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Megan stepped off the plane and took a deep breath. For the last several weeks, she’d been exploring ideas with two men which had mentally leading her down a path which sounded scary, sexy, dark and mysterious. Periodically one of them would describe what would be expected of her if she went through with this experience but neither of them would explain the process from beginning to the end. The one thing they did stress was the fact the experience would change her and her outlook on life would never be the same. A couple of times they had almost seemed afraid but she just brushed it off as over dramatics.

Pasting on a smile, she moved forward into the throng of passengers deplaning. The wheels of her case zoomed across the carpet, echoing off the gate tunnel walls. It was like walking into a cave and finding a new land on the other side. She shook her head to clear her thoughts and internally criticized herself for trying to make another experience seem bigger than the truth of it.

Her heart raced. A year ago, after a disastrous divorce left her bruised, beaten and near penniless. In her darkest hours, Megan allowed her repressed desires had increasingly overtaken her sensible side.

With the thought of just playing around with her desires online, she had even created a profile on one of the fetish sites. Megan had gotten dozens of private messages and friends’ requests, but most had been so blatantly offensive that she had not bothered to respond.

One was different. Two men had contacted her in unison. They had intrigued her and made no bones about being dominants and their desire to dominate her both together and separately. The oddest parts were how respectful and friendly they were towards her and each other. Their emails and text exchanges ranged from long discussions about current events and the Universe, to their basic views about the nature of Domination and submission illegal bahis and the late night risqué descriptions of the things they would do to her, which often left her breathless and overly aroused.

Throughout the day, each of them always found time for short bursts and updates. Both were professional business men in different areas of the same industry. Blair Lawless was real estate tycoon and while Luke Hamilton ran a large construction firm. According to the emails, they had been friends for most of their lives and enjoyed sharing a woman who wanted both of them as a package deal.

There was no denying these men excited her, and more so since they both wanted her, together. They fascinated and enthralled her in a way Megan never experienced. Something in the polite but directly worded emails or the look in their eyes over Skype, spoke to something deeper and more dangerous than she’d ever known. It felt like walking into an old house full of history and secrets and being warned against wanting to know all it had to offer. Still, no matter what she tried in order to divest these men from her haunted dreams, nothing seemed to work.

When her personal assistant had told her a package arrived for her a week ago, her whole world had shuttered. The plane ticket to New York and a nice hotel room booked made the whole situation real. For a few days she pushed and pulled on the pros and cons, finally coming to the conclusion that a little escape from reality couldn’t hurt.

She’d have coffee with them and finally convince herself it could never work between the three of them. Her internal voice chided her on the overactive imagination which took her off when writing her novels. These two men were nothing more than a built up fantasy which couldn’t possibly last in the day in and day out grind of life. Megan nodded to herself with a final resolve. She’d enjoy their unclose company this weekend illegal bahis siteleri and then let them down easy and return to looking for a sedate, quiet man in which to settle down in life.

She pulled her shoulders back and with a final deep breath she stepped onto the escalator, toward the airport exit gates. Glancing down, Megan forced each foot in front of the other. Her knee-high leather boots stepping onto the escalator treads as she willer her legs not to give out now. The brush of her skirt across her bum, reminded her of the one request they had made, no underwear.

At the bottom of the escalator, her breath refused to inhale, her eyes met the steel gray ones of a man dressed in a dark black suit and glanced over to piercing glacier blue eyes of a man dressed in khakis, button down and jacket. In unison, they both moved toward her, on removing her backpack from her shoulder and the other taking the roller bag from her hand as they maneuvered out of the flow of traffic.

“It’s good to meet you Megan,” Blair Lawless’ grey eyes danced in amusement as he bent over and placed a chaste kiss against her cheek. The deep rumble of his voice seemed to quake every nerve ending within her body.

“He doesn’t get all of the attention you know. Quite the pleasure to meet you Megan,” Luke Hamilton’s half cocked grin played across his face as he playfully mimicked Blair’s chaste kiss across her other cheek.

For a moment, Megan stood frozen, her heart pounding in her chest while she considered heading for the gates and to take the next plane back home. She was in over her head in everyday and she knew it.

With two sets of eyes intensely staring at her as if they expected her to run in the exact way she debated, not a single word seemed to find it’s way to her lips. Not stepping forward was a good plan, but as each man placed his hand against her lower back, engulfing her canlı bahis siteleri between their bodies and smiled down at her, her brain abandoned the idea and her body moved forward under the light pressure.

“I’ve made reservations at Eleven Madison Park,” Blair commented as they ushered her toward the exit.

Megan nodded as he led her out of the airport and towards a waiting black Town Car.

Upon her approach, the driver held the door open, while Blair’s hand lifted from her back and Luke helped settle her inside and closed the door to cut off the bitter wind that snacked across the bare parts of her legs.

A minute later, both doors opened. Each man elegantly slid into the car beside her, while the driver took his position behind the wheel and effortlessly moved the car into traffic.

The heat of the two men surrounded her. The heady male scent made her feel small and cocooned between their bodies. Megan looked up to see both men watching her. The depth of their eyes, when she looked from one to another, reminded her of a hot flame and she knew she was most definitely playing with fire. Her only hope now was she could get out without getting burned.

Blair’s hand brushed briefly against her thigh before it came to rest on her knee. Megan shifted under the warmth of his hand when Luke capture her chin and brought his lips, claiming them as his own. It wasn’t a tentative kiss, though it did hint at something playful. He deepened it and Megan felt wild and wanton in the moment, whimpering with need, while the feelings swept her up in a moment like nothing she’d experienced before.

Luke did not let up his kiss, letting it linger, often deepening it like he was trying to suck her very soul into him. When he finally drew back she was breathless and confused, as she pushed her body against the limo seat.

On the other side of her, Blair’s steady hand rubbed lightly against her knee. “You’ll have to forgive him, sometimes he gets a bit over exuberant.”

Megan tried to shake the fog from her head while the limo fell back into a comfortable silence. Over her head, Blair looked over at Luke and nodded.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32