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Author’s note: I finally got around to writing a second chapter and to my surprise it’s pretty darn long. I hope you like it. Please leave me feedback and vote for my story if you like it. If you hate it, please leave me feedback and tell me what sucked, but you don’t need to vote. 😛 Thanks! – Moonlit Clover


“So stop blabbing about how great your plans are and just tell me already,” my best friend, Mayson, said with a look of impatience. The girl has the attention span of a stripper on meth. She’s lucky she has such a tight little body, cause she sure ain’t luring ’em in with her brains. Truth be told, she’s about as blonde as they come and the curtains would match the carpet, if she had one, that is.

She’s all platinumed up, with perky little titties (which I’ve felt up my fair share of times, I might add) and a whole lotta horny piled into just 95 pounds of exhibitionist with good follow through. If it weren’t for me though, she might never have stepped up her game. In fact, she’d probably still be flashing panties at nerds instead of pussy at firemen and fucking teachers instead of hot guys with a shit ton of money.

When it comes down to it, she’s kind of the Chrissy to my Janet, except I look a little more like Jacyln Smith in her day than Joyce DeWitt. Sorry, my dad had a real hard on for 70s tv women. I’m sure I’ve seen every episode of Charlie’s Angels, The Bionic Woman and Wonder Woman, in addition to Three’s Company even though I wasn’t even born ’til those shows were in reruns. Hell, he probably still rubs one out to Linda Carter’s star spangled hot pants every now and then.

I was raised by a pretty laid back set of parents. Growing up, talking about sex was just something we always did. Sometimes I kind of wonder what it would have been like, growing up in one of those southern baptist nightmares where you have to sneak around to get laid. In the early days before their divorce, my parents barely even remembered to close their door. My dad even drove me down to get on birth control and still calls me up just to ask if I’m getting any. He’s been in a bit of slump for the past 10 years or so, since my mom left. Sometimes I think he just needs to perv out a bit, thinking about me getting fucked up the ass… I might weigh a little more than Mayson, but I have the ghetto booty and tits to show for it.

“Have a little patience. You know how I love to tease you,” I laughed, reaching over and pinching her nipple, which has already perked up at the promise of a good time. Mayson has perfect nipples, not too small but not so big they overtake her b cups. I’d have to say they’re the second best set I’ve ever licked… The first being my own of course, “Remember I told you last week about that guy I met in my Philosophy class who’s having a big Fourth of July party?”

Mayson’s face dropped for a second, “Cocksucker, your plan isn’t ’til July? I’m horny now!”

“Oh ye of little faith. Of course I have plans for today. My pussy needs to be licked by someone other than you for a change.” She immediately cheered back up.

Mayson and I aren’t really fucking. Hell, we aren’t even really bi, we just play with each other a bit to mess with the boys. We have gone down on each other, but only in the presence of one or more gentlemen callers. I particularly like the hardon guys get watching girl on girl – so much more satisfying when you finally let him show you what he can do with it.

“Wait, I thought you said his roommate was a cop? How the hell can anyone throw a great party with law enforcement checking in on shit?”

See? I told you she wasn’t the brightest crayon in the box. It hasn’t even occurred to her yet that if my friend Alex knows people on the force, that no one is gonna show up to bust the party for underage drinking or having a little weed. I could have waited to see how long this realization would take but I just couldn’t muster the patience – besides, I was counting on her being slow on the uptake. It’s part of what will make today’s plans so much fun.

“His roommate Is a cop and he has asked us to do a little sweet talking to get him and his friends all ready to go next week.”

I could see the wheels spinning, proof that the hamster hadn’t yet jumped the wheel, which was all I really needed to get her sparked into motion.

“You need to get dressed. You’re going for sweet and innocent today, so bust out that little pink tank top with the flowers and that cardigan that matches. You should also wear that white skirt with the eyelet lace, the one you thought was way too long – oh and Mayson,” I said, a mischievous grin pulling at the corners of my thick lips, the one that gets her all wet in anticipation, “No panties!”

We didn’t really need to sweet talk anyone, it was just an excuse to get a little freaky mid-day, but Mayson is as turned on by the idea of a challenge as she is a perfect pink cock. Obviously, part of my bag is being in control but that’s not to say that I don’t like ümraniye escort bayan a good hard dick. My ghetto booty tends to draw in the big black cock though and I have to admit, though I have “gone back” after my share of black guys, it’s never been as hot. I fuck white guys for practical things like grades or rent, but I call black guys up for a good time.

I let Mayson have her challenge but personally I had another goal. Alex said his roommate Brandon was from a well to do southern family, full of over-achieving black men -just my type. What could possibly be better than hooking up with a hot cop with tasty coco colored skin and some money in his bank account?

While Mayson went off to find her best church girl costume, I rummaged through my closet. We couldn’t both show up looking like Sunday School teachers but this also was not the time to bust out my new super short, incredibly low cut see through red dress, the one that barely covers my ass cheeks. Instead, I opted for that little peach colored bra with cups so small my nipples always manage to find their way up for air, a very loose and flowy v-cut sleeveless hippie blouse that will allow for a few “unintentional” nipple slips and a tight pair of jeans that show off my ass. I pass over the pair of super high heels since we’re supposed to pass as good girls fresh out of college, not sorority sluts gone wild (not that I would ever have been caught dead in a sorority mind you – why sign up for the competition and bullshit philanthropy hours?). I settled on some sequined flip flops. At least they show off my super cute toes and the brilliant hundred dollar pedicure my former Calculus professor paid for. He has a foot fetish. I’m still willing to oblige even though I graduated a couple of months ago.

“You really want me to go out in public looking like a virgin librarian?” Mayson asked walking back out of her bedroom.

“Puss, I don’t think any amount of pink and flowers could make you look virginal. We’re just going for a little harder to get. You look perfect.”

“Syrie, why do you get to look all hot?” she asks, eyeing the ruffle lining the v-neck of my blouse which showcases the inner curves of my D cups, pushed up extra high. What? I was on a mission. To humor her though, I threw my long brown hair into a sloppy ponytail, so as to look a little less planned and picked up a dark red corduroy blazer that said “hippie artist chic – that shaves” more than “please fuck my tits after the board meeting”. She seemed momentarily pleased with my concessions.

“We have to go, I’ll explain on the drive.” I say waving my hand in a dismissing fashion. I just love being in charge.

On the way over I explain that Alex’s roommate Brandon is having a barbeque at their house with some of his cop buddies after their softball game. From what Alex told me, Brandon was the token black guy on the team, though by far the best athlete.

“We haven’t actually been invited, we’re just showing up looking for Alex and when he’s not there, flirting our way into an invitation to stay. The goal is to get each of the guys so worked up that they can’t wait to see us at the party.”

“Worked up? I wanna fuck!”

“All in good time, but for now I need you to tone it down on the f-bombs. We’re supposed to seem like nice girls that Alex is friends with, not strippers he hired to seduce his friends into being cool about his party.”

Mayson pouted for a second – she hates being censored – but smiled when I reached over and fondled her through her tank top. For a tiny girl, she really does have a great rack.

“Nice job toning down your makeup, by the way. You still look hot in earth tones but much more like the type of girl who does her homework instead of fucking her professors for As.”

We pulled up to the house and did one last look-over in the mirror before hopping out and going up to Alex’s front door. I rang the bell and tried not to smile.

The door swung open to reveal a tall, thin white kid in a baseball cap holding a beer, his mouth open about to say something, “Oh, hey. You’re not Mike. Not that I mind, of course,” he laughed self consciously, “I was just, um, expecting our other friend who said he might come. So what’s up?”

He was eyeing us up and down without even bothering to hide his interest in Mayson. I wondered how many beers he had consumed already, since he didn’t really strike me as the type to have enough confidence to look a girl up and down, wink and tell her she was wearing nice shoes.

“I’m a friend of Alex’s. I was just stopping by to see him. Is he here?” I asked, trying to peer around him, supposedly looking for Alex, but really I was hoping to catch a glimpse of Brandon.

“Uh, no. He’s not home right now, I don’t think,” his face fell at the thought of us leaving before it brightened back up as it occurred to him to invite us to wait for him and join the barbeque.

“I’m Cody,” he smiled at Mayson. I might as well have kartal escort not been standing there. I’d have been insulted but the kid was clearly only about 18 or 19. I was out of his league on too many levels to be bothered with him.

Cody led us through the house and out to the backyard. There was a large swimming pool and a built in grill, hooked up to the gas line of the house. A couple of guys, who looked well muscled but had just kind of average faces were seated in patio chairs, drinking beer. A third guy was seated on the diving board talking to them, he was a lot better looking, though I couldn’t see his eyes because they were shaded by his baseball cap. Finally, there was a really hot guy, with great biceps, thick lips and dark skin holding a pair of tongs in his hand, turning over a steak. Did I mention that I love men who can cook? It doesn’t matter if it’s only grilling, it’s hot.

Brandon looked up at us and waved from the grill. It didn’t seem to phase him that he didn’t know who we were. Maybe he figured we were friends of Cody’s but seriously, even though we were dressed down, what guy like Cody knew girls like us?

Cody offered to get us beers and passed by Brandon on his way in, explaining our presence. Mayson was busy checking out the guy by the pool, who was her favorite type, tall and clean cut, so I went over to talk to Brandon.

“Hey, sorry to crash your party. I figured Alex would be home midday on a Saturday. Actually, I figured he’d probably have just woken up. He was never on time to our 10am Philosophy class.”

“He’s helping his friend move – should be back soon and you’re more than welcome to join us. So you went to school together? What are you studying?” he was trying not to be too obvious about checking me out, much more smooth than Cody could ever be.

“I just graduated actually. I got my degree in Business. What do you do?”

“Oh, I’m a cop. Actually, my buddy Rob over there by the pool, the one your friend is talking to, is a detective. The guys at the table are Chris and Jim, they’re on the force too.”

I nodded, pretending like this was new information, “But Cody’s not a cop, right? He seems pretty young.”

“Nah, he’s Chris’ little brother. He plays on our softball team and likes to hang out with us ’cause we let him have beer even though he’s got two years before he’s 21. We just had a game and these guys came over to hang out. Jim’s girlfriend, Jenny, should be here soon too.”

Girlfriend? Shit. That could seriously put a kink in our whole game to seduce the cops. I decided not to worry about it until it became an issue and kept flirting, asking if he’d won the game, introducing myself and explaining my goofy name – you know, the usual.

Mayson was actually doing a really good job of playing hard to get. She hadn’t grabbed Rob’s cock yet, though I could tell she was definitely on board for fucking him. She even smiled a little with Cody, which I thought was gonna give the kid a heart attack.

For a while, I just let us blend into the scene. You can’t just show up at someone’s party and get things rolling five minutes in. It doesn’t seem real. Besides, these guys hadn’t even planned on having girls around, except this Jenny chic, which means I had to warm them up to my new ideas about the evening. After everyone had eaten and gotten used to each other though, I decided it was time to start instigating.

Claiming I was hot, I took off my blazer. In the process I let Chris get a good look down my shirt, leaning forward as I undid the buttons and slid off the sleeves. I pretended to readjust my shirt but really just created a better angle for him to see straight down to my flat stomach. He shifted a little, trying to get a better look while trying to look like he wasn’t looking. As planned, one of my nipples was well above the cup of my bra. He noticed but attempted not to let it show on his face. I tried not to smile.

As if on cue, Mayson took off her cardigan as well. She still looked quite conservative since the tank top wasn’t low cut at all, but she dangled her legs off her chair in a way that caused her skirt to ride up a little. She leaned back to stretch a little and even though Jim’s girlfriend had arrived and was sitting in his lap, I watched his eyes follow the rise and fall of her tits. Men are so predictable.

Jenny was actually pretty cute. She had short blonde hair, not platinum like Mayson’s, but still pretty light and she was wearing a tube top and pair of cut off shorts. I figured that if we didn’t flirt with Jim directly, she just might get in on our seduction and take care of her own boyfriend.

“You guys seem pretty laid back for cops.”

“We’re not on duty, ma’mm,” Chris answered, tipping his baseball hat towards me and trying to get another look down my top.

“So is it super hard having to break up parties or arrest girls for being drunk in public, knowing they’re just having a little fun?”

“Yeah, sometimes. kartal escort bayan One night there was this chic who kept trying to get out of a speeding ticket by flashing me. She had a great rack and I would have totally let her off, but my partner’s a real hard ass. He told her to ‘put her tits back in her top’ and be thankful he wasn’t adding indecent exposure to her ticket.”

Mayson knew that this was her cue. Guys have a thing for talking girls into flashing. They like to think it was their idea, which is exactly why I had her dress conservatively. They would believe that they were calling the shots if she played shy and reluctant. If they’d seen Mayson in full on aggressive sex goddess mode, they’d know they were being played.

“Oh my gosh, I can’t imagine flashing a cop to get out of a ticket. Wow. That’s crazy.”

“Haven’t you ever flashed anyone before?” Jenny asked. I could have kissed her. The only thing better than guys talking a girl into flashing is getting to perv out watching another girl who wants to see tits.

“Well actually, no ’cause obviously my boyfriend wouldn’t count, right?”

“Yeah, Mayson, I’m pretty sure flashing means random people who don’t normally have viewing rights,” I chimed in.

I don’t know how she did it, but Mayson actually managed to blush. The girl had fucked her entire way through college and she could fake a blush over the thought of flashing her tits. I obviously don’t give her enough credit.

“I bet Cody would really like for you to flash us,” Jenny giggled, “Not that anyone else would mind.”

Apparently, Jenny was our kind of girl. I didn’t even have to clue her in and here she was doing my job for me.

“What? No,” Mayson said, crossing her arms over her chest.

“Seriously, I bet you have a good rack and what’s the use in that if you don’t let anyone see it?” This came from Chris. I guess seeing one of my nipples briefly had just gotten him in the mood to see more.

“I tell you what, I’ll take my shirt off, let you judge my abs and pecs, just to be fair,” Brandon said, “In fact, we all will.”

Each of the guys made a show of taking off their shirts. Brandon by far had the biggest muscles, and Rob had a great six pack and a couple of large tattoos, though he wasn’t nearly as bulky. Chris and Jim were both toned, though nothing spectacular like Brandon. Unsurprisingly Cody was skinny as if he had just undergone a growth spurt to make him that tall but it was still quite a good base to start working on, if he chose to do so. With all the guys shirtless it was only a matter of time before we all were.

“Oh come on, Mayson, you know you want to. Take a couple shots… Hey, I bet Jenny will do it too, if you do,” I figured the least I could do was include her.

Jenny nodded eagerly, obviously quite the exhibitionist. In fact, it was hard to tell if she really wanted to see Mayson’s tits or if she just wanted an excuse to flash her own.

Cody was clearly drunk by this point, though the rest of us appeared to be just pleasantly buzzed. He poured Mayson a double shot of tequila and began begging and pleading. Chris and Jim tried to shush him and Rob kicked him under the table, they wanted her to feel like she wanted to do this, not like she’d been pressured into it, plus he just seemed desperate.

“Well, I guess if Jenny does it too,” Mayson finally said, taking the shot as if to steel her nerves.

“Hey, what about Syrie?” Brandon asked, eyeing the full cleavage now clearly visible without the blazer. It was starting to get dark out and he stood up to turn on the patio lights and the ones in the pool.

Chris and Rob were quick to agree that I should have to flash as well. I pretended to let them talk me into it a little bit, but I didn’t have to play as hard to get since I’d clearly been trying to get Mayson to do it.

We all agreed and Mayson suggested that I go first, so that she knew that I would really go through with it. Everyone laughed and clapped, thinking this was a great idea and as I leaned forward again, my left nipple peaked out of the low neckline of my shirt.

“Holy shit, her shirt isn’t even off and I can see her nipple!” Cody yelled, finally noticing someone besides Mayson.

I giggled and started to adjust it back inside the slanted cup of my bra when Chris asked what the point was. Normally when girls flash, they just lift their top and their bra together but I decided to work it a little more, taking my shirt completely off. I sat there with my huge tits tucked into the smallest amount of fabric possible for a second and watched as all of the eyes focused on me.

“You should dance a little and make your nipples pop back out again,” Jim suggested.

Jenny hit him in the arm but then added her encouragement. Apparently, she really liked my tits but was slightly less pleased that Jim liked them so well. Poor guy. Girlfriends can be complicated.

I obliged and stood up, dancing a bit like a belly dancer, moving my shoulders and hips until both nipples were peaking above the fabric. I let everyone look for a minute and then declared that it was someone else’s turn. I adjusted my bra and put my shirt back on and waited to see if Jenny would step up first or Mayson.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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