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It had been a long and tiring day as Lucy got home and she was it need of a lazy evening watching a DVD or TV. The kids were away and she had the house all to herself. First things first, she turned on the bath taps to run herself a relaxing bath, then went to the kitchen and poured a glass of white wine. After checking there were no messages on the answer phone she went back to bathroom with the bottle and glass of wine and checked the water temperature. It was just right. She undressed; leaving her clothes scattered on the bathroom floor and stepped in. As she laid there sipping her wine her body muscles released the tension of the day. She felt good. Another sip of wine emptied the glass so she grabbed the bottle and refilled it.

Here she was at peace with the world and felt wonderfully dreamy. She recalled a conversation she’d had with her new neighbour that morning about getting to know each other. He seemed like a really nice guy and looked fairly fit. But there was something mysterious about him. Still, it was his body she thought about – yes he was fit she thought and smiled to herself. This made her feel slightly horny and she realised she had a hand between her legs. She closed her eyes and imagined his hand down there. Gently the hand pressed against her and moved up and down. Fingers parted her lips and she felt the warm water circulating around them. A finger ran up and down the lips and teased her clitoris. This felt exceptionally good, “must be the wine, I should have a glass with me in the bath more often” she thought to herself. She drank some more and realised the glass was empty so she opened her eyes to reach for the bottle. “Good God!” she thought, her new neighbour was there kneeling down by the bath with his hand in the water gently caressing her cunt.

For a moment she was completely speechless. Her mouth opened to say something but nothing came out. He smiled at her and continued his wonderful activity between her legs. He stared into her eyes and she was spellbound. Something wonderful was happening to her as she just lay there in total submission. There were no questions running through her mind like, how did he get in? Who does he think he is? What gives him the right? etc., it was as if this was something natural to happen between her and her neighbour.

After a short while her sexual appetite was getting the better of her and she began moving her body to greet his fingers and encourage him to do more. He responded by quickly removing his cloths and stepping into the bath. It was then she noticed what a lengthy cock he had. It wasn’t thick, just extra long. And hard, very hard. Being an above average sized bath there was just about enough room for them both. She reached down and felt his hard penis. He kissed her lips with his eyes staring into hers. She was his! There was nothing she could do or even wanted illegal bahis to do about it.

He started caressing her breasts with his right hand and her nipples quickly hardened – “oh fuck!” she thought “this is so good”. She responded by squeezing his cock a little harder and to her surprise (or was it delight?) it seemed to grow longer. “Must be my imagination” she thought. The caressing and embracing continued and she now felt for sure something was going on with his tool. It moved over her thigh and positioned itself by her cunt – but he hadn’t moved his body to do that. They were kissing so she couldn’t see how he had done it. She then felt something else moving over her body. It couldn’t be his other hand as he was lying on his left side and couldn’t manoeuvre it into this part of her body. “Fuck, was going on here?” ran through her mind, along with “I really don’t care. This feels amazing.” She just let her wonderful feelings flow though her tingling body.

Then something even more amazing happened. Without any movement from him his cock started rubbing against her pussy lips. It ran up and down then teased her clitoris. It seemed to then do a u-turn and forced open her labia lips and slip inside. She greeted him willingly not understanding at all what was going on or how it was being done. All that mattered was that it was being done.

As his cock penetrated her she felt more activity on different parts of her body. She moved her lips away from his and looked down. Shock and horror struck her at first but the glorious feelings running through her body quickly took over. He had tentacles appearing from his groin area with feelers and suckers. The feelers were the size of a cat’s paw with four small fingers on them and the suckers each had a small mouth. Two feelers were massaging her right breast and a sucker was on the nipple of her left breast. Another sucker was just about to land on her clitoris and as it did so she orgasmed quite unexpectedly.

“Oh my God! Who are you? What are you?”

“Just relax and enjoy.”

And so she did. Why question it any further? She watched two more feeler tentacles emerge from his groin which wrapped themselves around her. Another sucker followed and clamped onto her right nipple with quite a bite. Her mind was in a blur as more tentacles emerged encircling her body. She was at his mercy but felt safe in his ‘arms’. Another orgasm was building as she realised his cock was actually on the end of a long tentacle deep inside her. It was moving swiftly in and out, up and down, round and round causing all kinds of delightful turmoil in her body. She came. Boy didn’t she cum! Never before had her body erupted so violently and wonderfully before. But still this tentacled penis worked with energy deep inside her now soaking wet vagina.

More tentacles seemed to be wrapping themselves around illegal bahis siteleri her. She felt one slithering around her neck, once, twice; it ran round and pulled tight but not too tight. She was trapped, en-wrapped, cocooned by this mass of wandering sex mad growths coming out of his body. Suckers were nibbling her earlobes, behind her ears, her neck, her cheeks, her shoulders and every imaginable place all at the same time. Her skin was on fire, tingling all over. Her breasts were being expertly and divinely massaged and suckled by his tentacles with an insatiable appetite. Her body felt sublimely wonderful and had never felt this good before.

Just as she thought it couldn’t get any better… it did! He raised his body and she saw this mass of sex-feelers wriggling and squirming all over her, she saw his elongated snake-like penis fucking her, she saw his sexy smile, she saw his eyes staring directly into hers and then she saw another penis-like creature appearing from just below his huge swinging testicles – it slowly emerged and moved in parallel with his tool which was fucking her. She felt it prod her just below her cunt, once, twice, here and there, and then it found what it was seeking… her anus. Without hesitation it wriggled its way into her rectum leaking juices to aid lubrication. “Fuck!” she cried, and it did. This second penis started fucking her arse like no other penis knew how to.

It turned inside her, this way and that and penetrated areas that had never been ventured into before. She was now floating, not in the bath water but on cloud nine. As he fucked her with both penises she felt them swelling inside her. Not only did they grow in length, they increased their girth. That in turn increased her pleasure levels even further. With a steady fucking motion these enlarged monster dicks were working their way in and out of her exploring all the little spaces she possessed. He paused for a moment deep inside her and she felt something happening. It took a moment to fathom out but eventually she realised his two penises were each growing their little tentacles which enabled even further exploration of her insides. Now she really was having every tiny area explored, teased, tantalized and fucked.

He bent down towards her and started to passionately kiss her. His tongue entered her mouth. It was no ordinary tongue; it felt like it was a different shape. The tip seemed forked. It teased her tongue and pinched it. It explored the inside of her mouth like no other before and set her body alight even further – if that was possible! She then felt it going down her throat and gently caressing her inside.

So here she was: dozens of tentacles wrapped around her body pinching and sucking her breasts; a snake-like penis fucking her deep inside along with its own tentacles, so deeply it felt like some of them had ventured canlı bahis siteleri into her womb; another snake-like penis also along with its own tentacles fucking her right up inside her rectum venturing beyond the realms of reality deep into her bowels and what seemed to be a snake’s tongue heading down her throat to meet this creature’s penises.

To say she was overcome is an understatement. Likewise to say she swooned doesn’t give it justice either. She was melting. Melting under his passionate overwhelming embrace of her. Orgasm after orgasm flowed through her body until eventually he started to orgasm too. And fuck! what a series of orgasms that turned out to be. Both penises shot volumes inside her at the same time. The tentacled suckers all over her body had their own orgasms too. Even the tongue seemed to ejaculate something. Lucy was awash with cum, inside and out. He kept fucking. He kept cumming. It was oozing and then squirting out of her cunt and arse. Slime was all over her body and floating on the bath water. She had no idea how many times she had climaxed but she also just kept on cumming and her head was spinning out of control. The pair of them were on a constant cycle of orgasms. Nothing else in the universe mattered to Lucy as their bodies kept erupting.

Eventually the fucking slowed down and she realised she had tears of joy running down her face. It was at this point she must have passed out with delirium.


After a while Lucy opened her eyes waking up to discover it had all been a dream “what on earth was in that wine?” she thought. She turned on the hot water tap to make the bath warmer and decided to wash and shampoo, get something to eat as she was surprising famished and watch that DVD or TV. After rinsing herself down she stepped out of the bath and put on a dressing gown. It was then she noticed the floor was already wet. Had she got out of the bath and forgotten about it? Had she sleep-walked? “This is weird” she thought. As she walked to the kitchen the floor was wet. Surely she hadn’t got out of the bath, wandered around and then gone back to the bath?

Just before she got to the kitchen she realised they were footsteps and they seemed to be larger than hers. They led to the front door. She then felt something between her legs and put a hand there. Something was actually oozing out, she discovered she had swollen pussy lips which were very slimey. Then she checked her anus and that was now dribbling too. Both of her orifices had been visited! It was real and he had removed the evidence from the bath and cleaned the mess up but forgot to or couldn’t remove what he had deposited inside her and then left leaving a trail of wet footprints.

With a satisfied smile on her face she thought, “God, I hope he calls again”. After eating something she curled up in front of the TV, placed her right hand gently over her swollen and slightly tingling cunt, smiled and fell sound asleep. It was the best night’s sleep she had had in years. She’ll definitely want him to call more often.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32