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“Good Morning, my love”, I whisper into your ear. It’s still dark outside and you are cranky because I’m waking you up. I put my hand on your shoulder as you are lying on your side and give you a little shake. “Get up Sarah! Today is the big day!”

You begrudgingly open your eyes a bit and look over at the alarm clock, “4:30!! Why’d you let me sleep in so late?!” You jump out of bed and start scurrying around the room, throwing off your pj’s and I just watch you and smile and giggle as you run around all naked going towards the washroom. “Ugh!! I cannot believe you let me sleep so late Anthony!”

You are really upset, but I know you wanted to sleep in a bit and I got everything ready the night before. You stomp off to the shower and I can hear you turn on the water, 10 minutes later you come out still grumbling, towel wrapped around your body so I can just see the top of your breasts and your legs, I’m just lounging on the bed all ready to go. “Honestly, as if you did this to me, you are in so much trouble!!” You aren’t yelling at all, and I know deep down you are totally happy and just putting on a show for me, you have to be upset…because…well just because. You drop the towel to the ground and I get a full view of your back and bum. A little trickle of water falls from your hair down your spine. You grab a pair of panties and whip them on, then some socks and some pants and a t-shirt and grumble your way to the washroom again. I hear you brush your teeth, wash up, blow dry your hair. Finally you pop open the door, “How do I look?” You ask.

“You look like the most beautfulest angel ever”, I say with a smile. And of course it melts your heart and you finally smile back at me and come running and jump on my lap on the bed.

“Eeeeeeeee! I’m sooooo excited Tony!” I pull your face right close and give you a big kiss on the lips. From outside a horn honks and I push you away and you give a little pout.

I giggle with excitement, “Ok, you ready to go babe?” I ask.

“Yeah yeah!” And with that we run to the door, grab our suitcases and rush down to the cab. We throw them in the trunk and jump in the backseat and we are off on our way to the airport.

I jump into the cab and slide over and you jump in through the same door. “Airport,” is all I say to the driver. It’s still dark out, and it’s only like 5:12 now. The whole trip to the airport my hand is on your knee, squeezing, and we are both smiley but quiet, every now and then looking at each other and planting a peck on the other’s lips. I’m squeezing just above your knee the whole time and rubbing it just slightly back and forth and playing footsie with you just a bit.

We get to the airport and take our bags out of the trunk and go to wait in line to pick up our tickets and check in. You are standing in front of me the whole way and I wrap my arms around you from behind and sort of casually nuzzle your neck and just hold you close. The nice reception lady checks us in and wishes us “lovebirds” a lovely vacation. We grab our carry on stuff and go through customs. Our bags get scanned and as yours is going through I see the security guard throw a wink in your direction. “Umm…baby, what did you put in there?”

“Ohh…nothing at all lovely,” you reply.

“Mhmm…well as long as we don’t get thrown off the plane”, I say and stick my tongue out at you playfully.

It’s 6:45 now and there’s still 45 minutes until our flight, all the lines were surprisingly short. “Get some more rest hun, you look bushed.” We go to sit down at the terminal and you pass out with your head on my shoulder.

I nudge you awake again, that’s twice today! “We’re gonna be boarding any second,” and I kiss you on the lips. “Happy Anniversary Sarah!” I exclaim with a huge smile on my face. For the big day illegal bahis we are taking a vacation to Hawaii! We get on the plane with no hassles, find our seats and I let you have the window. The plane takes off and we are smiling and they serve us breakfast right away, it’s about 8 now but we’ve been up for so long. Both of us start to nod off after we eat and we fall asleep with a blanket over both of us.

I feel something on my leg, squeezing it. I pop one eye open and peek over at you and you have one eye open and are smiling. I smile back and close my eye, but my smile doesn’t go anywhere. I don’t know how long we’d been sleeping but I feel totally rested now. Your hand creeps up my left leg a little higher and more inside, you are rubbing the inside of my thigh now and you can feel my pants bounce as my cock jumps with your touch. I start to slide my hand over now, under the blanket to your right leg and do to you what you are doing to me. We are rubbing each other’s leg now and you travel up mine a bit further and grab my cock through my pants. The blanket is bouncing where my crotch is as you rub me and I can barely hold back my moans. “Baby, should we?”

“Mhmmmm,” you answer and throw the blanket off of us as you are taking your hand off of me, and my hand off of you. “I’m off to the washroom,” you say and head off down the aisle. I’m careful to check which one you go into.

3 AGONIZING minutes go by. The longest 3 minutes of my life. I’m sitting and waiting and so incredibly horny. All I can think of is you in the washroom and what will happen when I get there to be with you. Finally I get up and start to casually head back to the washrooms and knock on the one you went into, I see the sign turn from “Locked” to “Open” and quickly open it and jump in, slamming the door shut behind me and locking it.

You are already way ahead of me. You are sitting up on the sink, your pants are in a pile on the floor with your shoes, your hand is down your panties and I can see that you are rubbing yourself with your other hand up underneath your shirt grabbing your breast. I quickly slide my shoes off too and kneel down between your legs. You prop one leg up against the wall behind me but I’ve grabbed the other one. I kiss the top of your foot, and the bottom of your calf, up around your mid shin, around to the top back of your calf. I tickle your foot a little and you giggle so loud! There’s a knocking at the door and a voice, “Are you ok in there miss?”

“No no, I..mmm, God…I mean, I’m ok!” you manage.

“Ok,” the flight attendant says back.

“We have to be a bit more careful Sarah!” I cautiously whisper to you. I start to tickle your foot again, you haven’t stopped masturbating yet, I can see little beads of sweat on your forehead and taste a little bit on your leg. I straighten your leg up and kiss the back of your knee, your fingers still rubbing on your pussy and clit; I can see that one of your fingers has started to slide in and out of you. I stay on the back of your knee, sucking on the hollow there, running my tongue along it while my hands caress your calf, you have a huge smile on your face as you look skyward with your eyes shut, biting your lip to keep from making a sound. I kiss higher along your leg, up the back of your thigh, kissing and licking every square inch of you, massaging around your leg wherever my lips aren’t. I let you finally prop your leg behind me, I’m stuck between your legs now, staring at your panties and watching as you masturbate underneath them, looking up to see you bite your bottom lip so hard. I sit there between your legs staring at your beauty, I can feel my cock stiff in my pants and reach down and start to rub myself over top of them at the same speed as you are pushing your finger inside you.

It’s illegal bahis siteleri more than I can handle, your smell, your sexiness, your beauty, my lust takes over and I need to taste you. I stand up and put your legs down. You take your hand from your breast and prop up your bum as I pull your panties off, your other hand never leaving your pussy. I take your t-shirt from the bottom and roll it up your body and up over your head. As your hair tumbles down out the hole I lean in hard and kiss you on your lips, drawing your tongue into my mouth straight away. Your hand goes back to your pussy in a flash and we are making out while you masturbate, penetrating your pussy with your finger. Our tongues mingle and play and dance over one another. I let my right hand drift to your left breast and I start to pinch your nipple and rub your breast, squeezing it and rubbing. You are starting to moan loudly, but it’s into my mouth and I am eating your moans, sucking your tongue, playing with your breasts while you masturbate…your toes start to curl as you rub yourself.

Your head leans back again and I start to kiss down your neck, all around your collarbone and down between your breasts. My warm breath and kisses and tongue travel over to your left breast and I start to suck on your beautiful pink nipple, drawing it into my mouth and biting it ever so softly. I let my tongue flick it while it’s in my mouth. Your nipple is now wet and hard and I start to lick around the rest of your milky white breast, I kiss and lick all up the side and all along the bottom, tasting your now sweaty body. I travel down and down from there, stopping on your belly button to pull your ring just a tad and to kiss your tummy all over. I kneel down again between your legs and finally you pull your fingers from your pussy and point them at me, I lick them clean and you grab your breasts as I start to lean towards your pussy. It’s glistening with wetness, enticing me to come closer and lick it everywhere. I lean in and you start to moan, I haven’t even touched you yet, just my breath on your pussy is completely erotic to you. Your hips sway back and forth and you moan a little more, and I’m still not touching you, I’m just waiting. Waiting. Waiting. You roll your nipples in between your fingers and squeeze your breasts. Finally I dive down hungrily and lick you from the bottom to the top of your pussy, finishing with a flick of your clit with my tongue. I lick it all over, my hot, moist tongue tasting every inch of your pussy, lapping up all of your juices. I spread your pussy wide and lick the soft insides of your lips, up and down and all over. I kiss the insides of your thighs and above your pussy on your lower tummy. I slide down lower and kiss your clit again and suck on it. I bite it ever so slightly, just enough to make sure you can feel. “Mmm…Tony…mmm…mmm…oh god..mmmm”, is all I can hear from you.

My cock is so hard now. Eating your pussy, tasting it, hearing you moan…it’s too much to stand. My cock is aching in my pants just dying to come out. Slowly, finally I start to slide up from your pussy, kissing my way back to your mouth. Your heart is beating so fast I can feel it as I kiss over your breast, tasting your sweaty body. I kiss you full on the lips again and now you can taste yourself all over my face. I straighten up in front of you, standing up. Your hand falls down to your wet, waiting pussy again. I take my shirt off, rolling it up and over my head. By the time my head is out of my shirt I see that you have stuck your fingers back inside your pussy and are licking your lips. Your breath is so laboured that I can hear little breathy moans escaping your lips as you pant. Your eyes are locked on the bulge in my pants, you can see that I’m incredibly turned on already and canlı bahis siteleri you lick your lips again, turning me on even more. I undo the button and slide the zipper down on my pants. In one motion I drop my pants and underwear, my cock bouncing straight up and out as it is released. You are pushing your finger in and out, masturbating so well and still I hear a muffled “Eep” from you when you first get to see my cock. Before you can do anything though, I lean back against the wall and take my cock in my hand and start to masturbate in time to you. When you speed up, pushing your finger in rougher and faster I jerk off faster and harder. When you slow down, I slow down my stroking to match. It’s like we are fucking, but it’s all just imagination now, remembering what it’s like for me to be inside your pussy, thrusting myself into you, sending waves of pleasure through us both. My eyes are locked on you, on your pussy and on your eyes. All you can see is my masturbating, my hand wrapped around my cock and stroking my whole length. On one of my longer strokes the whole head of my cock pops out and you whisper under your breath, “I need it baby.”

Quickly you jump up and slide around me, virtually pushing me onto the counter, my cock pointed straight at you. You slide down, not stopping for anything and take my cock into your mouth and I moan quietly, “Oooooohhh, Sarah!” You push my cock head inside your mouth and run your tongue all over it, circling it and flicking it. It’s so hard and sensitive and I’m so turned on, just this first touch and I’m already letting a little bit of cum out. You lick my salty cum off and swallow it and you keep going, you take more of my cock into your mouth, bobbing your head up and down on me, fucking my cock with your mouth. You let your teeth dig just a little, so that they trace along me and give just enough pressure for it to feel amazing. Your tongue is sliding along the vein on the bottom of my cock as you slide it in and out of your mouth, pausing at the tip sometimes to suck on it or to circle it with your tongue. You get your hands into it now, your mouth working just the tip of my cock and your hand starting to rub the base of my cock and my balls. You stroke slowly so as not to send me to orgasm, but god, it feels so good. You let my cock pop out from your mouth, “Fuck me Anthony, now.”

You stand up and spin me around with you so that you are over the counter now. You point your bum towards me and lean yourself over the sink against the mirror. I step up behind you and push my cock deep inside your pussy, all the way in, my whole length into you in one smooth, slow motion. I grab your hair from the back of your head and start to fuck you, sliding my cock in and out of your pussy, not much to start, staying deep inside you and pulling on your hair softly. With every thrust I come out a bit farther, sliding more back in, just slow for now. I squeeze your bum with my free hand and spank it as I’m making love to you. I pull your head back and lean down and kiss you while we fuck; I’m going harder now and pushing more of me into you. You have to brace yourself against the mirror so that my thrusting doesn’t bump your head into the mirror. We are breathless and sweaty and moaning and my cock is drenched in your pussy juices from pushing in and out of you. We continue to kiss as I fuck you hard, our moans drifting into each other’s mouths, it’s the only way we can be quiet. Our fucking is loud though, my hips smashing into your ass as I fuck you from behind. I feel you start to bite my lower lip, you are moaning beneath your breath and your eyes have shut. I can feel your pussy clench on my cock as you orgasm. I push in and out of your tightened pussy one more time before my orgasm takes over and I shoot my hot cum up inside you. Our bodies relax after our orgasms subside, my cock getting soft inside you. We continue to kiss as our sweaty bodies touch, mine still on top of yours.

“This was a great club to join,” I say with a smile to you. “And a great way to start our trip too!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32