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The young girl is driving from appointment to appointment, her day is long and she is not having much success. She enters business after business and doesn’t get past the girl at the front desk. She has one more stop on this long exhausting day, and she just hopes it ends quickly so she can go home.

She opens her car door, her bare leg stepping out and her high heel making a connecting sound as it hits the concrete. She pushes herself out, her tight firm ass pushing out a little as she steps up. She fixes jacket, her cleavage is hard to hide as her heavy tits push against the thin material of her shirt. You can see the outline of her lacy bra, barely being able to maintain the weight. She bends down and grabs her briefcase. She walks in the front door of the office and there is nobody inside. Disappointment shows on her face, but she lets a “hello” escape her lips. A voice responds from one of the offices, she follows where it came from to see a man in his mid 30’s sitting behind a large oak desk.

He stands and apologizes, saying how he sent his receptionist home early. She says she only needs a moment of his time, half hoping he will just send her out. She sits down and crosses her legs. The mans eyes fix on her thighs; she realizes this but pushes forward anyway. “Sir my name is Lynn, I work for Price & Amber, a company that provides health care and retirement solutions to employees.” He doesn’t respond, his eyes moving more up her body.

She really takes him in now.

He has stood up yet, but she can tell he is tall, his shoulders very broad and his chest is thick. He has strong arms that fill the sleeves of his shirt. He’s well dressed and groomed. She can feel his eyes on her breasts and it makes her breath deeper. She keeps on with her presentation, but he barely responds with anything other then a “yeah” or an “hmm, that’s interesting”. She asks if she can make an appointment to really give a full presentation of what she and her company have to offer. He stands and says, I think right now is perfect.

He towers over his desk, Lynn’s eyes go from his face down his body. Her eyes focus for a moment on the large bulge in the mans pants and quickly looks away. He walks around his desk, and sits on it front of her. His eyes going back and forth from her thighs to her cleavage. He sits inches from her, talking about his company and how they grossed 30 million last year with only 12 employees. You keep trying to look him in the eyes, but he won’t even look at your face.

You realize your jacket has become unbuttoned, and now your shirt is barely covering the fact of how truly large your breasts are. He can see the dark color of the lacy bra through the thing material. You look back down and see the bulge in his pants is becoming more noticeable. You cross your legs without thinking, your matching black g-string showing to the man. You see his cock flex under his slacks, a slight sigh escapes her lips. She tries to hide it, by saying that she will be able to provide a health care system that works for a smaller company, and that with 12 employees, its never to soon to realize a good plan for their futures.

The man leans forward, and takes his hand and pops the last button on her jacket. He tells her she looks like she is feeling really warm, and offers her a drink. She pauses, her eyes trying to look away, but she can’t take her vision off his growing bulge in his pants. He is licking his lips looking at her in the chair. He takes his hand, and runs it down the length making it look like he is just standing. He walks over to a small fridge and pulls out a Smirnoff Ice. He grabs himself a beer, and opens it.

Lynn puts it to her lips and quickly drinks down a 1/3 of the bottle. Her thirst was not for fluids. She realizes she has to go. She must stand up and be professional and walk out the door. She takes another large sip. She doesn’t even know his name, and he is acting cool as a cucumber. Asking questions about Dental and Vision. She thinks she is answering, but is not even sure she is opening her mouth. She takes another sip and says that the position she can offer the company will ensure growth and employee satisfaction. She tries to take control again, but her legs cross one more time. She feels herself being a little wet this time. She presses her thighs together and tries to hide what she is feeling. The heat from her bald pussy is hot against her thighs. She drinks the rest of the bottle and another one is quickly in her hands.

“I don’t usually do this. Drink with customers.”

He responds with “Relax, it’s the end of the day. Call me John. At the end of each day me and the guys have a few beers.”

She knows his name now. She swigs another big gulp and feels more relaxed. This guy isn’t hitting on her, he might be checking her out but he is interested what she has to say. She isn’t even paying attention to what is going on around her.

The gentlemen sits on his desk, his hand rubbing against his cock. She starts to talk pendik escort about offering different funds to his employees when he tells her to stop. She looks stunned. Her jacket is now off her body, and she doesn’t remember taking it off. She is feeling slightly buzzed from the two drinks, and now she realizes this man is sitting feet from her, rubbing himself. He leans down and whispers in her ear…. “How bad do you want this business?”

It settles in her head, he reaches down and picks her up from her chair and sits her on his desk. She feels how strong he is. Her legs are open as he stands between them. She stammers for him to stop and that this is not right.

His hand pushes her legs wide open, and immediately go under her skirt. She tries to push him away, but he is to strong. He holds both of her hands in one of his, as his other hand finds the thin material of her panties and presses against them. She starts to try and fight back against him, but she feels his thick fingers grab the material and push them aside. He roughly pushes his finger inside her pussy. She tries to pull away, but he is to strong. He bends down and kisses her neck roughly. His hand still holding her hands together, as his teeth and lips bite her neck. His finger sliding in and out of her pussy as she kicks against him.

He let’s her hands go, and immediately tears her top open. Buttons go flying across the room as her heavy breasts sit in her lacy bra. They look so delicate. His hands pull the cups down and out of the way, as her hands try and push him back. His mouth lowers to a nipple and sucks it hard into his mouth, teeth clamping down on it.

She sighs; her hands dig into his body not out of fight, but out of pleasure. She has almost given up. His hand goes back to her pussy, and now he slides two thick fingers inside of her. His other hand mauling her tits as he moves his mouth from tit to tit. Each nipple wet from his saliva and hard as a rock. Her head falls back and she feels her wetness on the mans fingers, she pushes back against his hand not knowing what is to come.

He pulls away from her, and stands back. He takes his hand to his zipper and pulls it down.

“Take it out of my pant.”

Lynn stands there on the desk. Her panties in a bunch pushed aside, the wetness from her cunt glistens on her lips. Her tits are pushed together as her bra pushes them up. She is being taken advantage of, and wants it to stop. She realizes the depth of the situation.

“Did you not hear me?”

He grabs her by her hair, and pulls her off the desk down to her knees in front of him. He holds her by a fistful of hair. “Take my cock out of my pants, and suck it”

She sits there on her knees, her hands pushing against his thighs trying to fight it now. It’s already gone to far. He pushes her face against his crotch, and pulls his cock out with his other hand. He presses it against her face. Lynn loves how hot it feels against her cheek. He slaps her with it, his semi hard cock stings her cheek. She takes it in with her eyes now. It’s long and thick. Even not fully hard, it’s almost 10 inches long and as thick as a red bull can. He pushes her face back and takes the tip and presses it against her mouth, and pushes forward. Her mouth opens and takes it in.

Her eyes close, she loves sucking cock. She instinctively presses her tongue against it, and moves her mouth forward. She loves how thick this cock is, really opening her mouth wide. His hands press against the back of her head, as the tip presses against her throat and pushes forward. She gags a little, but loves it.

Her own hand goes from his thighs to pulling on her nipples as she feels him take her mouth. His cock is huge. She sucks it back and forth, his hands pushing her back and forth on his cock. She sucks it harder, her saliva and spit gathering on her mouth as his cock invades her throat. He pulls it out of her mouth and slaps her with it again. He pushes it right back into her mouth again. Right down her throat, she gags on it, but loves it. She sucks harder, her hand moving to his balls and rubbing the sensitive side between his asshole and heavy ball sac. She feels his balls and how much cum must be in them. Her eyes close as she really works it in her mouth. One hand massaging his balls, the other frigging her pussy.

She doesn’t even hear the other man enter the room. Her eyes closed, all she feels is another cock press against her face. Her eyes open, and another tall man is standing beside her. His cock in hand rubbing it against her cheek. She stops fucking herself and moves her hand to the cock. Its not as long as the other one, but it is much thicker. She slides her mouth off the first guys cock and moves it to the new cock. Her hand quickly starts pumping the first one, her hand slides easily up and down the shaft as her mouth starts sucking the tip of the other cock.

She can’t believe this is happening. She is working the new cock good and hard in her mouth. Its real thick, maltepe escort and can barely fit in her mouth. The harder he becomes the more difficult to suck it. She is lost. The pleasure of these two huge cocks in her face is taking over. She thinks if she can make them both just cum like this it will end and she can leave. She knows what she is doing is wrong, and just wants it to end no matter how much she loves it.

She closes her eyes, but feels herself being raised off her knees. John picks her up and lays her down on his desk. He pushes her legs apart, and tears her panties off. She screams…


He laughs, you have been already. He pushes forward, rubbing his long cock against the entry of her pussy. He presses the tip inside, and she moans. She needed to feel something inside her cunt. She is so wet her pussy just swallows his dick. He pushes forward almost burying the entire thing in one stroke. The new guy, pulls her hair and lays her flat against the desk. Her head hanging over the edge, and immediately his cock is in her mouth against her throat. The men hold her hands, and don’t let her push away.

John starts to pound her cunt, she can’t believe how big and hard his cock is. She moans and tries to catch her breath, but this super thick cock is pushed in her mouth and down into her throat. The new guy’s hands are squeezing her tits hard, and pinching pulling on her nipples. She is choking on his cock, barely able to catch her breath. Her pussy stretched as this cock just fills her. She lets go, and stops fighting. She just thinks if she gets them both off, it will end. But she has been wrong before…

John needs to cum, and wants it on her face. The new guy pulls out of her mouth. Her saliva dripping down her face as his cock drags down her cheek. She breaths in, trying to catch all of her air she can. John jams his dick back in her throat. She feels the precum on his tip and just revels in it. She starts to suck his length into her throat, when she feels the super thick cock enter her cunt. She moans, and John’s dick explodes in her mouth. He holds her mouth on it, letting her choke on his cum. Her pussy is just swallowing this super thick cock. He really pounds her, as her mouth is over flowing with cum. John pulls out of her mouth and walks away. She focuses on the cock in her pussy. He keeps working her, holding her legs over his shoulders as his massive hands squeeze and rub her tits extra rough. She just wants him to cum, she doesn’t care. She just wants it to end. She wants to forget this happened, but she can’t believe how good it feels.

He pulls out of her pussy and straddles her chest, wrapping her tits around his cock. An orgasm washes over her, she realizes what has happened, and now she is about to have a face full of cum. He fucks her tits and she helps him by pushing them together. She focuses on the tip as cum starts to spray. Her tits and cheek catch load after load of cum. She opens her mouth and a thick shot sprays on her tongue. He presses the tip in her mouth and lets her lick him clean. He gets off her chest and stands. She sits up and now realizes there are 5 more guys in the room with John.

3 of them are black, one Puerto Rican guy, and an enormous white guy. All of them have their cocks out and are stroking them. Lynn just stares blankly back at them. She is scared, but she is already in the lions den. She can fight them, or she can let go.

They all approach her at the same time. She is not sure what to do. Every cock that faces her is over 9 inches long. Some are over a foot, some are thicker then her wrist. They all circle around her and pull her off the desk. Cum drips off her face onto her tits. Her bra still cupping her tits, her skirt around her waste, her high heels still clung to her feet.

Hands start cupping her full 34C tits playing with the nipples, as cocks rub against her face. She is in shock. She has all these men surrounding her. 7 cocks that demand to be emptied. She just lets one touch her mouth and it begins. She lets the tip of the semi hard black cock enter her mouth. It’s the first cock of color she has ever touched. She just takes it in with her eyes. It’ true what they say.

It’s almost a foot long and big around as her fist. She gags as it pushes in her mouth, her hands going from cock to cock stroking. She closes her eyes and just keeps taking her mouth off one cock and putting another one in her lips. She can’t believe how big they are. Her mouth is sore from sucking so much already. Each cock is totally hard and surrounds her. The bring her back up onto the desk, and put her on all fours. Her ass in the air, the two black guys inspect her pussy. They each put a finger inside; one of them spits on her asshole and pushes a finger in there to. She moans, loving anal, but she knows she can’t take this snakes. Lynn feels a cock press against her pussy. She gasps as it slides inside.

The Puerto Rican shoves his kartal escort dick in her mouth and lets her feel it down into her throat. His cock is not thick, but is very long. The black cock fills her pussy to the hilt. She can’t get over it. She orgasms again, forcing the black guy to twitch. His cum fills her pussy and the Puerto Rican can’t hold out. His cum shoots onto her tongue and drips out of her mouth. Both ends full of cum at the same time. The first black guy leaves her pussy and another one slams inside.

Her pussy juices and the load of cum make it easy to fill. His cock sloshes around the load of cum and starts to hammer her. His cock is a little longer then the last one and just really hits bottom. She screams, two cocks press against her face, both tips in her mouth. Her hands keep pumping other cocks, hands all over her body. Someone fingering her asshole as the black man pumps her cunt. She works the two cocks in her mouth with expertise. She can feel the cum from the first guy dripping down her thighs as this man pounds away at her insides. Another man explodes on her face as she sucks the balls of the first guy. Here comes John again…

They lay her back down on her back, and the black man lifts her ass up pile driving her. She screams, getting fucked so hard it hurts. John straddles her face, and presses his ass against her mouth. She puts her tongue in his asshole as his cock is pressed against her tits. She eats his ass, like men have done to her. Her hands around two cocks stroking.

The guy in her pussy fills her with cum and is immediately replaced with another cock. Her pussy still tight takes another cock. It is so thick it’s the new guy again, and this time he really wants in. He hammers her pussy harder then anyone. His balls slapping off her ass.

She keeps tonguing Johns ass, feeling his precum on her tits. She pushes her tongue inside, and he explodes covering her tits with hot fresh cum. The new guy can’t even hold out this time. He pulls out and shoots. His cum hitting her stomach and tits. She lays there for a moment. Cum pouring out of her cunt and down into her asshole. She thinks it’s over.

Its not.

The last black man lies down beside her and pulls him on top of her. She is tired, but she starts to move on his cock, up and down. Taking the length. She has another cock in her face already, still covered with the pussy juice and cum from her cunt. She takes it in her mouth, and here comes the enormous white guy. He walks behind her, his 10″ dick waiting to fuck her. He slides his dick in right beside the black guy in her pussy. She screams out loud. She can’t even maintain.

The two enormous cocks fill her pussy. They sit all the way inside of her, her pussy gaping. They start to slide in an out of her, orgasm after orgasm wash over her. The pain gives way to pleasure. The giant white boy pulls out of her pussy, as her body shudders. She lays flat on the large black man, his thick cock still pumping in her pussy. She feels pressure against her asshole. She knows whets next. She doesn’t think she can take it, but it’s too late. 3 inches disappear into her ass, she orgasms again pulling the cock into her tight bunghole. The men line up, at her face slapping their cocks across her face as her ass and pussy become full. She can feel the two cocks rubbing against each other on the inside of her body. She tries to suck the cock right in front of her, but the breathing is so hard and fast she is unable to keep it in her mouth. This pisses him off, and he starts to fuck her throat as her pussy and ass get impaled by two enormous dicks.

She cums again, at the same time every man cums. Her mouth, pussy, and ass get shot with loads of hot cum. Her pussy is overflowing, cum pouring out. Her ass still puckered tight has small drops as Lynn’s mouth has dried and wet cum all over her face neck and tits. Her hair is stuck to the side of her face, and she doesn’t know what to do.

She lays in a humbled mess. A couple of the men have left; all that still sits is John in the corner stroking another hardon. His cock even bigger then it was before. A couple more of the men are sitting stroking their still hard cocks. You bend over once more and spread your ass cheeks. You want it, you need more dick.

You don’t care where they put it.

The black man with the largest shaft approaches you, and presses it against your tight little asshole. The big white guy walks around to your mouth and you softly suck his cock, getting him hard as the black man slowly fucks Lynn’s ass. Inch after inch going in and out, ecstasy washing over her body. The black guy fills her ass with another load of cum. He pulls out and one more cock replaces his. She keeps on sucking the huge white cock in her mouth, as John sits in the corner stroking his rod.

Lynn puts on a show now. She wants to show she can take it. She starts slamming back against the cock in her ass and gagging on the one in her mouth. The guy in her ass’s balls slap against her cum drenched pussy. He holds her tits which are red with finger prints as the big thick white cock sits in her mouth. Her skirt is bunched up around her waist and her bra somehow still on clings to her tits, and is covered in dried cum.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32