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There were six of us at first. We met once a week for hot, man-to-man sex. We were mature and experienced enough that we wasted little time on preliminaries. We did have some drinks and snacks available for those who wanted them. These were bought with the low dues that we paid monthly to be members of the club.

Some of the guys who wanted it, mostly the younger guys, also brought their own pot, coke, Ectasy, or other drugs; nothing really hardcore, no heroin, LSD, meth or anything like that, just stimulants to inspire them to greater pleasures.

Once a quarter, every three months we had a cookout, usually in the mountains nearby, at a lake, along a river, or other inviting spot. Most of our meetings were held at the mansion of our wealthiest member. His estate was sumptuous, featuring a main house, a couple of guest houses, tennis courts, golf putting green, Olympic swimming pool, jacuzzi, steam bath and dry Swedish sauna. His staff catered our parties and were well equipped to join in our fun if we wanted one or more of them to do so. The staff members wore only t-shirts that looked like butlers’ coats and tails from the front. In that skimpy dress they showed off constantly their manly packages, their cocks sometimes hard, sometimes dripping pre-cum, always inviting for a suck or a fuck.

So that you may understand, appreciate and perhaps be interested in joining our club, I will begin by sharing with you a fairly typical meeting night. Membership is by invitation only though. I was invited to join, for example, after taking a new job in the town where the club is located. As my boss and I got to know each other better working at the home site and traveling together, he extended an invitation for me to join the club. He admired my work, professionalism, profit-driven motivation and no nonesense approach to developing business, earning money for the company where he served as CEO.

He, like several of the club members, is married. I am single. On road trips, I noticed that he disappeared in the late evenings after we had finished the work days, usually had dinner together, and I retired to bed so I would be ready for another productive day beginning work early in the mornings. Rather typically, he came late in the evening, actually early in the morning, about 2 a.m., into the 5-star hotel room that we shared. I had been unable to go to sleep that night, was awake watching a pay-for-view sex film on the tv. It was a bisexual movie featuring two men and one woman.

A bit tipsy, obviously from drinking, he reeled into the room and saw the film running on the tv as I dozed near restful sleep, but with a stiff erection tenting the sheet covering me on the bed opposite his. He flicked on several lights and made quite a bit of noise as he went to the bathroom. Awakened and somewhat embarrassed by the film flickering on the tv screen as well as my hard cock, I could hear him taking a piss, washing his face, hands, and brushing his teeth.

He rustled around in the closet at the room’s alcove for a while, opened and closed some bureau drawers. Then he came naked back into the bedroom of the executive room suite. “Hey, Ted,” he slurred, “whatcha watching? Got you boned up hash it?

I was surprised by his apparent inebriation, nudity, and the forwardness of his conversation starter. Although we usually had a few drinks at lunches, before, during and after dinner, always appropriately martinis at lunch, before dinner cocktails, wine with dinner and brandies, apertifs or Irish coffees after dinner, I had never seen him drunk or even close to being so. I had also never seen him nude. Before this night he always wore pajamas. Furthermore, he had never breached our professional demeanor with such sexually crude comments. We had shared some risque jokes before, but his brazen questions about the film and my obvious state of arousal were new territory for both of us.

In his nakedness he was as aroused as I was. His uncut cock stood out, arched up above his hairy ball sac, reaching toward a treasure trail of hair leading from his navel below his moderately hairy chest. I could see he was uncut by the roll of skin bunched up behind his prominent cockhead, a darker tint glistening with his pre-cum juices bubbled at the slit of his long, thick, veiny shaft.

Embarrassed as I said, I clicked off the tv and rolled onto my side to drop the tented sheet off my hard dick. I rolled onto my side facing his bed, and could not help but feel the slickness of my own pre-cum on the sheet where it had been tented and on my cock knob.

“Don’t be shy, Teddy, my man,” he said. “I didn’t mean to embarash you,” he slurred. “Things ataşehir escort bayan didn’t work out for me tonight, and I am horny as can be. Lesh talk for a minute.” He sat down on his bed facing me, his legs akimbo, balls draping over the edge of the bed, cock up, hard, just a few feet from my face.

“Sure, sir,” I answered. “What do you want to talk about?”

“I’ve been curious,” he said, “about what a young guy like you does for sex. You never go out when we are on these bishness trips. I’ve never even known you to bring a woman to any of our office gatherings or mess around with any of the hotties that work with us. Just how do you take care of that nish cock of yours, get your rocks off?”

“Well, sir,” I stammered as I saw him wrap a hand around his hard cock and stroke it, actually milking down and out a flow of clear juice, his pre-cum, and smear it around the bulbuos helmet of his hard tool, “I have my friends in our hometown.”

“Freends,” he slurred, stroking his cock and drawing out more pre-cum, “or fuck buddies?” he asked.

“Friends,” I answered, “and I do have sex with some of them.”

“Men or women?” he asked.

I did not know exactly where this was going, did not want to lose my job in this exchange with an obviously drunk, horny boss, so I tried to answer neutrally. “Mostly women,” I stammered on, “er, uh, the women I have sex with, men friends.”

“You have sex with women and men friends?” he asked, I thought misunderstanding my response. “So, you are bi?” he asked.

Watching him continue stroking his enraged red cockhead sliming it and his shaft with yet more pre-cum so openly right in front of me, I tried again to be evasive but responsive to his continuing inquiries. “I do not consider myself bi,” I answered.

“So are you gay?” he asked. “Suck cock, take it up your nish ass? Ever done that, those things?” he continued.

“No sir, I do not consider myself gay,” I answered him. “I have though when I was much younger, played around with other guys. All of us did that didn’t we?” I hastened to add.

“Oh yeah,” he said more enthusiastically than I expected. “Since you are not a virgin to sucking cock and being fucked, come over here and suck me now,” he said. “I want to fuck you, you hot, young man. It did not work out for me tonight, and I need to get off now.”

I really feared now losing my job whether I sucked him and let him fuck me, or did not do so in his tipsy, horned up state. But more than anything else I was drawn to the smell of his pre-cum leaking cock, its length, thickness, hardness, his need for sex right then. I wanted it as much as he wanted to give it to me. I rolled onto the floor and knelt between his legs. He brought his cock to my mouth. I opened my lips, stuck out my tongue and laved off the fresh bubble of pre-cum from his piss slit. I licked up the string of clear, slick juice that ran onto my lips from his cockhead, closed my lips over his mushroom crown and sucked out more of his juice.

“Aaaah, aaah, yeah, Ted, suck my cock,” he hissed. “Take more of it in your hot, wet mouth.”

I opened my mouth to accommodate his thickness and length. He pushed it over my tongue, to the back of my throat. Clasping my lips on his shaft, gripping the base with one hand and cupping his big balls in the other, I pulled back sucking more of the pre-cum from his peehole, feeling it coat my tongue, the inside of my mouth, tasting it, letting it slide down my throat.

“Oh yeah, Ted, you have done this before I can tell,” he said. “Suck that cock man. I love it.”

I followed my boss’s orders, sucked him, moved my head back and forth sliding his cock into my face. He let me suck him for several minutes, his legs trembling. Then he lifted me with his hands under my hairy armpits and pulled me onto the bed with him. He rolled on top of me in a 69, took my cock in his mouth, and humped his hips moving his cock back and forth in my mouth while sucking me.

After several minutes I could not hold back anymore. I pulled his cock out of my mouth and told him I was going to cum. He answered by sucking me harder, more fervently. As I gushed cum from my 20-something-year-old cock he gulped it down, swallowed every spurt, then laved me clean with his tongue.

I was still sucking on him until he got off of me. He urged me off of my back on the bed and into a kneeling position, head down, ass up. He got between my legs behind me. I braced for his hot, hard cock to enter my asshole. Instead he kissed, licked my buttcheeks, spread my crack open with his hands and licked my cleft. He rimmed my asshole sending thrills through escort kadıköy my body with his expertise while stroking my again hard cock. He opened the drawer of the nightstand between our beds.

As I watched he opened a bottle of lube and smeared my wet asshole with the cool grease. He took out a bottle of poppers, opened it and offered it to my left nostril. I sniffed. He moved the bottle to my right nostril. I sniffed again. Warmth effused down my body, my rectum relaxed just as he slicked his cock with the lube and forced it past my anal sphincter up my ass in a steady push.

“Ooooh, aaaah,” I moaned.

“Am I hurting you, Ted?” he asked. “You can take it,” he assured me. “Just relax and enjoy it.” He wiggled his hips around twisting my butt around with his hands at the same time, worming his cock in my hole, spreading it slowly, opening it for his thickness. He pressed hard against me, burying his cock deep in me. Then he gave me two more snorts of the poppers.

“I’m going to fuck you good now, Ted,” he said. “Gonna get both of us off.”

He reached around with a lubed hand to stroke my hard cock. Reached underneath us to fondle my dangling balls. Rode his cock back and forth, in and out of my ass, raking the head across my prostate. I was tingling with each thrust, leaking pre-cum in a steady stream into his fist stroking my cock. I started cumming. He felt my ass clenching on his big cock and fucked me faster until he shot his load of hot, creamy cum, filling my bowels with his jism.

Finished fucking me but not yet through with me, he pulled his cock out of my gaped hole with a juicy plop. He bent down and sucked, licked his cum out of my ass. He rolled me over to mouth my balls and clean my cock with his lips and tongue.

We sucked and fucked the rest of the night until sunrise. Sated but with little sleep. We showered together. He bent over for me to fuck him full of cum squirting out of my hard cock one more time and cleaned me in his mouth again. We dressed and went to breakfast. Over breakfast he told me about the Men’s Club and invited me to join him and his buddies at the mansion for their next session.

Part Two. And there we were, the six of us. I was one of two new additions to the group. The other new guy was Bill, a just turned 21-year-old. We ranged in age from Bill’s 21 to the oldest member, Art, a 62-year-old roue and founder of the club that met at his estate.

“Well men,” Art said after we had settled in at his home, had a few drinks, some snacks, availed ourselves of the amenities – swimming pool, jacuzzi, steam bath and dry sauna – as we chose individually, in couples or groups to do, Bill and I meeting the others for the first time, “I see we are all naked, a bit relaxed by the drinks and other substances, hard and ready to play together. Let’s begin then. I believe we should give special attention to Bill and Ted since they are our newest members. And oh yes, the pun is fully intended,” Art leered with a lacivious grin on his face, especially looking at Bill’s young meat.

Catching the innuendo and the lustful look at Bill, my boss – L. Jonathan, John he insisted on being called, said, “Now men I know we all like young men. Bill is most inviting, but Ted is a new member also. Quite a nice one too,” he added, grasping and stroking my cock before turning to do the same with Bill. “Enjoy Ted’s new member as well,” he invited the others – Art, Lawrence whom we called Larry, and Elvin – the only black member of the group.

Aside from Art who was “retired” on his father’s investments, an inheritance that passed to him gratis, all but Bill and I were company CEOs of major enterprises, wealthy men with a healthy appetite for cocks and the men sporting them. Bill is the son of a wealthy magnate, former CEO and wise investor who passed away prematurely leaving his fortune to Bill. I, of course, Ted, am an aspiring executive being mentored to head a company after being schooled at Yale and Harvard on scholarships for disadvantaged but judged to be bright, promising.

Art and John closed on Bill. Lawrence and Elvin sandwiched me standing. As Art knelt taking Bill’s cock in his mouth, his balls in a withered hand, John kissed Bill on the lips while feeling Bill’s nipples. John lay Bill back on the chaise lounge by the swimming pool while Art engulfed Bill’s cock in his mouth. Elvin hugged me to his big, black body, his hard ebony cock jutting below my ballsack. Larry pressed close to me from behind notching his cock in my asscrack. Elvin lifted my cock between us and kissed me on the lips. I responded to Elvin’s kiss and the heat, hardness, slimy pre-cum maltepe escort of Elvin’s rod and Larry’s meat between my legs and in the cleft of my ass, my own pre-cum on my lower belly.

Larry and Elvin wasted no time. None of us wasted any time. I watched as Art sucked Bill’s cock, laved Bill’s balls with his tongue and lips. John got between Bill’s legs and eased his cock up Bill’s willing hole. Larry knelt behind me for a few minutes. He spread my cheeks, licked my cleft, rimmed my hole, kissed the head of Elvin’s cock, took it in his mouth and sucked Elvin’s rigid pole. Then he guided me back to him as he sat on the bed, opening my cheeks wider, pressed his mushroom head, slimed with his spit, his and Elvin’s pre-cum to my crinkled hole and held it there waiting for me.

Reaching behind me I held Larry’s shaft with my hand, inserted it into my crenolated ring, sat on his cock, feeling my rectum oval around his hot meat, and accept the spreading of my sphincter to take him inside me. Elvin made love to my cock with his thick, red lips, sliding his mouth up and down on my shaft and sucking on the outstrokes. He fondled by balls and fingered Larry’s cock sliding back and forth in me.

Elvin lay on the bed between Art, John and Bill joined in an increasingly wilder man-man fuck Using his natural Mandingo strength enhanced by working out in a gym, Elvin pulled me and Larry, his cock still in my ass, on on top of himself. Elvin arranged me and him in a 69 presenting his black meat to my mouth. I took his rod in my hand, licked his pre-cum-slimed uncut mushroom head while peeling back the foreskin covering to reveal the pink knob and take it between my lips.

Elvin went down hard and deep on my cock taking it in his throat. Larry pushed his cock to the balls in me, scruffing his pubic hairs in my wet crack. They were both showing me deep sucking and deep fucking as they wanted it. I worked on Elvin’s big black cock with my mouth trying to swallow it into my throat.

Bill was moaning, groaning, bubbling and blurbing beside us as Art filled his mouth with his cum, swallowed Bill’s cum and John shot his load up Bill’s willing, well-fucked asshole.The smell of cum, male musk and sweat filled my nostrils, the moans and groans, mumblings of pleasure from Art, John and Bill my ears.

Then I tasted Elvin’s cum, more pungent than his pre-cum, thick globs of white, hot jism flooding my mouth. I swallowed rapidly trying to drink all of it, take it into my stomach. Larry’s cock pulsed, thickened, throbbed, lengthened in my cunt as he started shooting his jizz into my bowels.

The charter members of the club – Art, John, Larry and Elvin – moved around, moved me and Bill around. Bill and I were now cleaning their cocks in our mouths, getting them hard again. His big, black, slimy erection arching up from his wiry pubic hairs and big balls, Elvin positioned me on my knees. He pushed my head down, spread my cheeks and shoved his thick cock right up my cum-slick hole. As Elvin fucked my ass, Art got in front of me, lifted my head, brought his cock to my face and fucked my mouth. Larry and John joined Bill. Turn about fair play, John took Bill’s cock in his asshole. Larry got into a 69 with Bill so they could suck each other while Bill fucked John.

Through the rest of the evening we kept arranging and re-arranging, stopping from time to time to recover, have another drink, Bill shared some of his pot, coke and Ectasy with us, young drugusing stud that he was to enhance the sex. We all used some poppers. Our heads reeled from the alcohol and drugs, cocks stayed hard, tingling, balls too, bodies more, more and more of the good feelings of men sucking and fucking with men.

We ended the evening in a circular suckoff, joined cock to mouth, nursing out cum to swallow. Then I took Bill aside, out by the pool still to fuck him and him fuck me.

We are looking now for more men to join our club, sophisticated, professional, moneyed men, company executives, or maybe one or more just hard, randy studs of any socio-economic standing. The prime criteria is a nice cock on a man willing to suck, be fucked, fuck and be sucked.

If you are interested in hearing more about the Men’s Club, let me know at Comments, no flames, are appreciated, if you want me to write more about the Club.

Certainly bi-sexual, I am fascinated by anal fucking, oral sex, cum – man juice or pussy cum – women squirting, cocks, cunt, tits, rimming clean ass, lesbian sex, really big cocks fucking a man or a woman, and water sports – peeing and enemas. That has led me into many scenes of great variety. I am interested especially in TVs, transexuals, the feelings of a woman while being assfucked, and pussylicking – the best ways to enhance the feelings for a woman. Share your experiences with me, give me material for writing, or inspire me to share more of my experiences based in truth, and I will do so.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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