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i woke up with my dick in hunters mouth and it didnt take long for me to fill his mouth with my sweet boy cum he smiled and said i love you and i smiled and told him i love him.
nick came over around noon and we swam and fished and i told him about hunter so he called chris and had him come over. when chris arrived we were playing video games and chris asked me if hunter liked him. i told him to go kiss him and see what happens
chris walked over to hunter and kissed him. hunter put his controller down and kissed him back. then hunter slid chris,s shorts and boxers off and started sucking his little boy dick. this made nick and i horny so we started kissing and i started sucking nick

chris and hunter climbed on my bed now both naked and i saw their little asses stickig up and whispered in nicks ear that they needed filled. he smiled and walked over and started licking hunters hole and hunter moaned. i went to get some lube and got behind chrie and lubed up his hot little ass and slid a finger in him . he jumped and started moaning also. nick grabbed the lube and rubbed some on mine and his dicks as we both started to shove our dicks into our younger boys. they both were moaning really loud and i was close to cummimg when chris orgasamed and tightened illegal bahis up his hole sending me over the edge as i shot in his tight hole this sent nick over the edge and he shot off in hunter.

we all layed on my bed tired and smiling . hunter looked at chris and said can you do that to me. chris smiled and said yyeeeesssssss!

that thursday at school we had a pep rally and nick and i were sitting together and i had to pee. so i went to the boys bathroom that i thought was empty. what i saw shocked me. two boys friends of mine and nick s were kissing. i stopped and turned and walked out as they both looked embaressed.i went back and told nick what i saw. he said who was it ? i told him cody and wes. he smiled and said their hot. i said yea i wonder if they are gay or bi. he said who cares we should get them to do something with us. i told him i had math class with cody so i would talk to him.

that afternoon is was in math class as cody walked in and saw me. i smiled as he sat behind me. he leaned up and said please dont tell anyone what you saw. i leand close to him and told i told nick and we wanted to have a sleep over at my house friday night. he smiled and said ok he would tell wes.
friday came and mom picked us up from school and we went illegal bahis siteleri to my house. we changed into our swim truncks and jumped into my pool. wes and i were trying to dunk each other when he slid his hand over my dick. i looked at him and smiled. then mom came out and said i have to go to work for a couple of hours so i made pizza and fixed drinks. you boys have to get out of the pool while im gone.

mom left and we ate the went to my room to play ps3.wes and nick were playing and cody and i were watching from my bed when cody leaned in and kissed me. i jumped back surprised and he said sorry i thought you two were gay like us. i smiled as nick and wes looked at me and i kissed him back. we were kissing and i saw nick kiss wes. we climbed onto my bed and i slid codys shorts down and started rubbind his dick througt his boxers. i realized he was bigger than nick and i both. the then reached over and slid my shorts and boxers both offf and started sucking my hard uncut dick. i was in heaven. then i saw wes and nick naked next to us abd nick sucking wes. wes was cut and about 4.5 inches but cody was at least 5.5 and cut also

i reached over and slid cody,s boxers down as we got into the 69 position and so did nnick and wes. we were sucking canlı bahis siteleri our best friends and the two of them were so hot. i slid my finger into cody,s hole and started pushing it in and out thi sent him over the edge as he said im cccuuuummmmiiiiinnnngggg! then i tasted his sweet cum in my mouth . this sent me over the edge as well as nick as we both shot our boy juice into their mouths. cody and wes swallowed it all . then wes started to shake and shot into nicks mouth and nick swallowed his sweet hot cum and smiled at me and said we have found more boys like us. i smiled and said yes and they are so hot to.

we all layed back on my bed naked smiling when cody whispered in my ear i want you to fuck me. i smiled and said only if you do me. he smiled and said it would be his first time and i said i thought him and wes had done it. wes smiled and said no we just kissed and you caught us the first time we did that. i said so you have never sucked another guy or had sex. wes said with a sad voice i have. it started when i was 7 with my uncle but i have never with another boy.

nick looked at wes and said well you can now i want you to fuck me and wes smiled. but that is another story about the six of us. yes six hunter and chris joins the four of us in my next story if you guys like this one i will post them . i hope you enjoy this i know we did.

ps. there are four mor boys to come later and we are still together today

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32