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Cammie and her libido

The morning started like all other. Tay and I awoke from a good night sleep and went to the kitchen. Coffee was poured, breakfast was eaten, and we settled in on the deck, watching the ocean. This had been our routine for about 6 weeks. Kenny was gone with his team and we had the next 2 weeks to ourselves.

Tay was glowing with her pregnancy, almost 24 weeks now. A little Kenny cooking in her belly. She was beautiful! I wanted to ravish her every day. Most days I did!

About 10am, the doorbell rang. Tay went answer it. A beautiful woman was at the door demanding to see me.

“Carla!! There is someone here to see you!”

I ran down the stairs and found Cammie standing in the doorway, very pregnant.

“Cammie. What are you doing here? My ex not providing enough for you?”

“Look Carla, I did not come here to fight. I came her because I have no friends, no family other than the girls and I needed to get away from him. Since I became pregnant, I have not been cute enough for him. I am sure he has another woman. I now know how you felt. I am very sorry for everything.”

Cammie broke down crying. Tay invited Cammie in. As we sat and talked, the story sounded so familiar. Trophy wife, has a kid or 2 and the shininess wears off. Go find another trophy and discard the old one.

I felt bad for Cammie, but she had did it to me. I am surprised it took the ex-husband so long to discard Cammie.

“What is it you need Cammie?” I asked point blank.

“Did Kenny tell you about his visit?” Cammie asked looking at Tay and I.

“Yes, he told me everything. He also told me you were on the pill and he wore a condom when he fucked you. I hope you are not claiming this is his baby?”

“It is not his. I promise that. I need time away from my life to have this baby and decide what I want to do. The twins are both pregnant and I believe from their dad. I knew he was fooling with them. I do not really care they are adults, but he does not even look at me. My girls are both mad at me for being pregnant at the same time they are. I could not help that. Can I stay here for a while? This is one place I know he will not show up at and cause issues. I won’t be a bother and will stay to myself.”

“Tay and I have to talk. Make yourself comfortable and we will be back shortly.” I spewed at Cammie.

In the kitchen, Tay looked right at me. “You have to be nice. I remember you being so sad that someone took your husband. Someone blew up your life. This is happening to Cammie. You need to be more respectful. She is begging us to help. She needs us. Come on lover, be the bigger person. You know it is right.”

I could not say no to Tay. She halkalı otele gelen escort is always a ray of reason. “OK. But she stays in the guest house.”

“Fair enough. Let’s go tell her the god news!”

We explained everything to Cammie. She was overjoyed and hugged us both.

When I went get her bags, there were not any. “Where are your bags, Cammie?”

“I did not bring anything, I just needed to get out. I have nothing. I will have to buy hat I need.”

“It was worse than you were letting on, isn’t it?” I asked.

“Yes. He is involved with money laundering. I cant live that life.”

“If you have any information on him, turn it over to the authorities. End this shit!” I told her.

“Thank you, Carla. Once the baby comes, I will get a place for myself and start over.”

“When is your baby due, by the way?” Inquiring minds want to know.

“Any day now. Any day.”

We got Cammie set up in the guest house and got her some clothes and the odds and ends she needed. She is not a high maintenance person at all. She is a simple girl. We liked that bout her.

A few days later I went to the guest house to invite her in for dinner. When I walked by her window, I found Cammie nude on the bed trying frantically to reach her swollen vagina. She was trying to masturbate but her big belly was in the way. As were her massive tits Kenny spoke of. He was right. They were enormous. I was mesmerized for a few minutes watching this lady. Suddenly I realized what I had to do. I ran back to the main house and got Tay. We returned to the window and observed. Tay’s hand instantly went into her pants. Little moans coming from her mouth.

She whispered into my ear. “Let’s go help her.”

I looked at her with a devilish grin and we went to the door. When we walked in, Cammie was very shocked and embarrassed.

“I’m so sorry. I didn’t think anyone would come in. It has been so long that I needed some relief.”

Tay walked to her and kissed her passionately on the lips. Followed by a even more passionate kiss from me. Cammie was shocked.

“Ley me help you with that itch Cammie.” Tay whispered in her ear and crawled between her legs finding Cammie’s very wet pussy. Her first few licks drove Cammie to a very quick orgasm. I concentrated on her massive tits and swollen nipples. Tay got Cammie off again while I suckled her.

“Oh my ladies. I never imagined this. You took care of me. Can I return the favor? I have never been with a woman before today, but I am extremely turned on. Let me help. Can we make some type of agreement? Please?” Cammie spoke very quietly, very sexy.

“What do you halkalı rus escort say Tay? Should be allow her into our all girls club?”

Tay answered by standing and undressing. Her big natural tits full of milk, resting on her belly. She was not as big as Cammie, but both were incredibly gorgeous.

Cammie stared as Tay undressed. Her braless milk glands spilling from her shirt. Tay was so horny, she was leaking milk.

As I undressed, Cammie and Tay watched me. Tay was used to my figure. Cammie had no idea. While those 2 had curves from the pregnancy, I had natural curves. My breasts were almost as big as Cammies. But all real. I had dark areolas with huge nipples. My ass was made for mounting and Kenny loves my big round ass.

I walked to Cammie and offered a nipple to her. She latched on and began sucking. My nipple swelled even more. Both Tay and I had fingers in Cammie’s dripping hole.

“Holy shit, you guys, I’m cumming again! Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhgggggngggggggg”

Tay swung over and planted her pussy on Cammie’s face. Cammie started licking. For someone who claimed to not know what she was doing, she got Tay to explode in about 2 minutes. Tay is a squirter. And she squirted all over Cammie’s face.

Cammie tasted Tay in earnest and loved every drip. “Oh my God, teach me to do that!! You tasted so good.”

“In due time baby, In due time. Now, you and I have cum a few times. Poor Carla must be on the brink.”

Cammie and Tay smiled. “How do you want us Carla?” Cammie asked.

“I though for a few seconds. “Cammie, sit on my face and Tay, please eat my wet pussy. And Tay, don’t be nice. You know what I mean.”

“Cammie looked lost. What are you talking about Carla?”

“When Kenny is gone, we miss his giant cock. Tay will get her hand and most of her forearm in me and fuck me with her arm.”

“I have to see that!!” Cammie said massaging her big tits.

Cammie mounted my face and Tay set forth licking me and working her hand and arm into my gaping cunt. Once Tay had her hand in past her wrist, she just pushed into me.

I was trying to concentrate on Cammie’s pussy but Tay was in farther than she ever had been. She was ramming her arm in and out of me. Cammie pushed her cunt onto my face forcing me to lick or get smothered. I wrapped my arms around her thighs to help brace for my pending orgasm and to keep Cammie’s clit in my mouth.

Cammie came first, a hard fast orgasm. Then Tay, then me. My orgasm shook my entire being. I had never had one like that before! Tay pulled her cum covered arm from my pussy. She and Cammie licked as much off as they could.

As I laid there halkalı türbanlı escort Cammie fell beside me, totally spent. She suddenly gasped.

“My water broke!! I think it is time!!”

Tay and I quickly dressed and helped Cammie get dressed. As we were helping her out the door, my phone phone rang. It was Kenny.

“Hi Kenny, can’t talk, gotta get Cammie to the hospital. She is having a baby! Call you later!” And I hung up.

Kenny sent me a text. “Why is Cammie there?”

Me: Explain later. Love you!

Kenny: What hospital, I am taxiing to the ramp. I will meet you.

Me: County General

Kenny: See you soon, tell Tay I love her and Cammie too.

Me: Will do baby.

Cammie had a 8 pound 9 oz 23 inch little boy. He was beautiful. She named him KJ.

Cammie looked at all of us. “I guess this makes us real family. Thank you for being her when I gave birth. It means the world to me and KJ. Thank you so much!”

I looked at the baby and Cammie. “We were happy to help. I think you will need to stay longer than you think. Raising a baby is hard enough on your own. You are welcome to stay as long as you like.”

Tay smiled and Kenny was led into Cammie’s room.

“Anyone want to give me any insight as to this situation?” Kenny asked

Tay and I took Kenny outside and explained everything to him.

“That is not my baby Mom. I swear.”

“Tay laughed. “We know Kenny. Cammie told us. Plus, the timing does not match up. You are good!”

Kenny looked relieved. We all were. Cammie included.

Cammie settled in over the next few weeks with the new addition of a son. Kenny was home for only a few days.

Tay spent the time with Cammie, giving me Kenny all to myself. I swear his cock got bigger. Her fucked me numerous times a day every day he was home. By the time he left, I was sore and swollen. Just like I like. My son loves me and I love him. Actually, I love each and everyone in my home. Including Cammie. In a way, I took her from my ex, like he took her to break us up.

Cammie went back for the birth of her grand babies. Her twins gave birth on the same day, in the same room. Both babies healthy. Fortunately, their dad was not the father. But the father was Lisa’s boyfriend. Evidently one night her had sex with Lisa and while he was leaving, Laura stopped him on the way out and he fucked her also. Both sisters impregnated the same night. What are the odds?

Tay was now at 39 weeks. The baby could come at any time. Cammie and I took care of her and made sure she was set. Kenny called every day and promised he would be there for the birth.

Taylor delivered little Kenny 3 days later. Kenny was there to see the birth of his son. He was amazed and fell instantly in love with his name sake.

Little did Kenny know, but Tay talked me into a reverse a tubal ligation. I am hoping to get pregnant at age 43. I need to get pregnant. The urge to be a mother again was strong.

We can’t wait for the off season. Kenny will be busy with all his women.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32