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After leaving university with degrees in Media Studies and English language I found my self in the position of having qualifications as useful as “Introduction to Sandwich Repair.” Like everyone else who took Media I wanted to be a director and I was told I had potential but as soon as I left the comfort of the university I was lost and needed money. So I started looking for jobs after being told I was both over and under qualified I landed a job in the passport office. Reasonably paid and fairly respectable it stopped my Mother’s nagging and gave me much needed money.

The problem is the job is soul crushingly boring. My position is simple to proof check the photos for all the major problems, too bright, too dark, eyes closed and hats it’s pretty simple. The worst thing is I only get one quota of photos a day as that’s when the post comes in and by 11am I’m done for the day. I work in an office in an empty part of the building so I generally read and listen to music. I’ve had worst jobs true but this is just fantastically dull and for most of the day pointless. When Natalie came she changed work for me and made me excited to come in everyday.

Early on a Monday morning I found a note on my desk asking me to come into a meeting at my boss’s office. Nothing unusual to be honest although I did go to the bathroom and tidy up my hair and retie my tie. I knocked and ended and was presented by two smiling faces in office chairs and a third, which I was quickly gestured to sit down in. I smiled brightly and sat down.

“Hello James,” my boss Jeanie spoke first. Mid fifties, Jeanie looked much older than she was but she was incredibly kind and cheerful.

“Hi, Mrs Spencer.” I said whilst I smiled at the girl next to me.

“James, this is Natalie Everett.” I smiled again at Natalie but this time I looked deep into her eyes she was gorgeous. Absolutely stunning I really couldn’t believe it; no woman I had ever seen was anywhere near as beautiful as Natalie. Although that sounds like an overstatement it wasn’t. She had big brown eyes that look almost tearful. Her brown curly hair fell on her shoulder and bounced each time she moved. Natalie’s lips were full and although she didn’t wear make up her face look vibrant and for lack of a better word perfect. I finally stopped staring.

“Hi,” was honestly the best my mouth could do. She was friendly though and beamed a big pretty smile at me and said hi back.

“We decided to hire another person to help with your work load James. Now don’t worry she’s not going to steal you’re job, just assist you.”

“That sounds great,” I wanted this girl as close to me as possible I began smiling a grin that was frankly scary although I face didn’t seem to obey commands to stop.

“If you wouldn’t mind James we’d also like you to train Natalie up so to speak. Show her the ropes.”

“Yeah of course, if you want for the first couple of weeks she can share my office it’s massive and it’ll make it easy.” I know, I know write now I sound like the worst kind of pervert and I’m sorry. But when Jeanie asked if that was okay with Nat she seemed genuinely supportive of the idea. So we ended up getting an extra desk and chair and heading back to my office. We arranged the desk so we would be facing each other and I began telling her the deal with what we’d be doing day in day out.

“Seriously then why hire me?” She tuzla escort asked once I’d explained how long it takes me to do this each day.

“I have no idea but at least I’ll be done by ten now.” Natalie smiled at this and since I’d already done today’s work we just talked.

We actually had a lot in common a lot of the same music (which is odd because I have eclectic taste) films and even computer games. By the end of the day we talked like old friends it was nice. She was funny which is always the way to my heart and when it was time to go I asked her how she was getting home.

“Bus, why?”

“If you wanted I could give you a lift home.”

“I’ve only known you for 5 hours for all I know you’re a serial killer.”

“Yeah but even that’s still better than public transport.” I smiled and my heart lit up when she laughed. It was such a cute giggle that didn’t have a trace of self-awareness. I just wanted to hug her then and there.

“You do have a point there, you don’t mind do you I live on Wordsworth Ave. is that ok.” I admit it wasn’t in my journey but not too much of a detour either.

“No, seriously don’t worry about it.”

The next month went on like that with us talking and having fun all day and me giving her a lift home at night. We sneaked in a small stereo and because my office was so out the way no one noticed (or cared) when we’d play music all afternoon. We’d exchange mix tapes and recommend books. I woke up every morning excited to see her and spend the day talking with Natalie. I fell deeply in love.

When December came around we decided to go to the Christmas party together I pretended to want to go in an ironic cynical way and Nat agreed immediately simply because she liked terrible parties.

On the night of the party I arrived at Natalie’s house to pick her up. When I saw her she looked stunning. Wearing jeans and a plaid shirt with what I knew to be an Eels t-shirt underneath she managed to wow me.

“Natalie you look beautiful,” I said suddenly realising how inappropriate that comment was. “Sorry.”

“Thanks James, that’s what I going for with this ensemble.”

I laughed and we made our way to the office.

We arrived at the party a little late and when we entered the room (the cafeteria with tables pushed against the wall) we had to stifle a laugh at how bad it was. People who should have known better were drunkenly dancing to one of the most horrendous discos I have witnessed. We stood there for a couple of seconds stupefied before opening my I broke.


“Yeah, I know lets make our own disco we’ve got enough music downstairs.”

I nodded in agreement and went over to the table set up with food to grab some colas and snacks before making our way down to our shared office. We immediately put the stereo on and sat down with our recovered food. We smiled at each other and laughed.

“Glad we didn’t have to pay for this shit.”

“Got to agree there Nat, my 5 year olds birthday was more kicking than this. Seriously I thought the strippers were over the top though.” Natalie laughed at this and looked back at me.

“Next song you have to dance with me,” she commanded. Before politely adding. “Please.” I picked up the album we were listening to: My Aim is True and checked what the next song would be.

“Alison, not really danceable is it?”

“Your problem tuzla escort bayan is you got no funk, you can dance to anything. Plus I really wanted to dance with you.” I have to say this piqued my interest so when the song changed we stood up and moved to the empty corner of my office.

“I must warn you Natalie, my dancing prowess is known far and wide, I have so much talent I donate it to needy children. It’s how I got this job my skills pay the bills.” Natalie smiled at this outrageous claim.

“James you are the clumsiest person I’ve met, I’ll be impressed if either of us comes out of this alive.”

We began to dance, I was so nervous Natalie scent had me dizzy and I couldn’t take my eyes away from hers. She smiled up at me and rested her head against my chest. We moved slowly against each other her body gently grinding against mine. For the first time ever it felt like the feelings that I had for Natalie were reciprocal. I felt like I was in with a chance. I could hear Natalie softly singing the lyrics against my chest. I had never heard her sing and her voice was beautiful. I knew I had to take this chance no matter of the consequences I gently placed my hand on her face and she immediately looked up into my eyes. I slowly moved towards her titling my head as I got closer. Nat closed her eyes and we began to kiss. It was the most amazing sensation I have ever experienced. We began to explore each other’s mouths with our tongues whilst our hands roamed each other’s bodies.

I placed my hand on the back of her head and gently ran my fingers though her soft silky hair. She gripped my back and pulled me into her, I could feel her full breasts pressing into my chest as we continued to kiss. The passion and pleasure that coursed through me left me shaking and when Nat suddenly pulled away I was caught off guard.

“James I have to tell you something. For me this isn’t something sudden I’ve wanted to feel you against me since I first saw you. At first it was just, well lust to be honest but I got to know you and you are everything I have ever wanted.” At this point she was looking away from me obviously to nervous to see my reaction “You’re funny, cool and you always make me feel great about just being me. I want this but I don’t want to be over, I mean I don’t want this to effect us as friends.”

“Natalie I honestly feel the same way about you. Exactly the same, I want to spend every second with you and I’ve to kiss those perfect lips of yours since I first saw you. I love you and haven’t had you out of my mind since I had you introduced to me.”

The last part of the sentence was cut off as Natalie grabbed me and kissed me passionately her tongue sliding deep into my mouth. She began to manoeuvre us to my desk until she was sitting on it with her legs wrapped around me. I ran my hand up and down her sexy thighs up to her slender waist. She gasped as I slipped my hand under her t-shirt and felt her soft stomach. Natalie began to push all files off my desk and lay back.

“I want you, I need you now James.” She whispered sultrily.

I kissed her once more before beginning to unbutton her jeans and slip them off her long gorgeous legs whilst Natalie took off her shirt and pulled her t-shirt over her head. In no time at all Natalie lay there in matching black bra and pants looking stunning. I couldn’t resist and immediately began to escort tuzla kiss the curve of her shoulders slowly moving down her perfect body. When I got to her slim stomach I began to slide down her pants obviously eager she arched her back to make it easier for me to take them off.

I took my time working my way down to her shaved pussy kissing gently I made my descent. Natalie moaned loudly as slid my tongue against her skin but I knew the music would drown out the noise. Natalie’s pussy was perfect I softly licked her wet lips and gripped her hips as she writhed in pleasure. I moved my hand up and down her body taking her bra off whilst I encircled her clitoris with my tongue. Her breasts were amazing full and round with tiny pink nipples that looked gorgeous against her milky skin.

“God, James,” she moaned. “Fuck me I need to feel you inside of me.”

I was more than happy to oblige and began to take off my trousers whilst she practically ripped my shirt off. I gasped as I felt her hand touching my skin and quickly removed my boxers. Natalie lay back again and I positioned my cock against her pussy, I really wanted to savour this so I closed my eyes as I slowly slid inside of her. She felt amazing tight and unbelievably soft I let out a soft moan as the full length of my cock slid inside of her.

“Oh, God,” she practically screamed. “I love you!”

“I love you too,” I said honestly.

I started to thrust inside of Natalie taking it slow but with long deep thrusts. Natalie ran her finger down my spine almost scratching me when I pushed my cock deep inside of her. We began to kiss again and Natalie began to buck against me hard so I sped up fucking her hard and fast. She couldn’t contain herself and moaned deeply into my mouth, in return I gasped and broke away from the kiss. We looked deep into each other’s eyes and we immediately started to make out again. I explored her body with my arms trying to experience every inch of this goddess. I felt Natalie’s pussy grip my cock tight and knew she was coming. Her body shook as the orgasm racked her body so I let the feeling subside before I gently slid out her. She seemed to anticipate my plan and turned round lying face down on the desk. I ran my hands down the curve of her slender sexy waist and thrust deep inside of Natalie. Moaning with pleasure she began to buck against me timing her movements with my thrusts. This felt amazing I gripped her hips and pulled her into me. I knew I would be coming so I slipped my hand under her body and began to gently rub her wet clit with my finger. Natalie shuddered as soon as my finger moved around her hardened clitoris and her thrust onto me became much harder.

Natalie grabbed at my desk tightly causing the wood to creak her cries now audible over the music but neither of us cared. I continued fucking her harder and harder barely able to contain my orgasm and finding it increasingly difficult to rub her gorgeous clit. Natalie’s movements against me had almost stopped when she suddenly arched her back thrusting her whole body tight against me. I felt her muscles clamp around my cock and I could no longer hold back I began coming deep into her pussy moaning whilst Nat cried out my name is pleasure. After we couple of minutes in after orgasm bliss we began to compose ourselves sneaking kisses as we pulled our clothes back on,

“That was amazing Natalie, better than I could have ever wished. Thank you.” My arms ached as I finished the last button on my shirt, but I still managed to hand Nat her t-shirt.

“That was nothing just wait till we get back to mine later.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32