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Getting up from my naked slumber. Walking over to the window. The view’s spectacular from tens of stories up high even if the city looks drab on this grey morning. She comes up behind me, putting her arms around me, around my waist. I can feel her breasts against my back. Both of us are as naked as can be.

We go into the kitchen, making breakfast ready. Taking out bread and butter, making tea. I sit down with my cup and she comes up to me, gently taking my member in her hand and making sure it’s hard enough. before she straddles my lap and guides it into her as she sits down. She rides me gently, slowly, as we eat. Kissing now and then, putting her arms around me now and then. Her beautiful bountiful bouncing bosom right before my eyes. I kiss the twins now and then.

I embrace her, kissing her deeply, before standing up. Holding her up a short while before she slowly puts her feet on the floor, slowly turning around so my member slides out of her. Taking my hand she leads me into the bathroom, walking after this marvellous woman with curves like a goddess of fertility. Her hips moving beautifully as she walk. I just have to caress her bottom a little, she turns back and smiles at me while I do it.

She leads me into the shower, we walk in together. She turns on the warm water and we embrace and kiss. Gently enjoying each other as the warm water begins to flow. Rubbing our wet bodies close together, my member sliding on her powerful thigh. My hands wandering down to her buttocks, lifting them a little as we kiss a bit more deeply. Her fingers playing down along my back, down to the small of my back, down to my bum. Holding on to each other, recreating the warmth from our bed by keeping our bodies close.

She takes a little liquid soap, a body wash she keeps buying me because she thinks it makes me smell nice, in her hand. Then she applies it to my chest and shoulders, asking me to turn around before she starts rubbing in my back. Making me stretch out my arms before doing them, making me put my hands up before she does my arm-pits which she just can’t keep herself from tickling. Her smile and laugh just begs for a kiss that I give her.

Taking some of her liquid soap, a nice flowery odour filling the shower after the smell of sandal wood and lemon that the soap she used on me had, in my hand. Starting at her shoulders as I smile at her, wondering down over her bosom as fall into some sort of trance, inebriated by her soft skin and beautiful curves. Caressing her breasts thoroughly before asking her to turn around. Her neck is beautiful, her whole back and backside is, even her spine hidden lightly beneath the skin enchants me. With my fingers I trace along it, down to the small of her back. That little pit just above her lovely buttocks. I let out a sigh at her beauty.

I’ve taken too long so I take some more soap before asking her to raise her arms, even her arms are perfect, at least to me. I return her favour and tickle her armpits a bit. As she turns giggling towards me I kiss her. We fall into each others arms, falling into softness and love. Just kissing and caressing. I ask her if she wants me to wash her hair, she says no but in the same breath asks to wash mine.

I can’t say no to her. Feeling her fingers allover my scalp, massaging in the shampoo. With short hair I have nothing against letting her fingers rub it through, it just feels good, nay great. She plays a little with my ears, rubbing them. As she rinses out the shampoo I enjoy it even more, kissing her as my way of thanking her before she moves on to herself. She’s beautiful even when just washing her hair.

Kneeling beside her and helping her lift one of her legs. Gently rubbing soap allover it, my fingers daring to reach up to her buttocks. Groping them, before running all the way down, down over her thighs. Sliding up and down the inside of her thigh a couple of times, before going down to her foot, between her toes. Teasing her and tickling her feet until she giggles and laughs. Playing with her foot for a while, before putting it down and starting on her other leg. Reaching up equally high this time, to her sweet tush. Caressing her thigh again and again, her legs are so perfect. Kissing her knee on a whim before going down to her foot. Cleaning it thoroughly, even tickling her a little, before kissing the bursa escort upside of her foot.

She makes me rise up, telling me it’s her time. Taking one leg at a time, her hands brushing up against my member supposedly accidentally many times. Grinning widely up at me she smacks my bum a couple of times. She’s as thorough as I was, making sure to clean even in between my toes, tickling my soft and sensitive arches. She pays much attention to the inside of my thighs, but she also seems to find something fascinating about the hair on my legs. Her own leg-hairs never having been so long I guess.

She rises up into a kiss, squeezing my body so close to her and groping my buttocks so hard it’s like she’s squeezing an orange for it’s juice.Kissing deeply without bothering about time. Holding closely.

I kneel again, smiling, grinning, up at her. A little soap in my hand for her bush. She gives me thorough instructions about what to do and not to do with her blossom. I can already feel her clit hardening a bit. Her lips swelling, preparing for a visitor. When I’m done and she’s fully rinsed I can’t help but kiss it. Making her close her eyes moaning. I just love pleasuring her and take my time doing so. There’s no rush this morning. I love caressing her with every part of my body.

She pulls me up, letting the water shower off my face before kissing me. She then kneels before me. Taking a little soap on her pinkie and cleaning out my navel, before edging closer and closer to my wanton wand. She is most thorough. Rubbing it in allover my groin and equipment, roughly rubbing my member much more than necessary. Making sure that the water gets everywhere when she’s rinsing it off. When the soap is gone she surprises me by kissing it, kissing one of my balls. Then the other. Soon she’s licking allover it, making me want to grip something in order to be able to stand upright as my knees seem to be melting. Taking the tip into her mouth and making me moan, her one hand playing with my sack and the other holding my one buttock firmly. It’s like she assumes command of my whole mid-region, from my thighs and up to my waist. Pumping me in and out of her mouth without any help from me.

Interrupting I pull her up, into a kiss. We quickly wash any overlooked bits before turning off the shower, having spent much more time in there than we usually do on our own. We help dry each other off, paying extra attention to our more interesting bits. When she’s drying off my member it feels less like she’s simply drying it and more like she’s giving me a hand-job. I love the way she will find and take any excuse to grab my behind, I do the same with hers.

Dry again we walk back to that window, standing there hand in hand like Adam & Eve surveying the world. She is so beautiful naked, so I tell her so. We kiss, yearningly. With a naughty smile she bends forward, leaning onto the window sill. Smiling at me she suggests that I inspect her from behind. Having just put my hand on her bum it’s not a suggestion I’m about to decline. Standing behind her I first caress her bottom, before kneeling down and kissing it. Nibbling on her buttocks and then kissing her orchid. Letting my fingers play a little in her bush, enjoying the feel of the hair on her mound of Venus. Gently spreading those fleshy lips of hers to taste the inside, egged on by her moans.

I rise up behind her and with careful precision aim my piece. Dipping it’s tip on her soft accommodating flesh. She moans as I gradually let myself get more and more wet from her juices. As I probe and indeed penetrate her. Firmly holding on to her hips and watching her beautiful back. We stand there, watching the view as I slowly move inside of her in rhythm with her movements. Wondering if anybody is watching us makes us both laugh. The idea of how stunned someone might be to see or know what we’re doing bringing a smile to my lips and heart. I let my hands wander to her bosom and gently caress it. we’ve got all the time in the world and just being with her, inside of her, feels great.

She lifts herself and we kiss, pressing her breasts flat against the glass for a moment. Giving any viewer a great and inspiring sight. Holding her up against me I let my hands wander allover her front, her bosom and stomach. Making love to her is my greatest joy. She leans forwards again bursa escort bayan and we stand there, gently fornicating just for fun. My hands wandering over her back and hips, around her sides and on to her breasts and clit. I wish all days could be like this, to spend eternity inside of her.

She asks to go somewhere more comfortable and we move to the sofa instead, walking there hand in hand exchanging brief little kisses. Laying down innermost she lays down in front of me, with some wiggling we fit ourselves in perfectly. Spooning and making love, intertwining our legs and putting my arms around her, caressing her bosom as we kiss. Slowly thrusting, our bodies writhing with love like a couple of snakes mating. Wrapping ourselves around each other. Closely coupling, her skin so tight against mine. Her sweat rubbing off on me. Kissing the edge of her mouth, nibbling her neck, on her shoulder. I hear it as it starts to rain outside, droplets hitting the window, but it’s distant. Irrelevant, outside the reality shared by us two lovers.

She wants to see my eyes and we slide into a more missionary position, her legs up around my waist. Just lying there, gazing deep into each others’ eyes for a while. Caressing her hair as we smile at one another. Kissing her, deeply, intently, passionately. My eager pelvis starting to move as if by it’s own volition, her hands wandering down my spin and finding my bum irresistible. She squeezes as I thrust, her softness receiving me easily. Mating like men and women have for ages, lovingly. The more I move the more she moans, moving her head back and letting me feast on her neck. Nibbling on it, kissing it. Tasting her sweet skin as I grind our groins together. My every move answered by her pelvis.

I can’t help but start moving a little faster, I want her so bad. Every second of every hour of every day, only more so right now. Feeling her bosom against my chest, her hard nipples, my own hard nipples against her skin. My breath getting deeper, my yearning and passion stronger. Her moans getting darker. All morning dedicated to love-making. To touching, kissing, caressing, tasting and all the sensual pleasures. All that’s missing are some large feathers for teasing caresses. Grinding on into and with my lover, hotter, harder, faster. I feel myself turning into an animal, an animal of lust. Thinking with my body, rather than my brain. Taking her like some alpha male. She’s my alpha female.

She starts nibbling on my shoulder, biting it lightly. Making me wince and groan a little, but somehow the pleasure is more than the pain. The pleasure of having her biting me, feeling her teeth on my skin, sinking in. Why is the idea of a woman hurting me so attractive to me?… She’s digging her fingers into my back and my bum, squeezing hard. Suddenly she tells me to stop, I feel like a train driver that’s just spotted somebody on the tracks up ahead. Pulling out all stops just to slow down and hoping I won’t be too late. When I finally manage to stop she whispers into my ear, with a voice clouded by passion and desire. saying that she wants to ride me. I look her straight in the eye, she’s smiling at me. We kiss, loosing ourselves to each other for a moment.

It’s a bit hard getting up from the couch, my legs are weak and even though it’s her idea she seems to be reluctant to let me get up, to loosen her grip on me. In the end I wind up telling her I can’t carry her, my legs feeling to weak. As we get up she replies saying that it’s a good thing she’s taking over then. With her hand squeezing one of my buttocks, hard, we walk into the bedroom. Jokingly she pushes me down into the bed on my back. Smiling, almost laughing, as she straddles me. Walking on her knees in the bed over me. Smiling down at me before kissing me. Kissing me deeply before getting up again and aiming my member at her target. Taking that sensitive part of myself into herself. Conquering me with a smile, like she she did when we first met even though we hardly got this intimate then.

Each time she rides me I counter-thrust, bouncing her on top of me. My hands wandering up to her bosom by their own volition. She’s riding me slower than I want her to, seeing the frustration on my face but smiling at it sadistically. But I can see the cracks in her own facade, she’s almost at the edge herself. Equally close escort bursa to exploding, to coming, to annihilation. Both of us moaning away, breathing heavily. Her hands seeking out my nipples. Playing with them, twisting them, pinching them. She leans down and kisses me, her hands moving to my neck. Caressing it, gripping it lightly as she kisses me and then nibbles on my ear. The pleasure making me grip her bum tighter, trying to make her ride me faster without much luck.

She bites my neck, vampire-style. Almost too painfully. She smiles as she rises. She knows that somehow, I still like it. She starts riding me harder, more forcefully. Her hand lightly around my neck. She tells me she’s going to take me, going to ride me, fuck me. That she’s going to use me up completely. Licking a few fingers I seek out her clit. she closes her eyes as I caress it, moaning deeply from the bottom of her being, from the centre of her pleasures. My second hand gripping her hip. I raise my knees to counter-thrust with more power. I can feel the pressure rising inside of me, my blood pumping, heart thumping. It feels like I’m about to boil over and explode.

She grips my shoulders, holding on more tightly the faster and harder she rides me. Both of us working hard for ecstasy, trying to work harder. the fires within burning hotter by the second, going for a supernova. Hot enough to achieve fusion. A fusion of bodies, minds, hearts. Melding together. Melting together. Exploding together. The ride gets more and more intense, both of us shuddering with the pleasure we’ve been building up inside each other. I can feel myself loosing control of my body, muscles and sinews getting firm. Obsession taking over my mind, a form of insanity based on and in desperation. To come, to achieve release. She’s shaking on top of me, unable to maintain composure as she bounces on top of me. Riding me like a fury. Like some female demon.

I can feel her starting to have contractions, inside of her. See her going insane with pent up lust. I feel myself about to explode, edging closer and closer to the edge. All that is left of me is the will to come. My spine tingling with signals telling me it’s getting near, curling my toes as my legs become stiff. More and more muscles locking in anticipation of the great release. I feel myself wanting to scream. My rubbing of her clit is less controlled caresses and more spasms. The effect on her is visible though. We’re both moaning away. sweating and shaking, shuddering, trembling. Biting my lip just to maintain some focus. Trying not to come too fast. But it’s getting impossible to hold on. Each second it feels more and more like I’m just going to explode, going to to go off like some bedroom h-bomb.

I feel the tingling and my body seizing up. Arching my back… and then I just do it. The intense pressure flowing out of me. My whole body pumping, thrusting, up into her. She keeps riding at an insane pace, milking me completely dry for now. She kisses me and then seconds or so later she arches her back, starting to vibrate like she’s going through her own personal earthquake. Riding me without control, keeping me firm inside of her until she’s had all she wants from me. All she needs to explode. Waking from my own explosion I watch her. God she’s beautiful. The pleasure, her orgasm, lending her an aura of beauty and desire that’s completely awe-inspiring.

Moving like a belly dancer on top of me, each wave making her arch and then relax her back. Her every shudder making me shiver with the last pulses of pleasure that she’s milking out of me. Breathing heavily she finally leans down on me, kissing me lightly. It feels like electric sparks are flying between our lips from the recent discharge. She’s still shuddering, then shivering, when she lies down on top of me. Drenched in sweat. Somehow she feels heavier on top of me than she did just moments before, but I hardly mind. Caressing her hair lightly, so sweet and soft. With weary eyes, feverish-looking, she gazes at me. Panting I kiss her. We lie there embracing. Having spent the whole morning in carnal union. The cooling sweat on our now cooling bodies makes the room start to feel chillier. With a tired hand I reach out for the sheets, pulling them over us to create our own bubble of warmth. Kissing again. Looking up at her I tell her I’ld like to stay this close to her forever. smiling at me she touches my lips gently with the tip of one of her fingers, looking me straight in the eyes she says that so would she. Lying there in our shared bubble of love and closeness we kiss…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32