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Chapter 3: Baby Boy

I awoke just after dawn, and it took me a moment to realize where I was. I was naked, and slightly hung over, and I was sore! The memories of the night before came rushing back to me, and I thought it was no wonder my ass was throbbing dully, after what had happened. I turned my head and saw Miami asleep next to me, sleeping the sleep of the content, and thought he should be after what he’d done to me the night before! I knew I should get up and leave, and never come back, but I was now more bound to him than ever before.

He was a fine specimen of a man, and I’d rarely seen him completely naked, nor had he seen me that way, yet here we were, lying together as if it was perfectly natural, and I liked it. He lay on his back, with his arm resting beneath his head, the rest of his body stretched taught except for his right leg, which was bent at the knee, and slightly raised. He was about 5′ 9″ of hard muscle, though slimly built, probably 160 lbs. There was a small scar on his arm right below the shoulder, and another on the left side of his abdomen, and I found myself wondering how he’d gotten them, but I’d never asked, and probably didn’t want to know. I had kissed them both before, and wondered how a man that sometimes liked such intimacy, could have done what he did to me the night before!

He was a mystery to me, sometimes allowing me to kiss his body, neck, and cheeks, but never letting me kiss him openly on the mouth. My lips had touched his many times as he liked to blow me shotguns of rich cocaine smoke by placing his hot mouth over mine, but always pulled away if my tongue tried to find his, to turn a guilty pleasure into a passionate kiss. He could be so gentle, yet sometimes almost brutal.

I gazed at the trail of wiry dark hair that started at his navel, and made it’s way down his belly to merge with the thick nest of tightly wound dark hair that surrounded his massive cock! I loved the rich musky aroma of dark manliness that was always there in that furriness, and always breathed it deeply when I sucked his cock, a cock that now was at rest, and still larger than some. A cock that could reach a length of over a foot, and was nearly as thick as two! A cock that he’d used on me the night before, forcing it’s full length into my ass, nearly splitting me in two!

That’s why I didn’t leave. I’d been searching for a cock like “Lil Joe” for some time, and now I’d found it, and I loved it and the man it belonged to. I moved closer to him, and kissed each of his nipples gently, then lay my arm over his chest, and snuggled close to him so I could feel the warmth of his firm, dark body. pendik escort He awakened, and I was surprised when he kissed the top of my head lovingly, and said “Good morning baby boy.” This was ironic, because being in my early forties, I wasn’t a baby, but I was his baby, and yes, his bitch! At that moment, the events of the night before were forgotten, and I knew even though my poor pussy was sore, and I would always remember the dull ache that I felt there, I wanted him again and again!

We showered together that particular day, and it was wonderful to touch every inch of his black body, to wash his big thick cock and heavy balls, and to be allowed to stroke his most intimate place with my soapy fingers. I could imagine I was the only one allowed to touch his tight, virgin hole, that tasted so pungent when I’d probed it with my tongue, and brushed my lips against the tightly curled dark hair that surrounded it, and yes, buried my nose in to sniff the aroma of his ass!

He washed me too, and the feel of his hands on my body was like electricity on my naked skin. He tenderly washed the dried sperm from my sore and swollen anus, making me feel clean, just as he’d made me feel unclean the night before. My cock was rising hard against his as I sucked his nipples, and ran my hands over his firm ass, and he even let me give him a small kiss on his lips, though I still didn’t try to find his tongue with mine. My cum erupted from my cock, and washed away down the drain with the soapy water!

As usual, Miami needed a wake up, and while he was gone to get us some coke to smoke, I lay in his bed, naked waiting for him. His exotic smell was all over the sheets, and pillows, and I masturbated, thinking of him inside me. I wanted to feel his weight on me, and feel his hot skin against mine. As my fingers stroked my pussy, I realized I wasn’t that sore any more, though my anus was delightfully swollen, and the hole was bigger than it ever had been before! My God, what had this man done to me to make feel this way! I wanted to be his in every way.

When he returned, we each took a hit of the coke, then he took off his pants and underwear. He looked so beautiful standing there with his shirt half covering his big, thick cock. The crack of his succulent ass looked so inviting, and I wanted to just plant my face there, and breath his scent, taste his tight hole, brush my lips over the hairy strip of flesh between his little pucker and big fuzzy balls! No man had ever made me feel this way!

He took a big swig of the bottle of crown royal he’d picked up while he was out, then got back into bed with me. He lay on his back with a pillow maltepe escort under his ass, legs spread with bent knees, exposing his tight virgin man pussy to me, and I knew he wanted to be eaten. I bent and began licking him hungrily, probing his hole with my tongue, kissing the hairy inside of his ass, and smelling the wonderful aroma! He moaned sweetly as I lapped him, and my cock swelled to it’s full hardness. I’d have given anything to know the feel of his rectal muscles tight around my dick, and it was all I could do not to rape him while he was in that vulnerable position.

I kissed his big hairy balls, and took his rising manhood in my mouth, and sucked him wetly until the steel hard weapon was at it’s full foot of length, and knew I had to have him inside me again! I greased his cock with vasolene, and straddled him, placing my swollen pussy hole at the head of his long thick dick, and lowered myself onto it, feeling it burning me, and stretching me, inch by inch, until it was deep inside me, buried balls deep! I ground against him, and reached my hands under his shirt to feel his hard pecs, and tweak his nipples.

While I rode him, he took a deep hit of coke, and pulled my face to his so he could cover my mouth with his, and blow me a shotgun. His hands found my ass and squeezed it as I rode him. The intense rubbing of his cock against my sweet spot was too much, and my throbbing meat began to spurt cum all over his belly and chest. He began thrusting into me, as he scooped my sperm from his hot flesh, and forced it into my mouth with his fingers! I swallowed it willingly as he forced his cock up into me harder and deeper, causing me to cry out like a bitch! His flesh slapping mine made me think of porn flicks I’d seen, and fantasized about being in!

He arched his back and drove his rock hard penis deep into me, and I felt him filling my insides with his hot flow. It felt like liquid fire in me, and he filled me with it, emptying all his massive load inside me. I stayed on top of him until I felt him shrinking inside me, then raised myself off him. My love hole was gaping, stretched, and delightfully wet.

He went to take a piss, and when he returned, he told me to suck his cock clean, and as I did it, the last few drops of his hot piss mixed with the cum in my mouth, and I swallowed all of his essence, and felt wonderfully fulfilled by him. I should have felt debased by this act, but it only made me love him more. I told him I loved him, and he said “I know Baby Boy”, and though I’d have given anything to hear him say he loved me, I somehow knew he never would, and I didn’t care.

I was off work that kartal escort week, so I stayed with him at his house, which was conveniently empty that week, and I took his cock in every position, letting myself be molded to it. The only man he shared me with that week was his dealer friend who liked to fuck me, so we got some free coke to enhance our pleasure. He always watched as Greg fucked me, and seemed to be turned on by it, and always fucked me himself roughly, and deeply afterwards, filling me with his rich, hot juices, and leaving me dripping wet!

Miami introduced me to another experience that week, and it happened as we were showering together. He was lathering my ass, and cleaning my cum soaked pussy hole, and told me I was too hairy, so he decided to shave me. I’d never given this any thought, because I like a little hair in a man’s ass because of the wonderful feel of it on my tongue, and the way the tangy scent of ass lingers in it, and quite frankly it’s a turn on to me. But he preferred me smooth, so I let him shave my ass clean from just above my cheeks to the top of my thighs, and almost came as he spread me open and shaved all the hair from around my opening.

He stared at my now baby smooth ass and told me that’s how he liked a cooder. He then did something else for the very first time. He told me to spread my cheeks, and he began to lick me! His tongue probed my anus, and he reached around and began stroking my cock as he licked me! Needless to say, it wasn’t long before another hot load of my cum was circling the drain with the soap suds!

We got out of the shower, and he led me back to his bed where he told me to lay down on my stomach and spread my legs. I did it without hesitation, and soon felt his tongue exploring my hungry pussy again! I moaned as two of his fingers he’d dipped in the vasolene jar forced their way into me, working me with a frenzy, getting me ready for his 12 inches of thick cock!

He pushed it deep into me, and fucked me harder than ever before, bouncing on me like a madman, and hurting me nearly as badly as the first time he’d given it all to me. I squirmed trying to get out from under him, but it was no use, so I just took it as best I could, hoping it would be over soon! Fortunately, it was a quick fuck, and my aching canal was soon once again filled with his heavy flow of semen! His hot breath was like heat from an oven on the back of my neck, and I was relieved when he rolled off me and told me he needed a wake up.

I gave him the last of my cash, and told him we had to slow down, or I wasn’t going to be able to afford him much longer. He told me not to worry, my cooder could take care of us, and he dressed to go and get the coke. While he was gone, I wondered what he had meant, but knew I didn’t really care, because my man pussy was his cooder, to do with whatever he wanted, whenever he wanted!

END Pt 3

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32