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I was playing around on the net the other day, browsing sites and talking to a few friends. Most of the sites were adult in content, also, I was spending time back and forth between a few chat rooms. Then she came up on my random chat. She called herself Linda. I liked what she said in her info. She was looking for someone that sounded just like me. I sent a random message to her and she responded quickly.

” Hello….I am Martin…how are you?”

” I am very well… it is nice to meet you.”

” So, what’s up tonight?”

” Not much …and you?”

” Just talking to some friends.”

” I hope I am one of them.”

” You are if you want to be.”

” Would you like to talk on the phone for a while…my dime?”

” Where are you located?”

” Australia.”

” That’s one hell of a call.”

” Don’t worry, I can call through my computer over the internet.”

” I don’t have anything like that.”

” You don’t need it, you’ll use your phone.”

” Damn that’s cool, it won’t cost you anything?”

” No it’s great, I got your picture from myspace and I would love to hear your voice.”

” I would love to hear you too.”

” Well, I need your number.”

” Ok, it’s area code (317) 555-6661, give me 5 min to get off-line I only have one phone.”

” Ok, talk to you in 5 min.”

This was great, I had never imagined that I could talk to someone on here, since I didn’t have internet phone or any other phone program.

Five minutes passed and no call, then ten. Just as I was about to give up and get back on-line, the phone rang.

” Hello…….”

” Is this Martin?” A soft tender voice fills my ears. “It’s me. Nice to be able to hear you.”

” Yes it is…. your voice is so sweet and soft.”

” Just like me…. You sound so strong,,,,,, and very sexy.”

I could tell without looking that I was blushing. I am not used to hearing this about me…at least not from strangers, OK, not from anybody.

” This is really great. I wish I could set it up and do it. I really like this.”

” I love to hear the voices of the people I talk to…you can tell so much about them from their voice…I can tell that you are very serious… very artistic and very sad.”

” That’s allot to tell just from my voice.”

” Was I right?”

” Well…yes I guess…I do have a very serious side but I also like to be quite goofy at times…. artistic.. I play guitar and sing, a touch.. and sorry to say yes… I am very sad.”

” See, I told you.”

bursa escort You are pretty good.”

” I can be even better…I know what will make you happy.”

” Really…what is that?

” You want me to want you…to be yours.”

“Well.. that would be really nice…..very nice.”

” Tell me what you are wearing……..”

” Uhhh.. a pair of sweat pants…and a tee shirt.”

” Mmmm, I am sitting in a chair and I am wearing nothing but a smile. Come closer and watch me play with myself.”

” Very nice…I wish I could really see you…I wish I was there.”

” So do I….I wish I could take your cock out and lick you all over…… suck you into my mouth and feel you grow.”

” I want to rub your nipples as you suck me….watching you finger your pussy. Are you playing with yourself now?”

” Yes I started as soon as I heard your voice. And you, is your cock out, in your hand?”

” Yes I am sliding my hands up and down slowly.”

” Pretend it is my mouth.. get it wet with your spit and slowly stroke… turning your hand from side to side as you do .. I have my hand on your balls, squeezing and massaging.”

” I can feel the heat of your mouth….. how wet you are making my cock. I can smell your pussy getting hot.. I want to taste you.”

” Taking you out of my mouth I tell you I want to feel your tongue on me.. making me wet.”

” Are you wet for real?….. I wish I was there to see.”

“If you were you could see how wet I am. Just waiting for your tongue. I want your hot breath on me. Taking my fingers and holding them for you to taste.”

” Mmmmm, damn you taste so good. I am moving around to the front of your chair. I watch as you place you legs over each arm of the chair. Open your pussy wide for me …. let me see the prize I want so bad.”

” I am taking my fingers and pulling the lips apart.. smiling at you and begging you to lick me…… Please Martin… lick my pussy make my cunt explode with your tongue.”

” Lowering my head between your legs I lick you from top to bottom…. teasing your asshole with the tip… sliding my tongue along your wet slit. Slipping inside, my tongue probes deep in your hot pussy. I suck on your little clit and begin to nibble on you.”

” aaaahhh… mmmmmm that is nice, I am getting there…Please don’t stop talking. I can really feel you between my knees. Licking and sucking on me. I am soooo close… help me.”

” I reach under your ass and push my fingers into your ass and cunt hard….still sucking and nibbling on your clit. bursa escort bayan I want you to cum for me…. finger your hot pussy,,, put your fingers inside… Are you pinching your clit for me… tell me what you are doing.”

” My fingers are inside my pussy and one in my ass, I can feel you there… I am rubbing and pinching my clit.. pretending it’s your hand. I can feel the orgasm building. I am going to cum…… ooooohhhh shit don’t stop”

” Hello, so what’s going on… what are you doing, talk to me.. what’s up?”

” What’s that… is someone there….. hello… aren’t you alone?”

” I don’t know what it is….it’s not here….”

” It must have been something on the phone line… some kind of wire cross or something. I thought someone had walked in on you….. I could just see you trying to explain what was going on… *Laughing*

” No not here….. that would have been too much….. I can’t believe my luck.. I was ready to cum…..”

” Then you go back to rubbing that little pussy of yours and we will get back to it….. fingers back inside?”

” Yes they are…..and I want you inside of me.”

” Do you have a toy to play with…. and pretend it is me? Something long and hard.”

” Yes… let me get it.”

” Ok…. I’ll wait.”

I couldn’t believe what was happening. This was a dream, it had to be. I’ve never had this much luck, ever. The wait seemed like an eternity.

” Got it… and rubbing it where I want you to be.”

” Pretend it is me….. you have my cock in your hand and rubbing it across your clit…. feel me…. sliding up and down your slit.”

” oooh Yes That’s so good. Can I put you inside?”

” NO, not yet. Just keep sliding it along your wet pussy… slip the head in just a little bit… then back to rubbing your lips and clit ….. Talk to me.”

” Jesus Christ you have me so hot…. I want you in me….. I feel your cock pulsing against my clit. I have two fingers in my ass and you rubbing across my clit. PPPPLLLLLEEAAASEEEE!!! Put it in…. I need to cum so bad…… please, lover please…. I want your cock fucking me, pounding into my pussy!”

” Take my cock and slide it in to your pussy……. slowly… all the way in. Then back out…… slowly…. all the way out……. then back in…. till you hit bottom…. Keep this up….. don’t make it any faster…. keep it slow.”


“Now I want you to escort bursa take your fingers and spank your little clitty, getting harder with each slap. Ok…. start to pick up speed..rubbing faster and stopping to spank.. you are doing only what I say aren’t you?”

“YES… only … what…. you…. tell…. me ….. to … do… I …. can’t …… catch….. my….. breath…”

” Follow me….. a bit faster… always all the way in and all the way out…… then faster… when you are moving fast… then slam it in and hold it tight, as you do pinch your clit hard, hold it til you start to come, then release it.”

” OOOOHHHH SHIT… I AM CUMMING AGAIN….. I CAN’T STOP….. IT IS SOOOO GOOD ….. aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! ….. fuck me …. fuck me…… I can feel your heart beating inside my pussy…. your cock is beating like a drum.”

” Back to in and out… this time fast and hard… just deep enough to make you feel it building. Is you finger still in your ass…..?”

” Yes…… it…. is….. ooooohhhhhh”

” Start pumping it opposite my cock …. then as you cum… slam me in as deep as you can and pull your fingers out of your ass with a jerk.”


“I am cumming too….. let me cum all over your body ….. I ….. AM ……..NOWWWWWWWWWWW.. AAAAAARRRRGGGGGGUUUUUHHHHHH!”

There was no sound from the other end but very heavy, fast breathing…. and I sit here with cum all over me….. damn that was intense.

” Are you there?….. I am covered with my cum…. all over the floor and couch. I don’t think I have ever cum so much.”

” That was amazing…. there is a puddle of cum on the floor beneath me dripping off the chair..I actually squirted.. I want to do this for real….. you are great.”

Her voice was very shaky….. but I knew how she felt… If I could get on a plane now and find her, I would…. everything else be damned.

” I want to meet you someday…. would you like that?”

” Very much…. I hope it can happen someday … I am sorry Martin…. but I have to go…. I will dream about making love to you for a long time. You have made me very happy……. Sweet dreams, love.”

” Don’t be sorry, I have allot of cleaning to do anyway………”

That was the only time that we spoke…. either on the phone or over the net. She no longer answers my messages, or my e-mails… I don’t want to believe that that was all we will ever be…. one phone call and the best sex that I ever imagined….. maybe someday she’ll return…. I hope so. Nothing has been quite the same since that night.


Copyright (c) 1998, Warren Bowen. ALL Rights Reserved

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32