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I am feeling brave, brazen, a tad bit sassy tonight as I walk in to the dimly lit bar, my eyes focus and there you stand off by yourself in the corner. Tall handsome and sexy as hell in that uniform. I have no idea what possessed me to approach you. As I am walking toward you you turn to find a song on the jukebox placing your beer on top. I slide my self in between the chair and you. My hands grabbing that perfectly shaped ass rubbing it. You turn stunned having not heard me approach you.

Quickly you turn around, before you can say a word I wrap my fingers around the back of your neck drawing your mouth to mine giving you a kiss so deep and passionate our souls meet. I pull back and brazenly slide my hand down your body to your crotch. Squeezing you through your pants. I hear your sharp intake of breath. I place my mouth on yours and kiss you again. I can hear the murmur of your buddies in the back ground the noise of the bar. I pull away and one last time I reach down squeezing you loving the feel of it in my hand. I turn and walk out the door with out a glance illegal bahis back.

Your mouth gapes open as I leave. You look down and your now erect penis and see a yellow sticky note attached. You pull it off read it and head out the door after me. You look down the street several times before you see me standing a half a block down waiting. You sprint to me and just as you are about to say something I lay my finger on your mouth, shake my head, ands take your hand. You let me lead you like a puppy on a leash.

I take you to my apartment. As you stand in side the living room I kiss you deeply again. My hands roaming over your body. I unbutton your shirt and push it to the floor. I lick and kiss all over your chest. My hand is being drawn back to your crotch. I squeeze you through your pants again. I unbutton them and kiss my way down your body to just where your pubic hair starts. I pull you out of your pants needing to see you kissing the tip then standing up. I place my hands on your hips and slowly pull your pants off. There you stand before my gloriously naked. illegal bahis siteleri Taking your hand once again I lead you to the bedroom.

Laying you down on the bed I kiss you deeply. I stand before you and disrobe only leaving my garter, my stockings and my heels on. I go to the end of the bed and start slowly kissing my way up your leg, my breast brushing your skin as I kiss you. I kiss the underside of your cock and move my way back down the other leg. You moan in deep pleasure.

Taking you in to my mouth slowly inch by inch. Sucking on your cock slowly taking all of you in my mouth then slowly pulling almost all of it out. My hand wanders to your balls caressing them. I pull you out of my mouth and slowly stand and straddle you. Sinking down on you slowly taking you inside me inch by inch. Your hands, grabbing my breasts to steady me. Slowly I ride you inch by inch. Increasing the speed slowly.

I stop… The look in your eyes begging me not to. I get up and position myself over your waiting mouth.

I lower myself down on to your waiting canlı bahis siteleri mouth. Hungrily you start to devour me. I take your cock in my mouth again sucking and licking. Massaging your balls as you are eating me. My hand inches towards your ass. My finger rubbing your ass hole. I can feel you tense up as I do this. I reassure you with out words that you will be fine.

I continue to suck on your beautiful cock and I slowly push the tip of my finger inside of you. An animal groan escapes you. I push my self in toy our mouth more. Pushing just the tip in and out letting you get used to the feel. Then I push a little more in, your hips buck. In and out I move my finger slowly massaging you as I push my finer in deeper.

The only sounds in the room are your animal groans of pleasure.

I can feel you getting ready to cum. With that I increase my speed both with my mouth and with my finger. I can feel your hot cum traveling up your hard cock. My finger increases the speed. Your are about ready to explode in my mouth.

I can feel the warm salty cum in my mouth I drink it hungrily. Feeling the heat of it slide down my throat in to my belly. MMMM the satisfaction… Just as you finish my body tenses and I cum in your mouth.

I roll off of you. We both lay there panting and exhausted…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32