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Ms. Small

Someone kicked Robert Crane under the table. He snapped out of his trip down Memory Lane and looked around the restaurant table. The eleven people, including himself, were neighbors and this was the first outing of their newly formed dinner club.

He had been recalling special times he’d had with some of them, such as Roxanne and Brad Bullock on his right, his fuck buddies because the husband liked to watch his wife having sex with Robert. She hadn’t kicked him because she and Brad were engaged in conversation with Darrell and Maude Burke on their other side. Nor was it Kara Brown across the table from Robert because she was too far away. She and her hubby, Don, were his movie stars because they liked him to video them having sex, after which she usually gave Robert oral relief.

Next to Kara was Robert’s wife, Joan, talking to Kara. The two had become good friends, although the film business was kept secret from the Mrs. So, she hadn’t kicked her husband.

“That was me,” Peg Small, on his left, admitted. “You were staring off into space.”

“Just reminiscing about my relationships with some of these people and how we got . . .”

“Involved?” Peg filled in for him when he seemed to be searching for a word.

“Involved?” Robert would have taken that word as a sexual connotation, and however accurate it might be, she couldn’t have known that—unless she was referring to her relationship with him.

“You know what I mean. Your connection, your association.”

“Yeah. I got it.” He didn’t read anything into her correction.

“What about ours? Do you remember that?”

Of course, he did.

* * *

The subdivision was getting a lawyer—as a resident. That was the word going around, but that’s all anyone knew. And with little other fanfare, Margaret Small had moved in and that was it. Except for walking her small dog twice a day, three times on the weekends, she kept to herself.

Ms. Small was neighborly enough to exchange greetings with Robert and other neighbors when on her dog walks, even a few other pleasantries, but little else. That of course, convinced everyone that she had some deep, dark secret. But Robert merely believed that she preferred her privacy.

Finally, Peg—as she eventually let on she liked to be called—became friends with Kara, since they were next door neighbors, and revealed that deep, dark secret: she was a recent divorcee, it had been bitter, and this was her attempt to start a new life. Joan had talked to her a couple of times, but at that point, they hadn’t become close friends yet.

* * *

During one of his afternoon walks, Robert saw a dog wandering around that he recognized from Joan’s description as Peg’s long-haired mutt. The friendly animal approached him, tail wagging wildly. He stooped to pet the pooch and it occurred to him that he’d never seen the canine loose before. He wondered if the dog had gotten out of Peg’s yard, so he scooped—Robert checked underneath—him up and headed to Ms. Small’s front door.

She answered quickly, surprised to see her pet in her neighbor’s arms.

“Hi, I’m Robert Crane, Joan’s husband. I found him running around and I didn’t think he should be.” While she glanced at her dog, Robert couldn’t help being mesmerized by her jet black hair and deep green eyes. He scanned her up and down rapidly. She was quite attractive in her tank top and form-fitting workout pants. All her parts were proportional and shapely, particularly the important parts: tits and ass, not to demean her. This neighborhood just kept getting better.

“Oh, Scooter, did you get out of your little patio,” she was saying. Then she looked up and their eyes met. Robert felt a brief but instant connection. “I’m so sorry,” she offered. “I’ll have to figure out how he got out and fix it.”

“Oh, it’s no problem,” Robert said.

“You’re very kind,” Peg said, sounding genuine, taking Scooter from him. “I’m Peg, by the way. I’ll try not to let this happen again.”

“It really was no bother,” Robert reiterated. “As neighbors, we try to take care of each other.”

“Well, thanks again.” Then she closed the door.

Robert couldn’t help remaining at her front door for a few seconds allowing the image of her to ingrain itself. As he walked off, he replayed the encounter in his mind. She had been somewhat subdued, almost sad; although she was happy to see her dog. He would stop short of saying she had been unfriendly, but neither had she been . . . neighborly. Perhaps it was just that she was new and really didn’t know too many people beyond Kara, and to a lesser extent, Joan.

When he mentioned the incident to Joan later, her only comment was, “She does take a while to warm up to people. Kara and I have been talking about having a meet and greet gathering after a few more people move in so everyone can get to know each other. That might prevent awkward moments like you had.”

“Sounds like a great idea,” Robert agreed, meaning bursa escort it. Recalling his thought upon first seeing Peg, if the subdivision was attracting this many nice-looking women, he definitely wanted to meet them all.

* * *

It was about to be a very dull weekend for Robert. Joan was off to care for her sickly, elderly mother, Brad and Roxanne were going out of town to visit their family—she was terribly annoyed about having to miss their Friday night sexcapades, and if that wasn’t bad enough, Kara and Don were on one of their trips. Since Robert’s weekends with the Bullocks and the Browns had begun, this was the first time everyone had been gone the same weekend. Robert even considered accompanying his wife, but a client needed some work done that ended up taking longer on Friday than Joan wanted to wait, so she went alone.

With nothing to do he decided on a long walk around the part of the subdivision still under construction. He didn’t usually venture that far on his normal walks, but it was interesting to see what other people were doing to customize their houses.

On his return home, who should he see but . . . Scooter . . . on his own—again. Being the good neighbor that he was, Robert picked him up again and excitedly headed for Peg’s house, hoping she was similarly attired.

This time, it took her some time to come to the door. When she finally opened it, he quickly glanced skyward to see if his lucky star was hovering overhead. Instantly returning his vision keenly to her, he was thrilled to see her standing before him wrapped only in a towel.

“Oh, my god, not again.” Her smile was actually becoming. “I’m sorry. I was just stepping out of the shower.”

“It’s really okay. No problem.”

“Come in. Let me go put some clothes on. Just put him down,” she said quickly and trotted off.

He closed the door and eased the dog onto the floor. The animal followed his mistress, so Robert just made himself comfortable on the sofa. Glancing around, he saw that the room was decorated plainly, obviously the look of someone starting over.

Peg was not gone for more than a couple of minutes. She appeared to have slipped on the same tight-fitting workout pants, but this time, her tank top ended midriff, just above her belly button revealing not only a flat abdomen, but the elastic of her pants were slung low on her hips. No doubt she’d thrown on something quick, and the question now taunting him was had she bothered with any under things?

“Okay. Now I’m decent. Can I get you something to drink?” Peg asked. She had a very soft tone of voice.

This was turning out better than Robert expected. However, he thought the towel was more than decent. “Sure,” he answered enthusiastically.

Again, Peg left him alone for a few minutes this time. And though she hadn’t asked, she returned with two glasses of red wine. She sat on the sofa not far from him, twisted to somewhat face him.

Taking a sip, Robert commented by way of making conversation, “Very nice.”

“Well, I thought as much time as you’ve been spending with my dog, I should get to know you.”

“I’d like that also.”

“So, you’re Joan’s husband.”

“I am.”

“She’s a nice person, but I haven’t really gotten to know her very well yet. I like Kara. Really, everyone I’ve met here so far is pleasant. And they all speak highly of you.”

Slightly embarrassed, Robert said, “I’m humbled.”

“Kara talks about how you do their photos and videos, and Roxanne says you help them with things—though she didn’t what things—and now you’re taking care of my dog.”

Robert wondered if that’s all Kara and Roxanne told her. “Well, you seem to know things about me and I know very little about you, except that you’re a lawyer.” He thought it might ruin the mood to mention that he knew she was divorced.

“Yeah, that’s one of my talents, but don’t hold it against me.” She smirked indicating she was joking.

“Oh, what other talents?”

With a smirk, Peg shrugged it off. “Doesn’t matter.”

“Well, you must do okay. This is a nice house for a single woman.”

Sadly, she admitted, “I just went through a divorce. This was part of my settlement. I don’t know what was wrong with my husband. He was never home. Don’t know what he was doing, although I could probably guess. He just never wanted to have anything to do with me. I was—still am—lonely. I guess if I’d known another man, it would have driven me to him.”

“Well, if you don’t mind me saying, your ex was a fool. I find you very charming.”

She shrugged. “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t be boring you with this.”

“I don’t mind listening if it helps.”

“I guess I’ve kind of shut myself out from everyone. I’m just tired of listening to all the advice the women at work are trying to give.”

“Such as?”

“Oh, I’m sure everything you can imagine.”

“Maybe you need to listen to a man for a change.” Robert smiled warmly. “A few of us are nice bursa escort bayan guys.”

“I can see that you are.” She studied him for a moment. “So, tell me what you think.”

“I see a beautiful woman who should only be with someone who appreciates her.”

“Wow. I wasn’t expecting that. That’s very sweet.”

The gazed into each other’s eyes quietly. Robert would have liked nothing more than to let this go further, even to the point of making the first move. The dreamy expression on her face suggested that she might be receptive. But given her recent divorce, she might just be ripe to be taken advantage of, and he didn’t want to do that.

Breaking the gaze, he downed the remainder of his wine and stood slowly so it didn’t seem like he was rushing off. “Well, thanks for the wine.”

Peg arose also and followed him to the front door. “Thanks again for returning Scooter.”

“My pleasure. If you need help fixing wherever he’s getting out, I’ll be more than happy to help.”

“I thought I had, but I guess, not well enough. I’ll make another attempt, and if that doesn’t work, I’ll take you up on your offer.”

* * *

Not surprisingly, Robert dreamed of Peg that night, and of course, she was wearing only the towel that naturally came off revealing a body that rivaled Roxanne’s and Kara’s. However, since he did not have the Friday night workout with Roxanne and Brad, he didn’t sleep late on Saturday as he would have, and by afternoon, he was bored out of his mind.

He took another walk staying within visual range of Peg’s house hoping that maybe the dog would find his way out of the yard again. But after an hour of basically walking around in circles, he had no such luck. And if anyone was watching, no telling what they might think.

Of course, someone’s eyes were witnessing his strange behavior.

But then, just as Robert was about to head home, he heard the metal clang of a mailbox. He turned just in time to see a gust of wind blow the loose-fitting robe Peg was wearing as she stepped out to check her mail. The garment flew up exposing the nakedness of her lower body underneath. As she fumbled to pat the robe down, she was no longer able to keep Scooter contained, so he managed to get out.

“Scooter! Come back,” she cried. Apparently, she had once again just showered and probably had thrown the robe on loosely just to grab the mail, so attempting to hold the envelopes and keep the garment together prevented her from chasing the animal.

Robert smiled to himself as he went to the rescue, which really required little effort since Scooter came running up to him. Of course, Peg watched as her neighbor once again returned the frisky pet.

Robert’s heart was beating fast; not because of any exertion due to the retrieval, but because of what he saw. Up close, not only was the robe loosely tied, it was only pulled together at the waist by the belt. Though her breasts were still mostly concealed, much of her chest and legs were out in the open. And best of all, the garment was very sheer enabling him to see every contour of her shapely body, including the outline of her areolas and the imprint of her nipples.

“My hero,” Peg sighed with relief. “Would you mind bringing him in?”

Wordlessly, with only a big smile, Robert followed her into her living room and set the dog down. Peg made a feeble attempt to fix herself, but something told him she wasn’t maybe as concerned as she made herself seem.

“I didn’t realize it could be so breezy out there,” she said, dropping the mail on a nearby end table and shaking her head to haphazardly fix her hair.

“Yes, we are pretty exposed here,” he pointed out, making a play on words.

She looked down at herself. “Yeah. But not as much as we could be.”

He nodded, picking up the insinuation. “What would greater exposure do for us?”

“Endless possibilities, I should think.” There was a gleam in her eyes.

“Seeing what the wind can do has been quite uplifting.”

She glanced down at him. “I can see that. And more needs to be done about this problem that the wind has caused.”

“Yes, because it’s growing.”

Elevating this to the next level, she lifted a finger to one of her clearly extended nipples and rubbed it. “Well, as you can see, I’ve made some points of my own. So, I’d really like to take matters into my own hands.”

“I’m only too eager to see what you have in mind.”

Peg reached down and flattened her palm against his hard cock.

“Should we be doing this?” he asked, but only because he thought he should.

“We should do exactly what we both want to do.”

Robert nodded.

Her hand still touching him, she noted, “I haven’t had the pleasure of one of these in a long time.”

Not certain if they were still speaking in double entendres, Robert said, “Then by all means, indulge yourself.”

She rubbed her hand up and down, the feeling drawing a whimper from her lips. She escort bursa rested her head against his chest and he moaned softly to signify his enjoyment. Her demeanor told him that she had been ignored and just needed some tender loving, and that’s what he intended to give her. It wouldn’t be the rough and tumble of Roxanne, nor the flair and theatrics of Kara—unless Peg chose it.

He lifted her face, slid his hand gently around her neck and pressed his lips to hers. She kissed back eagerly. It remained tender, but also urgent, hungry. They sank down onto the sofa, their mouths never separating. Pausing for a breath for barely a second, she grabbed the front of his shirt and pulled them back together. Tongue action followed, telling him that this might become more intense than he had anticipated, and certainly intended.

Her hands reached around his neck, grasping tightly. He felt that if she could crawl into him she would. With his lips, he pushed her down. But before they were halfway supine, she stopped him. Was he too aggressive? His answer came back instantly when she clutched another handful of his shirt, this time tugging him up with her as she stood again. Instead of another lip lock, she led him into her bedroom.

Now, they were in each other’s arms again, lips mashed together, tongues dueling. Before long she was dragging him down onto the bed, or was he pushing her? Once on her back, he couldn’t help spreading what there was of her robe, and before his face could make contact with her belly, she was pulling his head to it. She didn’t resist when his hand cupped her breast. Her mewl was her approval.

Robert kissed his way up the valley of her tits back to her lips, then around to nibble hungrily on her neck. They clasped each other’s hands, lifting them above her head. Her beautifully round breast crowned by a bullet of a nipple beckoned him. His tongued bathed it in saliva before he sucked it sweetly into his mouth. He gave the other equal time.

But Peg could only take it for so long before she clawed at his shirt to remove it. When it was off, she attacked his nipples, something his other three women did not frequently do to him. Of course, he loved it. He cupped her head and pressed it tightly against his chest. She received the message and applied more pressure. His grunt was nearly involuntary.

Pulling him back down on top of her, while he again kissed all over her neck and chest, she reached for his belt and zipper. Getting past those obstacles, she rolled him over onto his back to go for his dying-to-be-released cock. Once she had it out, on her knees she bent to take it into her mouth. She was good, but it lasted only a minute before she was tangled in her robe, so she rose on her knees, removed it and told him to get undressed also. He did so very quickly.

With Peg supine again and unencumbered by clothing, Robert couldn’t help but let his hand drift down to her pussy. It felt delicate, exquisite, and a little wet. She let out one of her little whimpers when his hand made contact. He was gentle with his finger work.

“Do me,” she begged urgently.

Who was he to refuse? He rolled her onto her right side, lifted her left leg slightly, then rubbed the head of his cock up and down her slit until it easily slid in.

“Oh, yeahhhhhhh,” she murmured softly.

Robert began thrusting slowly. He reached around to cup and fondle her breast, and lifted her arm around to grip him in a head lock. She then twisted her upper body around to face him with the most contented look he had ever seen. They kissed intermittently because the position made it uncomfortable to lock lips for too long.

Every so often, she would let out an, “Oh, yeah.”

Her pussy was tight, he guessed, from little time with anything in it. But for him, that just made it all the more divine.

She graduated to: “Oh, shit!” and then she came; nothing earth-shattering, just a nice pleasant, satisfying orgasm. It didn’t last long. She kissed him when she was finished and a huge smile appeared on her face. “More,” was all she said.

Robert was only too happy to oblige. This time, he moved her onto her back, squatted on his knees and entered. Peg reached up and put her arms around him as far as they would go, but eventually pulled him down into the missionary position so they could kiss. She liked to kiss while having sex. He varied his pumping going from fast to slow and back. When he was really drilling her they could feel and hear his balls slapping against her, and when he decelerated, he angled his thrusts to hit every part of her pussy. She liked both speeds, and often dictated which he should use by the hold she had on his back.

After several minutes, she stopped abruptly and announced, “I want on top.”

So, they switched and she bounced up and down on him swooping in to press lips together. This was another one of those parts of copulation that Robert seldom had the opportunity to enjoy. He rather liked being on the bottom, particularly having a great pair of tits, hanging in his face earning that slang name of “knockers” as they clashed together. He couldn’t help but reach up and hold each to stabilize them and enjoy their heft in his palms.

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