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The funeral was hard for Vince to get through. Due to his father’s debt’s and stepmom’s credit bills, any savings that the family had, paid for the services as well as any final judgments.

Vince’s older brother didn’t have any money either. He was staying with his girlfriend at the time of the fire and didn’t even bother to attend since he left on bad terms.

Only Vince’s grandmother, Sonia, was able to help. She took a loan out to pay for a proper burial and gave Vince five thousand dollars to find a place to live since he refused to move in with her. Vince knew he wouldn’t be able to live with his bible thumping, grandparent being the wild person he was. Not to mention, no one was aware of Vince’s “whatchamacallit” with Diante’. He preferred it that way.

Once his parents were laid to rest, Vince moved in with Diante’ and Jared immediately, making things a little more cramped in their small apartment. Neither one of them minded, but it did make them think much harder about where to move.

Diante’ finally found a job working at a book store near school while Vince continued to do odd jobs to make ends meet. There were plenty of nights where Jared’s on and off again girlfriends bought them food, even toiletries if needed.

Jared had no issues with asking since he felt he was providing a service. The women didn’t seem to care either.

At this point, graduation was only a couple of weeks away and the threesome would be getting their diplomas, saying goodbye to high school and hello to official adulthood. Jared’s 18th birthday was close as well, meaning he could begin his quest to become a pornstar. Vince and Diante’ hoped he would make it too. Even though male actors didn’t make as much as females, they knew it would be more than the cash he was pulling in at the pizza parlor.

Although Vince and Diante’ had been sleeping together, they still hadn’t crossed over into that territory of having intercourse. The death of Vince’s parents as well as their clashing schedules had a lot to do with it. Not only that, Vince wondered if he should wait until they got older. Girls didn’t factor in at all since he knew his attraction to them was minimal and only done to put up a front for his friends. However, he thought of his actual escort ataşehir relationship with Diante’ and how having sex would affect them. The elder Vince, only by 3 weeks over Diante’, decided he should have a talk with his friend to discuss their plans.

After the ceremony, the three returned back to the apartment, happy to be holding their important pieces of paper. Diante’s mom came as well as Vince’s grandmother. Jared’s parents didn’t bother to show up which he wasn’t the least upset about.

Both Jared and Vince were invited to plenty of parties, but refused to attend since none of them included Diante’. It didn’t bother Morillo one bit, and even though he told the two of them to go on ahead, they still declined the invites.

“There’s things we need to discuss, Diante’. I don’t got time for them fools.” Vince grabbed a beer out the fridge.

Jared grinned, “Uh oh, is this the big night,” he smiled. “Huh, huh? Can I be here for this?”

Diante’ laughed, sitting on the sofa next to his boyfriend while Jared plopped in the recliner across from them. Vince threw a pillow at Jared’s head, catching him by surprise.

“Damn,” he cried out.

“Yeah, that’s for the stupid comment you just made. No, you can’t be here for it. Don’t you have a girl to go visit?”

“Yeah, but I’d kinda like to know if my best buddies are gonna start fuckin’ so I know when not to be here,” he chuckled. “Not sure if I wanna hear the ooh’s, ahh’s, and it hurts, screams while I’m tryin’ to sleep.”

“Shut up,” Diante’ lashed back. “Won’t be any of that. I’d be quiet!”

Vince smirked, narrowing his eyes. “Just because you spewed that shit, maybe you should be here for it.” He tossed a bottle cap in his direction.

“Hey, naw…that’s okay. I’m only jokin’. You guys go for it. I’d be happy if you did, I swear. Just not sure if I’m ready to be a spectator.”

“I don’t even know if I’d want you watching anyway, to be honest,” Diante’ added. “I mean, you’re our friend and all but…” he bit his lip.

“I would be more nervous to do it in front of you.”

Vince stared at Jared, wondering what was going on in that head of his. Although it intrigued him about the statement he’d just made, he was more kadıköy escort ready to talk with Diante’. “Well, later dude. Can you find someplace to go to make yourself scarce? I wanna chat with Diante’ awhile and I don’t need you lookin’ over our shoulder.”

“Yeah, yeah,” he held up his hands. “I gotta date…a few actually, just don’t know which one to pick yet.”

Both the guys laughed. “How about the one that’s gonna pay half for our place. Let her know we want the want a nice one in San Diego.”

Jared joined in the joke. “I hear ya. Sounds good to me. Well, lemme go shower.” Jared promptly got up, leaving the two guys alone.

Vince turned his attention and smile to Diante’. His mind and heart were racing. How would he tell Diante’ how he felt about him? One thing’s for sure, he definitely felt a lot more for him now that they’d been involved in the “whatchamacallit” for several months.

Now that they were out of school, there was no need to hide. Although, he still didn’t want to be completely out, he did want to call their bond something more than the stupid name.

“How about, boyfriends,” he grinned taking Diante’s hand.


Jared went to the bathroom, closing the door behind him. Once he did, he leaned gainst it, putting his hands over his head before dragging them down over his eyes.

“I really do want to be here…” he mouthed to himself.

Despite what he’d said, there was no place he’d rather be than to watch his close friends and their big moment. If only he had enough gumption to tell them he wanted to experience it too but, how could he do that if he couldn’t even admit to himself that he had curiosities just as Vince did.

There was no question that Jared still loved women, but the feelings he had towards his two roommates, were not that far back in his mind.

“Grow some balls,” he said to himself as he looked at his stubble in the mirror. “If I got enough courage to show myself onscreen, I can tell them how I feel.”

If only it were that easy…


“Huh?” Diante’ glanced at Vince with wide eyes. His pulled his hand away. “Um, you…”

“Yeah…” Vince moved closer to Diante’. “I want more, amigo. Now that school’s over, we don’t maltepe escort bayan have anyone to hide from.”

Diante’ knew it was true. Still, he was also aware that they’d still see the same people until they moved away from the area. “Yeah but, we’ll still run into them.”

“I know.” Vince put his arm around Diante’s shoulder. “I don’t mean be all the way out the closet. I’m just not ready for that yet. I know I’m a chicken shit for it too but…”

“No, no…” Diante’ shook his head. “You’re not. I’m not really ready to claim it myself. Not to the world anyway. Too bad we can’t afford to move to Frisco.”

“Yeah…” Vince laughed. “But, I do wanna take this up another level, Diante’. I’m tired of calling it a ‘whatchamacallit.’ It’s a relationship, baby. You’re my man.”

Diante’ couldn’t help but grin. He’d been waiting a while for Vince to say those words. He took Vince’s hands into his. “I’m so happy about this, Vince but, I don’t want you to feel obligated to do it.”

“I’m not, Diante’. I…I love you…”

Again, Morillo’s eyes bulged. He blinked several times at rapid speed. Immediately, he reached over, feeling Vince’s forehead causing Vince to laugh.

Vince pulled Diante’s hand down to his lips, kissing the back of it. “I’m feeling fine, fucker. I know, I usually don’t say things like this but…I mean it, man. I do love you.”

Diante’ nodded, not knowing what to say. He stared into Vince’s blue orbs, envisioning what to do next. In moments, he took Vince’s chin in his hand, pulling him closer, planting a small kiss on his lips. Vince reciprocated, slipping his hand onto Diante’s crotch causing him to moan and squirm with that small touch.

“Mi amigo…” Diante’ whispered, raking his hand through Vince’s hair.

“Mi amor…” Vince retorted, prompting Diante’ to thrust his tongue between Vince’s lips. The anticipation building inside of him, his hardened muscle stiffened in his pants, making him wince.

“Vince, I want you,” he moaned into Vince’s kiss.

Vince didn’t say anything, instead, led his man to their bedroom. They promptly shut the door.


Jared came out the bathroom, fully dressed, straightening his collar. He’d heard the conversation between his two friends and was ecstatic they were going to be a couple.

“Good night…” he said loudly, listening for a response while walking over to pick up his car keys. There was none, only the sounds of a drawer closing and a foil crinkling.

I love you both.


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