seen on her. You couldn’t even call her shirts a blouse; they were just, well, shirts. So I called her. “Hey, I don’t know what to wear here; what are you going to do?”

There was a three or four second hesitation, “No clue, how much of a celebration is this?”

“Well, it’s not as huge as a wedding; but it’s pretty big to me, kinda like winning the lottery! If it weren’t for you guys, that class would be nothing but a struggle. I’m really lucky to have met you both!”

“Not me, Nance, this is all on Franklin, it’s his system; he shared with us.”

“Hmm, then perhaps we should do something special for him, besides sex I mean,” and I punctuated that with a giggle.


“What do you have in your closet that’s sexy?”

“Sexy? Uhh, not much; I only own a couple of dresses. They might look fine at dikmen escort bayan a wedding but you can’t say they’re very sexy.”

“Okay, do you own any lingerie?”


“How about some cami’s; maybe some shells?”

“Okay, I do have a few of those; what do you have in mind?”

A wicked little idea began forming in my head, “Good, tell you what, It’s pretty warm tonight which is lucky; put on your prettiest cami over your sexiest jeans, okay? I have one purple cocktail dress that I hardly ever get to wear. We’re going to give Franklin a present!”

Sammie (being the smart, little girl she is,) caught my drift, “Ohhh, okay…I think I’m gonna like this!”

“Mmm, I KNOW you will, I hope Frankie does! Can you tell him to wear his best jacket, like maybe a sport coat?”

“Sure, I’ll call him right now; see you at 6:30.”

Nicole, I must say…when I put that dress on with no bra, and the strappy, cute sandals that went with it; and then looked in the mirror, Oh my God, even I was impressed! And I said it right out loud, “Wow, Nance, this will be some kinda fun tonight!” There was a library book that I had to return, so I picked that up and headed down to the dorm lobby. At precisely 6:30 Sam’s car pulled up to the curb, and I walked down the front steps doing my best to look like a supermodel on a runway for Victoria’s Secret!

Franklin sorta glanced in my direction and when he saw me, his head snapped around and his eyebrows shot up so fast that I laughed out loud! His window was down so I said, “Can you help me get in, Frankie?”

He looked at Samantha (she was smiling huge) and quickly scrambled out to hold the door for me. Getting back in he put his hand on Sammie’s arm and said, “Hold on a second, Sam.” He half-turned toward me and continued, “What the fuck is going on here? We’re only going to O’Charley’s? This isn’t New York City, ya know!”

Sam had one hand over her mouth to stifle laughter, but I leaned forward and peered over the seat to see what she had on. Her tight, black jeans looked fine; she had clearly tried to do her make-up as sexy as she could, and she had on a satiny, green cami that looked perfect from my angle. Her right nipple was visibly hard, Mmm! I looked him right in the eye and said, “Hey Frankie, how do you think Sammie looks?”

I giggled when Samantha turned her head seductively sideways and softly said, “Yeah, my love…How DO I look tonight?”

I giggled again noticing the tremor that registered on his face, “Uhh, yeah…you look good, Sam!”

“She looks better than good, Frankie, you shit!” Grinning at him I added, “She looks awesome! No wait… she looks delicious! Do you agree?”

Talk about a tremor, Nicole, you should seen him shudder when Sammie gently took his hand and placed it on her tit, “You turn me on so bad, Frankie!” she cooed.

“Holy SHIT!” he muttered.

Then I said, “Okay, enough of that, tell me how I look now?”

I could see Franklin’s hand moving against Sam’s breast and feeling the nipple, but as he did he turned to me and said, “God, Nance, you too! Just, uhh, awesome…yeah, you both…you both couldn’t possibly look any better!”

“Great! That was the goal,” I said, “so let’s get this celebration started, okay? Sam, I do need to return this book before the library closes; can you swing by there?”

Sammie removed Franklin’s hand and put the car in gear, “Absolutely, I’m getting pretty hungry too!” I leaned all the way and whispered to her, “Sam, park in the lot, kay?” She gave a slight nod and drove off. The library was only two minutes away and when she turned into the parking lot, Franklin said, “What are you doing, Sam? We can just drop it into the drive-by bin.”

I quickly said, “This is not just for the book; since we’re here I want to see if one of my jackets is in the lost-and-found. I think I left it here the other day.” When she parked, I added, “C’mon you two, come in with me!”

Franklin was as dense as one could be, “Now what? You girls can’t go into the library like that!”

“Like what?”

“Dressed like that!”

“Like how?”

“Dressed like…dressed like THAT!”

I was so trying to talk without cracking up, “What’s wrong with it? You don’t like it?”

“I…I…it’s not that I don’t like it; I actually fucking LOVE it! But…this is the school library!”

I smiled and ignored that; getting out of the car I said to Sam, “C’mon Sam, help me look for my jacket.”

Sammie was grinning as she opened the door; she walked around to the passenger side and yanked open Frankie’s door too, “C’mon, we’re your dates tonight and we need your help!”

Franklin breathed a big sigh and swung his legs out. “Women! Geez!”

Yes, when we entered the library, it was just as I had hoped. The study area was about one-third filled with students. I had been pretty sure that this would be the case because I myself came here often right after dinner to catch three or four hours of work. I placed the book elvankent escort bayan in front of the woman at the desk and asked to see the lost and found. She looked at me askance, ostensibly because of my outfit, but I just smiled and said, “I’m looking for my jacket, please?”

Straightening her glasses she nodded toward the windows to her left and replied, “Jackets are hung on the hooks over there.”

“Thank you!” As I turned Samantha was smiling brightly, but Franklin seemed fidgety and his eyes were checking out something on the ceiling. Knowing there would be no jacket but making a show of this investigation, I dutifully looked at the five or six jackets hanging there and then returned to my friends, “Nope, not there, hmm…maybe it’s still hanging on the back of the chair where I left it yesterday; c’mon, let’s take a look!”

And then came a coincidence so strange but so in line with what I wanted to happen, I almost couldn’t believe it; I swear I’m not making this up, Nicole! It was maybe seventy-five feet to the study tables and Franklin looked at all the people sitting there. His head cocked to one side, and his mouth hung open. He nodded to Samantha, then at the tables; she looked surprised for just a second and then broke out in the biggest smile yet! “Oh my God,” she exclaimed!

Franklin glanced at me and then with a steely look at Sammie he said, “You want to go over there?”

“You bet I do!”

“Well, I don’t; what would be the point?”

Samantha was still smiling, “For fun, for the simple fun of seeing the expression on their faces!”

Several thoughts were running through my head after hearing this, “Who are they?” I asked. “Friends?” They obviously knew these people and didn’t like them, but I asked anyway.

“Hardly,” Frankie replied, “Just some assholes we know.”

“Ohh, I gotcha,” Samantha’s eyes were shining; she definitely wanted to go over there; so I continued, “This is good; I’m all for having fun like this; let’s go!” Samantha and I took a step forward, but Franklin didn’t move. He was standing with his feet spread and chin in hand. “So?”

All of a sudden a faint smile broke through, he nodded slightly and the smile got bigger, “Yes,” he said, “yes, let’s go have some fun with this!”

“Sweet!” Sammie enthused.

They didn’t see us coming; so when we got there, I cleared my throat and said, “Excuse me, everyone? I was sitting here yesterday and I think I left my jacket on the back of that chair right there; have you seen it?”

They all looked up; the girl in the chair where I was pointing said, “No, sorry, I didn’t see anything here.”

The guy next to her said, “Nope, don’t think we saw it,” BUT… Nicole, again – I swear this happened and it was the funniest thing, something registered on that guy’s face. He looked hard at Frankie and said, “Franklin? Is that you?”

Franklin squeezed my hand so hard I had to flinch; he smiled crookedly and said, “Hey, Phil, how’s it going?”

Phil smiled wryly, and then he saw Sam; “Samantha? Holy Shit Wads! Where are you all going? You guys look pretty fuckin’ amazing! And who is this cute thing with you over here?”

“This is Nancy; Nancy meet Phil, he’s in my English core course, and he also graduated with us last year at our high school. This is Rachel; I see you two are still together, right?”

Rachel nodded but Phil ignored the question and repeated, “So tell us where you’re all going?”

Samantha said, “Nancy got an “A” on her anatomy test, so we decided to celebrate.”

“That’s cool,” said Phil, “It must be a big celebration; you people are dressed to kill!” The thing here was…he said it kinda snarky.

So I stared good-ole Phil right in the face and said, “Oh yes, it’s huge! Franklin was helping me with some study tips so I’m rewarding him and his girlfriend with some steaks and maybe a little party afterward in my room!”

“Samantha’s his girlfriend? Are you serious?”

“Totally! Right Sammie?”

Samantha was clearly loving this, “Yeah, just like Nance said, we’re gonna kick back tonight and maybe go a little crazy!”

“What kind of crazy? You guys gonna play some board games or maybe look at swatches?” Phil chuckled at his own comment, but no one else did.

Right here I just had to look at Franklin, and I was glad to see him standing up so straight and looking coolly in control. Something had clicked in his head and he said to Phil, “Nope, nothing like that; it’s gonna be grown-up stuff. And then we’ll sleep in tomorrow morning!”

Phil smirked, “What? Grown-up stuff? Yeah…riiight!”

This is where I jumped in again, Nicole, “Okay well,” I said, “I’m not sure what’s going on here, but what I do know is this; Franklin’s cock is gorgeous…the best I’ve ever had! Samantha and I are gonna suck it a lot and then he’s going to fuck us both really good just like he did three weeks ago. And then for his entertainment, Samantha and I will eat each other’s pussies and scissors and anything emek escort bayan else he wants us to do.” So Funny! I heard Rachel and the other girl gasp, and Phil was caught off-guard, so I immediately added, “So Phil, what are YOUR plans tonight?”

THAT woke Rachel up, “Okay, Can we please drop this conversation?” Then she said to Phil, “I thought we had settled all of this?”

Phil plowed ahead, “They’re lying, they’re not gonna fuck!”

“Rachel?” I said, “Tell you what, if you want to; tell Mr. Intelligence here that you’ll volunteer to come to my room around 9:30. We’ll let you watch and then you can give him the full report!”

As if on cue the other four people at the table sang out in unison, “HOLY SHIT!!”

Samantha, Franklin, and I burst out laughing! “Okay,” I said, “Bye, everyone!”

While we were leaving I heard one of the other guys say, “What’s your room number?” and another guy said, “If Rachel won’t do it, I will!” We ended up giggling all the way to the car!

As we buckled our seat belts, Samantha cracked us up again by saying, “One asshole down, forty-nine to go!”

“Oh, my God, you guys, you had to put up with HIM for two years? With THAT crap?”

“Franklin said, “You’re the best, Nance! That was a crazy coincidence that those two happened to be there tonight! You didn’t plan that did you?” We laughed some more and then he leaned over and kissed Sammie, “You girls ROCK! Now I’m starving, let’s go have some dinner!”

Ten minutes later we were walking into O’Charley’s. I heard Franklin ask for Jason Wright to be our server and the hostess led us around a half-wall to a corner booth. This was my first time in an O’Charley’s, “Hey you guys, this is pretty nice in here! I like these tables and I really like these light fixtures. All those flower boxes under the windows are great too!”

“Yeah,” replied Franklin, “you can have the ambiance, but the food better match it, don’t you think?”

“You come here a lot?”

“I do when I have a few extra bucks; and Jason always gives me the employee discount.”

“How can he do that? It’s not his restaurant.”

“No, but the very reason I know Jason is that he and I are student aides for our chemistry professor, Dr. Tripp; and Dr. Tripp is part owner of this franchise.”

“Nice! That’s a really good connection right there!”

“For sure, we’re gonna celebrate for half-price tonight! Oh, here comes Jason now!”

And Nicole, my friend, I don’t know what to say! Approaching our table was just the cutest guy I had seen for a while (perhaps ever!) He was about 6ft 2 and looked just shy of 200lbs. He had sport cut his jet-black hair, and his complexion (though pale) was very healthy looking. “Hey Franklin! Sammie! How are ya’s? Franklin, shit! I haven’t seen you for… what’s it been? Six hours? Haha!”

“Hey J.! Right, you weren’t expecting us?”

“Oh no, I knew you were coming; just couldn’t remember the time you said. So you told me this was going to be a celebration of sorts; this cute lady right here is the one we’re honoring?”

Ohhh, myyy Goddd! Jason looked at me with his sparkling, brown eyes! I saw a lot of humor in them and a lot of warmth too! The first thing I found myself thinking was, “There’s no way this guy DOESN’T have a girlfriend!”

Franklin said, “Jason, this is our friend Nancy Macdonald. She’s in our anatomy class and she just earned her first “A” on one of Nelson’s tests! So we’re here to take advantage of your restaurant, and then we’re gonna celebrate…maybe all night long! Hey Nance, this is Jason Wright.”

I held out my hand and Jason took it, “Pleased to meet you, Jason; and just so you know, this was all at my invitation; so when the bill comes, it’s mine.”

“A beautiful chick with money; what could be better?” Jason laughed and I’m sure I blushed. We ordered drinks and he turned to get them. “Be right back!”

As soon as he left, Sammie and I made eye-contact. I fluttered my eyes at her in a “holy-shit!” kind of way, and she pursed her lips and licked them in a “I wouldn’t kick him out of bed for eating crackers” kind of way.

Franklin saw us and said, “Yeah, yeah, yeah…he’s really good-looking, I hear ya!”

Smiling, I said, “I didn’t say a word.”

“No, right…you didn’t, did you!”

“Nope, but first impression is, that man is sexy as hell! Am I wrong?”

Franklin just shrugged, “How should I know? I guess so; you tell me!”

“I’ll tell you, he’s sexy as hell!” said Sam, which earned her a slap on the arm from Frankie. Sam just giggled.

“Tell me he’s unattached, and I won’t say another word,” I said.

“Okay, he’s unattached, now shut up!” Sam and I both cracked up.

Sammie said, “We’re both glad you find him attractive though, Nance!”

“How so?”

“Tell her, Frankie!”

Just as I looked at Franklin, Jason returned with our drinks. As he was putting mine in front of me, he said, “So Nancy, Franklin tells me you’re a good student of his memory system; congrats for that too!”

“Very true; I’m just getting started with it, and got an ‘A’ already!”

“Yeah, anatomy is perfect for that system, I use it myself for classes like that; and by-the-way, you can call me J. all my friends do!”

“Am I among your friends already? If I am, you can call me Nance!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32