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Trent’s Running Program Becomes Sexual Education Class With Sexy Teacher

Since I broke my leg as a 17 year old while playing soccer I couldn’t back into sport as much as I did before the accident. A year later at 18 and despite doing physical education at school and playing a bit of low level soccer I was out of shape and needed to get fit again and looking good before prom. To achieve this I began a running program, 25 minutes of jogging every couple of days down the beach. Every morning that I decided to run I passed my pe teacher, Mrs. Robinson, who lived just a few streets away from me. Mrs. Robinson was a sexy woman; 37, well-toned body, a decent sized rack, one that would not interfere with her exercise and dark black hair that fell just below her shoulders. What I love most about her is her ass. It’s a bit bigger than what most girls achieve to, but its not fat, it looks nice and firm. We had a small pe class because the subject was actually a lot tougher than what you would expect, it was actually a lot more theoretical than physical in senior. Due to this it was a quite a close and personal class; we all would talk about relationships, occasionally sex, including Mrs. Robinson. She wore well fitting clothes, ones that wouldn’t restrain her during exercise, ones that also showed her body off very well.

After a few weeks of passing her during my runs she approached me and suggested that we run together to help me maintain my motivation to run and to push me to higher levels. The only problem for me was that I had to get up earlier and also everyday, something that would benefit me in the long term. The next morning I met Mrs. Robinson, who made me call her by her first name Tania when out of school, down the beach to begin our first run together. Over the ensuing weeks we got to know each other quite well, discussing everything from our relationships to our pasts and futures. I think Tania enjoyed the company, as I knew from my own experiences running that it could become quite boring and monotonous at times.

Tania had dropped her intensity level back a bit to accommodate my level of fitness and as mine increased we started a fartlek running program, aerobic running mixed with high intensity sprints. It was during one of these sprints, about half through one of our runs that Tania pulled up and clutched at her hamstring. Immediately she dropped to the sand. On her back she lifted her left leg, instructing me to lightly push against to stretch it. I looked down at her to gauge her reaction, checking to make sure I was applying enough pressure. As I did so I caught a glimpse down her shorts, shorter than normal and loose, where I saw the white panties she was wearing. The tight panties were see through from the sweat she had worked up, her pussy lips outlined easily through the material as well a small tuff of black pubic hair above her pussy. I looked away down at her face where I noticed her erect nipples poking through her sports bra and top, both the thoughts impossible to shake out. I continued to push against her, unfortunately my groin against her smooth, tanned leg, my dick hardening against her.

I knew I was fucked but I continued to push against, pretending nothing was happening. She prepared to get up and I stopped pushing her leg, letting it fall to the ground. As the leg fell away it was clearly evident that I had a boner. “Well look what we have here, it appears someone has the hots for their sexy teacher.” As she got to her knees she continued, “we can’t konyaaltı escort let you run with this can we now.” Pulling down my shorts she sucked the end of my dick like a lollypop. As her wet lips touched and wrapped around my dick I couldn’t believe it. “Oh shit,” I said as I threw my head back, the pleasure of my first blowjob sensational. Taking more of me into her mouth she eased into it slowly. She gagged with about ¾ in her mouth and withdrew, sucking what she could fit into her mouth. Back and forward her head moved, her mouth acting as vacuum seal as I fucked her mouth. Sensing I was about to cum she stopped, lifting her shirt over her head and taking off her bra, her firm, round breasts with her hard, little nipples now on show for me. She lay down on the sand, slipped out of her shorts and wet panties. Spreading her legs and running a finger up and down her slit she spoke, “is this what got you so hard?”

I kneeled down between her spread legs, her shaved pussy in front of me. I positioned my dick near the entrance to her love canal, “hold on, lick my pussy first,” she said to me.

“I’ve never done this before, I don’t know how.”

“You’ve watched porn before, just do what they do.” I smiled at her as I lent down to her groin and kissed the mound of pubic hair that was above her pussy. I then kissed the spot where I thought her clit was before running my tongue along the entire length of her slit. Softly she moaned as I made contact with her womanly area. As my tongue penetrated and probed her pussy she moaned louder, the touch of my tongue sending pleasure throughout her body. “Oh yeah Trent that’s the way, just like that baby.” I replaced my tongue with one, then two fingers as the first easily slipped in. With my fingers taking care of her pussy I ran my tongue back up her slit where a small yelp signaled that I reached her clit. Ravaging the knob with my tongue while fingering her pussy I continued to pleasure her. “Shit, shit, shit,” she cried as she continued to approach an orgasm. The shits turned to fucks, her thigh muscles tightening along with her pussy walls around my fingers as an orgasm swept through her, womanly juices slowly dripping from her pussy onto my fingers that I began to withdraw and bring to my mouth. Tasting the juices for the first time I found them a bit sweet, but lovely. I ran my tongue all over her pussy, lapping up the remaining juices, sending several more shivers through her.

“Go ahead baby, fuck me now,” she said in between pants, recovering from her orgasm. My dick was still hard, eager to be placed inside its first woman. I positioned my dick at the entrance to her pussy and slid the head in between her wet lips. As my dick entered her pussy for the first time I closed my eyes and heard a beep. It was the beep to her stopwatch, the one set to make sure we were keeping pace with previous runs. “Fuck,” she yelled, “we are meant to be back by now.” I dropped my head as she slid back, disappointment running through my body. “I know darling, I know. Tomorrow baby I promise,” she softly said to me, the sweetness of her voice consoling me. Helping her to brush the sand off the back of her thighs and back, I quickly massaged her ass, the firm buttocks feeling nice in my hands. With the sand off her she slipped back into her clothes: panties, shorts, bra and then top. A quick peck on the lips finished our meeting and slowly she jogged off, her hamstring still tight, in the direction of the finish. That left me standing naked on the kültür escort beach, my dick pointing out from my groin, the waves softly rippling towards the sand.

I was nervous about school that day, with pe class just before lunch. The morning progressed normally, advanced maths as tough as it always is before I made my way off to pe. We arrived late, mainly due to our maths teacher holding us back as payback to Mrs. Robinson, who generally let us go late when pe was scheduled before maths. Not the ideal way to start. It was easy to tell she was annoyed us as they were all waiting so we could get out to our golf lesson. Mrs. Robinson wasn’t as active with golf as the class was being taught by our local golf pro, Angelo. I hit the balls as well as I ever had today, chipping accurately and driving straight, in excess of 200 metres. Angelo was impressed. Mrs. Robinson kept me after class, along with my mate Matthew, to discuss our assignments of which we had handed in drafts for. I looked into her beautiful brown eyes while she talked, nearly getting lost in them, while also glancing at her tits on occasions. She discussed our assignment, a report on the effect of foreigners playing sport in national leagues, in length for about 15 minutes, thoroughly impressed with the research we had done on it before letting us go. On our way back to our lockers we ran into Mrs. Robinson’s husband, Jeffrey, who also taught at the school. I was nervous, despite knowing that he wouldn’t know anything, while we exchanged pleasantries. The rest of the day was uneventful, nothing out of the ordinary occurring.

I awoke the next morning and for the first time I was excited for about my run. I wanted to prepare myself, you know like do my hair or wear nicer clothes as you would on a date, but you can’t really do that for exercise and anyway, I was already guaranteed sex! I ate breakfast and brushed my teeth before heading down the beach, nervous about how we were going to go about it. When I met her she grabbed me and planted a kiss on my lips. I opened my mouth slightly and allowed her tongue to enter mine, our tongues intertwining. She broke it off, “we have to get further down the beach so no-one sees us,” she suggested as I shook with nerves from my first real kiss. For five minutes we ran with pace, trying to get as far away from where we lived to maximize our time together. We always started our runs earlier than most so Tania could get her work done before school so we fancied our chances of getting away with it.

Tania, who was leading me at this stage, stopped at an undeveloped area of the beach. I caught up and stopped next to her where she immediately grabbed me and kissed me. I struggled for breath as her tongue slipped in my mouth, her saliva helping to hydrate my mouth. As we kissed my cock was hardening inside my pants and I lifted her pink sleeveless top over her head, panting heavily as our kiss broke. She took the opportunity to remove my shirt as well, my flattening stomach revealed. She lifted her purple sports bra over her head, her firm naked breasts in front of me again. I took both of them in my hands and ran over them slowly. Moving my head down to them I ran my tongue across her right nipple, Tania shuddering at the touch. Softly she moaned as I continued to lick, and suck, on the hard nub. She grabbed my head and guided me across to her left tit where I continued in the same fashion, pleasuring her nipple.

I began to kiss my way down her stomach and pulled her down onto markantalya escort the sand and I was now between her legs. Lifting her butt off the sand I hooked my fingers inside the waistband of her underwear and shorts and slid them down her long legs. With her pussy uncovered I licked and probed her love organ, her womanly juices dripping from her as she moaned at my touch. With her pussy well wet she pulled my short hair so my face was close to hers and said to me, “lie back now baby, let me take good care of you.”

Kissing me softly she rolled me over onto my back and removed my shorts down my legs and over my shoes, my hard dick springing upwards. Still unable to get the whole shaft in her mouth she ran her tongue up and down and sucked what she could fit in between her soft lips. Her head bobbed up and down as my dick moved in and out of her mouth, with every up stroke I could see my cock glistening with her saliva.

Spitting on it and running her hand over the entire length of my dick she moved her pussy over the top of my dick. “Holy fuck,” I muttered as she lowered herself down on me, my big dick penetrating into her wet and slippery love canal. “Ohhhhhhhhhhhh,” came from her as in one slow movement she impaled herself on me, my entire dick buried inside of her. She pushed herself up using those strong legs of hers and slowly let herself down again, allowing herself to adjust to the size of my dick. With each downward motion she released more prolonged moans, those becoming shorter as she quickened up the pace. Her tits bounced with her as her she fucked me, the pleasure immense as my dick moved in and out of her. I allowed her to continue but I had always wanted to fuck a girl doggy style so I pushed her off me and got on my knees.

She knew what was going on and on her hands and knees I entered her from behind, another long “ohhhhhhhh” escaping her lips as I entered her tight pussy again. Grabbing her hips to began to thrust into her as hard as I could, my balls slapping into her. “Fuck me, fuck your dirty, sexy teacher. Oh, oh, oh…” she said. She starting throwing herself back against me as she reached one hand underneath and rubbed her clit. Her moans became shorter and louder as I figured she was close to having an orgasm. “Cum with me baby,” she yelped, her pussy walls contracting and tightening around my dick, bringing me ever so close to cumming. “Holy fuck I’m going to cum,” I exclaimed as Tania moaned her loudest, her pussy milking my dick, which after one more thrust was now shooting spurt after spurt of cum into my teacher’s pussy. Her moans began to subside as the last drops of my cum were released into her.

A small ‘plop’ was heard as I pulled myself out of her and slumped onto the sand. She moved between my legs and sucked the combination of my cum and her juices from my dick, smiling as she looked up at me. When she had finished licking my dick clean she moved up to me where we shared another kiss and I was able to taste the product of our love on her tongue.

“Oh my god that was amazing, thank you so much Tania,” I said as I was beginning to catch my breath. “No thank you Trent, I haven’t got a fucking like that for so long. I really needed it.”

“Can we do this again sometime?”

“Oh we definitely will be. However, not in the mornings because you and I still have to keep running and definitely not in public again. Look, my husband Brian has a conference next week and he’ll be away for a few days so I’ll talk to you then about it. Ok?”

“That sounds great.” With another kiss we got dressed and ran back home, passing several couples walking their dogs on the sandy strip. We smiled at each other as we realized how easily we could have been caught.

To be continued?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32