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I was so happy to finally be able to escape the stress of the days work, I couldn’t wait to take a nice steaming hot shower. I turned the water on, and started to take my clothes off. I stepped into the shower, my body shaking as the hot water cascaded over it, I ran my fingers through my hair, letting the water flow over my aching body.

I had a strange feeling that someone was watching me, that couldn’t be right I thought, Steve isn’t home for another few days yet. I shrugged it off as my mind playing tricks on my, and continued to lather my body with soap, then the shower curtain opened and someone joined me inside. He grabbed me and pushed me hard against the shower wall.

‘If you scream, you’ll get more than you bargained for’ he said, and laughed.

I recognised the voice instantly.

‘What are you doing home so early?’ I asked Steve, my boyfriend.

‘Got an early mark for good behaviour’ he replied, placing a kiss on my neck.

‘I doubt that very much babe, you and good behaviour are yet to be introduced’

He chuckled, ‘you are gonna see how good I can be tonight my sweet thing’

He ran his hands down my body, I could feel his eyes gliding over my back, then my well contoured ass, he slowly reached down and ran his fingers down my ass, spreading my cheeks, letting the water flow down it.

He pressed his body hard against mine, pressing my breasts up against the cold shower wall, I could feel his hardening cock pressing into my back, he sure was pleased to see me.

He reached over and grabbed the soap from my hand, ‘let me give you a bit of a hand, sweetheart’ he said, reaching down and rubbing his soap covered hand over my pussy., my whole body shook, it had been so long since we had been together, his fingers probed my soapy pussy until he found my clit, he slowly rubbed it with his fingers, I parted my legs sightly to give him bursa escort easier access.

‘Oh god Steve…. that feels so good….’ I moaned

‘This is just the beginning Karen, I want you in everyway’ Steve whispered in my ear.

He pushed my legs further apart and his fingers found my slit…. he ran them along it, making me moan and move my hips, trying to force his fingers inside me, he laughed, knowing how badly I wanted them inside me, he didn’t make me wait long, he slipped his long, fat finger inside my cunt, hard, I moaned loudly, slowly her started to pump his finger inside me, long and slow, driving me crazy, then he started to speed it up, pumping his finger inside me, finger fucking me, I screamed, it felt so good, Steve bit down on my shoulder as he fucked my cunt harder and faster, my legs started to shake as my orgasm grew closer.

‘Oh baby, do it harder, finger fuck your slut’ I screamed, as he fucked my cunt.

‘Cum for me baby, cum for me’ he moaned.

My pussy started to contract in an intense orgasm, my pussy grabbing his finger and he continued to pound it into my cunt, he withdrew it slowly as my orgasm subsided, the turned me around and kissed me long and hard, our tongues entwining, his hard 9″ cock pressing into my stomach, god how I wanted him inside me.

He reached behind me and turned the water off, taking me in his arms, and carried me towards the bedroom, the water dripping from our bodies onto the floor, he laid me on the bed, and leaned down to take one of my nipples into his mouth, sucking long and hard on it, grabbing the other breast in his hand and squeezing it hard, I moaned and arched my back, feeling every sensation running through my body, my cunt was still sensitive from my orgasm, I could feel Steve’s cock rubbing against it.

‘Steve, I need you inside me now, I can’t wait anymore, FUCK ME!!!’ I begged

He bursa escort bayan pulled my knees up and apart, spreading my legs wide apart, exposing my cunt to him.

‘Not yet, I’m not done yet’ he replied

He moved down and dragged my cunt to the edge of the bed, he grabbed my ankles and hoisted the over his shoulders, he moved forward and circled my clit with his tongue, I grabbed the bed covers and arched my back, my clit so sensitive from before, he spread my pussy lips and grabbed my clit with his lips, sucking on it, driving me wild, then moving his tongue down to my slit and pushing it inside me, he started tonguing me, it felt so damned good, the he reached under my ass and slipped a finger inside my hole, he had never done that before, he looked at me, questioning me with his eyes, wondering if he had overstepped the mark.

‘Fuck Steve, that feels so fucking good, ohhhhh yesssss… god I want you inside me so badly!!!’ I screamed.

‘Do you want this slow or nasty, you slut?’ he asked

‘NASTY’ I cried ‘I want you to ram your rod into me, you slut fucker Oh God! Unnnhhh, oh yes, oh do it to me, baby I need it, I need you to fuck me bad, now! Fuck me now, please! Pleeeease!”

Steve put his hands on either side of my head, kissing my ripe, red lips. I reached down and helped him guide the thick enormous, blood-engorged prick into my wet, puckering pussy. It was so big that I felt like my whole body was being filled by it as he fucked deep into my cunt.

“Oh shit, it’s huge!” I gasped in a choked voice.”I want to feel every bit of it in me. Raping me!”

Slowly Steve pulled his massive cock out of my pussy. The bulbous head of his cock was at the very edge of my glistening cunt-lips when he rammed it back deep into me. I nearly blacked out from the intensity of pleasure that gripped my trembling body.

He scooped up my quivering escort bursa body in his strong arms and began fucking me with long, hard strokes. I whimpered and moaned with ecstasy, gyrating my body under his sharp thrusts. I locked my long legs around his hips and pushed my hungry pussy up into his stabbing cock.

“Oh yes, Steve! Ohhhhh yes, fuck me, do it hard! Harder! It’s so good! Unghhh-unh, unh, unh! Angghhh! Oh, baby, it goes in so deep! Anngghhh! Ungghhh! Yes, harder, ungghhh!”

Quivering and twisting under him, I could hardly believe the wild pleasure I was feeling. Steve’s feverish hands were all over my naked body while he fucked me. He slid his mouth down my body to my jiggling breasts again and sucked my nipples fiercely. I nearly cried out with pain as his mouth assaulted the excited buds. But his savage mouth on my breasts brought me quickly to the edge.

“Awwwoonnnggg!” I groaned as my lover fucked me more and more roughly. “Ungghh! Onnggh! Steve, I’m going to cum! Ungghhh!”

“Do it, Karen, do it!” he panted.

He slipped his hands down to my ass, cupping my bouncing ass cheeks in his hands and squeezing them as he buried the long fat shaft of his cock deep in my streaming pussy again and again. My body shuddering as it exploded with killing spasms of a hot, wrenching climax. I gasped and moaned hysterically as the sensations gripped my body. “Aiiiieeee!” I screamed, my body convulsing under the driving, hammering prick of my lover. “Yes! Ohhhnnn! Ahhnnggiiieeeee! Ohhhhhh yes, yes, baby, annnngghiiieeeeee!”

Seconds after I came I heard Steve grunt, then felt the streams of his cum pumping into me from his spouting fuck-tool. Our striving bodies were locked together in a blinding spasm of pleasure. When it subsided, we fell side by side on the mattress, panting and gasping uncontrollably.

His rigid cock was still inside of me, and as I wriggled her cunt up and down on it, the head of his cock rubbing my cervix… then a fresh, startling orgasm shook me again.

“Ahhhggggg-ohhhnnnnnn!” I screamed as it streamed through my quivering flesh. “Steve, you made me cum again!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32