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Her name was Robin, she was a new hire and my boss had asked me to specifically take her under my wing and show her the ropes. I had noticed her sitting outside my bosses office when he called me in, surmising when I did that she was most likely one of the new employee’s we’d recently hired on with the increase in workload we’d recently been experiencing.

At least I hoped she was, she was very attractive looking, though a bit on the slim side. I knocked and then entered Jim’s office closing the door behind me.

“Wipe the smile off your face,” he told me before I’d even managed to get a word out edgewise. He looked up through his window over towards where Robin was patiently waiting outside. “She’s gay,” he said simply enjoying the surprised expression on my face a second after he’d said that.

“Now how the hell do you know that?” I asked in response. “It’s not one of the questions you can ask on the interview as far as I know,” I told him still wondering how it was that he knew that. Jim laughed.

“She was in the parking lot when I arrived, saw her get out of a car, but not before leaning over to kiss her girlfriend, partner, or whatever she was they call them these days,” he told me.

“Maybe it was just a friend, or her sister,” I questioned, once again seeing him smile and then laugh.

“Fuck Brad, even I don’t kiss my own wife like that anymore,” he informed me. “So unless things have changed since I grew up with my sister, I’d say it was someone she’s obviously quite familiar with.”

“Damn,” I thought to myself. “A lesbian!”

It wasn’t the fact that Robin was a lesbian, or appeared to be. There were a couple of others who worked here that were, and I was pretty good friends with both of them. Though admittedly, each of them looked more the part as opposed to the way Robin appeared. Though she was a bit on the slim side for my tastes at the time, and not having what one would call large breasts, which were in fact noticeably small, she was still a very attractive looking woman. She wore her light brown hair long in a ponytail, and stood at about five and a half feet tall. But her smile when I’d even glanced at her had immediately grabbed me and caught my interest in her in the first place. It was very alluring. So it was a bit of a bummer for me to hear she was gay when John told me that tid bit of information. It was the fact this was just one more woman who I now knew I couldn’t even entertain thoughts towards that had put a damper on things, not that I had any real chance anyway. I was several years older than Robin was for one, another deterrent, but now even simple friendly flirtatious fun seemed to be out of the question.

I soon stepped outside Jim’s office, introduced myself to her, and began showing Robin around. Another thing I liked about her was her bubbly, easy-going personality. It wasn’t long before we were chatting away like we’d been friends for a long time. Lesbian or no, she seemed to take to me as a friend, and it wasn’t long before the two of us were actually looking at it that way.

Several month’s had passed. As we both smoked, we quite naturally went outside during our breaks together, and that led to taking lunches together as well. Before long, we really were pretty good friends, and that eventually opened the door to talking about anything and everything. I don’t know what was said, or how the conversation turned in the direction it did one day, but we were discussing relationships (hers and mine with our partners) and I had learned she’d been involved with several women over a period of time. Unfortunately as I soon learned, that seemed to be very typical of a lot of lesbian relationships. She’d been in and out of many with several women, though also interestingly enough, had remained friends with each of them afterwards as well. But as I said…somehow the conversation turned towards sex in general, and over time, this too got to be more and more open, intimate and uninhibited. Robin and I were soon able to discuss just about anything, which then led to what was mine (and probably ninety percent of the male population out there) regarding two women (or even more than two) being together sexually. Quite naturally of course, she laughed at that. But the most surprising thing came, when she admittedly told me, lesbian or no…she found me interesting, and though she’d never really had any sexual interest in men, admittedly had found herself being a little curious about that lately. Her hint didn’t go unnoticed, and our flirtation seemed to slowly escalate after that. It was still several weeks later though before things took a sudden dramatic and totally unexpected turn in our relationship. Since I didn’t live too terribly far away from her, she’d asked me if I could come over on the weekend and help her move some furniture around at her place. Quite naturally, I had agreed to do so. By now of course, I had also met her partner who’d accepted me somewhat as a friend, though not nearly in the same way Robin had of course. Thankfully, I had learned that Tina wouldn’t bursa escort be there as she would be working, which is also why Robin needed my help to begin with.

They had just purchased a new entertainment center, which is why we had to move so much around, getting it set up and everything rearranged. It was during this that I happened to notice they had a stash of dirty movies as we went about replacing things. Oddly enough, most of them were heterosexual in nature. Which I was surprised at, figuring that lesbians would prefer seeing and watching other women together. And not that they didn’t have a good deal of those movies too, they did…but they had at least an equal amount of good old “fuck flicks” as we called them.

“I thought lesbians didn’t enjoy looking at naked men,” I said curiously. Robin of course laughed at that, answering.

“Just because I prefer being with women doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy looking at men too. I do find certain things about them interesting,” she’d stated.

“Oh? Like what?” I pressed enjoying the direction this conversation was suddenly going in.

“Just because I haven’t fucked a man, doesn’t mean I haven’t wondered about what it would feel like,” she told me. “And…I do enjoy watching it from time to time,” she added, “though I’ve not actually seen it, outside of watching a few porn movies. But admittedly, it is sort of interesting to see a guy cum,” she’d said simply, surprising me a little when she’d said that. “Maybe one day, I’ll actually see a guy do that.”

“You mean you’ve never actually seen a guy squirt? Aside from porn movies?” I questioned incredulously, to which she’d responded no, she actually hadn’t.

“Why? You offering?”

We had joked around before, I didn’t see this as any different than that, joking back, or so I thought anyway. “All you have to do is ask,” I’d responded not at all expecting the look of surprise on her face as she took me quite seriously.

“Really? You would? You’d jerk off for me and let me watch?”

Now it was getting interesting. We’d just passed from joking around to actually considering it, or at least she was anyway. And though I didn’t really think I’d be too terribly shy about doing that for her, I also didn’t look forward to feeling awkward and uncomfortable while doing it either. But again, I was also still treating all this like an ongoing somewhat flirtatious topic of conversation rather than any of it becoming real.

“I’d have to have something to keep the interest up…if you know what I mean,” I laughed back.

“We could put on one of the movies for you to look at while you do,” she suggested, which is when I realized, she really was being quite serious about all this.

“Well, that might help yes…but,”


“If I’m actually seriously considering doing this, I’d much rather have something real to look at while I do,” I told her, hinting at, and not at all expecting her to comply with my wishes. Which in a way, I was figuring would bring a rapid end to the direction we’d been heading in.

“So in other words…you want to see me naked while you jerk off.”

“Only fair,” I responded back, once again not expecting her to do it.

“Ok, but…no touching, just looking,” she informed me.

I couldn’t believe I’d just heard what I had. But in the next minute, I was actually following her into her bedroom where she proceeded to undress, first slipping out of her jeans, and then her wife-beater tee shirt as I slowly began undressing myself, still half expecting her to yell out “April fools” or some such thing, and make me feel like a total and complete idiot for believing her. That didn’t happen however. Minutes later, I was looking at her totally naked now as she lay down on her bed, patting a place for me to sit closely next to her.

“So I can watch you,” she informed me quite seriously. “I want to see how you do it, how a guy pleasures himself, and then watch you cum.” She told me.

“Are you…”

“I don’t know. We’ll see. See if I get horny watching you…so maybe,” was all she said though it was obvious she hadn’t as yet made up her mind yet about pleasuring herself.

As I said previously, she didn’t have very large breasts. But she did have two very hard, very firm thick nipples, which were sitting quite sensually on two well-rounded little mounds that immediately got my cock standing on end. Now I am not a large guy, not by any means, but I’m not small either. Average sized perhaps, though a bit thicker around than some. But I swear, I was about as hard as I had ever been as I sat there looking at her. And though she wasn’t shaved, she was neatly trimmed, her cute little pubic patch in a perfect “V” shape just above her very pink (and yes) very wet glistening pussy lips, which I began drooling over as I sat beside her, looking at her.

“Well? Are you going to stroke it? Or just sit there and stare at me?” she asked.

“Both,” I responded as I finally began playing with myself, my hand slowly stroking my cock up and down, bursa escort bayan eventually squeezing the tip and forcing out a nice fat droplet of lubrication which I began smearing around the head of my prick.

“Ooh, nice. Do that again!” she asked me. I did so, quickly producing yet again another nice fat little droplet of precum fuck juice. Only this time, she surprised me when she quickly gathered it up with her fingers, though barely even grazing me as she did so. I watched in abject fascination as she held it between her two fingers, smearing it around, feeling it, and then once again surprising me as she lifted it up to her nose smelling it. For a moment, I wondered if she might even taste it, though she didn’t.

“Not much different than myself,” she told me.

It was too perfect a moment to pass up, so I didn’t. “Show me,” I asked simply hoping she would. Robin hesitated, thinking about it, but then reached down between her legs. She was indeed wet, and her essence glistened wetly on her fingers as she held them up to me. Only I didn’t hesitate at all, yes…smelling her first, drinking in her intoxicating aroma, but then as I held her hand, I mouthed her fingers sucking them off. She pulled back, but not so much that she forced her hand away as I held it, still sucking them before relenting, giving her fingers back. She looked at me with curious interest.

“Damn…sweet juice!” I told her, seeing her reaction.

“Really? You think so? Half the time I wonder if Tina thinks that,” she told me openly. “We hardly even do anything anymore,” she then added. I had known through our conversations that her relationship with Tina wasn’t as good as it had once been. Which is why perhaps Robin had even allowed things to go this far between us. I myself wasn’t doing very well in my own marriage, another very frequent topic of conversation, so in essence that was just one more thing we had in common, when Robin and I should have had much of anything in common which had brought us to this point in the first place.

“Oh yeah, I do,” I told her. “You have a very sweet tasting pussy, though admittedly, I’d prefer more of a direct contact to confirm that.” I’d said.

That she laughed at, “Yeah…you wish,” she’d teased, letting me know in no uncertain terms, that was in fact out of the question. “You do know that’s not going to happen,” she then continued. “But…I will say this, you have gotten me horny talking and thinking about it. So…for you, as long as you continue yourself, you can watch me get myself off while I watch you, how’s that?”

Under the circumstances, it was more than I would have expected. Hell, I hadn’t anticipated any of this happening when I’d come over in the first place. And now…here I was in Robin’s bedroom, the two of us totally naked, watching one another masturbate!

Just sitting there watching her masturbate as she lay beside me soon had me hovering on the edge, and I told her so. “Fuck Robin, I’m going to shoot soon,” I told her feeling that all too familiar tingly feeling begin to tighten my balls. She sat up at that, scooting even closer towards me, looking down at my rock hard fat prick as I stroked it.

“Tell me when,” she said hotly, the lusty tone of voice, one I hadn’t really heard her use before suddenly coming out.

“Don’t worry…I think you’ll know,” I responded all ready starting to grit my teeth.

Seconds later, I groaned as the first massive spurt of my cum flew from the tip of my cock, splashing far up against my own chest. Even Robin seemed surprised by seeing it, even though she was aware I was about to. One after another I began squirting thick ropes of sperm, which escaped from my prick, Robin sitting there watching them, watching me, and smiling in wicked surprise the entire time. Afterwards, I sat back, thoroughly satiated, though now feeling a bit meek and somewhat apprehensive as Robin got up out of the bed and ran off to get me a wash cloth to clean up with. As I did so, she began getting dressed again.

“Hey…aren’t you?”

She didn’t let me finish what was obvious. “No, perhaps later,” she informed me. “I have trouble enough getting myself off as it is,” she informed me. “And I doubt seriously that I could, with you watching,” she finished. Disappointed that I wasn’t going to see her get herself off, I still had to admit it was an unexpected, and unbelievable afternoon we’d just spent together, though I likewise didn’t feel it was one that was very likely to ever be repeated either. And as expected, things sort of went back to being normal again after that, though days later at work I had mentioned the fact my wife was going out of town on a trip with her sister for a week.

Now it just so happened that I had a nice hot tub in the back yard. I’d even mentioned it once, inviting Robin to come over and sit in it, though back then, it had been one of those wishful teases, and not one in which I figured she’d ever accept in coming over to actually do, especially as I’d told her back then, it was a “no clothes” hot escort bursa tub.

What actually surprised me, was when she brought it up again first. “So…home all alone are we?” she teased mockingly.

“Yeah, I will be. Why?”

“Well, maybe…I might actually take you up on that offer to come over and tub with you,” she stated, seeing the smile on my face, though she immediately wiped most of that off a second later. “Provided I can bring someone with me,” she then added.

I figured it would of course be Tina, though even that surprised me somewhat, I couldn’t quite imagine that one either all things considered.


A while back Robin had told me about another of her friends Stacy. A girl who she had in fact once been involved with a few years back. And as I said, had still remained friends with even though the two of them were no longer intimate. What I also knew however, according to Robin anyway, Stacy still had the hot’s for her, which is one of the reasons she still hung around perhaps…hoping for something more than that.

“Ok if I invite Stacy over?” she asked.

“Yeah, sure…I guess,” I said somewhat disappointedly, then reminding her. “As long as you’re both aware, I was being serious when I said it’s a no clothes hot tub.”

“Oh, don’t worry about that,” Robin told me. “The least of Stacy’s problems is being naked, around guys or girls. If anything, she’ll be ogling me half the night, hoping perhaps that something might happen while we’re all tubing together.”

“Wishful thinking,” I said nodding my head in appreciation of that. To which Robin merely smiled, winking at me.

As the weekend approached, I got more and more antsy about the two of them actually coming over, half expecting Robin to call me, and back out at the last moment. To my surprise however, the two of them showed up just as she said they would be. I’d already gone out to the tub ahead of them, waiting as I watched them come outside wrapped in a couple of large terry cloth towels. Needless to say, it was quite a delight to see two naked (lesbians) as they removed their towels hanging them up, and stepping down into the tub sitting across from me. Unlike Robin, Stacy had fairly large breasts, which I had actually laughed at a while back when Robin had shared with me the fact she had an eye for large breasted women too. It was almost comical when I realized the two of us were simultaneously checking Stacy out as she climbed in. Wearing her hair fairly short, Stacy was more cute than attractive, but still certainly nice to look at, though I noticed she was totally shaved as opposed to the way Robin was even though she kept her pubic patch neatly trimmed.

“I can’t believe you went back to wearing a rug again,” she’d commented after getting in. Obviously, it had been a while since Stacy had seen Robin in the nude.

“Tina prefers it that way,” she’d said simply. “She thinks I look too much like a little girl if I don’t…sort of freaks her out a little,” she somewhat giggled at thinking about it. I could see Tina’s point to be honest, if she did, she would look considerably younger than she actually was, even with her small breasts, she would have looked far younger than her years.

We soon after engaged in some rather mundane idle chit-chat getting to know one another, but it was looking more and more like to me at least, that there wasn’t going to be anything even remotely close to what Robin and I had shared or done a few weeks back. Little did I know! Maybe Robin knew Stacy far better than I did obviously, and had an idea of what might happen once Stacy got comfortable with things, which is basically what happened.

“I’ve always wanted to get one of these,” Stacy had commented, smiling provocatively.

“She enjoys getting herself off against the jets,” Robin quipped slyly, revealing Stacy’s secret.

“Be my guest,” I then stated, once again not expecting her to actually do that, but I was quickly learning that just about anything was possible, especially when you were least expecting it.

Without saying anything one way or the other, Stacy actually moved over to one of the corners where the jets were particularly strong. Admittedly, I’d leaned into them a time or two myself, though I hadn’t mentioned that at the time. But I was somewhat surprised when Stacy positioned herself over one of them, obviously enjoying the sensation of the pulsating jet against her pussy. She made no bones about the pleasure she was feeling either as she knelt there, moaning audibly as Robin and I looked on.

“Told you she was a naughty girl,” Robin teased speaking to me, though I could hear the excitement in her tone of voice as she spoke.

“You call me naughty…you’re the one sitting here in a hot tub naked with a naked man,” she shot back. “And me…” she said grinning, still humping herself against the powerful jet in the tub, obviously nearing climax.

“I just invited you so you could suck his cock,” Robin shot back, her comment totally taking me by surprise, off guard as my mouth dropped open. Before I could respond to that one way or the other, Robin turned towards me. “Yeah, believe it or not…into girls as much as she is, she still enjoys giving the occasional blowjob now and then.”

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