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As time passed my opportunities for further dalliances diminished as the age difference between the students and me became greater, and the flow of mature age students slowed. I still had the occasional fling, but it was nothing like the early days. My wife returned to teaching. At times I wondered if she had affairs, but since I couldn’t claim the high moral ground, I took the view that what I didn’t know wouldn’t hurt me. In any event, if she did stray she was sensible enough to be discreet.

Concluding my reminiscences, I found my mind returning to the affair that my colleague Tim was having with his German mature age student. I realised I was finding it quite disturbing. For one thing, rather than being low key he flaunted it as if it were a matter of pride, and I couldn’t help but notice he had a new spring in his step. I didn’t dare mention it to my wife, Lucy, as I feared she’d immediately tell his wife. Adding to my conflicted emotions was a personal matter that had arisen quite unexpectedly.

I had received a flirtatious approach from a student in my class, a dark-haired beauty in her mid-30s, named Zelda. My Shakespeare course was due to end the following week. She had invited me to spend a weekend at her beach house on the south coast, attending a party to which she had invited many of the class. I knew her husband was a property developer, as he had been in the news recently trying to finalise the opening of a new resort on an island in Queensland. Zelda had indicated that he’d be away.

Touching me on the wrist and looking deep into my eyes she had said, “Please come, I’d like to repay you for making the course so interesting for Julie and me. You’ll be the centre of attention as a lot of the class are coming. There’s room for you at the house, so all you need to do is turn up with an overnight bag.”

I must say I was flattered, and the thought of a night with such an attractive woman was almost irresistible. The men in the class tendered to cluster around her, but she kept them at a distance. Julie was her inseparable companion but looked as if she came from a different world. Zelda always dressed like a fashion model, whereas Julie tended to wear rather shapeless tops with wide-legged trousers which did nothing for her figure. Her hair looked untended and her round rimmed glasses gave her a rather owlish appearance.

There was, however, no doubt about her intelligence as her questions in class were incisive and her occasional comments well-informed. Zelda’s work was nowhere near as impressive, but still adequate. I couldn’t help suspecting that Julie’s contribution played a significant role in ensuring that Zelda could hold her own with the majority of the class.

It was unusual to see them separated. Following two young men out of the class I overhead one describe Julie as Zelda’s ‘duff’. Intrigued, I looked the expression up. ‘Designated ugly fat friend,’ the dictionary explained, based on a book and film about senior school students in the United States. That sounds a little cruel I thought, but the young can be rather nasty.

I mentioned the party invitation to my wife. “Don’t you think you’d be a bit out of place,” she commented, before pointing out that there was a bridge tournament that weekend she was thinking of attending, so a night away wouldn’t worry her. That night I dreamed of Zelda beckoning me with a seductive smile towards a candle-lit room and woke with a throbbing erection. Well, I thought, what have I got to lose? Before I changed my mind I sent a text to Zelda, accepting. She immediately replied, welcoming my decision, and giving me the address.

Backing an overnight bag, I felt a bit like a teenager on the first date. On arrival Zelda, looking stunning in a slinky dress slit up the thigh almost up to the waist, greeted me effusively with a kiss on the cheek before taking my arm to introduce me to some neighbours as “her favourite professor”. She then left me to attend to other guests, while a number of her classmates took the opportunity to discuss the term’s work with me in the hope of some tips about the final examination.

I noticed that Julie didn’t seem to be around, which certainly surprised me. Moments later I heard her voice, and was startled at what I saw – Hans Christian Andersen’s story of the ugly duckling immediately sprang to mind. While illegal bahis not in Zelda’s class for outright beauty, she presented herself as well-groomed and stylish mid-30-year-old, the sort of student I would have lusted after in my early days as a lecturer. Gone were the owlish glasses and the shapeless tie-dyed clothes. Her elegant green cocktail dress proved that she had a figure to admire. I couldn’t help thinking that the young men who had classified her as the DUFF had missed a prize right before their eyes. I enjoyed our mutual banter and her rather mischievous attitude. “It must be great to be the cynosure among all these talented young people,” she commented. “A lot of them envy your success. To win an academic career is pretty challenging these days.”

It appeared Zelda had delegated her the role of keeping an eye on me, as whenever I was alone, she would come over to chat. Few of the young men from the class were in attendance, presumably because they hadn’t been invited, but later in the evening I noted the arrival of Stanford, a towering north American, who was on secondment from a US university, and was attending my class as an audit student. I understood that he had played sem-professional sport, and still retained a fit, athletic look. All the students seemed to find him very personable, and he had certainly attracted a lot of interest from some of the female students (and one or two of the staff, I’d noticed)

Around midnight most guests were leaving. Zelda suggested that we sit down for a final drink before bed. I’d taken the precaution to swallow a Cialis tablet half an hour earlier to ensure I’d be ready for action. Julie sat on the sofa beside me, while Zelda and Stanford were in armchairs opposite. Zelda looked meaningfully at me, saying, “Professor, I can’t stress how delighted I was that you were able to come. It made the party a great success, and I wouldn’t have been able to get Stanford here for the night without you agreeing to come. My husband is far too jealous to allow me to invite anyone young or good-looking to stay while he’s away.”

She stood up and, stepping forward, leaned down to kiss me on the cheek. “Thanks again, I really appreciate it. Now Stanford and I are off to bed.”

I gulped, knowing I must look gobsmacked. All my fantasies of a night with one of the most attractive women I’d ever met had blown away like smoke. Julie pressed my hand in a consoling fashion. With their arms around each other like two lovebirds, Zelda and Stanford headed for the master bedroom. As their door closed, Julie turned to me, placing her arm around me as if comforting a child.

“Look, I’m sorry that Zelda took advantage of you. I told her she was being mean, but women as beautiful as her expect to get their own way. I knew you’d find it difficult to resist, particularly if she hinted that she was interested in sleeping with you.”

I didn’t know what to say. I had never really escaped the niggling suspicion that Zelda’s offer was too good to be true. I turned to speak to Julie but looking down was distracted by the swell of her breasts, and the points of her nipples. She is an extremely attractive woman in her own right, I thought, as she looked sympathetically into my eyes. On impulse I leaned down and kissed her.

Rather to my surprise she responded by putting her arms around my neck and pulling our bodies together. I could feel her soft breasts with their pointy nipples pressed against my chest. Separating our heads briefly, I sighed. “I suppose, at one level, I always knew that it was an old man’s fantasy, but it was nice while it lasted.”

Julie resumed kissing me, and took my right hand, placing it on her breast. She spoke softly in my ear. “As you can see, Zelda’s enamoured of handsome athletic types, but I prefer older, more intellectual men. I must say Professor that you are right up my alley – that’s why I didn’t try too hard to dissuade Zelda from her plan.”

She lowered her hand to rub my genital area, and continued speaking, “And I was hoping that you’d see me as a worthwhile consolation prize.”

My mind was in a whirl, as I had difficulty processing the sudden change of circumstance. Well, I might as well be hung for a sheep as a lamb, I thought, slipping my hand under her bra to tease the nipple. Julie moaned in pleasure. “That’s nice, don’t stop”. Realising illegal bahis siteleri she was serious, I slipped her shoulder straps down her arms, then unclipped her bra. Her clothes fell to her waist leaving her naked above the waist. I needed no invitation to suck and nip her nipples which responded by growing and hardening. Both of us were panting in arousal.

“Come to the bedroom,” she ordered. Closing the bedroom door, she immediately slipped her dress to the floor and slid her panties down, likewise, leaving me to admire her shapely body with a small ginger landing strip above her sex. While I removed my shirt, she undid my belt buckle, pulling my trousers down to free my cock which sprang to attention even before she took it in her mouth. At the same time, she stroked my heavy balls.

“There’s no hurry,” I said. “Let me lick and bite you so you’ll be well and truly ready to come. When you get to my age, it’s best to pace yourself.” She obligingly lay back spreading her legs to give me full access to her sex. My tongue spread her labia making them look like the glistening pink petals of a flower She smelled fully aroused, increasing my pleasure. I licked her slit several times before running my tongue up and down her perineum, finishing with a finger teasing her tight brown back passage.

“God, you’re good at this,” she muttered, her clit twitching, “I love being eaten out”.

After a few minutes she had come twice, so I felt justified in taking my turn. With one hand she directed my hard cock into her wet channel and tightened the muscles of her vulva as if to milk it. I didn’t last long before exploding into one of my most satisfying orgasms for many years. We went to sleep with Julie’s back spooned against me. Even the need to get up for a ‘middle of the night pee’, couldn’t spoil my feeling of satisfaction as I re-settled against Julie’s back with my hand over her shoulder cupping her breast. She wriggled her backside against my groin, sighing like a satisfied cat.

I woke in the morning with an erection – not unusual if I’d just been dreaming. The difference this time was that a woman’s hand was cupping my balls, while the newly moistened fingers of her other hand stroked my cock. The source of the moisture had obviously been Julie’s naked wet cunt lips, spread ready for business. Straddling my hips, she lowered herself smoothly onto my cock which pushed upwards in eagerness. She leant forward allowing me to suckle and nibble both breasts before sitting upright to ride me like a jockey. She came within a few seconds, her vulva clamping hard around my cock.

Noting that I was nowhere near an orgasm she swung her legs around 180 degrees to face my feet, and lifting herself almost completely off my cock on each upward stroke began to thrust up and down, fucking me like a man while I toyed with her anus. As my excitement grew she pulled my balls upwards, then rammed her finger deep into my back passage. My hips bucked upwards as my cock ejaculated with an explosion of cum. Well, I thought to myself falling backwards in exhaustion, the old expression of being ‘up the duff’ has gained a whole new meaning for me.

I lay sprawled out in exhaustion, Julie’s boobs resting on my chest, while I stroked her smooth back until my aging bladder insisted on relief. Returning to bed in pyjamas I found Julie, now in a short nightie, had made coffee. We sat up leaning shoulder to shoulder against the bed head, drinking our coffee in companionable silence, until Julie spoke, “I’ll never forget your flabbergasted expression when you first saw me last night. You seemed to be struggling to believe that it was really me.”

“Yes, I must say I had to look twice. Compared to your usual Plain Jane appearance, you’d scrubbed up remarkably well.”

“Don’t think flattery will earn you any favours with me,” she joked, reaching down to fondle my balls, but I could tell that she was relishing the compliment.

“I need a bit of recuperation time,” I replied. “Tell me a bit about yourself.”

“I grew up in the country, just my older sister and me. I didn’t realise it at the time, but Dad had a drinking problem, and Mum had some mental issues. I started causing a bit of trouble at school when I became a teenager, so I was sent off to stay with Mum’s older brother who was a schoolteacher in Melbourne. canlı bahis siteleri It was convenient for me to go to his school. At first, I found city kids a bit stand-offish, but I soon settled down, and Uncle Bill was great. He and Auntie Meg had never had children so after a while they treated me like a daughter.

“I scarcely saw my parents for the rest of my school years, but in my final year Auntie Meg got involved in some religious group that wanted her to become a missionary. Uncle Bill tried to dissuade her, but she was adamant that God had told her to go. I stayed on, not wanting to change schools, and anyway I felt he needed me.

“Shortly before I started uni I came home late having had a few drinks. I could see that Uncle Bill was depressed. I felt sorry for him, so sat beside him to give him a cuddle. I was just holding him, and stroking his cheek, but before I really appreciated what was going on we were kissing and tearing each other’s clothes off. I’d had a couple of earlier sex episodes with fellow students but hadn’t enjoyed them. With Uncle Bill the sex was fantastic – he was experienced and loving, and taught me everything – how to pleasure him and at the same time understand what my body wanted.

“From then on we had sex fairly regularly. He never pressured me. I suppose it was more like friends with benefits. It made both of us feel good. On the other hand, it spoiled me for sex with my own generation – they never really measured up to what I’d enjoyed with him. That’s why I never took offence at those young pricks in class calling me Zelda’s DUFF. They simply didn’t interest me.

“I lived with Uncle Bill during my time at Uni, then for a couple of years afterwards when I was working in a graphic design studio. Like most young people I spent two years overseas and moved back in with him on my return. I moved out a couple of times with abortive romances, but I knew I could always return.

“I set up my own business and lived for a while above the shop. A couple of years ago I learned that he had pancreatic cancer and needed care. I moved back to help him in spite of his resistance, but he didn’t live much longer -to my relief really, as it’s difficult to cope with people in severe pain.

“After his death I found he’d left me the house and most of his estate. I hadn’t thought about that before, but he didn’t have any other close relatives. It seemed sensible to move my workshop to his house, but found I was struggling there without much social life. I met Zelda again at a school reunion. She had problems too as she’d just learned she couldn’t have children and her husband, who’s much older, wasn’t very sympathetic. To him she was just a trophy wife.

“Anyway, she persuaded me that it’d be a good idea to attend some classes at Uni. – hence our appearance in your class. Now you know everything, we’re both damaged goods.”

As she talked, she had continued to stroke my balls. Bending down she began to lick my cock like an ice cream. “I’d like to fuck you like a bitch on heat,” I whispered in her ear.

“I love when you talk dirty,” she replied, kneeling in front of me and presenting me her backside, wriggling it suggestively. She pulled off her nightie, showing off her juicy pussy lips. I rubbed my cock up and down them until she hissed, “I’m going crazy – get that cock in and fuck me like a randy tomcat.”

From behind I could still reach around to pull her nipples and alternate this with caressing her clit. She helped my arousal by supporting herself on one hand while with the other she stretched back between her thighs to fondle and pull my balls. Feeling that we were near to coming I lubricated a finger with her cunt juices and thrust it into her tempting rectum. She shuddered and orgasmed with a shriek, while I came a few thrusts later.

We lay together for a while, Julie’s hand resting on my deflated cock.

“Zelda’s got some activities planned for this afternoon, but I’m all yours for the day. Why don’t you stay again tonight? I don’t want to lose touch with my friend here, after we’ve had such a good time together.” She smiled, giving my cock a friendly squeeze.

What a dilemma I thought. I can understand now why Tim was getting so much pleasure from his German paramour. There are few things more enticing to an aging man than an intelligent, attractive woman whose objective is to give one pleasure. Do I want to risk my marriage by continuing a relationship with Julie? As her body pressed against mine, I acknowledged that there was no contest – like many men, I would go where my cock led me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32