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I would advise readers to read the first part of this story (London adventures 01) before reading this. As always any comments or feedbacks will be greatly appreciated.


The taxi drops us off around Harrods department store as instructed by Anita. I get a great view of her ass as she hops off the taxi in front of me.

“Damn her friend must be loaded,” I think to myself as I realise the apartment we are walking towards is located right opposite Harrods.

Anita quickly opens the front door and we get on the lift. Although exhausted from our earlier sex session, the chemistry between us is electrifying in the lift. I shamelessly grope her ass as we make out.

“You really are an ass man, ain’t you?’ she points out the obvious as I massage her ass cheeks with both my hands.

“You have no idea,” I grin as I kiss her again.

We get off on the sixth floor and Anita quickly opens the door to the flat and pulls me in.

I let my eyes get used to the bright light again as she switches the light on and invites me into the reception room.

“Wow, what a magnificent view!” I exclaim as half of central London is visible through the glass door.

“Is the view better than this?” she playfully asks as she tilts herself exposing nearly half of her breasts to me.

“Come here you! Let me check this view properly!” I demand as I grab her and pull her towards me.

“Not yet, let me freshen up. Why don’t you raid the cupboard and make ourselves a couple of drinks,” she instructs as she pulls away from me and goes into one of the rooms, which I assume is hers during her stay.

Who am I to say no to free alcohol, I tell myself as I grab a bottle of vodka and make us a couple of drinks. Sipping my vodka and lemonade I quickly text Rob to say I won’t be returning for the night and remind him to make sure he puts a new parking ticket in the morning for my car.

I open the glass door and stand outside on the balcony admiring the view. I realise it’s well past one o’clock and London is still as busy as ever. My thoughts get distracted as I hear footsteps behind.

I turn around and my jaw nearly hits the floor as I see Anita wearing a red lingerie that comes just below her pussy lips and literally nothing else. The lace material is so light her dark nipples are visible, and I can see them getting erect with my gaze. Her bosom are threatening to bounce out of the lingerie as she walks towards me. She teases me further by standing just away from my reach and turning around and batting her eyelids at me. I almost cream my pants as I see the lingerie is doing a very poor job hiding her voluptuous bottom.

I stumble back into the room with a dazed look as she giggles and grabs her drink and runs into her room. I follow her like a puppy, drooling at her jiggling ass cheeks as she runs ahead of me. I grab her as she gets to her room and kiss her hard as she moans in my mouth.

“Why don’t you have a quick shower and get rid of your clothes and come to bed,” she whispers with a smile as she lets me tease her pussy lips with my fingers.

Realising dried sweat is probably not the sexiest smell, I reluctantly leave her and hit the bathroom. She’s already left a towel for me, so I quickly discard my clothes and have a shower and just wear my boxers as I get back to Anita.

“Ooh sexy abs,” she wolf whistles as I find her peeping over the duvet admiring my body.

“Thank you for the compliment your majesty,” I perform a mock bow as I jump on to the bed and attack her lips again.

She smiles at me shyly as I pull back the duvet and run my hands over her voluptuous body. It feels like Christmas as a quick pull on the lingerie and the whole piece comes off revealing my present.

For such big boobs, I’m surprised when I feel them being quite firm and perky. Her areola is a lot darker than her body and the dark nipples stand erect proudly as I tease them with my fingers.

I take my time exploring and playing with her breasts as she bites her lips and moans quietly. I gently kiss her neck and slowly move south without breaking contact with my tongue. Her whimper gets louder as I use my tongue to trace circles around her areola without touching her nipple. I take turns licking around her boobs, purposefully ignoring her sensitive nipples. I can see this continuous teasing taking its toll on her as she sighs in frustration and tries to use her hands to pull me on to her nipples. I smile as I get hold of her hands and pin them together above her head as i continue my exploration. She closes her eyes and lifts her hips in frustration almost as if urging me to fuck her as soon as I can.

I pull back and admire this beautiful naked Indian girl lying there with her hands above her head, literally begging me to fuck her. Her chest moves up and down every time she breathes and I can see her starting to lightly sweat with all the excitement. I thank my lucky stars and decide to end her frustration and gently flick her erect left nipple bursa escort with my tongue. She moans loud as I use my finger to tweak the right nipple at the same time. I take turns sucking her nipples as she wriggles underneath me. I notice her rubbing her thighs together and I smile to myself as I can see she is almost reaching the point of no return.

Reluctantly, I let go of her nipples and continue my exploration south. She arches her back and moans loudly as I kiss her belly button and lick around it. I can smell how excited she is even before going near her sweet tasting pussy. I let go of her hands as I move down to concentrate on the main attraction. Without me instructing her, she leaves her hands right where I leave it – above her head.

I get in between her luscious thighs and open them apart. Her upper thighs are glistening from the amount of pussy juice that has been leaking from her sweet sex. My nose is filled with the smell of her pussy as I lick her inner thighs and taste her passion.

Her moans becomes louder as my lips find her moist lips.

“What are you doing to me Dan?” she groans as I start an up and down movement with my tongue on her slit. As a response, I spread her lips with my fingers and change my tongue’s direction to a left and right movement. I alternate between a horizontal lick and a vertical lick with my tongue as she continues to wriggle underneath me. I purposefully ignore her clit and focus on the inner lips and the entry of her vagina. Having had enough of my merciless teasing, she tilts forward and grabs hold of my head and pulls me towards her clit.

Realising I have a good chance of having my neck snapped if I don’t do what she wants, I move my tongue towards her erect clit. She’s so turned on, her clit’s peeking out of the hood and standing erect almost like a small penis.

Knowing how sensitive she must be, I resist touching her clit straightaway, but instead lick circles around her clit with my tongue. Her whimper becomes very irregular as my tongue gets closer and closer to her engorged clit.

I gently flick her aroused clit with my tongue, she arches her back and pushes her hips forward so fast I nearly get thrown off the bed. Not wanting a black eye or a broken nose, I get hold of her thighs with both my arms as I go back and concentrate on her clit.

Giving my tongue a rest, I take the whole of her clit in my mouth and suck it like I sucked her nipple. Seeing how sensitive her clit is, I do my best not to touch it with my teeth but just the lips.

“Finger me now Dan, I’m so close,” she moans as I continue sucking her clit. I quickly wet my finger and slide it inside her pussy as per her instruction. Feeling how wet her pussy is, I have no problem inserting another finger within seconds of the first.

I start a front and back movement with my two fingers inside her vagina as I continue sucking on her clit. A quick peek up and I realise she’s tweaking her nipples as I continue my attack on her pussy.

She grab ahold of my head and literally wails as the first orgasm hits her. I can feel her pussy muscles contract around my fingers so hard they are in danger of breaking. I am also in danger of suffocation as she’s pulled my face so much into her pussy that my nose is right on her Brazilian strip with no room for movement. But I am determined to give her the best orgasm she has ever felt so I motor on and keep her clit in my mouth and my two fingers in her pussy. She grinds herself on my face every time a wave of orgasm hits her.

What feels like ages later she comes down from her peak and relaxes her grip on my head. I pull back and take deep breaths as my lungs scream with delight at the new intake of oxygen. She almost has a sheepish grin on her face as her breathing tempo matches mine.

I pull myself up and head towards her face. I can’t resist a quick couple of kisses on her boobs before finding her lips and letting her taste herself. Her hands absentmindedly grabs my erect cock through my boxers as we gently kiss.

“What are you some kind of a secret porn star?” she asks me as her face breaks in to a happy smile.

“Well, what can I say? I do aim to please,” I smile back as I admire her face that’s glowing after her orgasm.

“Give me a minute and I’ll do you ok,’ she says visibly looking exhausted.

I scoot up the bed and put a pillow behind my back before sitting with my back resting against the headboard. She pulls herself up, rests her head on my chest and hugs me close. I pull my hand over her and hold her as her breathing comes back to normal.

“You better believe me when I say this Dan, but I’ve never done this before where I’ve just brought a random stranger home,’ she tells me as she plays with my abs.

“Well I can promise you, I don’t just go home with strangers either. I am quite picky you know,” I tell her with a grin.

“Yeah right! With the way you knew your way around my pinky, I bet you are man whore,”

I burst out laughing as she bursa escort bayan refers to her pussy as pinky which earns me a hard jab on my midriff.

“Well what can I say, your pinky definitely enjoyed my tongue and fingers,” I tell her and quickly grab hold of her hand as she pulls it back again to punch me.

“Stop being mean, I don’t even know why I told you that,” she pouts sexily as I laugh.

“You look so hot when you pretend to be annoyed,” I tell her as I reach for her lips and kiss her again.

She moans again and moves herself into a position where she’s literally sitting on my lap with her legs tugged behind

I grab hold of her ample bosom with both my hands as she holds my face and kisses me hard. It’s hard to believe this sex Goddess has just had an orgasm as she rubs her pussy on to my boxers and moans in to my mouth.

“It’s my turn to suck you until you cum in my mouth ok?’ she whispers to me as she moves away and pulls my boxers down.

“I have a better idea, why don’t we do each other at the same time,’ I tell her as I move to the middle of the bed and kick my boxers off.

“God, I’ve never seen anyone who’s into oral sex like you,” she smiles happily and moves around and lifts her right leg over my head and brings her beautiful bottom towards my face.

I don’t know what the actual definition of the word perfect is in the dictionary, but having this beautiful girl’s bottom on my face as she leans down to worship my cock must be close enough.

I grab one of the pillows and put it underneath my head as her voluptuous derriere stares at me. I kiss her ass cheeks one at a time as I feel her gently tugging at my cock with her hands. I hold on to her hips and close my eyes and enjoy the sensation as I feel her moist lips kiss the head of my cock.

Telling myself I need to distract myself in order to stop myself from ejaculating soon, I concentrate on her ass which sadly I have been ignoring so far.

I lick her ass crack and gently open her cheeks apart with my hands. I inhale deeply and realise the musky smell I smelled last time is long gone probably when she showered. A circle around her puckering hole is almost the same colour as her areolae.

I lick the perineum first while dipping in to her pussy occasionally. I close my eyes and moan as I feel her little hands holding on to my testicles as part of my cock’s engulfed inside her mouth. Determined to make her cum at the same time as me, I lick from her pussy all the way to her asshole.

She groans into my cock as I increase my tempo. I realise we are matching each other’s rhythm as we pleasure each other simultaneously.

I insert my thumb inside her pussy as I continue my attack on her asshole. I stiffen my tongue and try to penetrate her anus using it like a small cock. Realising how her moans are increasing and she is using my tongue to fuck herself, I know she’s close to another orgasm.

I insert my right thumb fully inside her pussy as I use the rest of the fingers to properly open up her ass cheeks. I use my tongue like a paint brush as I move it up and down on her asshole.

I know I’m in trouble as I suddenly feel her breath around my balls. Realising she is deep throating me, I start moving my hips and start fucking her face. The faster I move my hips the more pressure I put on her pussy with my thumb and the harder I lick her asshole.

Unknown to me the little devil has her own plans as suddenly I feel a finger pressing around my asshole.

“Urgh!! I’m cumming babe,” I pull my face off her ass and scream as she pushes the finger inside my ass and deep throats me at the same time. I flood her inner mouth with hot cum as she swallows every drop like a champ and massages my prostate with her finger. Every time I think it’s over she adds pressure on the prostate again and the whole sensation starts again. She does this until she’s satisfied she’s milked me dry.

She turns around and smiles at me proudly and says “Well you are not the only one who’s good at oral sex.”

I meekly smile at her as I feel physically and mentally drained.

“Hands down the best blow job I’ve ever received,” I tell her with my eyes closed.

“Well technically that’s wasn’t a blow job,” she giggles cheekily as I try to catch my breath back.

“Well I’ve still got flashes and floaters in my eyes you know,” I tell her truthfully. I think to myself what else this night’s going to do to me.

“Ah poor baby, I guess I’ve just got to kiss them and make them feel better,” She almost croons as she comes close to me and kisses my shut eyelids.

“Urgh cum breath,” I tease her as she tries to kiss me.

“Oi, I never complained when you kissed me after you licked me,” the mock angry voice is back.

“Well your pinky does smell and taste a lot better than my cum,” I tease her as I pull her for a kiss and taste myself on her lips.

She moans in appreciation and slips a tongue in while her hands goes down and grabs my escort bursa limp cock.

“You are going to kill me,” I moan as her hand massages my cock, trying to revive it.

“Well won’t it be a nice way to go,” she teases me as she kisses my chest before moving on to my nipples.

“Fat chance you are getting any milk from those bad boys,” I tell her as she pretends to take turns sucking on them.

“Well I know a place where I can get milk,” she grins as she moves down.

Praying the Red Bull in the copious amount of Jagerbombs I downed earlier on the evening does help me, I wait for the inevitable to happen as she reaches my cock.

“Ah nice and small for me to swallow without a problem,” she mocks me as she takes my whole cock in and starts bobbing on it.

Where was she when I was 21, I tell myself as I close my eyes and enjoy the wet surrounding around my cock.

Anita skilfully starts using her tongue and her lips around my cock and in no time I’m hard again and ready for more action.

“Ooh I think he’s ready,” she announced to no one as she pulls herself up and grabs hold of my cock and brings her slit over it.

“With your talented mouth, I’m surprise it took my cock this long,” I tell her as I hold on to her thighs and steady her as she rubs my erect cock at the entrance of her vagina.

We both moan as the bulbous part of my cock opens up her inner pussy lips. For someone’s who had crazy animalistic sex a few hours ago, Anita’s pussy feels unbelievably tight. She moves herself from side to side to get used to the girth of my cock before pushing herself and taking the whole length in.

“You feel so tight babe,” I whisper as she holds on to my neck and looks into my eyes. We don’t move much but just gently sway as she gets used to me being inside her again.

“What are you waiting for, I know you want to touch my ass,” she smiles at me as my hands absentmindedly rubs her back.

“Whatever you say your highness,” I giggle at my own pun as I bring my hands back to her ample cheeks and squeeze them.

She closes her eyes and enjoys my touch and starts rocking a bit faster. Her boobs mash around my chest as she starts increasing her tempo. I hold both of her ass cheeks and knead them shamelessly as she holds on to me by my neck.

Knowing that I am no way close to cumming I let her have her fun and just enjoy watching this beautiful girl having her way with me.

“Let’s swap, my thighs are hurting,” she pouts again as she reluctantly pulls my cock off her pussy and moves to the side.

“You are the boss. How do you want it?” I ask her while stoking my cock, which is covered in her pussy juices.

Instead of answering she lies on her right side and lifts her left leg invitingly. I smile at her and move on to my right-side and pull her closer until my cock’s positioned back under her pussy lips.

Lying side by side I push my cock in earning a moan from her as she closes her eyes and bites her lips sexily. My lefthand is back on her ass cheek as I bury my cock fully inside her again.

“I can feel you so deep inside me,” she tells me as I use my left hand to bring her face closer to me for a kiss. We kiss in silence as I gently push in and out of her pussy. I move my right hand from her left ass cheek and massage her left breast. We both move together as she sucks on my tongue as if her life depend on it.

She takes my hand from her breast and let it rest on her asshole. I smile at her and gently massage the perineum as I increase my tempo. Her kissing gets a bit more urgent as we continue our lovemaking.

“I’m close again Dan, touch my clit,” She pleads as she starts humping herself on my cock,.

I pull my hand away from her asshole and rest my thumb between us and find her engorged clit. Her hips movement becomes erratic as she tries hard to find her release.

Knowing I won’t be able to fuck her any faster in this position, I push her on to her back and move between her legs on to a missionary position.

I pull myself out completely from her pussy and push it back in all the way roughly. I do this a few times until I can see she is ready to orgasm again.

She grabs hold of my ass and pulls me in deep inside her as she tilts her head back and screams as the orgasm hits her.

I push in as deep as I can and hold her tight as she shivers under me from the height of pleasure the whole of her body is experiencing.

“I don’t think I’ll be able to walk tomorrow,” she mutters as her eyelids gently open.

“We’ll worry about that tomorrow,” I almost growl at her as I pull out and turn her over.

Now that we’ve made love, my animalistic instinct kicks in and I want to give her a brutal fucking before I ejaculate.

By the look on my face she can see I’ve reached a different level and she quickly turns around and lifts her ass up and gets on all four.

I almost grunt at the sight in front of me as I get behind her and line my cock back onto her pussy.

“Fuck me until you cum deep inside me Dan,” she turns her head around and batters her eyelid.

“I intend to,” I tell her as I hold on to her hips and ram my cock all the way deep back in to her pussy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32