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All characters are adults above the age of 18.


Emma used to watch her boy. When he was laying on the couch or on the hammock or sitting on one of the fold out chairs on the veranda or the bench on the cliff overlooking the lake where they had their summer house and many times when he was sleeping in his bed. He would be in his own world with his phone or a book in his hands and not notice her. In the mornings she would watch him through the window as she drank her breakfast coffee in her robe while he went off to school. When she taught him how to drive, she was always aware of not staring at him too much and would tell him to shift gears more than necessary, so that she could have her hand upon his when he worked the gear shift.

She would look at him so often because she couldn’t for the life of her figure out with whom she’d had him, who his father could have been.

It was as wonderous to her as was stargazing, not being able to put the pieces in place of how this all could be. As is common with mothers when observing their sons, a distinct chemical mixture operated within her, but in her case the chemical deficiencies and surpluses were the deviant to the common kind, unless what happened between these two is not in fact as uncommon as i have been led to believe. I have penned a temporary title to this procedure of chemicals and their emotional effect as Lupacupidum.

Emma would bask in her emotions and completely yield to this forementioned lupacupidum. As she wondered what stranger could have, together with her, sculpted her son’s loins, from his penis and her womb, her mind’s eye conjured images of sex and desire, which she felt were projected through her loins and made her weak in the knees. The rush of chemicals made her limbs feel warm, her arms and knees weak and her skin sensitive, as if something dominant to her swarmed within her body and the images of undressed limbs and movement peppered her imagination, she was excited about how close she often got to falling down in her knees in front of her son, taking his pants off and plunging toward his loins.

She wanted to see how big his dick was, what his pubic hair looked like, if his balls were big, if they tasted cold, if he liked her breasts, how much he liked looking at her ass, wanted to grab his, wanted to be spanked by him and cetera. She would only have to say yes to these thoughts, esenyurt otele gelen escort but she had never done it, and to see how many further drops she dared to add her desire before it overflowed excited her.

It had started about the time he became an adult. This reaction in her body to her son worried her at first. It was her biggest problem in life as well as her most sacred secret. The warmth and weakness she felt in front of him caused her to look for explanations and councel online, but she found none, save for an understanding of how the feeling of weakness when aroused was due to blood rushing to her vagina and that incestious erotica was a favorite for many people, making almost all accounts of it online dubious. After a while, she accepted the fact and could not stop herself from exploring these temptations further.

She now knew what his pillow smelled like after he’d slept there. It had become something of a morning routine, between coffee or breakfast and showering, to walk into his room as he was walking away from the house. The closed always door egged her on. She would step inside and close the door behind her and feel the silence of the room and stare at his unmade bed at the end of it before she did anything. Then she would walk to it without hesitation, get on the floor, snatch his pillow from where it was and envelop her face in it. In the darkness, she inhaled and gave the fabric soft kisses, and pushed her face further into it. Sometimes with a leg up on the bed and lingered there, drawing her thighs up against it, and sometimes she did this laying in the bed.

One time, when she could barely maintain her public composure in the morning, she ran into his room just as he had closed the front door behind him to head to his car or the metro station. The possibility him perhaps having forgot something and walking in on her in the act, shot her full of dosages of lupacupidum to a kind if climax, that she left the room having cummed until she stopped counting naked on her son’s bed with his blanket between her legs, leaving the bed like a drenched post-shower towel, with wet spot islands of sweat and saliva deliberately left uncleaned by her, along with pink lipstick marks from her lips (she’d run naked to the bathroom to apply it, wanting to look and feel like a whore, after which she ran back.) esenyurt rus escort She felt that she had promptly fucked herself on her sons bed, if not having fucked the bed as well.

She was anxious for his arrival that day, and did not want to spoil some reaction by checking to see if the bed really had cleared up over time or not. However, just before the time he usually came home struck the clock, she was weak with anxiety in front of the bathroom mirror and then she ran into his room and saw his bed still damp, if not wet and the sheets still almost see-through, as well as the pillow’s pink lipstick marks smudged, she, with the help of other chemicals, adrenaline, ripped off the sheets from everything, threw them in wash bin in the bathroom, got dry ones from the dresser in her bedroom and ran into his room to apply them. She began with the pillow, and was just about halfway done with the mattress as he heard keys and locks rattling and jamming from the front door, which made her pause to think how she would handle this.

Sounds of shoes being kicked off and footsteps loud and clear approached the room. She was bent over the bed and she arched her back and felt her ass in the air pointing towards the door. She was just wearing jeans and and a t-shirt. The door opened and she looked back at him.

Buongiorno! She said with an affected dialect.

-Buongiornouh. Nice, room service, he said and a backpack was thrown into the wall in her peripheral as she looked back to the bed. She wondered if he was not noticing her big ass and couldn’t tell if he was stupid or maybe just normal, unlike her. But she did feel sexy, and to make sure she’d get some attention, she squatted down so her knees pointing to both ends of the bed, like she’d seen nicki minaj do in a music video. She could practically feel how big and round her ass was, tight in her jeans, hovering with a bounce a few inches above the floor.

I want you to start making your bed in the morning, she lied to break the silence.

I like it when you do it, he said, which made her smile and look back at him with deliberately ambiguous eyes. He was sitting on his chair, looking at his phone. While looking at him, she ran a hand across her hard nipples.


-Nice to come home after studying all day to some clean sheets.

-Your sheets were esenyurt türbanlı escort pretty dirty, she said and laughed.

-Well… sorry. Fuck. Come on.

She was laughing and saw that he was red in the face, grinning and felt shameful.

She fell backwards on the floor with laughter, made the rest of the bed up quickly and rose.

-Would you stop laughing?

-You got the wrong idea, she said with a smile and opened her arms up to embrace him, come here.

He chuckled, rose and obliged. She knew her nipples were still hard, and as they hugged, if he didnt feel them, he definitely felt her tits, which the side of his face were pushed against, for they were in that kind of embrace.

Welcome home, son, she said, and looked at herself in the mirror in front of him. Just one foot down, and her hand would be grabbing his ass. She only had to say yes and yield. She looked at herself in the eyes, winked, hugged him tighter into her bosom saying “it’s so nice having you home again” and, as he couldn’t see it, let her tongue hang above his hair. As she did, she caught a whiff of the smell of his hair, just like the pillow, and the effects of lupacupidum flooded her and almost instantly she was wet and her nipples were even harder.

She let go of him and looked him in the eyes. He was smiling. Should she? He made a gesture towards the bed.

Thanks for that, but you’re right, i’ll start-

No problem, i can do it again tomorrow! she said and darted out of the room and towards the toilet, where she grabbed her hitachi, got completely naked and let the shower noise drown what proceeded. Midway through the shower, after having cum once, she unlocked the door and stepped back into her masturbation hut, hoping to be exposed.

After the shower, she found him in the kitchen cooking, and glanced to his room to see the the door open and his window in it open. He noticed her eyes lingering towards his room, and, placing a plate on the table in front of his mother, asked her what the matter was.

I was just looking at your windows curtains blowing, she said.

-It was damp as fuck in there.

-Yeah… it was.

-Fuckin summer heat.

The windows. The pathway between the house and the street was visible through them. The windows opened.

Tomorrow, she thought, with a urge to slide her hand into her panties where she stood.

Jonni sat at the table and looked at his mother, who leaned her back against the wall and stood with her eyes closed, looking like something was bothering her.

He noticed how big her breasts were and suddenly felt horny and looked away, startled by his own thoughts.

Something new had awakened within him.

to be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32