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Tom Raymond’s eyes narrowed as they tracked Louise’s progress from his office. His mind coolly registered every detail, every nuance. The auburn hair that danced against the collar of her blouse. The dimples that appeared at the corners of her mouth each time she smiled. The wedding ring. The proud breasts. The languid sway of the womanly hips. The almost arrogant stride of her creamy legs.

He watched until the lift doors came between them, and the down light illuminated above the polished doors. Back to her humble desk, ten floors below the Chief Executive’s office. She had projected nonchalance, but Raymond knew that she had been impressed by his summons. It boded well.

An erection bulged within his Armani trousers. Raymond experienced a momentary surprise at the speed of his body’s reaction to Louise. He closed his eyes, and listened to the sound of soft garments falling to the floor, to the whisper of nylon-coated thighs caressing themselves.

Alex Dando glared from her seat on the other side of the oak desk. “So she’s to be the latest fashion.” There was no note of question in her tone.

“Can I really be so obvious?” Raymond’s mouth flowed into an easy smile that did not reach his eyes. He swivelled to face her, reclining himself in the heavy leather chair. His strong hands reached up to comb the steel-grey hair back from his tanned brow.

Alex snorted. “You are to me.”

Raymond surpassed his assistant’s scornful expression with ease. “Then maybe it’s time we found a new position for you, Alex. A good friend once warned me: ‘never allow anyone to know you so well they can anticipate your next move.’ I’ve always believed it excellent advice.”

The anger faded from Alex’s face. “Tom, I never meant . . . ” Her eyes, azure blue and hinting of tears, searched his face.

Raymond enjoyed the transformation. He did not intend letting Alex go though; she was the most effective PA he had ever known. And the most loyal. Alex’s memories of her past were always too vivid for her to risk the opulence of her position. It was the perfect lever with which to keep her in check, and that was vital. After three years of running his office, Alex possessed the ability to ruin Raymond several times over. And he did not want to lose Alex’s services. Because there was only one-way she could ever leave his employ.

Raymond idly considered her lithe body within its conservative business uniform. Alex had talents beyond those normally expected of a personal assistant. His loins still throbbed mercilessly from Louise’s presence. He kept his face dark. “Make certain we won’t be disturbed, Ms. Dando.”

A shadow clouded Alex’s face as she got up. Her hands lingered when they locked the door and drew the heavy blinds. The glass was an inch thick, the door and walls all soundproofed. When Raymond demanded privacy, it illegal bahis had to be absolute.

He pushed the intercom. “No calls for thirty minutes, Marion. I’m in conference.” The button was released before his secretary could reply.

Alex slipped off her jacket, and sat before him on the edge of the desk. She hesitated, then drew her skirt up her slender legs, revealing lacy stocking tops. Lust and loathing alternated across her face. Her thighs parted slightly. Raymond leant forwards. The office was warm, and, as he always stipulated, Alex wore no panties. Rich musk filled his nostrils. He closed his eyes, inhaling deeply.

Raymond’s hands cupped her ankles, then ran up Alex’s trembling legs until they found naked flesh. Last week’s strap marks had all but disappeared. Good. He pressed her thighs wide with his elbows, his expert fingertips adroitly moving to the damp furrow inside her smooth labia. Raymond had once commented unfavourably upon her extravagant pubic hair. Alex had kept herself smooth and hairless for him ever since.

He slipped his fingers between her labia, using her moistness to ease his caresses. Alex’s eyes were tightly closed, and light perspiration beaded her forehead. Her breath came in shallow, uneven bursts. Raymond pressed the two halves of her sex apart, watching her flower open in delicious anticipation. He couldn’t stop wondering how Louise would look, smell, taste.

With one finger, Raymond massaged the narrow bridge of flesh between her sex and her anus. Another finger sought out the hard swelling of her clitoris. He circled the tiny bud without touching it, stimulating only by association.

Alex sighed as Raymond slid a finger inside her anus. She was incredibly sensitive there. He smiled, recalling the first time he had taken her that way. Cherry time. On occasion, she begged him to take her that way. But Raymond wasn’t in a back door mood. A finger would have to suffice.

Alex’s hands reached for his head, pulling him towards her. Sex was the only time he ever submitted to control. He teased her smooth mound and her swollen lips with his mouth. He ignored her body’s desperate posturing. He liked women to wait, and Alex knew from experience not to deny him his wants.

Raymond’s tongue grazed the hood of her clitoris. Alex sighed again, raising herself towards him. Raymond pressed her back, slowly drawing his tongue the full length of her sex. He paused at the entrance, then slowly pressed his tongue inside. Alex gasped, widening her thighs to allow him greater access.

Raymond tasted the soft walls, savouring the bittersweet nectar that threatened to overwhelm him. He closed his eyes and Alex became Louise. God, how he hungered to see Louise’s face, to hear her cries. With one finger still deep in Alex’s ass, he slid a second inside her vagina.

Louise will enjoy illegal bahis siteleri this. I know she will.


She’ll have no choice.

Alex’s increasingly prolonged groans rewarded his technical competence. He smiled briefly, before renewing the attack upon her senses, running his tongue around and around her clitoris. Alex’s fingers pulled back against her mound, exposing herself further. Raymond’s tongue fluttered mercilessly, while his fingers stirred within her.

Alex’s thighs twitched convulsively, her control seemingly evaporating with each caress of his fingers, with every stroke of his tongue. “Faster,” she gasped. “Go . . . faster.” Her head rolled languidly, and a long stream of whispered obscenities escaped her lips. Her hips bucked, so much that Raymond had to grip them tightly to keep from losing his reins. Intense spasms coursed through Alex’s body, and then she suddenly froze, limbs locked in rapture. Raymond eased himself back. His jaw ached. He reached for a silk handkerchief to wipe his chin and his fingers.

Alex remained strewn across the desk. She moaned, one hand trailing lazily over her mound, the other busy with the buttons on her blouse. Her hand slipped inside the taut cotton, tracing endless patterns across the lacy bra.

Now she was ready for him. Raymond undressed, his eyes prowling over her supine form. He enjoyed her brazen sexuality; it kept him attentive, kept him returning.

Could Louise be as carnal?

Not to begin with. It would take patience and skill to nurture such a relaxed attitude in someone mired in marriage for so long. But he possessed time and ability. He knew that Louise would initially resist him, and that pleased him. He wanted her to prolong her seduction. Slow corruption was where the true pleasure lay.

Raymond stepped between Alex’s prone thighs. His cock jutted eagerly from beneath his flat belly. He looked at Alex’s face, searching for the need in her eyes. Without it, there was no point in continuing. Her gaze was focused upon his loins, but eventually she lifted her eyes to meet his.

“Fill me with that,” she said. Her words sounded stale. The ritual required a new priestess.


“Your cock.”


The tip of Alex’s tongue ran around her lips, as though she were tasting herself. Her fingers slipped between her legs, opening herself to him. “My cunt. I want it in my cunt.”


“Hard. Fuck me hard.”

Raymond pressed forward until his cockhead touched her. There was no need to hold or guide himself. He pressed further forward, letting the glans ride up between her labia, dragging over her clitoris. He rubbed the underside of his shaft back and forth against her. Her expression of wanton helplessness was magnificent.

“Tom. Please, don’t tease me.”

That wasn’t canlı bahis siteleri in the script. For a few moments he considered stopping and getting dressed. But why deny himself? He would think of a suitable punishment for her later.

His cock slipped downwards, nestling within the folds of her flesh. She was warm and very moist. With one thrust he was inside her, driving the breath from her in a rush. He pressed forward until he could go no further, until his heavy balls rested against her ass.

Alex groaned, her cheeks scarlet. “God, I’ll never be ready for that.”

Raymond smiled again. He withdrew until their flesh barely touched, then thrust savagely back inside her. And again. And again. And again. Alex’s cries were an acute blend of ecstasy and pain.

Raymond settled into rhythm, thrusting at a tempo he knew would quickly take Alex to orgasm. With each thrust he pressed his pubis hard against her clitoris. He enjoyed watching his cock disappear and emerge, slick from being inside her. He revelled in the way her flesh moulded around him.

Alex wrenched her blouse apart, unclipping the front-fastening bra. Her large breasts slipped from their restraint, and she took one in each hand, restlessly kneading and squeezing. She stared at Raymond as she slowly lifted one breast to her mouth. Her tongue flickered over the nipple, tracing the outline of its stiff peak.

Raymond’s eyes narrowed. With conditioning and environment, Alex could be as sensual with another woman’s breasts, with another woman’s sex. He tried to picture her reactions, her pleasure. It was an enticing idea. But where to find the second woman?

Louise’s face swam into focus.


Would Alex assist in the perversion of Louise? Would she accept Louise as an instrument of her own, further corruption?

Yes. If she understands what’s best for her.

Raymond allowed Alex to pleasure herself for several strokes, then loomed over her, greedily taking her other nipple between his lips. He glanced at her through the corner of his eye and saw her watching him as they both suckled upon her flesh. Raymond moved to share her, and their tongues clashed and entwined as they fought for possession of the same captive nipple.

Alex’s hips bounced to meet his thrusts. Raymond slipped his hands beneath her, fingers sinking into her buttocks as he lifted her off the desk. Now she was helpless. She wailed in accompaniment to the smacking of their flesh.

Alex clutched at her breasts as her orgasm bloomed. Her strong thighs snaked around Raymond’s hips, and she crossed her legs behind his buttocks, locking him in place. Raymond surrendered his restraint. His cock throbbed powerfully as he emptied himself inside her, and Alex threw back her flushed, contorted face and screamed in completion.

Raymond’s head dropped to Alex’s heaving breasts. It had been briefly satisfying, but it wasn’t enough. It never was. He closed his eyes, and wondered what satisfaction he might discover when Louise’s cunt was full of him.

© 1999-2004 Harry Tasker. All rights reserved.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32