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Female Ejaculation

Sexy18 year-old office junior Jenny’s 38-22-34-inch body is supercharged with a rare kind of fulfilment after coming away from her first bi-sexual encounter with 30 year- old country visitor Laura (see chapter 6). While memories of a week ago linger long she must now concentrate on tonight’s VIP client dinner meeting with her boss and an out-of-town business magnate.


The dinner meeting at the plush six-star Ritz Hotel is to get the hard-nosed entrepreneur to agree to her boss’s terms over a protracted and lucrative business deal and Raymond wants Jenny to join him to help coerce a decision in his favour. Well, that’s the story her sometimes-devious boss told her. In truth, the so-called out-of- town business magnate is really one of Raymond’s filthy rich golfing cohorts who paid $10,000 for Raymond to set up the clandestine meeting so he could get access to Jenny and, with luck, bed her for a night of debauchery. It is a long shot, he knows, but after seeing a video of Jenny entertaining her boss in nothing but her stockings and garter belt two weeks ago, he regards the $10,000 worth the chance now he is totally besotted with her erotically beautiful natural physical assets and perceived innocence. The virgin he can have when he’s not having a virgin.

For Jenny, this is quite a different matter. She is completely unaware she is being set up and has been so careful manipulated by her boss for this important meeting that she is taking her new role as his personal secretary to its zenith. This is her chance to show she can handle a high level executive situation and she is determined not to disappoint her boss. They are to meet in the foyer of the city’s most sumptuous hotel at 6pm and go straight to the client who is waiting for their private dinner meeting in the Platinum Suite on level 50. Her boss, Raymond, has booked the $5000 a night massive suite until noon the next day

Jenny is utterly convinced this is not just her biggest moment in her working life, being party to an important business negotiation dinner meeting at a high level venue, it is to her way of thinking, equally important for her boss. The stakes are high; she has been urged to think. She has been well primed for the occasion to perform well for her boss. Raymond is providing her with an eye-popping yet elegant evening gown specially designed by a friend in a top fashion house. It is daring, it is different, and it is going to make Jenny look the part tonight. He spares no expense to put Jenny on a pedestal so that his tough as nails dinner guest will buckle under pressure from Jenny’s charm and agree to sign the deal.

He has also arranged for Jenny to prepare for the big evening with a $1200 full body and facial pampering at the city’s most exclusive address where celebrities often go. It includes hot spa, full body massage, manicure, pedicure, special oils to add lustre to her already smooth light brown Latina body, “film star” make-up, hair styling and a 20ml gift of an exclusive body perfume the salon staff say will drive a man wild and remain scented in the skin for at least three showers.

Jenny is unaware that her boss has planned to phone the hotel at the last minute, feigning sudden illness, and have her paged for a message.

Expecting her boss to guide her through the evening — she keeps thinking of the Pretty Woman movie hotel business dinner scenario and doesn’t want to be embarrassed — Jenny enthusiastically heads off to collect her hand made evening gown.

Raymond also had specially designed and handmade a daring piece of lingerie he says she must put on for him once the clock strikes 10pm. He tells her that if the mongrel doesn’t agree to sign the deal by then and it drags on, Jenny will have to flaunt her figure where actions speak louder than words. She has assured him she would not let him down, as the deal is so important to him.

Arriving home Jenny can’t wait to try the evening gown on. It is sensational. and hand made for her measurements. It is an ankle length black satin gown with a subtle full- length split up the front that goes within three inches of her crotch. As Jenny walks the gown separates from the front to show lots of bare leg and inner thighs yet is extremely elegant and in some way rather discreet. It has been designed to be eye- catching but not brazen, the sort of dress a Hollywood starlet could wear with pride.

The shoulders are completely bare. Adjoining straps tie the gown at the back of the neck and the designer has created a sensational low cleavage for Jenny’s big firm breasts by having parallel four-inch wide straps sweep down from the neck, crossing over the nipples of each breast and the deep vee shape leaving three inches of bare torso underneath the breasts before the gown assumes a normal full cover to the ankles — apart from the splits! The dress does not allow for a bra to hold her jugs — they are so firm they stand up very well without support.

Her swollen puffy nipples etch a clear outline maltepe escort bayan against the sheer satin and cannot hide their size and pointy shape. Her breasts are fully exposed from the side profile, except where the material runs over the nipples, Because Jenny’s boobs are so firm the side-on view of the evening gown is mind boggling sexy. At the back the gown has a matching full length split up the centre parallel to the front one, rising to just three inches from the start of the buttocks. Anyone following behind Jenny as she walks will see lots of leg and shapely inner thighs.

She looks a million dollars. The evening gown is so elegant on her despite the way her elongated puffy nipples push out erotically from under the sheer satin Jenny is thrilled and can’t wait to display her magnificence to her boss in just a few hours’ time.

God, she says to herself, this turns me on. Once Raymond sees me in this tonight he will want to ravish me. Oh well, sometimes a personal secretary deserves to be ravished by her boss when she is soooo good. She anxiously opens the small parcel containing the lingerie she will wear later in the night after all the business is over and done.

“Ooooh”, Jenny says aloud, wondering what is inside the package. “Raymond must have something naughty in mind for me. Jenny pulls the outfit out of the box and is gob smacked. “Wow! Wowee!” she cries aloud. Without saying another word she steps into it and looks at herself in the full-length mirror. “Raymond, you are a dirty old man,” she says aloud in a chastising manner. The outfit consists of a pure silk one-piece outfit she must step into and tied with a thin strap behind the neck. Parallel two-inch wide strips of fine satin sweep down the front in a V design, barely covering her bulbous nipples, and run past a bare abdomen to merge in the crotch, only fractionally wide enough to contain her pristine pussy into a tight fitting pouch. The garment is so light and so small it fits into her clenched hand.

“Oh my God, oh my God,” Jenny mutters. “I may as well wear just a postage stamp. “This is amazing. This will send any man crazy. Maybe any woman too,” thinking of her recent lesbian fling with the girl from the country. Jenny stands looking at her image in the full-length mirror. She just stares and stares wondering what her boss will say when the clock reaches 9pm and she must change from the elegant full length gown into this…thing. Jenny talks to herself because her stepdad is not home. “My boss is a real perv, the dirty devious old bugger but he knows how to bring out the best, or the worst maybe, in me! Anyway, can’t let him down tonight, not now I’ve got the big pay rise and the BMW.”

She looks magnificently graceful in her new ankle length evening dress, her professional make-up and hair styled to perfection, her nipples specially lacquered in an edible emollient to make their natural pigment darker and richer her skimpy black lace g-string panties, sheer black nylon stockings and matching lace garter belt, black shiny patent leather high heels that strap around the ankles above their four-inch high supports, and of course, her personal jewellery consisting of the slave chain anklet, matching necklace, wrist chain and ear rings that drop two inches beneath the lobes..

The clock approaches 6pm and unsuspecting Jenny arrives on time at the hotel. She enters the spacious foyer of the swish hotel and notices people looking at her. She stands somewhat uncomfortably near a huge marble pillar clutching her purse that contains her lip-gloss and scanty piece of lingerie for sleeping with her boss. Her statuesque figure is a commanding sight in her extraordinary cut eveningwear. She overhears one couple whispering about her and thinks she heard the word supermodel. That brightens her up.

After 10 minutes she stands there on her own, now fidgeting and hoping Raymond won’t be long. She is not used to being in such posh places and it scares her a little even though she looks as though she is indeed a supermodel, or maybe a Hollywood starlet She looks more womanly than her real teenage years, not long out of school.

She hears her name being paged to come to the reception desk and struts across the wide expanse of marble floor. “That’s me, you just called. Yes?” she says in an unusually tentative tone.

The desk clerk smiles back. “Yes Miss, er, we just received a message from a gentleman called Raymond, He is one of our VIP clients here and I understand he is your employer. He has been delayed arriving to meet you as arranged due to sudden illness. He has asked us to let you know he may still arrive later if he can but meanwhile he wants you to go ahead with the dinner appointment and carry out his instructions as previously discussed. He said he is relying on you to complete the negotiations.”

Jenny nearly faints on the spot. This is so unexpected and she walks away from the reception area trembling inside and mumbling mamak escort bayan softly, “My God, it’s just me — Raymond how could you do this to me? Get sick at a time like this. My God, what if I stuff it up?

She sits in a rich velvet lounge chair for a moment to gather herself together She is a showpiece without even thinking of how beautiful and alluring she looks in the stunning outfit draped around her curvaceous body. Admiring glances comes from all directions but she is unaware of them.

She steels herself after reciting back what the boss told her earlier. Room 1000, level 50 and it’s a Mr Wilson. That’s easy to remember…I must just be myself like a good alert and thoughtful personal secretary would be expected to be, I am representing the boss himself. Don’t have to get into technical business talk, just make him relaxed in my company and keep edging him to agree to do business with my boss because the deal put to Mr Wilson is his final offer and it’s a good offer.

She repeats this sermon to herself as she enters the elevator. She still doesn’t know what this big business deal actually is and her mind is working overtime in the seconds it takes for the rapid rise elevator to reach level 50. Raymond said it was too secret. Just get him to say he’ll sign the paper he has in his room. Jenny, don’t complicate things. Keep it simple. Just get him to sign. The man knows all the detail; I don’t have to worry about that. Just think like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman. She handled tycoon Richard Gere pretty cool. Be like her. Easy goes.

Her moment of destiny arrives as she reaches his door. The Platinum Suite door where only the Big Shots stay. Three deep breaths and exhale now. Stay calm. She presses the doorbell.

“That you Raymond? comes as a voice inside. The door opens and there is Mr Wilson. He is a tall, rather handsome man about the same age as her own stepfather and her boss, give or take a few years either way in the 50s He has a shock of thick grey hair, a moustache but strong eyes. He is in a deep grey silk business suit, white silk business shirt, deep burgundy coloured silk tie and shiny black business shoes.

“I’m Jenny, Raymond’s personal secretary He said you knew I’d be attending the dinner.”

“Oh hello Jenny. It’s nice to meet you but where is Raymond? Is he coming along behind you? Don’t tell me the elevator door shut before he could get in? Always knew he was a big slow off the mark.”

“Sorry sir, er, Mr Wilson, my boss just phoned to say he’s been taken ill and wants us to start without him. I do hope he will be along soon though.’

“Er, yes of course. I’m sure he will be along later. Must be something pretty bad though for him to not make it to this meeting. Guess he has a lot of faith in you young lady.”

“Oh yes sir, he does. I never let him down.”

Mr Wilson ushers Jenny inside to the huge apartment that resembles an opulent palace-like place with marble pillars and huge chandeliers. Mr Wilson knows he must be careful not to blow his cover and must not let his lecherous ways get the best of him or Jenny may get frightened off and there goes his ten grand. No young woman as beautiful as this and so elegantly attired, wants to be suckered into a sex trap as meat for dirty old men to take advantage of their innocence.

So there are only two people in the massive apartment – one girl not long out of school and now a working teenager and one man more than 30 years older. Both of them are privately wishing themselves to not to stuff up the opportunity, but for completely opposite reasons.

He beckons Jenny to sit down. “Here, let’s wait a few minutes in case Raymond turns up.” Jenny sits back on a very plush lounge chair and almost falls back into it such is its size. For a moment, her legs spreadeagle until she gets her balance but Mr Wilson already gets a good look right up into the thigh high split in her full-length dress. He let out an inaudible private groan that Jenny did not notice.

“Goodness young lady, that dress you are wearing is simply exquisite on you. I must say I could be mistaken for thinking you are like a goddess from out of the movies.” Jenny immediately thinks again of Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman. Mr Wilson immediately thinks of the secret video of Jenny entertaining her boss in her underwear.

“Thank you sir, I do my best to look good for my boss, he is such a good man. You must find him very good and trusting and I’m sure you can’t go wrong in any business deals with him.”

“Er, yes, I’m sure your are right. As a matter of fact, we are working on something right now. If it comes off, your boss and I will be most pleased. But I have some doubts it will eventuate.”

Jenny pipes up as room service brings their meals in. It is avocado chicken salad, perfect for such a hot night. Expensive bottles of collector vintage wines are already laid on in a glass cabinet in the room, some she finds out later have ofise gelen escort a retail price of $1500 and $2000 a bottle.

They sit down to eat and Mr Wilson pours her a drink. “Do people actually pay $2000 for a bottle of wine, she asks innocently?” Yes, of course. This hotel is often frequented by Arab sheiks from the Emirates and that is pocket change to them. And don’t forget we have a lot of wealthy people of our own who like to indulge.”

The small talk continues for the best part of the next hour until they finish their main course and deserts. Jenny feels full but is also full of beans in another sense and knows she must stay alert and come across very sophisticated for such a major client of her boss. While Mr Wilson pours them another wine Jenny studies him carefully. For his age he is not bad, she muses, I wonder if he is married, how many kids has he got, how can I get the conversation back to what the boss wants me to work on?

Jenny nervously looks at the wall clock. It is just on eight o’clock and no Raymond. Mr Wilson notices her apprehension at the time. “I think it looks like your boss would be here by now if he were coming. No one is two hours late. But we can give him just a few more minutes surely.” Jenny nods appreciatively

“Mr Wilson, are you going to sign that deal with my boss?” she fires directly at him, thinking a more direct approach may work. “Dear Jenny, it isn’t that simple. There is a lot of money at stake in this and I have to be sure.” Jenny hasn’t a clue what he is talking about and neither does Mr Wilson since there is really no such deal at all, but he must continue the charade until he can get the voluptuous young teenager to unwittingly submit herself to him.

It is now 8.30 and Jenny has firm instructions from her boss to change into the lingerie at 9pm even if the client is stalling. This is his fallback position but Jenny came to the hotel thinking they would get the business deal settled certainly before 9pm, the client would go and she would enjoy Raymond’s company in bed.

Both Jenny and Mr Wilson are getting anxious but for opposite reasons. She wants him to go, he wants her to stay. She wants a signature, he wants her body but she doesn’t know that. The old man takes a risk and a big tactical mistake which Jenny later can seize on. She recalls something her boss told her when explaining negotiating skills. Find the weakness in the other party. Something you know they want and use that weakness against them to get them to deal on your terms.

Mr Wilson puts his hands on each of Jenny’s shoulders and tells her she is very beautiful. His comment is harmless but leads to the one that Jenny can later exploit with all her womanly guile.

” You know, in some ways you remind me of my stepdaughter from my wife’s first marriage. She turned 18 just last week and my God she turned out a beautiful teenager from the skinny kid he used to be.”

“Did she and you get on well together?”

“Oh yes, very much so, but always platonic. Only saw her momentarily once in the nude when she was just 13 and even then she had well formed breasts and today she’s about the same kind of figure like you Jenny. That’s why you remind me of her.”

“How did you come to see her in the nude?

“I thought she was finished showering as she had been in the bathroom for ages and there was no water running so I just went in and there she was sitting on the side of the bath, her legs stretched out towards the door, and she had just finished shaving her pussy

“I got such a shock and just stood there looking at it and apologising and all she said that it was her fault for taking so long and not to worry about it. She did say next time though to check because she always keeps her pussy bare as that’s how she always wants it to be, Of course I have no idea if that’s the case after five years since except to think it’s so because she is exceptionally fussy about how she looks.”

“So Mr Wilson, does seeing a girl that age make a man feel sexy?”

“What? Oh, at that age as you would know she is already a young woman in the making and lots of girls just reaching their teens can have really very well developed breasts”

“Yes, tell me about I, I was 34 inch B cup at 13. Now I am 38 inch.”

“Er, yes I notice you and Katrina are very similar in size and she has puffy nipples like you. I can’t help but notice. “But to answer your question, yes, of course it makes a man feel sexy, or to put it another way, makes her look very sexy. In fact, if I could have one wish granted to me before I die it would be to spend just one night in bed with my stepdaughter”

Jenny has instantly seized the moment. “Really, you feel that strongly about her?” |

“Well, quite confidentially she does turn me on, always has since that day I caught her shaving her pussy. By jingo just seeing it even momentarily made me feel so horny that ever since I wished that somehow I could have my way with her.”

Jenny giggles. “Oh Mr Wilson, I do think all men are the same. Give an inch, take a foot. See a bit of young girl flesh and want the whole woman.”

“Er, well maybe so, but you women make it hard for a man you know, the way you all dress up so seductively and then complain if someone stares at you.”

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