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Her name was Mia. He was Alex. They went to the same university and majored in similar subjects; they saw each other in class almost every day. For a while, he was completely unaware of her existence, but for some reason she had made it her mission to make him notice her. After some time they started talking and hanging out a bit, but Alex still did not notice Mia was interested in him. So Mia thought it was time for some direct action.

One day, at the end of the semester, as they stood around waiting for some grades, she just said, out of the blue “you know, last night I dreamt you were kissing me”.

“Oh, really?” Alex said. “Dreams mean either you fear something or you desire it. Which one is it?” Mia just smiled and let him try to figure it out.

Not long after, they were out on a date and finally Mia’s plan showed results. Parked in his car, an old fashioned model with a bench seat, they finally kissed. After that, rare was the day when they were not making out somewhere. Mia was a natural kisser: she could do wonderful things with her tongue. Alex also wondered where his eyes had been. Mia was pretty, with long dark hair and a pretty, pouty mouth. She was curvaceous, with long legs and the hottest tits he’d ever seen. They were big, at least a D cup, and soft, with large, sensitive nipples; she’d moan and squeal every time he squeezed and sucked them. She wasn’t shy about her tits; she would lose her top in a second, not wear bras, take his hands and place them on her breasts… However, she appeared to be shy about her pussy. Every time Alex put his hands between her legs she’d close them tight. And she would not touch his cock either; when Alex placed her hand on it, she’d leave it for a second and take it away. When he asked her, she’d always say she wanted more privacy. The problem was that, although they were both sophomores, they did not live on campus; Mia lived with some relatives and Alex at his parents’ as a way of saving money. However , when he suggested going to a hotel she’d always give an excuse.

Alex was getting frustrated; he really wanted Mia, though, so things just continued like that for a while. Until one day things took an interesting turn. They were at the mall, just looking around and as they passed a lingerie shop Mia stopped to look.

There was a tiny, black g-string on display, and she said “oh, I have a nice black bra that matches that one. I bet I’d look good on me.”

Now Alex couldn’t agree more; he felt his cock twitch as he pictured her wearing nothing but that g-string and the bump in his pants grew noticeably, enough to get Mia’s attention, who just giggled illegal bahis and gave him a naughty look as she bit her lower lip. Alex decided right then and there.

“Come, I’ll get it for you, but you gotta wear it for me” and he walked into the store. Mia followed him without saying a word, picked her size and walked out of the store with her new string.

Alex drove her home and, feeling lucky, took the panoramic route. Mia would usually snuggle up to him while he drove and he’d play with her breasts and bum. This time, after kneading her tits more intensively than usual, he let his hand wander down between her legs. Mia made to squeeze them shut, but he held them open with his hand. Her trousers felt humid and after a couple of seconds caressing, she stopped resisting and started whimpering. Encouraged, Alex opened the button and pulled the zipper down and stuck his hand in her panties. At that moment, Mia surrendered and spread her legs as wide as she could. Alex started rubbing her cunt, which was already dripping wet, and Mia could not stop herself from moaning. Alex drove slowly, enjoying the feeling of her soft, wet pussy on his hand, until Mia suddenly tensed, bit her lip and shook through a quiet, intense, orgasm. A few minutes later they arrived at Mia’s place and after giving Alex a quick peck on the lips, she scampered out of the car.

“I’ll pick you up at eleven. And wear the string!” Alex managed to say before she shut the car door. She said nothing and disappeared into her apartment building without looking back.

Next day he picked her up at 11 sharp. He’d made his decision.

“Where are we going?” she asked.

“You’ll see” he said. “Are you wearing the string?”


He drove to a nice little hotel he knew and checked them in while she waited in the car. He was expecting resistance, but was surprised to find none. They walked into the room; he closed the door and hugged her from behind. She responded by taking his hands from her waist and putting them on her breasts and grinding her ass on his crotch, making his cock grow hard immediately. He squeezed and massaged her tits, and started kissing her neck and shoulders. She let out a low moan, turned around and drove her tongue into his mouth. He grabbed her ass in both hands and pressed his hard cock against her crotch. His hands then found their way under her shirt and then pulled it over her head. He immediately bent down to her cleavage and kissed and licked the soft skin of her breasts, biting her nipple through the fabric of the bra. Her moans got louder, but she put her hands on his chest and pushed him away.

He illegal bahis siteleri looked at her hungrily and asked “did you wear it?”

“Let’s find out” she giggled.

She walked towards the bed, losing her sandals on the way and stood in front of it facing Alex. She unbuttoned her jeans, pulled the zipper down and started tugging her jeans down. As soon as they passed her hips, she smiled, turned around and bent over fully, pulling her pants all the way down and giving Alex a wonderful view of her magnificent ass with only the teeny, tiny string between her butt cheeks. She crawled on the bed on all fours and opened her legs; now besides her gorgeous ass, he had an amazing view of her pussy, barely covered by a tiny triangle of thin material.

“Like what you see?” asked Mia, wiggling her ass for Alex’s benefit.

“You look so hot baby!”

Mia turned around and knelt on the bed facing Alex; she unclasped her bra, letting her melons free and arched her back a bit to present them at their best.

“And now?” she asked in her best little girl voice and pouty mouth.

“Now you look even hotter!”Alex managed to stammer.

“Well, come and get it” she challenged.

She did not have to ask twice. Alex was beside her in less than a second. His mouth went straight for her breasts, licking and sucking everywhere and his hand wandered down between her legs, where he started rubbing her pussy through the fabric of her panties, which were already soaking wet. She let him have his way for a minute, clearly enjoying the treatment as her moans showed, and the pushed him off.

“It’s not fair” again in her little girl voice. “You are still all dressed.”

Alex ripped his t-shirt off and kicked off shoes and socks, but as he went for the button of his jeans, her hands got there first. He let her do as she wanted and she pulled the trousers down, leaving him in nothing but boxers with a huge lump in them. She purred when she saw it and immediately pulled the boxers off, freeing his fully hard cock. It stood at attention scant inches from her face and after a short pause in which she looked at it with hungry eyes, she took it in her hand and started stroking it softly. She then pulled Alex onto the bed and they started kissing and fondling wildly, letting months of pent-up lust free.

Alex kissed his way down her tummy, but as he started nibbling on her pussy through her panties, Mia froze and closed her legs. He was not having any of that, though, so he forcefully spread them again, and after a bit of resistance, Mia complied. He pulled her g-string off and his heart almost stopped canlı bahis siteleri as he saw her perfectly shaved pussy, pink, slightly open and glistening with her juices. He dove in immediately, licking her pussy lips, then sticking his tongue inside, thirstily trying to drink every ounce of her sweet nectar. Her moans were incredibly loud, and as his mouth found her clit, they almost turned to screams as she arched her back and came like crazy.

Mia lay limp and spent as Alex made his way up her body again and kissed her hungry mouth. He was between her legs and his stiff cock started rubbing her sensitive pussy. Mia came alive at the touch of his dick, and started moving her hips. Alex placed the tip of his cock at the entrance to her pussy and pushed in slightly, penetrating her just with the head, and stopped.

“I want it baby, take me” whispered Mia in his ear. Alex just smiled at her and did nothing, enjoying the warmth of her sopping cunt.

“Take me baby, fuck me. Make me yours!” whispered Mia insistently. Then she did something unexpected: she wrapped her legs around Alex’s hips, raised her hips and took his whole length in one thrust. Alex was surprised by that, but he was more surprised by the loud yelp of pain Mia gave.

“Are you a virgin???” he stammered.

“I was.” Mia said with a smile.

“Are you ok? Should I take it out?”

“Don’t you dare! Fuck me!” and started thrusting her hips.

“You sure?” Alex said doubtfully.

“Just fuck me, give to me baby, I’m yours. Give me that hard cock!”

Alex did not need her to repeat that. He started thrusting, first carefully, but as Mia started humping her hips hard, he forgot all caution and just fucked her pussy hard and deep. It was wet and incredibly tight; he felt her hot cunt gripping his cock and started pounding her harder. Mia met every thrust and moaned and whimpered, saying “fuck me, fuck me” over and over. Finally Alex could not hold his orgasm anymore and after a final deep thrust shot his load inside her. He stopped moving, but stayed inside, slowly growing soft.

“Are you ok baby” Alex asked.

“Mmmmm, just a bit sore” said Mia with a sexy smile.

“Hope I did not fuck you too hard.”

“You can do anything you want with me” Mia said in a tiny voice.

Alex could not believe his ears. “I can do anything I like to you?” he asked incredulously.

“Yes” she responded in her tiny voice.

Alex felt a little devil whispering in his ear and decided to test that.

“I’m gonna make you my fuck toy, then.”

“Yes” came out of Mia.

“You are going to be my little whore and do what I tell you.”

Mia’s eyes opened wide in shock and she whispered “you’re such a perv”. Then she smiled, and her eyes got a hungry look. “Yes, please” she said in an even tinier voice.

Alex kissed her deeply. Things were looking up.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32