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This is my first-ever sequel, picking up a couple of months after the events in Lounge Access. I’ve been looking forward to writing this ever since I wrote the previous one. Hope you guys find it just as engaging. All suggestions/constructive criticism welcome – Astro


The skybus arrived at my stop at 6 PM. I loaded up my luggage and we set off towards the airport. The journey was supposed to take a good hour-and-a-half, so it was late evening by the time we got there. The sky was a dull orange, signalling showers later in the night. I got my bags and went in. The international departures area was full of people taking late evening or red-eye flights to their respective destinations. I was heading back home myself, after spending a year abroad at uni.

I queued up in the long, winding line of travellers at the airline check-in counters. Then I heard someone behind me softly call out my name. I turned around to see Reggie smirking at me.

“Hey!” I blurted out, pleasantly surprised.

“Dude you are so into your own world! I rode with you in the skybus the whole way and you never even noticed me!” Reggie complained.

It was true. I’m used to putting on my headphones and firing up a podcast on long journeys or while carrying out mundane activities. I like to tell myself I’m always aware of my surroundings, but I’m usually not.

“Damn, sorry about that.” Then, noticing the trolley suitcase she had in hand, “You’re flying back home today as well, right? I forgot you told me.”

“Yup. Graduated last week. I’m done with uni, at least for now.”

“Weren’t your parents supposed to be…” My voice trailed off as I located an older couple, standing a few feet away from us. They smiled politely when I looked at them. I awkwardly smiled back.

“Those are my folks, yes. They came for the graduation ceremony. We’re all flying back together to SG tonight.”

“Ah, cool cool cool.” I suddenly felt at a loss for words. “I guess you’re not flying on Thai with me then.”

Reg laughed. I stood there smiling dumbly at her. She didn’t say anything either, for a couple of moments. I reckon we were both thinking back at the cold, drunken night we’d spent in the international students’ lounge. Downing a few too many shots at the campus bar. Taking shelter from the winter night in the warm lounge. Me massaging Reggie’s feet. Her moans as I moved up her legs. Her pert ass peeking out from behind the fridge. Getting caught looking up her skirt. Being ordered to take her dress off. Rubbing, stroking and kneading her flesh to an orgasm. Kissing the sole of her foot as she lay spent, under me…

We were both brought out of our respective reveries by the check-in call of Singapore Airlines.

“That’s me. Gotta go.” Reg said.

“See you on the other side.” I replied.

She winked at me and walked back to her parents. I tried not to stare at her legs in her denim cutoffs, which ended just half an inch below her ass.

It took me a quarter of an hour to reach the check-in counter, and twenty more minutes passing through outbound security checks. Now, lay before me, the labyrinthine commercial section of the airport. Stores selling duty-free alcohol and electronics, souvenir shops, bookstores, clothing lingerie and cosmetics stores, spas and massage outlets, and restaurants serving at least a dozen different cuisines. And obviously the route to the gates snaked through all these storefronts.

I made my way to my assigned gate. I had two more hours to go before boarding began, so I walked back into the shopping complex. I went into an electronics store and tried on a pair of headphones. I stood there bopping my head to a random hip-hop number with a catchy hook when I felt a light smack on my butt. I knew it was Reggie even before I turned around.

“You look weird with those huge headphones on.” she teased.

“Yeah, it’s hard to believe anything could be so big as to entirely cover my huge ears.”

“Oh come on, your ears aren’t big. At least, not as big as your nose.”

“I got that from my granddad. Along with the shaved head.”

Reg giggled. Then, “How much time till you board?”

“Slightly less than two hours. You?”

“About the same time. I was getting bored in the airline lounge, so I came out for a bit of a walk. But I’ve been through this airport so many times over the past 4 years that somehow being out here is even more boring than staying in.”

“Can’t say I feel the same way. I like watching people. But then again, I’ve never been inside an airport lounge. I don’t know how lively things get up there.”

Reg smiled wryly. “Well, I can show you how lively it gets inside.” she said, making air quotes.

“Are you gonna live-stream it on Instagram or something?”

“No, smartass. I’m gonna actually take you there.”

“You do realise I’m not flying business class, right?”

“You don’t need to. Your tuzla escort airline is on the same alliance as mine. I and my parents are frequent flyers so we are allowed to bring a guest in, each. None of us have a plus one for tonight, yet.” Reg foxily wiggled her brow at me.

I sighed and pretended to concede. “Can’t say no to an offer like that.”

She grinned and led the way. At the lounge reception, she presented our respective boarding passes and flashed a gold card. And that’s how easily we got in.

The lounge looked decadent, lit up in a warm, ambient glow. There were a couple of different sections that I could make out: one with a row of couches looking out at the runway, with a restaurant and bar adjacent; another with luxurious high-backed chairs and glass-topped tables a la mode. There was also an area with private pods, packed in sets of 4 like a cloverleaf. The whole set up made me feel like I was in the lobby of a high-end hotel.

“Consider me impressed.” I said.

Reg smiled smugly. I spotted her parents sitting in the high-backed chairs, her dad reading a newspaper and her mom reading a book. Both of them had drinks on the tables next to them.

“You’re not having anything to drink?” I inquired.

“I just had an Asahi. But I’m not drinking anymore, now that you’re here. Especially because of what happened the last time we ended up drunk in a lounge.”

“Jeez, was I that bad?”

She playfully punched me in the arm. “Stop fishing for compliments. You know you’re good.”

“I aim to please.”

“Sure. Then what happened the last time? The last thing I remember is us fooling around, before I woke up the next morning, all alone in the lounge, covered with just a comforter. That too two minutes before someone walked in. I barely had time to put my pants on.”

What happened the last time, indeed?

I flashed back again to the night in question. Reggie coming down from the crest of her orgasm. My fingers under the gusset of her panties, stroking her slick slit. She’s biting her thumb. Looking at me with wide open eyes, her expression euphoric. I pick up her foot and kiss the sole. Then I move up the side of the calf. Planting soft, lingering kisses. Down the inside of her thigh. Teasing the sensitive area where her leg meets the hip. Up her belly. Under, then between her breasts, up the clavicle and the side of her neck. My lips grazer her jawline, her soft cheek, all the way to her ruby-red lips. I look into her eyes…

… to find that she’s passed out.


The drink must’ve done her in.

I drag her, bean bag and all, into the office. I pull the comforter back up to her shoulders, after taking one last look at her gorgeous tits – the skin still flushed, glistening. I make a quiet exit and walk back in the freezing cold to my flat. I wake up the next day with blue balls.

“… and I never got a chance to catch up with you after that, till tonight.”, I explained.

Reg didn’t say anything for a few seconds. Her brows were knitted as she processed what I told her. Then, taking a look over my shoulder at her parents, she grabbed my wrist and led me to the section with the private pods. She looked down the row of cloverleafed pods, then up at the security cameras along the walls, and picked the one which appeared the most discreet. The pods were all of the same construction: a small, three-walled cubicle with a cushioned seat and a table hanging off the walls. The latest upgrade to all Singapore Airlines lounges across the globe.

Reg sat down, pulled me in the pod and firmly pushed my hips back on the table. I took the hint and climbed up, my feet straddling her hips on the cushion. She pulled me by the collar of my shirt till our faces were less than an inch apart. She looked up at me.

“I don’t want you to think that I’m the type of girl who does this with every guy she meets.”

Her lips softly brushed mine.

“I also don’t want you to think I do this with anyone who gets me drunk and treats me right.”

She kissed me again.

“And I especially don’t want you to think I’m the type of girl who takes things for granted.”

A warmer, slightly longer kiss.

“I don’t take my orgasms for granted.”

Reg’s hands snaked their way to the back of my neck. Her tongue stroked my bottom lip.

“And I always pay back my debts”

My lips parted to let her tongue find mine. They played around lightly – at first. Slowly building up the pressure. Getting more familiar. Lips slipping under, over and around each other. Reg moaned in my mouth as I slowly trailed my fingertips up and down her arms. Breaths getting deeper, warmer. Her hands rub the back of my neck and my head. My hands run down to her shoulders, along her sides, coming to rest on her tits. I rub them through her thin tank top and soft cotton bra. Her hands trail down the side of my neck, down the front to my chest – lingering over the rippling muscle for a bit – before sliding down my tuzla escort bayan abdomen to the waistband of my shorts. She broke the kiss.

Reggie unbuttoned the shorts and pulled the zipper down. I could look around half the lounge via my high vantage point on the pod’s table. I saw her parents in the far corner, engrossed in their respective readings. I took in the rest of the room quickly as Reg rubbed my cock through my boxers. It was more than semi-hard already – I always get super turned on by kissing. Her fingers traced the bulging outline, from the head down to the balls. She teased my cock for a bit through the thin, stretchy polyester. Then, smirking up at me, she hooked her fingers into the waistband and pulled the front of the boxers down, under my balls. My erect member sprang free.

Reg reached into her small satchel purse and pulled out a tube of hand cream.

“Good idea.” I said.

“It’s an expensive one so don’t you dare cum under a minute.”

She squirted a wad of cream into her palm, and rubbed into the other one. She cupped my balls with one hand while her other hand grabbed my shaft with the other. She slowly worked it into the veiny skin, stroking my shaft and fondling the balls. Her hands moved slowly, deliberately, just like mine did on her legs the other night. When she was satisfied with the level of slickness, she squirted another wad of cream, this time directly on the tip of my cock. I groaned as she worked it into the foreskin enveloping the sensitive head. She let go and wagged her finger at me.

“No no, I’m not done with you just yet.”

I looked at her through narrowed eyes, brows furrowed with the sensations from my loins. She grinned and grabbed the shaft again, working back up to the head. She edged me for the next ten minutes. A clear stream of precum drooled steadily out from the head, some hanging off it, some landing in her lap and on her legs. As this continued for the next couple of minutes, I had to bring my hands off Reggie’s tits and grip the edge of the table. What was frustrating was that her stroking was so steady and so deliberate, never speeding up or slowing down too much. I don’t think I’ve ever been given a handjob like this before, at just the right pace and the right pressure. The smell of my arousal and the fragrance of the cocoa butter cream filled the pod.

When another string of precum hit her bare leg, she stopped stroking me and scooped it up on her fingertip. She put the whole finger in her mouth and sucked its length, tantalisingly slowly.

“Mmmmm…” Reg drew out a soft moan. “I think it’s time I went straight to the source, don’t you think?”

Without waiting for my reply, she bent over my lap and stuck her tongue out. The tip flicked, then circled the engorged glans, licking the precum off. Reg spiralled the tip slowly upward to the centre of the head, and agonizingly licked at the opening. I had to bite my hand and think of getting kicked in the balls – just to not cum then and there. Screw her not being done with me; I wasn’t done with her oral ministrations just yet either.

Reg ran the tip of her tongue down the underside of my shaft, sucking on the loose skin hanging over my testicles before bringing it back up again. She did this several times, before – without warning – taking me into her warm mouth.

“Fuuuuuck” I hissed through my teeth.

She grunted as she looked up at me, her lips stroking my cock. Her head started slowly bobbing up and down, and her saliva left a glistening trail along my member. One of her hands cupped and pulled on my balls, while the other sneaked down inside her shorts. She started rubbing her pussy as she blew me. Reg moaned around my cock, gazing into my eyes.

It didn’t take too long before I felt a knot forming inside my groin. I grabbed the side of Reggie’s head and told her I was gonna cum soon. She nodded, but didn’t stop blowing me. Her hand worked furiously inside her panties. In the final few seconds, she stopped bobbing her head and her warm mouth came to rest enveloping the swollen head. Reg pumped the shaft with her hand and flicked her tongue on my piss hole. I gasped and exploded in her mouth, spurting hot cum down her throat.

“Gaaaahhhhh fuck!”

She groaned as she swallowed my load – once, twice, thrice – while milking my cock for all it was worth. It pulsed in her mouth as she slowly resumed moving her lips up and down the length. When she was satisfied I was spent, she gave the tip of my wilting member a final flick with her tongue and drew back. I sucked air in through my teeth and looked down at her gorgeous face. She was still rubbing her mound.

“I think it’s time we switched seats.” I told her.

Reg grinned and obliged. Now I was on the cushion, she on the table.

My fingers lightly trailed down the side of her neck and down the front before grabbing the neck of her tank and drawing her face to mine. Our lips drew together in a long, wet kiss. My hands then moved down escort tuzla her sides, fingers hooking under the waistband, journeying slowly to the front under her navel, unbuttoning her denim cutoffs. She raised her hips slightly to let me pull them under her ass, down to her ankles. Reg stepped one of her heels out of the shorts, and they lay hanging around the other ankle.

I flicked my tongue across her parted lips as I drew back, before kissing down her thigh to her light blue briefs. The wetness of her slit was showing through the fabric. I pulled the crotch of the panties aside – strings of her tumscence stretching from the skin – and breathed in her warm musk.

I grabbed an asscheek with one hand and pulled her hips onto my face, and the other hand wrapped across the top of her thigh, prying it apart and firmly holding it there. I kissed my way to her vulva from the side, before sucking in one of her outer labia inside my mouth. Reg inhaled sharply, her belly becoming taut as I sucked and licked the sensitive flesh. She latched on to my wrists. I moved to the other outer lip of her mound and gave it the same treatment. After about a minute of this I circled the tip of my tongue along the inside of the lips, dipping into her sweet pussy juices. I ran my tongue slowly up and down her slit before locking my lips around the folds of flesh obscuring her clit.

I teased around the nub with my tongue. The hand that was pushing her pelvis onto my face crept down under her thigh and up her pubis. I rubbed the fingers up and down her mound, teasing her entrance, getting them slick with Reggie’s juices. When they got well-lubed, I gently slipped one, then the other, inside her.

“yyyeeeeeesssssssss…” she hissed out.

I explored her canal with my probing digits. Down the side walls, up directly under where I was licking her clit, then back down the sides to the bottom. I spread my fingers just the slightest and gently pressed down. My lips created a seal around her clit and when I sucked, it created a small vacuum. This made blood rush up to the skin, swelling the already-engorged organ even further. Then I started a low, monotone humming.

Reggie bucked, thrashed, gasped and groaned as my mouth, tongue and fingers worked in concert to pleasure her. Her flawless peach skin flushed crimson around her mound. The hand that was holding her thigh apart crept up to the skin between her sex and her navel, and started massaging the area in small, circular motion. It took only a minute more of my oral and digital manipulations to send her over the edge.

“fuck fuck fuck fuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhyyyyyyeeeaaaaahhhhh…” Reg whimpered, as her body was wracked by waves of the orgasm. She bit the side of her palm in an effort to be quiet, and with the other hand she held my head pressed into her pussy by the scruff of my neck. I didn’t stop licking and sucking on her clit till her vaginal spasms around my fingers calmed down. Her pressure on the back of my head diminished and I was able to draw my head back back a little. My fingers were gently ejected by her pussy.

There we were again. This time, I was looking up at Reggie rather than the other way around. Her eyelids were drawn close but her gaze was firmly on me. Panting. Biting on her finger. My beard was covered in her juices, her taste on my palate, her scent in my nostrils. She was spent, I was hard. I reached out and took her hand in my mouth, the one that she was biting on. I kissed the side of her palm, then sucked on each finger, one by one.

“I think that’s two for one, in my favour.” I said.

“I can still make it up to you.” She replied softly.

“I was hoping you’d say that.”

I grabbed her ass and pulled it down from the table on my lap. We kissed again, deeply, as she drew up her legs and straddled me with her knees. Our tongues frolicked together and we panted in each other’s mouths. My legs hung off one corner of the seat, so that we were positioned diagonally across the pod. Anyone could’ve passed us by right then, and if they saw us, neither of us would possibly be leaving the airport for a long time. But then Reg pulled out of the kiss and rose up slightly, her hand groping under her for my cock.

Her tits pressed into my face, and

as I breathed in her skin,

as my hands roamed around her pert ass,

as the blood rushed to my throbbing erection and testosterone coursed through my veins,

I knew I’d tear a couple of limbs out their sockets before I let go of this beautiful creature whose sex was currently pressed up against mine.

Reggie and I groaned in unison as I entered her. She slowly lowered herself on me, hands on my shoulders. All the way till the base, before holding it there. Taking a couple of beats to let us both savour the sensations, before rising back up. Then all the way down again, then up. And repeat. She was tight, and I didn’t have a lot of leverage to thrust. Reg was totally in control of the pace. All I did was grab her hips and hang on. She found a rhythm and worked my cock, her strong thighs propelling her up and down. Her tits were bouncing right under my chin.

“Fuck me… just like that…” I whispered breathily in her ear.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32