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Paul takes Di to her Senior Ball, claims her cherry; welcomes the New Year with Patti and their moms. Enjoy. Votes and comments welcome.

“Do we have to go?” whined Di. “I don’t really want to go to the damn ball. Paul,” she whimpered, “do you really, really want to go some old high school formal, get all dressed up in tuxedo to hang out with a bunch of losers?”

Paul laughed. “Why not? Why don’t you want to go? It might be a lot of fun.”

“Or a total disaster,” she added. “Why can’t we just hang out with our moms, along with Patti?”

“Think of it as extensive foreplay. We’ll be there dancing; our bodies rubbing against each other, making out on the dance floor; showing all the loser guys what they missed out on; showing the girls how lucky they were that the guys didn’t notice you.

“Tell you what. We’ll get there late, around nine, and leave at the intermission, right after they crown the King and Queen. There are a couple of parties I promised to drop in at on campus, then we’ll join our moms and Patti to watch the ball drop. How would that be?”

“Well, it sounds better. When do we get to…uh”

“Get together?”

“Yeah,” she answered in a tiny, almost fearful voice.

“I promised Patti she and I would watch the ball drop alone in my room, having our own ball dropping ceremony, if you know what I mean.” Di giggled. “Any time after that, if you’re still awake. Or, since you’re going to be sleeping over, you could come in and watch the parade with me in the morning, just us. Although, the Moms may come in to ‘celebrate’ after your first time. That is the only time I can guarantee we will be alone this weekend.”

“I understand. I think I’d like to ‘watch the parade’ with you. Okay, we’ll go to the Ball. How do I introduce you?”

“Tell the truth; I’m an old family friend, and you knew I’d be home for the holiday. Make it romantic, tell your friends you’ve always had a crush on me, and found out I liked you, too. You could even hint at what we’re going to be doing later. Just don’t mention your sister.”

“I’m beginning to see why Patti refers to you as the Tease. What time will you be picking me up tomorrow?”

“Where is the dance?”

“Brannigan’s, downtown. In the banquet room. Since no one is allowed in unless they are coupled with a member of the junior or senior class, they decided they didn’t need a huge, huge hall.”

“That’s reasonable. If we’re planning to arrive about nine, I’ll be there to pick you up between eight-thirty and quarter to nine. What color is your dress, so I know what color rose to order for your corsage?”

“I told you, it’s green.”

“I know you told me green. What shade of green?”

“It’s dark; so dark it’s almost black. It has like a velvet skirt, so that when I move, it’s like green flashes in the black skirt.”

“Hmm. So, something light in color, or a deep red. Light like white or yellow. No, the red is best. Okay, see you tomorrow around eight-thirty.”

He paused. “Diane, you are going to be stunning tomorrow night. I am going to arrive with the prettiest girl at the dance on my arm. If I wasn’t engaged to your sister…” Even over the phone, she could sense the desire in his voice.

“Thank you, Paul. I appreciate that. See you tomorrow night.” She blew him a kiss and closed her flip phone.

Paul handed their coats to the girl in the checkroom. He became aware of the sudden silence in the area outside the ballroom. He knew the reason, and turned to look at her. Like Patti, Di was tall, and slender. She had inherited her father’s coloring. Coal black hair, to which Di had applied a henna rinse, bringing out the highlights to her new pixie cut, framed a model’s face.

Her natural porcelain pale complexion was enhanced tonight by the dark green cocktail dress she wore, accented by the blood red rose pinned to her bodice. The dress was a satiny material which hugged her body from waist to bust. A mid thigh velvet skirt fell from her waist in inch wide pleats. Eighteen, she could have passed for 23 at any club in America or Europe tonight .

Paul offered her his arm and led her into the ballroom. There, one of the seniors doing security, checking IDs, stopped them. “Sorry, folks. No admission unless you’re coupled with a member of the senior or junior class.”

Di looked at Paul and let out a deep breath, as if to say, “See, I told you, children.” She opened her clutch and took out her school ID and handed it to the student. “Here you are, Larry. Will this do?”

Larry looked at the ID and then at Di. Seeing it was a school ID, he barely glanced at it, saying “Oops, sorry, Diane…Diane! Omigod! Diane, I didn’t recognize… you look so, so …uh!”

Paul laughed. “Yeah, that’s what I said, too. Thanks, sport.” He led Di into the crowd. Their small contretemps had been noticed by more than a few of the attendees. Several of them wondered who the woman was. She certainly didn’t look like any of their classmates. First eve gelen escort she was too mature; more than that, she was simply too pretty.

Paul noticed a member of the faculty making his way toward them. “Uh oh, here comes Mr. Kinsler. He’s going to want to check your ID.” Kinsler was within greeting distance, obviously heading for them. “Hey there, Mr. Kinsler. How are you this evening?”

“Paul Tomkins! Good evening; it’s good to see you again, but I’ll have to ask you and your young lady to leave. Only…”

“Yes, we know. We were told by the student manning the door. You must know my date, Diane Williams.”

Mr Kinsler looked up into Diane’s face. He was an institution at the high school. He had started teaching there, right out of college, thirty five years ago, but his knowledge of teen culture was as current as that of any of his students.

“Diane Williams, from Ms Tate’s home room? No. It can’t be. Good God, girl! Where have you been hiding this alter ego, this doppelganger. I’m afraid there are going to be an awful lot of disappointed young men going home tonight. You had better protect her, Paul. Some one, including me, may try to steal her.” Paul and Di laughed with the old teacher. “Have a good time, you two. Incredible,” he said, shaking his head as he walked away.

Di led Paul to a group of girls and introduced him, using the old friend from college story. He listened as the girls chatted, being a little catty about some of the other girls there. As they discussed one, Di pointed her out. Kitty Evans, daughter of the president of the local bank.

It was rumored among the girls that she had offered sex to any football player who handled the ball (other than the quarterback and center) on any scoring play. The team finished the season with the highest scoring season ever, and the highest scoring high school defense in the state

The live band started a slow tune, and Paul asked Di to dance. On the floor, they made it clear theirs was a serious relationship. There was no light visible between their bodies; Di’s face was nestled in his shoulder. Both of his arms were around her waist; hers, around his neck. Occasionally, she would tilt her head up for a kiss. When the music stopped, they continued dancing for several seconds; when they did stop, there were several hoots. The young couple just grinned and walked off arm in arm.

Di and Paul were at the ‘bar,’ getting some punch, chatting with some of her friends who wanted to see whom she had been dancing with so intimately. As they talked, Paul watched the dancers, particularly Kitty Evans, whose dress was giving her and her date fits as they danced.

She was wearing a strapless black sheath dress which had a white lace overlay on the front from her bust to her waist. When they danced close, the buttons on his tux would get caught in the lace. After the third mishap, Kitty turned and left her partner alone on the dance floor.

While she waited for him at the edge of the dance floor, Kitty surveyed the crowd, assessing her competition that evening for the title of prettiest girl at the Ball.

She dismissed most of the young women there without a second glance. But who was the striking brunette in green at the bar, and who was she with? Kitty’s date she considered the prize from among her classmates, star quarterback and captain of both football and basketball teams.

The brunette and her date could have been a matched pair-black hair, deep blue eyes, pale complexion, tall, slender but well built. Maybe they were brother and sister, that would be a hoot. She turned to ask a girl standing close by if she knew the girl was. When she learned, she found it hard to believe.

That was the mousy Diane Williams. The little nothing girl who barely participated in class discussions, and walked around school studying the floor. Kitty had to have a closer look. She turned to say something to her hapless date and started for the bar.

Paul saw her coming and turned to say something to Di. She looked at him with a quizzical look and nodded. Kitty approached the small group, and positioned herself behind and between Paul and Di. She waited patiently for about ten seconds before asking, “Diane, aren’t you going to introduce me to your date?” Her tone was haughty, superior.

Without missing a beat, Di replied, “No,” and went on with her conversation with her friends, for a long three count as Kitty stood there, open mouthed in disbelief. “Just kidding, Kitty. Paul this is Catherine Evans, who prefers to be called Kitty. Kitty this is Paul Tomkins, my sub.”

“Mistress, may I ask Ms Evans to dance?” Di waved her hand, dismissively. Paul took Kitty’s arm to lead her to the dance floor.

“Excuse me, Paul,” Di stopped him. “Are you forgetting something?” He turned to kiss her. “That’s better. Don’t forget who you belong to. Kitty, treat him gently. I want him back in one piece.” She watched them walk to the dance floor, fatih escort wondering what Paul had up his sleeve.

It was a slow tune, suitable for the close contact ‘hug dancing’ Paul needed. They started with a few inches of gap between them, Paul’s hands on Kitty’s waist. As the dance progressed and Paul’s hands wandered from her hips to her rib cage, Kitty moved closer until the gap disappeared completely. Paul’s hand’s continued to roam. When Kitty moved against him, Paul’s hands moved to her back and began the same slow searching movements.

The song changed, and with it the tempo of their dance. It wasn’t long before Paul released one of her hands and pushed her back to twirl under his other arm. Unfortunately, her lace had caught on his tux, and her zipper had loosened, the zipper which went all the way down beyond the small of her back to the prominence of her butt.

When she reached the extent of their combined arms, Kitty realized what had happened and screamed. Everyone turned to look, and saw her standing there in her panty girdle, her double-B sized breasts totally on view; her dress in a heap on the floor.

In an instant, Paul had picked up her dress and covered her with it, pulling it back up into place. He saw the tears begin to spill down her cheeks. “Omigod, I’m so ashamed. Everyone seeing me like this…”

As he reached behind her to zip it, he spoke to her softly, so no one could hear. “Keep your head up, don’t let them think you are ashamed. It is a lovely body, all the pieces are in the right place. It is a body to be proud of…”

“What happened? Why…”

“My jacket button must have got caught in your lace. When you stepped back, it must have pulled your dress down.”

The crowd was all abuzz. Ms Leary,one of the female chaperones had finally made her way through the crowd to the couple who was the center of attention. “Are you all right, Kitty? What happened?”

“I’m okay, Ms Leary. Paul was able to put me back together enough to preserve what ever modesty I have left. I think I need to go pull myself together a little more, though. Thank you, Paul. And thank Diane for me; I’m not sure anyone else would have reacted the same way.”

She turned back to Ms Leary. “Do you think you could find me a pair of scissors. This f… foolish dress,” she recovered, remembering who she was talking to, “needs some altering.”

Ms. Leary, barely out of her twenties, laughed. “It certainly is a f… foolish dress, and I’m sure we can find some scissors somewhere. Come with me.”

Paul watched the two women leave; Ms Leary leading the way, Kitty with her head held high, not making eye contact with anyone, until she passed Di, to whom she briefly nodded. Di simply smiled and raised her eyebrows in acknowledgment. She greeted Paul with a kiss.

“You guys are all wrong about her. She’s probably as much a virgin as you are, or as Patti was our first time,” he told her. “I’m sure her attitude is put on to hide a bunch of insecurity. If you try to reach out, I bet you’d find a friend.”

“What happened? Did you do something?”

“Let’s just say I had an inkling of what might happen and helped it along. I saw she was having problems with that lace thing getting caught on her dance partner’s tux, and I sort of loosened her zipper. I didn’t expect it to go all the way down to her butt. She really felt shamed that everyone saw her so naked.

“I’m sorry I did it; it was a bad joke. Let’s get out of here.”

They ran into Kitty coming out of the ladies room on their way to get their coats. “Kitty, ” Paul said, “I’m sorry about what happened.”

She laughed. “It’s alright, Paul. When I realized what you must have done, I was angry, but then I realized, you helped me conquer one of my biggest fears. I’m going into theater arts in college, and one of my biggest roadblocks has been the fear of making a fool of myself.

“What can be worse than suddenly appearing nude in public, literally having your clothes fall off? Well, it happened to me, and the world didn’t come crushing down on me. People will talk about tonight for years, and if I become a star, I will always have an icebreaker story. So, while I should be totally pissed at you, thank you.”

Paul hung his head, abashed. “I… I… I don’t know what to say. It was a stupid joke. I’m just glad you’re okay.”

Di broke in. “Kitty, would you like to get together for lunch over the holiday?”

“Sure. That’d be nice.” Paul left to get their coats. “Is he really your sub?”

Di grinned. “Only until midnight. I have him on loan from my sister, tonight, and then in the morning from six til noon. Why?”

“Oh, uh, I, uh, just…”

“Wanted to borrow him?” Di laughed. Kitty blushed and nodded. “I have been promised the right to a sample of his services tomorrow. And at times in the future. Let me talk to my sister and Paul. Maybe some afternoon you and I could share him. That’d be the best I could offer.” halkalı anal yapan escort

“That’s fine,” Kitty nodded, licking her lips. “Whenever you want.”

Paul returned with their coats. Kitty waited until Di had hers on. “Well, I better get back inside and find my date. Thank you, both,” she said, hugging Di. She turned to Paul, and grabbing his head, pulled him down for a tongue filled kiss.

When she broke away, she turned to Di, “if you weren’t here, I’d drag him off and give him my cherry now.” She released Paul and stepped back, the hunger plain. “Good night and have a Happy New Year. Call me soon about lunch, Diane.” With which, she turned and hurried into the Ballroom.

“Wait until Patti hears about this. She won’t let you out without a leash ever again.” laughed Di. “C’mon, lover boy. It’s time to leave. I’m glad you convinced me to come; I had a good time,” she said, reaching up to give him a kiss on his cheek.

They got back to Paul and Meg’s place just after eleven. They had stopped in at a faculty party put on by the Department of Psychology. As a TA, he had been invited, as were the other TA’s, fellows, and research assistants.

Although the party was barely under way, a few of the graduate students, and some of the professors, were already showing signs of over -indulging in the spiked punch. Paul and Di had hardly arrived at the punch table when Sam, who had been so taken with Patti, approached them.

“Paulie! Old friend! Happy New Year. Who is this fair young beauty on your arm?” He looked at Di closely, as closely as he could with his alcohol befuddled vision. “Do I know you? Are you a graduate in some other college or department? Paul, where do you find all these beautiful women? “First, there was that girl,,,.the one who argued with me about the meaning of the Seven Samurai. Undergrad, my ass! No way was she an undergrad, let alone a freshman like you claim. And then,” he paused to belch, “there was that blonde I saw you at lunch with. My god, what an MILF. Just a family friend, you said. Uh huh, that’s why she had her hand an inch from your…oops. Tales out of school. Sorry. And how about the tall brunette I saw you with over Thanksgiving/ The one you were feeding, playing lovers’ games with. The one you claimed was your mother. She was too young to be anybody’s mother.

“How do you…can you tell me, pretty lady? Why are all you beauties attracted to plain ol’ Paulie, here?”

Di, with a devilish gleam in her eye, crooked her finger and beckoned Sammy closer, so she could whisper to him, “I have it, on fairly good authority, that Paulie,” and she hesitated for a brief two seconds, “fucks like a stallion.”

Sammy jerked back as if he had been burned. “Paulie! Fucks like a stallion!” he shouted. With a wide grin, Di was nodding. Several people in the room, hearing Sammy’s shout were looking at them, many of the women with a curious look on their face.

“I don’t believe you.” Sammy, slurred. “I’ve seen him around the women on campus. He’s so polite and politically correct, it hurts to watch him.”

“Well,” said Di, “those three beautiful women you say you saw him with are all good friends of mine; and stallion is their word, not mine.”

Paul stood by the punch bowl, blushing, both at Di’s assertion and the obvious attention they were drawing. He handed Di her punch and took her arm to lead her away. “Happy New Year, Sammy.”

As they made their way through the party-goers, Paul was the target of some good natured ribbing from the male faculty, several appraising looks from their wives and female colleagues, and some jealous glances from his peers when they saw him with Diane. Between Di’s obvious adoration and Sam’s drunken outburst, he knew his reputation among the grad students had improved quite a bit this night. He was worried about what the faculty would think.

He and Di made their way around the party room, and eventually found the Department Chair and his wife, the hosts of the party. He introduced Di as an old family friend. They wished each other Happy New Year, and Phil bid them a good evening. A few minutes later they were on their way out the door. Behind them, they heard somebody whinny. With his arm around Di’s waist, Phil flipped them the bird.

When they pulled into his driveway, it looked like the house was dark, and the front window drapes closed. Paul grinned, correctly guessing the women had already started the carnal part of their celebration. He turned the car off and turned to Di. She looked at him, a question on her face. He pulled her face to his, and engaged her in a kiss.

On several occasions over the past few months, he had continued his crash course in making out, but it had always been with the understanding that there were limits which couldn’t be crossed. While the kissing instruction, after that first night, had been thorough, it had also been passionless. Until now. There had been no further touching, except as examples, over Di’s clothes. Until now.

Tongues were dueling for position; lips were pressing, teeth, nipping; hands were petting, caressing, exploring. When Paul’s fingers grazed the top of her breast, Di took his hand and pulled it from her chest. Paul started to pull back until Di’s teeth lightly closed on his lower lip.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32