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This is my second story. I hope you liked my first attempt. I will always try to use some form of historical background to make the story believable I do not like the ones that are of the variety of slam-bam-thank you ma-am.


Ch 1 On the trail

We have been traveling for 2 months now. We left Kansas City in April, trying to cross the Rockies before the snows closed the pass into Oregon. At times the heavy rains forced us to halt the wagon train due to either flooding of the creeks or the mud was so thick that the horses may break a leg from catching in the thick mud.

We awoke in the morning after one of these storms, and there in front of us were the mountain range we were to cross. It would still take us another 3 days to get there. During the night another fellow traveler passed away from the fever. We dug their grave and had services for them after breakfast.

Thinking back, it has been almost a year since we left Ohio and our little farm with my father, mother and sister. Father had lost money on the sale of our crops to a very deceitful man. The bank then took advantage of the situation and foreclosed on the property after father could not pay the mortgage. We had enough money to buy this wagon and horses after we sold our livestock and other possessions that we could not take with us, with enough money leftover to resupply us for the winter after finding land to homestead.

Three days later we were in the foot hills of the great Rocky Mountains. Father had been coughing for the last 2 days and was complaining of being hot all the time. That evening he started to complain of being really cold and was shivering. He had the fever. By morning he was dead. Mother was in shock. The man that she had been married to for some 20 years was dead. Her reason for living taken away from her. Here was the man who could lift a hay bale and toss it like it was a small rock. Or work in the fields from sun up to sunset with only taking a drink of water as his only break.

We buried father and after services we watched the rest of the wagon train head west towards Oregon. I pulled the wagon off the trail towards a small valley several miles away, after loading our belongings from the night before. When we arrived, there was a stream running from the hill down towards the plain. That meant that we had water. I set our camp up while my sister Sarah started to make supper. I returned from the woods with a load of firewood and started the fire for the meal and warmth for the night.

Mother just sat by the fire looking lost and tears flowed down her face. My sister and I tried to get mother to speak to us, but she only just sat there and stared into the fire. After dinner we were able to get mother to lay down and go to sleep. Sarah and I stayed up for awhile longer talking.

“Sarah what do we have for supplies?”

“We have some 50 lbs of flour, 40 lbs of corn meal, baking soda, about 10 lbs of salt pork. The chickens are still laying, and the cow is doing good.”

“Well that is good, but I will still need to get some meat. So in the morning I will take one of the horses and the Hawken rifle and hunt for a deer.”

“I will make you something to eat while you are out there. Don’t worry I will take care of mother while you are gone.”

We checked on mother before we both went to sleep. In the morning I awoke before the sunrise to find Sarah already cooking breakfast. She packed some corn meal pancakes and dried fruit in a sack and I was off to get some deer meat. As I was ready to mount the horse, Sarah came to me and placed a soft kiss on my lips. Told me to be careful and have a good hunt. That was the first time that she kissed me like that and it sent a shiver down my spine.

I rode some 5 miles before noticing deer tracks. The woods were fairly dense and the ground was covered in pine needles. A good sign for deer. I took up a spot that I could watch the trail, but not so that I could be seen or my scent could be detected. It took about an hour before one crossed into my line of sight. I spotted a large buck and took him down with one shot. After placing him across the back of the horse I returned to camp. It was nearly sunset by the time I returned. Mother was sitting by the fire aimlessly stirring the metal pot. Sarah came to me and helped me to skin and cut up the meat. We salted that which would not be eaten that night and placed it in the barrel for our meat.

We ate our dinner, washed up and put mother to bed. We still innovia escort did not get a word out of her even though we tried to speak to her. Sarah and I went to bed under the wagon. She cuddled next to me, placed her head on my chest and draped her arm over me.

“Jason, I need to be held by someone. I am scared that we will die and no one will find us.”

“Don’t worry Sarah. We will stay here and I will build a life for us. I will build a shelter that is better than the wagon, then go back to Devils Gate and homestead this valley. Also, pick up more supplies for the winter and seed for the spring if they have any.”

Sarah leaned over and placed a kiss on my lips that was more passionate then the first. She leaned back and looked into my eyes. I saw love in hers. She then kissed me again, this time I returned the kiss and pulled her into a loving embrace.

“I love you Jason. I have for a very long time. I know that we are brother and sister, but I do not care. I want to take you as my man from now until eternity.”

” I love you as well. But for now, we must concentrate on getting a homestead built and taking care of mom. I will spend the next couple of days gathering wood and water, as well as, building a good temporary shelter for you both before I go back into Devils Gate.”

With that we kissed good night and went to sleep. We listened for any sounds coming from mother to make sure that she was alright. The moon was bright and the stars shone just as bright as sleep over toke me.

As I saddled the horse and tied some burlap bags to the other, I looked at the wood pile that I had amassed. It would keep them in wood for at least a week. The water barrel was full, as well as, several buckets. The additional shelter I built would keep them safe and dry. I felt secure that at least that was taken care of. I kissed my mother on the forehead and told her what I was doing, then I kissed Sarah, mounted the horse and was on my way. It was nearing sunset when I arrived in town. Went to the general store and purchased what supplies I could. I was told that the land office was back in Casper. So that would have to wait. That would be a week’s journey alone. I rode back to camp in the dark.

I arrived back in camp just as the sun was rising. Sarah was just getting out of bed and starting to stoke the fire. When she saw me she ran out to greet me and took the pack horse to lead it back to camp. When I dismounted she jumped into my arms, flung her arms around my neck and planted a very passionate kiss on my lips. I returned the kiss with just as much passion.

Ch 2 Homestead

“Sarah the land office is in Casper. It will take a week to go there and back. I don’t feel that I should leave you and mother here alone for that long. Besides, there is a doctor there that will take care of her until she gets better. I believe that this is the best thing for her.”

“I don’t like leaving her with strangers, but that would be the best thing for her.”

“To make sure that this will be our valley, I will explore more completely and make sure that there are no other claim stakes. If not, I will do that so no one else takes it. Then we will go back to Casper and lay claim to this valley and make it our home.”

“I will go where you go. I will follow where you lead. You are my man and I am your woman.”

“We can be married, but I will need to lie about my last name. When we get into Casper we will say that mother is yours and I am an orphan from back in Ohio that father took in. I will use the last name of our neighbor.”

We spent the next week looking over the entire valley for any signs of claim. Also, for signs of any Indian activity. We found none. I made claim markers to designate that we intended to homestead this valley. The hills that surround it were only about 100 feet tall. So livestock could easily graze on the hillside. I packed the wagon as much as possible the night before we left. Then, before the sun rose, we had breakfast and left when it was just getting light out. We camped for the night along a stream and arose at first light. We arrived in Casper during the mid afternoon. We went straight to the land office and filed our claim. We were given the rules and regulations for homesteading, signed the appropriate paperwork, and received our deed.

Next, we went to see the doctor for mother. He examined her and said that it would be best for her to remain there. We told him where our homestead was istanbul escort and he said that he would send word if we were needed. Next, Sarah and I found the preacher and were married. We decided to pick up a few more supplies for the winter, since it would be spring before we came back. We bedded down outside of town on our way back home. Sarah moved into my arms as we laid down and kissed me. I held her to me and returned the kiss. Our tongues danced with each other.

“Jason, I have waited for this all my life. You have been the life in me since I was a little girl. I promise you that I will make you a proper wife for as long as we both shall live. I will bear your children.”

“I have no doubt of that. I did not think that you felt that way about me, but I will never turn you away. I too, will make a proper home for you and will always be faithful to you and be a proper husband to you for as long as we both shall live.”

She gave me a toe curling kiss which showed her love for me as we took our clothes off, then I rolled on top of her and placed my penis at the entrance to her womanhood. She was very wet and I had no trouble entering her. I reached her maidenhead and stopped. I asked her did she want me to continue and she said yes. That I was to make her mine. I pulled back a little and shoved in, breaking her maidenhead. Sarah gave a muffled scream. I held still to allow her to calm down. After a short while, she told me to continue. I slowly started to pull back and then push forward. As Sarah became accustomed to me I began to increase my speed. Sarah wrapped her legs around my waist and told me to go faster. She moaned and said that she was cumming and to go faster so she could do it again.

The sounds coming from between our legs were like slapping wet laundry on a flat rock. I started to feel a pressure building in my penis that I had not felt before. Sarah said that she had cum again and that sent me to paradise and I unloaded into her womanhood. The feeling was something that I had never felt before. I continued to feel my penis shoot time and again into Sarah. Our breathing was coming in short ragged breaths. After awhile, our breathing slowed and I bent and kissed Sarah telling her that I loved her and always will. She said the same after giving me one of her very passionate kisses. We made love several more times that night, each more intense than the previous one.

We broke camp before sunrise and made camp at sunset so we would be back at our homestead before night fall. We made love that night as well. Our passion becoming more intense with each time. She was kissing me in such a way that my tongue felt that it was being sucked out of my mouth. Sarah reached down to stroke my penis to bring it to life. With each stroke it grew harder until it was fully hard. She got up on her knees and swung her leg over my body and placed my penis at her entrance and slid down the length of my manhood. She began to slowly work her hips back and forth to stimulate her womanhood. Sarah started to moan and her breath came in short gasps and pants. Soon she was moaning louder and saying that she was going to explode with passion.

My penis was tingling to the point that it felt like I had ridden bare back for 100 miles. Then we both exploded at the same time. Our breathing was more pants and gasps then just in and out. It took us awhile before our breathing returned to normal. Sarah placed her head on my chest and I pulled her into me. I told her that I loved her and she said that she loved and adored me. Sleep toke us both quickly.

We held hands as I held the reins of the team. Sarah would place her head on my shoulder and we talked of what we wanted in our house and what we wanted to raise as livestock. We arrived back at home shortly before dark and made camp, had a late supper and bedded down under the wagon. The heat had been very oppressive the entire trip. At sunrise, after breakfast, I looked around and after Sarah approved, I marked where we were going to build our house. My father taught me well as to building a home and all carpentry skills. I laid out the area for the home, cleared the grass, and leveled the ground as much as possible.

At midday Sarah came and we ate. After eating she pushed me down and mounted me. Pulled my pants down, lifted her gown up and impaled herself on a very stiff penis. She slowly rode me back and forth. Her head tilted back and she moaned loudly telling me to give her all that I had to kadıköy escort give. Her speed picked up until she screamed that she was cumming and that I was to give her all that I could give. I unloaded into my darling Sarah with a force that made her lift up from the force of it.

We held each other afterwards to allow our breathing to return to normal. I kissed her lips and neck. Brushing her hair with my nose and rubbing it over her ear. I placed a gentle kiss on her neck and told her of my love for her.

“Now woman I need to get back to work, unless you are going to go and chop down the trees for our house.”

“Yes I will do that if you go and wash the clothes and make dinner?”

“Give me my ax. I will be back as soon as I can.”

“Thought so. I will have supper ready when you return husband.”

I hitched the 2 horses up and rode to the woods to begin the building of our home. I was only able to fell a couple of trees before sunset. So I returned back to camp, washed up and had supper.

Sarah and I made love that night again. This continued for another 2 months. I finally finished our cabin and had made a bed for us. I needed to search for enough stone for the fireplace, but that was done before the roof was completed. The weather was changing when a rider came to us and told us that the doctor needed us back in Casper. We left the following morning. When we arrived the doctor told us that mother had passed away during the night from the fever. Her body had become so weak from the grief of losing father that she could not fight it off. We asked the doctor if mother had spoken at all during her time here. He said that she never spoken a word. Our secret was safe. We buried mother the following morning. Sarah became ill that morning and was checked by the doctor. He told us that there was no worry, that she did not have the fever. Not that type anyway. She was with child. The doctor said that she was healthy and that she could return back home.

We were able to obtain a few more supplies just in case of a harsh winter then left and started our return back to the homestead. It took us an additional day because we stopped several times to make love. The winter was rather harsh that year, just as predicted, and it took all my strength to keep enough firewood in the cabin. Sarah did her best to cook during the latter days of her pregnancy. But I found myself doing some cooking so she could rest. Come spring Sarah presented me with a big beautiful son. The doctor stayed an extra day because the road was very wet due to the large amount of spring rains that had washed out some of the road and of the overflowing streams.

I started on fencing for livestock as soon as the weather allowed me to. Planted a garden for our food and we went into town to get supplies. Only this time we had a baby with us. He was the center of attention while we were in the general store. The ladies fussing all over him. I arranged for some beef cattle and was told that I could take delivery in about a week. We loaded the wagon with our supplies and left early afternoon.

When we made camp that night, Sarah fed our baby, then offered some to me. We laid down after dinner to go to sleep after undressing. I rolled over and took a breast in my mouth and sucked just like I was an infant again. Sarah started to moan and pushed my head into her breast. She reached between us and toke hold of my penis and slowly stroked it. She pulled me on top of her and placed my penis at the entrance to her womanhood. She told me that she was ready for another baby. It had been almost 2 months since I had been with Sarah in a loving way and I was more than ready. I pushed into her and started a slow in and out. She was more than ready. The same flat rock slaps of wet laundry came to my ears. We did not last as long as we usually did, for we were both very excited. Sarah came first with a scream and a very high lifting of her hips. Then I shot my load into her. Although it took us very little time, the after effects lasted awhile.

What started out as a 160 acre section homestead, has turned out to be 600 acre ranch of prime beef cattle. We just received a contract to supply the army with beef. I have my eye on another ranch with 1500 acres. I am going to turn my original little homestead into one of the largest ranches in the state. My son Luke and I ride each day to keep our home safe and growing. My daughter Beth assists us with the cows and helps her mother with the housekeeping and tending to the small farm animals and garden.

Today Luke and Beth will be going into town to get supplies that I have ordered. I watched as they were going down the trail. I turned towards Sarah and toke her into my arms and placed one of those toe curling kisses that started this whole thing off.

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