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My MG Midget screamed around the curves of the mountain road. I had the top down and the wind was whipping through my sandy hair. My blue eyes sparkled in enjoyment through my sunglasses as my hands deftly moved from the gear shift to the steering wheel and back again. I was having the time of my life on a deserted stretch of mountain road covered with pine and scrub oak. On one side, behind the guardrail, was a drop-off of several hundred feet and on the other was a wall of granite that rose above the treetops.

I was alone in the car and really didn’t care if I hit the granite wall or went through the guardrail. I had lost my wife to a crippling neurological disease just the previous month and with her went my will to continue to live. As a result, I was definitely “pushing the envelope” trying to see just how far I could push the Midget beforea I lost control and it took me on one last ride to oblivion.

I came around a curve and into a long straight stretch. As I pushed the accelerator, I noticed a car in the road ahead and touched the brakes instead. My Midget rolled to a stop just behind the car that apparently had broken down. I threw on my emergency blinkers and got out of the Midget.

There was a pretty middle-aged woman sitting on a rock next to the car. As she rose from the rock and started towards me, I noticed that she was dressed conservatively in a white blouse and a pair of dark blue shorts. As she walked over towards me, I noticed that she had red hair tied up in a ponytail that fell towards her waist. Being still counted among the living, I also noticed that while her figure wasn’t the greatest, it would turn more than a few heads. She must have stood about a litle over five feet tall and I couldn’t begin to see any extra weight on her unless it was all located in two of the most amazing breasts I had ever seen on such a small woman. While my mind chastised my cock, it grew to half hard.

I walked over to the woman and asked “What seems to be the problem?”

“I don’t know. It just stopped dead in the middle of the road for no reason.”

“It didn’t warn you?”

“No, just stopped.”

I climbed out of my Midget and walked over to the car. It was an older model Buick Skyhawk that had definitely seen better days.

“May I?” I asked as I opened the driver’s side door.

“Be my guest. I’ve tried everything I could think of. You’re the first person that I’ve seen since this happened and it’s been over two hours now.”

I turned on the ignition and got absolutely nothing, no clicking, no nothing. I blew the horn and it worked. I turned on the lights and they worked. The electrical gauges on the dash all worked. The gas gauge showed well over half a tank of gasoline. Puzzled, I got back out and lifted the hood. Everything seemed in order there as well. Then, as I took my head from under the hood, I happened to notice that there was some sort of rubber belt lying in the roadway. I reached down and picked it up. The inisde had small rubber cogs and I knew instantly what had happened. Her Buick had lost its timing belt. This car was going nowhere anytime soon except with the aid of a tow truck.


“My name’s Fiona.”

“Uh, Fiona, I know why your car won’t run and it’s really very simple. You lost the timing belt somewhere. This seems to be a piece of it.”

“What’s yours?”

“What’s my what?” I asked confused.

“What’s your name.”

“Richard, but everybody calls me Dick.”

“I can see why” Fiona said looking at the now very obvious bulge in the front of my shorts.

“Oh I am so very sorry. I don’t know what came over me.”

“Don’t worry about it. I’m flattered that I can still do that to a man. For the last year Harry was alive–Harry is, was, my husband–he couldn’t get an erection. He died three months ago of prostate cancer that spread to his brain before it killed him.”

“I’m so sorry.”

“Well, at least you have a wife waiting for you” she remarked as she looked at the ring finger of my left hand where I still wore my wedding band.

“No, I’m afraid I don’t. My wife died a month ago. I just haven’t had the need to take the ring off my finger.”

“Now it’s my turn to be sorry.”

“Well, let’s see if we can push this car off the road so nobody will hit it. You steer, I’ll push.” She aimed the car for a wide spot of the shoulder and I pushed from the trunk lid until the wheels were well clear of the roadway.

“Lonely stretch of road.”

“Sure is. Except for you I haven’t seen anybody or anything for hours. What are we going to do now?”

“Well, I have my cell phone…”

“I’ve been telling myself to get one of those things. Maybe I will now.”

“Yes, well, let me see if I can get hold of my automobile club for tow service.” I dialed the number from the card in my wallet, but never got a ring. I hung up and opened the phone to try again when I noticed that I had no signal. “Ohhhhh, boy!”

“What’s the matter?”

“No signal. We must bursa escort be in a dead spot between these mountains.”

“What do we do now?”

“Well, the last town is about twenty miles behind us and it was only a couple of houses clustered around a wide spot in the pavement. Any idea how far the next town is?”

“No, I’m afraid I don’t know.”

“Well, let me hook up my laptop and GPS and find out. Then we can decide what we are going to do.” I hooked up the laptop and GPS, but the mountains blocked the satellite signal and we were still unsure of exactly where we were.

It had begun to get dark and I knew that night was not very far away with the rock walls that surrounded us.

“Do you have any motel reservations for tonight?”

“No. Why?”

“Neither do I. Want to share a tent? I’ll let you have the sleeping bag. “

“Do you think that’s wise? We don’t even know each other.”

“Can’t be helped. I’m not sure this road is safe to drive after dark. If it were only me, I’d chance it, but I have to think about you, too. As for sharing the tent, I am in no way interested in your body.”

“Your body says otherwise.”

“Yeah, well, I still don’t want to chance the road tonight. I can control myself if you can control yourself. The road’s too winding and narrow in places and i’m not willing to chance your life on it.”

“I’m willing to chance it. I don’t have all that much to live for. My husband is dead and I may as well be dead. I was on my way to my daughter’s house. She was going to give me a room so I didn’t have to live alone in a big old house. I told her I didn’t want to live in her house, but she insisted. I think she just wants to control my money.”

“Listen. That’s neither here nor there right now, as far as I am concerned. That’s between you and your daughter. I just want to worry about tonight and right now, I have to get this tent set up and a fire started.”

“There’s a fire ban because it hasn’t rained in so long.”

“Fuck the ban–excuse the language. I’m going to fix us something warm to eat and we are going to have some kind of fire to help keep us warm tonight. I suspect it gets a tad cool in these mountains. Besides, I don’t think granite walls burn that well.” I started picking up small twigs for kindling and found a few larger branches that had fallen from higher up the mountain. After starting a small cook fire in the approximate middle of the clearing, I started setting the two-man tent up where it would be sheltered between the cars and the mountainside.

“Don’t worry about the language. My husband was a sailor and I’ve heard it all. Well, I guess we have little choice, do we? I mean you won’t drive this road in the dark and my car certainly isn’t going anywhere. But, you keep your sleeping bag, I’ll sleep in the backseat of my car.”

“Suit yourself. I think you’ll be much more comfortable in the tent, but it’s just my opinion. If you are worried about me, I’ve had my rabies shots this year and am good for another three before I need the boosters.” That brought a small chuckle, but nothing else. ” I’ll have something fixed to eat in a little bit. You’re welcome to join me.”

“What are you having?”

“Well, we have a choice here of turkey a la king or spaghetti and meat sauce. They’re both MREs, but we only have to add hot water which I have plenty of in the car and we can have something warm. Want one of them?”

“Well, why not? The turkey sure sounds good.”

“Fine. I’ll take the spaghetti. I was leaning that way anyway. Water should be boiling in about ten minutes.”

Fiona took a suitcase from her car, put it on the ground and opened it. I watched as she bent over her opened suitcase. Her shorts were stretched tight across her buttocks with her ass cheeks peeking out below and despite my promise to behave, my body was reacting in a manner that I really did not want to explore. I looked away and told my body to behave itself. My body refused, but my mind started to focus on other things, things that would take my mind off of the incredibly sexy woman bending over in front of me. I moved around into a position that I hoped would minimize the visibility of my erection just as Fiona straightened up and turned to face me.

“How’s it going?”

“Just a few more minutes and the water will be hot enough to add to the entrees.”

“Good, I guess I am beginning to get a bit hungry. I don’t know what I would have done if you hadn’t come along when you did. I mean, I haven’t seen another car all day.”

“Well, we can get down off this mountain come morning and get somebody to come back up here and get your car for you. There’s got to be a garage someplace around here.”

In a few minutes, the water was hot enough to add to the MRE’s. We ate in silence and looked out through the trees to the valley below. Here and there a light sparkled in the distance as the sun set behind the rim of granite to the west of us. The darkness slowly enveloped everything outside our ring bursa escort bayan of light from the fire. Night sounds crept up around us and the temperature started to drop.

I pulled the tonneau cover over the seats to keep the dew from getting on the leather during the night and Fiona climbed into the backseat of her Skyhawk. After bidding me a goodnight, she closed the door and the roof light winked out leaving me sitting at the edge of a circle of light that was gradually diminishing both in size and intensity. I unrolled my sleeping bag and crawled in after I pulled my shoes and socks off. Once inside the bag, I removed my shorts leaving myself in a t-shirt and a pair of jockey underwear for the night. Almost as soon as I closed my eyes, I went into a deep, dreamless sleep.

Sometime in the middle of the night I heard the zipper on the tent sliding up and then down. Moments later I felt a shivering body insert itself into the warmth of my sleeping bag. Fiona pressed her shivering body tightly against mine in her search for warmth in the chilly mountain night. As she pressed herself against me, her half-frozen hand reached around and grabbed my manhood in what felt like a death grip right through my jockey underwear. Of course my best part got hard in an instant despite the cold and rose to the occasion. This only caused her grip to become more firm in its grasp. Then she started a slow pumping motion that had my balls churning out their sperm production in record time.

I twisted around until we were facing and my mouth found hers without any guidance whatsoever. Our tongues danced in each other’s mouth both trying to lead the other into a state of heightened libido. My hands grasped her tits and kneaded them, rolling the nipples and twisting them in opposing directions.

“I was cold…” she started, pulling her mouth away from mine.

“Hush” was my reply as I once again attacked her mouth with my own. My hands now dropped to the hem of her blouse and started lifting it over her breasts and shoulders. She sat up and helped me remove her blouse before unclasping her tits from their captivity in a lacy bra. The blouse and bra quickly went into the corner of the tent behind my head. Her shorts and panties soon followed and my eyes feasted on the shadows drawn by the contours of her body..

“No fair. You’re still dressed.”

“Not for long.” I lifted my hips and pushed my underwear off around my ankles and quickly whipped my t-shirt over my head. We were now both naked inside my sleeping bag and our hands roamed at will over each other’s body. My fingers tangled in her pubic hair as hers wrapped themselves around my cock once again and started that damned pumping motion that threatened to have me spraying hot sperm around the inside of the sleeping bag.

“Hold on! If you keep that up, I’m going to cum and we really don’t want to waste all that lovely spunk, now do we?”

“No.” Her head dropped inside the sleeping bag and my cock was surrounded by the hot inside of her mouth. She used her teeth and tongue to tantalize my cockhead and further increase my need to spurt my load. When I told her about my impending problem, her answer was to increase the suction and movement of her mouth.

I let loose with what seemed to be a gallon of sperm and she swallowed it all without missing a drop. Her mouth was like a vacuum that literally sucked up everything in the immediate vicinity. As she lifted her head and kissed me, I realized that I was tasting my own sperm, something that hadn’t happened in a long time, since I was first married to my wife, some 20 years earlier. I decided I still tasted good enough to eat.

I could feel the chill leaving her body as I ducked my head down to the vee between her thighs. She caught her breath as my mouth made its first contact with her pussy lips which were already dripping with a generous dollop of her feminine juices. My tongue traced each lip from front to back and around again and again until her moans got louder and she finally screamed her way to orgasm. Her taste was like honey on my tongue and coupled with the tangy smell of her juices, my cock started to stiffen once again. The chill was now totally gone from her body replaced by the burning fire of lust. The inside of the sleeping bag was getting hot and sweaty. The smell of sex was everywhere inside the tent.

I lifted my head and she raised me up from between her legs, caressing my body as I rose to weld my lips and tongue to hers. My dick poked against the top of her cleft and she shifted her hips slightly allowing it to penetrate into her hot, steamy body. Her pussy walls clasped my cock in an almost agonizing grip and my head bumped her cervix just as my balls hit her ass cheeks. Fiona clasped my hips with her hands holding me still and deep within her body.

Finally, neither one of us could remain still and our thrusts and counterthrusts were perfectly matched as if we had been fucking each other for years instead of a mere half hour. Her voice grew escort bursa louder and more shrill almost sounding like the howling of the wind through the trees. I was sure as she approached her climax that I had heard the banshee’s wail, but it was quickly cut off as her body was wracked with spasms and my cum coated the inside of her pussy. As we came down from our orgasms, we started to doze with her cunt still wrapped around my prick.

The night passed with me completely relaxed for the first time since my wife had died. I fell into a deep, dreamless sleep for the first time in months and only awoke when the sun made its way through the door flap of the tent.

I was alone. I hurried and dressed in only shorts and a t-shirt, slipping shoes on my feet as I left the tent. The Skyhawk and Fiona were both gone. I couldn’t understand where she could have gone without a timing belt. I knew that without that belt, her car would never have started, even with a running start down the mountain.

I was truly alone on the mountainside. I ducked back into the tent and found my socks which I drew over my feet. I then started taking the tent down and packing it into the trunk of the Midget. As I was rolling the tent, I noticed Fiona’s panties sticking out through the door opening. I stuffed them in my pocket as a momento of the previous night and her fantastic fucking. Just the thought of what we had done to each other had my namesake stiffening into a full-blown erection.

I stuffed the tent and the other gear into the trunk and climbed behind the wheel of my car. It started on the first try and I slowly drove down off the mountain. After about ten miles and winding mountain road, I found a restaurant that was open for breakfast and stopped for some coffee and a danish pastry.

“Hey, miss, could I get a refill and another danish?” I asked as I finished both my coffee and danish at about the same time.

“Sure. Ya come down the mountain this morning?” She brought the pot over to the table and poured me another cup then went back and got another danish for me on a clean plate.

‘Yeah. Why?”

“Tha’ was some storm up there last night and as early as ya come in here, figured ya musta been on the mountain las’ night.”

“I was, but there wasn’t a storm up there.”

“Sure was. We could hear the wind a-howlin’ through the trees like all kinds of wild animals was in pain or somethin’.”

“Say, you didn’t happen to see a gray Skyhawk come by earlier, did you?”

“Nope. Ya the first car off tha’ mountain this mornin’.”

“You sure?”

“Yep, been here since five and ya the first car down off tha’ mountain t’day. Ya say a gray Skyhawk?”

“Yes. Middle-age woman driving.”

“Her name Fiona?”

“Yes, how did you know?”

“Lord have mercy on ya, mister. Ya done met Fiona O’Brian herself.”


“So? Fiona, she’s been dead all o’ ten years now.”

“Now wait a minute! I shared a tent with her last night, but she was gone before I woke up this morning. Funny thing, her car couldn’t go anyplace. It had a busted timing belt.”

“Lemme tell you ’bout Fiona O’Brian, mister. Fiona, she was a pretty lady lived hereabouts up on tha’ there mountain. One night, ’bout ten years ago, her car broke down in the middle of the road in the rain and a big truck hit her car and pushed her over the side of the cliff at the end of a long straight stretch of road. Worst part of it all was tha’ there was ‘nough shoulder ta get the car off onto, but Fiona wasn’t strong enough ta push her car and the truck hit her. Never stopped. Never even tried to stop. Damn driver jus’ didn’t care none. Jus’ pushed her and her car plumb over the side o’ the cliff. When they found the car coupla days later after Fiona didn’t show up fer her usual food shopping over at the gen’ral store, she was inside it. Car wasn’t badly broke up and Wally, down at the garage, he said the timing belt was busted. Said that’s why the car couldn’t move. Skid marks showed how far that truck pushed her car ‘fore it went over the cliff.”

“Really? Great story, but this Fiona is alive and well.”

“That’s what they all says mister. Fiona, she’s been dead fer more’n ten years. She was my mammy so I oughta know. She’s buried right ‘cross the road there in the cem’tery. I helped bury her m’self when they bring her down the mountain tha’ day.”

“What do you mean ‘that’s what they all say’?”

“You musta been close ta doing yerself in yesterday, huh?”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean my mammy only shows up ta save some poor ol’ man who wants ta kill hisself on tha’ road up there on tha’ there mountain.”

“But I shared my supper with her and I shared my tent with her last night.”

“Yeah, Fiona was a very hungry woman and a fuckin’ whore when she wanted ta be. Really did like her fuckin’. Fucked most any man come along if’n she had a mind ta. Thought I heared that banshee wail o’ hers las’ night ’bout one or two ‘clock. Ya gonna be alrigh’ now mister. My mammy’s saved ya lik’ she’s saved all the res’ o’ them gentlemen friends o’ hers. If’n ya shared yer tent, I give ya a hunnerd ta one ya fucked her too an’ if’n ya fucked her, you gonna be alrigh’. Don’ ya worry none ’bout tha’.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32