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This is my first work of fiction. It is fully fiction and any reference to real people and places are just coincidences. And everyone in the story is over 18.



Only two hours left! What else is there to do…? Need clean towels, change the sheets, vacuum and of course take a shower and fix my face and hair. No problem. I should have started getting ready sooner.

But let me take a quick break and introduce myself. My name is Vicky I am in the second semester of college. I go to a large university about three hours from the town where I grew up. My best friend Maria is coming to visit for the weekend.

Maria and I were best friends in High School, and to say we were wild is an understatement. We were two girls you always wanted to have at a party. We had different styles when we attended parties, but our attendance was always appreciated.

Maria would do something that I always found strange. But she had a habit of giving blow jobs to just about any guy who wanted one. That gets you invited to parties. She would sometimes take ten guys to another room – individually – to give blow jobs.

I really didn’t approve of that, but not because I had higher morals, it is just I didn’t understand why she wanted to service so many guys without getting serviced herself.

I had a different strategy. While all of the guys wanted to be on Maria’s radar for sometime during the evening, they also wanted to be on my radar very early on in the evening. That is because I didn’t interact with a lot of guys, but I would typically illegal bahis bring one lucky guy into a bedroom for an hour or so and have sex with them. No strings attached. Usually a different guy at each party. Ok, sometimes it was two guys at the same time, and sometimes we would visit the bedroom a few times during the evening based on the guys stamina, and my interest.

So as I said, we were popular with the guys. Not so much the girls. However it was typical that we would be just about the only girls attending these parties.

I don’t want to make it seem that Maria didn’t have much sex and she only gave blow jobs. She had plenty of sex, but typically only with long term boyfriends. These guys didn’t hang out with (or know about) the guys who got the BJ’s at the parties.

Maria always said she envied how I could sleep with guys randomly, and she was always interested in my stories about having two, or three, guys at the same time. This is what gave me the idea for this weekend.

The Story Tangent

Maria actually witnessed me with one random guy. We were 19 at the time and not of legal drinking age. We struck up a conversation with an older guy outside a liquor store. Our goal was for him to buy us some beer. But this guy just locked in on me and kept gushing about how pretty I was, and that I looked exactly like the girl that just broke up with him. He went on and on about this. It seemed like this girl really broke his heart.

It turn out that this guy was in town for business and was staying at the hotel next door. I finally illegal bahis siteleri said, if you buy us some beer, we can go back to your room and make out, but Maria had to come, since I didn’t know him. He leapt at the chance. Five minutes later we were drinking beer in his dumpy hotel room.

This guy and I were sitting on the edge of the bed, Maria was sitting in the side chair. He made his pass and we started kissing. He was actually a great kisser and we seemed to connect. I always expect that a make out session will include the guy going up my shirt, or taking it off. I have nice tits. Guys hands are almost magnetically drawn to them. I don’t mind, I actually love it.

This guy was a little older and pretty experienced. It wasn’t three minutes of making out when I was completely topless. I was having fun, but didn’t really want to go much further than this. Maria and he had other ideas.

For his part, he took my hand and placed it pretty firmly on his hard on. It felt pretty big. I have a weakness for a hard on. I have a hard time turning them down. Maria knew this.

Maria decided she wanted to move things along and started to undo his buckle and unzip his pants. She now took my hand and placed it in this guys underwear. I was thinking “ok, I will give this guy a handjob, and get my shirt back on.”

But Maria didn’t stop there, she had his pants off within a minute, and he is now fumbling to take off my jeans. I was getting pretty turned on and within a minute I was on my back, he was crawling into position and lining up his canlı bahis siteleri cock to my pussy. My only request was that he wear a condom.

When he said he didn’t have one, He was a married guy on a business trip, you don’t typically pack condoms. I sat up and expected this would end with a blow job, and not by getting fucked by a stranger. At this point Maria stepped in and started blowing the guy. I reached for my shirt and bra, thinking my job here was done.

He tried to reach her tits and undress her, but she was done in less than a minute. She sat back and I saw that she had a condom, and put it on this guy with her mouth. At this point he just turned to me, took my clothes away, and laid me back down. Within seconds he entered me and it was great. As I said, he was no teenager. He knew what he was doing and was able to maintain a pretty fast rhythm for at least ten minutes. This turned out to be way better than the fumblings of an inexperienced teenager.

I thought I was going to pass out. Random High school guys don’t give you too many orgasms, but this guy knew how to dish them out. I stopped counting at four. At this point he finally climaxed and collapsed down on me in exhaustion.

This is always where the awkwardness comes in. Two strangers, sex is over, and we don’t even know each others names. I dressed pretty quickly and Maria and I were out of there. When we were out on the sidewalk I said that I couldn’t believe what she did. Why did she take his pants off? I just said I wanted to make out.

At this point she showed me the credit card and $200 that she took from his wallet. She was in the middle of taking this when the condom issue came up. She knew she had to act, so he would see that she was going through his wallet. And act she did.

To be continued…

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