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Hello, I’m Mr. Stinky. I’m your vibrator.

Now I am sure you are a bit shocked by receiving a communication from your sex toy. I know I have never contacted you before but lately you seem to have forgotten me. You have stuck me in your sock drawer, hidden amongst the heavy woolen ones you never wear except when it snows. I know you think that I am safe here, that no one will find me. Who do you think you are fooling? Everyone knows where I am, including your mother!

Sometimes when you are in an especially secretive mood, you wrap me in a pair of socks. Oh, that works. Sure socks are lumpy and hard when left in a drawer. You fooled me….not!

We used to visit with each other quite regularly. The last time I felt your touch was when you purloined my batteries for your emergency flashlight. I was sad, I admit it. To lose my power was a crushing blow. But you are all involved with the boyfriend now and have no need for me. I am not worried. My time will come. Especially when you realize Mr. Right is wearing your panties when you aren’t around. I know. I see everything.

But you will discover soon enough that I am the only man you can rely on. I know. I do.

I get so lonely sometimes, stuck here amongst your socks. They aren’t very good conversationalists, I must tell you. The most interesting story they have is the time you broke your illegal bahis leg skiing in Vermont and half the men in the lodge touched them while offering sympathy. Not much excitement there! Sometimes I wish you had hidden me in your lingerie drawer instead. I know they have stories…and lots of them!

Instead I am stuck with the socks. *Yawn*. Girl, you need to get real! Mr. Right does not even have the staying power that I do. And does he vibrate while inside you? I think not!

Anyway, perhaps you would be more likely to take me out if I remind you of one of our more memorable encounters.

It was winter. I remember that the snow was piling up on the window sill and a draft was blowing through your bedroom despite your best efforts to stop it. You were naked as you lay back on the bed. Your breasts, so young and full and lovely, were winter perky…nipples hard as pebbles. You had shaven that morning for the occasion. Alright, fine. You had shaven because it was your standard procedure. You liked to keep yourself smooth and hairless. You also found men preferred it for the most part (grumbles here).

And that day, the skin was as smooth as silk down there.

There you were, naked lying upon the warm flannel sheets. You had stashed emergency back up batteries beneath your pillow as you prepared to bring yourself to ecstasy. Your illegal bahis siteleri knees were bent, the thighs parted just right. They were ivory in color and gloriously warm to the touch. You have always had such soft skin and I swear that day it was the softest ever. I just wanted to bury myself in it. It was soft and sweet and smelt of lavender. You always enjoyed lavender scented soap. You had taken a bath earlier. It was Sunday. You usually spent the morning in a good soak while every one else in the world attended church.

You added lavender bath salt to the steaming water as you sunk into it. The heat radiated through your body. You had brought your coffee and had set it on the ledge of the tub. With your novel, you were set. You sat and sipped and read until the water became too cool to enjoy. Then you had risen, dripping with water. The towel was cotton and impossibly thick that you wrapped yourself in. And after you pulled the stopper in the bath, you swept into your room, all ripe and ready for me.

Your pussy lips were already dewy. You were anticipating a nice long session with Mr. Stinky. Your mouth was parted as you breathed, your eyes partially closed. Your nostrils flared with heat.

Then you placed me upon your moist skin. Oh how I vibrated with the pleasure! That first touch was so impossibly sweet, so tender. And canlı bahis siteleri you sighed softly below your breath as you let me work my magic. I eased between those tender lips and began to vibrate, heating your inner core with my light touch. You began to moan oh so softly, incoherent words of wonder as you let me take you away from the every day world and into a place magical. You whimpered as your desire increased, the turgid pulse cascading through your prone body like lightning…from fingers to toes to hair roots and back again.

I continued on, my strength did not diminish as you eased be past those succulent lips and into the velvet cavern beyond. Oh such sweet moans of delight echoed through your room as I took you deeply, pressing far and wide to give you the most pleasure for your money. You kicked up my speed a notch and I began to hum merrily along as you smoothed me in and out of your wetness. How I was coated with your juices!

Faster and faster you moved me in and out, over and over. Your back was arching, you pushed your hips towards the ceiling as you twisted and turned upon the bed, lost in the need, the exquisite desire, so close to the brink of release. You didn’t stop, you couldn’t stop, and you were so close, so needy. And then there it was. The Niagara Falls of Orgasms as it hurled itself over your body and out of your wet clingy pussy.

Yes! Yes! Yes! We both cried with the intensity of it as your body trembled uncontrollably upon the mattress, lost in bliss, lost in the moment of passion, lost to all but me.

Those were the days, my friend. Those were the days.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32