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I hold this truth to be self evident, that there is almost nothing better in life than a man right out of the shower. I’m getting ahead of myself though; let me start at the beginning. I have a guy friend who is closer to me than almost anyone. We have been friends for years and have reached the point that we are very comfortable just being ourselves with each other. One day we decided to take a road trip. We made plans to go to the city, visit the museums, do some shopping, hit a concert, and stay in a hotel before driving back the next day. We listened to music and chatted on the drive there and immediately hit the shops when we arrived. After a few hours of shopping we went to the art museum and wandered around admiring the masterpieces. I couldn’t help but notice that my friend seemed unusually drawn to the pieces with nude women in them, but I only chuckled to myself and thought that he was a typical guy. The last thing on the day’s agenda was the concert, a live show outdoors on the levee ending in a spectacular fireworks display over the river. Both of us, having had a fantastic day, left the show in high spirits and headed back to the hotel to relax. I thought the day couldn’t get any better. I was wrong.

Arriving at the hotel, we grabbed our luggage and went to our room. It was a pretty basic hotel room; two double beds, a small table and chairs, a dresser with a television in it, a mini fridge, and a small bathroom with the vanity area open to the rest of the room. We unpacked our things and turned the TV on to find something to watch. After about a half hour of watching television and chitchatting, my friend announced that he wanted to take a shower so he gathered some things and went into the bathroom. As he showered I decided to make myself more comfortable. I took off my clothes and underwear and replaced them with loose fitting pajama pants and a t-shirt and lounged on my bed flipping through the channels aimlessly until I found a program that seemed interesting. It held my interest for all of ten minutes until my friend walked out of the bathroom. I saw him come out from the corner of my eye and turned my head slightly to tell him something and then froze.

There stood my friend, whom I had never even seen without a shirt on in all our years of friendship, in nothing but a towel. Correction, there he stood dripping wet and magnificent in nothing but a towel. He is tall, probably 6’1″ to my 5’11, with a solidly built frame, wide shoulders, muscles honed by years of wrestling in high school followed by fairly regular workouts at the gym, and a well rounded ass that his everyday clothes hide. He was facing the vanity with his back to me, getting ready to shave so I had the perfect view of his back, which is one of the things I like best about a man. I watched the way his muscles rippled under his skin as he moved and realized that not only was I staring, I was also drooling a little. He had almost finished shaving his head when I realized that if I looked in the mirror I could also see his bare chest, complete with a little softness around his stomach, which illegal bahis I find incredibly sexy on a man, and a perfect amount of chest hair that trailed down to places the towel was covering. As he finished shaving his head and started on his face he leaned closer to the mirror to see better and the towel covering him shifted and rode up, bringing my attention back to his ass. I couldn’t stop staring.

I actually jumped when he said my name. He had turned a little and was looking right at me. His eyebrows were up and there was a hint of a smile on his face, no doubt he had caught me staring at his body. He asked me to bring him something from the bag on his bed. I stood up and got the item he requested and walked toward him slowly. He was finishing shaving the last few bits of his face and I could see him watching me in the mirror as I approached from behind him. I waited a few feet away while he rinsed his face and patted it dry. His eyes met mine in the mirror and his smile widened, showing his dimples, and he turned to face me. I guess he hadn’t knotted the towel too tightly around him because it caught on the counter as he was turning and promptly fell to the ground. I forgot how to breathe for a moment as I stared at the most beautiful dick I had ever seen. When I finally did exhale it came out in an audibly ragged sigh. There was no hiding the fact that I was staring at him now or that it was affecting me and it was apparently affecting him too because his beautiful dick began to twitch and swell as I looked. The object in my hand was forgotten and I didn’t even notice as I dropped it. I heard him say my name, trying to draw my attention away from his dick to his face and I reluctantly looked up, unconsciously licking my lips as I did.

I think that is what undid him. When my eyes reached his face his eyes were fixed on my mouth with the same hungry intensity as I had just been staring at him. Years before in a drunken game of Truth or Dare with some friends I had been asked what was one of my favorite things to do during sex, and I truthfully replied that I loved giving head. He knew that I wanted him in my mouth. I saw his adams apple jerk as he swallowed and then he was against me. One of his arms wrapped around me and pushed my body into his and the other hand raked its way through my hair and pulled my head back so that he could kiss me. My arms were around him, trying impossibly to pull him closer, as my fingers clutched his back. I could feel the tension and power there and I groaned and kissed him back. His hand found its way to my ass and his fingers squeezed as he pushed the lower part of me more forcefully into him. He was definitely reacting to me.

I broke the kiss and pushed away from him a little bit so that we could both breathe for a second. I put my forehead on his shoulder and tried to catch my breath. His hands had found their way to my waist and were steadying me. My nose was nuzzling the crook of his neck and I could smell the soap he had used mixed with his smell. I started kissing his neck gently. His hands roamed up under my shirt, tracing illegal bahis siteleri along my ribs until they grasped my breasts lightly. I shifted forward, pushing them more firmly into his hands. His fingers found my nipples and began to play with them, gently rolling and pulling. I grabbed his face in both of my hands and kissed him, inviting his tongue into my mouth as he continued to play with my breasts. His tongue continued to dance with mine until I gently trapped it between my teeth and started sucking on it, flicking its underside with my own in a preview of what was to come. His hands on my breasts felt so good I couldn’t help but whimper a little and break the kiss off. He took advantage of the opportunity and removed my shirt completely. It was his turn to stare and he did, but not for long. He resumed playing with my breasts and watched as he played with them. I alternated between watching his hands, his face, and just closing my eyes to enjoy what he was doing.

My eyes were closed when he replaced the fingers rolling around one nipple with his tongue and they flew open as his whole mouth surrounded it and began to suck. My hands found his head as my body tensed. He let his teeth barely scrape along the sensitive nipple as he removed his mouth and I gasped at the sensation as he started sucking on the other one. I looked at him and he looked up at me and smiled with my nipple still in his mouth. With his mouth taking care of my breasts, his hands were free to roam. One was on my back, keeping me pressed forward into his mouth and the other had been playing with the unoccupied nipple. As he looked at me and smiled his hand left my nipple and ran down my body and into my pajama pants. His fingers found their way between my legs and he paused for a second as he discovered that I was cleanly shaven. I felt his fingers clench slightly and saw him shudder. He was still looking at me but he wasn’t smiling. His fingers spread me and I twitched as they found my clit and started rubbing it. I arched into his hand and moaned as he shifted his fingers. His thumb continued to rub my clit as he slipped his first two fingers inside me. I pulled his head away from my breast and up to my face for a kiss and pressed myself against him as his fingers moved in and out of me.

He found a rhythm that left me so breathless I had to stop kissing him. I buried my face in his shoulder and gasped and moaned and shuddered at what he was doing to me. He was talking low in my ear, urging me on, telling me how much he liked seeing me react to him and that there was more to come. I gripped his shoulders, moaned loudly and convulsed against him as I came. He continued to stroke me gently as I panted into his shoulder, easing me down from the intensity of the orgasm. He pulled his hands out of my pajama pants and pushed them down. I stepped out of them and kicked them to the side. The fingers that had just been inside of me were wrapped around his, by then very hard, dick and were stroking it. I took a moment to admire it in all its glory. It was at least nine inches long and as big around canlı bahis siteleri as my wrist, with a perfect mushroom tip that just begged to be licked. I pulled myself to him for a kiss and as our lips met I wrapped my hand around him and started stroking slowly, twisting my wrist a little toward the tip and then back down to the neatly trimmed base. I broke the kiss and smiled at him.

I turned his body and pushed him back so that he was leaning against the counter and then knelt down in front of him. I resumed stroking as I looked up at him and licked my lips again. I continued stroking as I brought my face forward to nuzzle him, my nose at his base and his length along my cheek, and breathed in the clean smell of him. I turned my head and let my lips brush the surface of his dick. I ran my tongue gently along it and then blew across the wet trail of saliva. He tensed. I nuzzled him more firmly and then ran my tongue along the underside of his dick from the base to the very tip, swirling it a little before closing my mouth over the tip completely. It felt so good in my mouth as I flicked my tongue along the bottom of the tip, tasting him. I pulled him into my mouth further and began to stroke the base of his dick as I moved my mouth along the rest of him. I found a slow rhythm that let me take him deep into my mouth and then pay special attention to his beautiful tip. My other hand came up to cup his scrotum and gently massage both it and the tender area behind it. He groaned as I touched him and one of his hands found the back of my head to urge me on. His hips flexed forward to meet me as I increased the pace and I placed both of my hands on his ass so that I could feel the muscles bunch each time I took him deep. I moaned around him and looked up to see his head thrown back as he breathed raggedly, occasionally murmuring my name. I pulled away from him and stood up.

The look that passed between us was electric and he came forward and laid me down on his bed, absently pushing his luggage off the side. He climbed on the bed and positioned himself over me. My legs came up and around his hips and he reached between us and opened me with his fingers before thrusting into me deeply. I arched into him and clutched at his shoulders and back. He pulled out and began thrusting slowly in a more controlled way as he leaned in to kiss me. Before long kissing was impossible as we both moaned and panted and the increasing force of his thrusting jarred both our bodies. The pressure inside me was building again and I clung to him and whimpered. His breathing was very ragged. I told him how good it felt having him inside of me, how his big dick was doing things to me that had me moaning his name, and how I wanted him to come inside of me. He let out an almost painful groan and threw his head back as he came, still thrusting convulsively into me. When he stopped he rolled off of me and lay beside me trying to catch his breath.

After a few minutes he got up and came back with a damp washcloth for me to clean up with. He smiled at the spot we left on the bedspread as he picked me up and placed me on the other bed. We both got under the covers, still naked, and snuggled until we fell asleep. The morning came and we had to get back on the road before long but neither of us was willing to leave before we had our morning shower.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32