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Cally rushes from the station, she knows she isn’t exactly late but she also knows being on time could make all the difference. She still can’t quite believe that she, Cally has been hand picked by one of Ms. Wittmore’s ‘Scouts’.

He had seemed just a normal guy, nothing about him had stood out when she had been called over to dance for him. He had tipped pretty good though and she had noticed him watching her more than once as the night had gone on. So as she left the club just after 3am that night she wasn’t overly surprised to see him approach her. “Hi again” she smiled a little unnerved as he came closer. He smiled and handed her a small business sized card. “Be here Tuesday, 4pm, Ms. Wittmore is holding interviews” and with that he walked away.

“Wow!” thought Cally. Ms. Wittmore was interviewing and everyone in this business knew that her clubs were not only the most exclusive and secretive clubs in the city, getting a job there was near impossible.

Now as she headed to the address on the card, The Grand Hotel, Cally could feel the butterflies in her tummy building. She had called her mother the evening before and told her of this exciting opportunity. Of course she had fudged the facts, after all her mother still believed her only daughter was a professional dancer, touring all over the country, always on the go, which is why there was never a good time for her to go and visit her in the big city. Cally pushed the guilt to the back of her mind, its not like she could really tell her mother the truth that her life was far from what she described in her weekly calls home for the last four years. Her parents would never understand how there prefect only child had ended up working as a lap dancer in a seedy back street club, even if Gus’s was one of the better ones in town.

Entering the Hotel Cally was pointed in the direction of one of the board rooms, gingerly she opened the door and was surprised to quite a few girls already there. She quickly scanned the room for familiar faces and then she caught the eye of Janice, who scowled and turned away. Janice was probably two years younger than Cally, but very ambitious and she most definitely had caught the eye of many of the patrons of the club in the last six months since she had arrived. She didn’t worry Cally like she did a lot of the other girls, Cally was a good dancer and had her regulars, she knew she looked good for her age and could easily still pass as being in her early twenties. She made good money and didn’t rely on pumping and grinding as the likes of Janice did, she was illegal bahis after all a professional dancer.

A stern looking woman, who Cally guessed was mid forties walked into the room and order all the present women to stand in a line. Cally found herself stood between two taller, younger looking blondes. “Damn!” just my luck she thought and with that the door swung open and in walked a tall, stunningly beautiful woman, the one and only, Ms.Wittmore,

Ms. Wittmore walks up and down the line of women stood before her, slowly checking each out, her eyes inspecting and judging. Still it amazes her how just a few words in the classifies could bring so many here, not to mention the ‘professional tarts’ her associate Seb had handed pick from the local strip and lap dance clubs. She wonders to herself, do they really have any idea what they have signed up to, even at this early stage, she simply could send them away without a word, leaving them wondering what they did wrong or what she didn’t like about them and that was exactly what she intended to do with all but one of them in the end.

The power she held was as much a turn on as the actual women stood before her, although most reeked of desperation which really wasn’t a turn on at all. The same old story, too much make up plastered on their faces, too much effort made to try and impress, even though they have no idea how to impress her.

Once more she walked the line, watching as each girl stood a little taller, a little straighter as she approached. She idly stopped here and there in front of one or the other, ran her index finger with her perfectly manicured nail along their cheeks. But none gave her pleasure, none reacted as she would want to her touch, she sighed loudly, Seb had done well this time with the girls he had picked out, she could tell them apart from the ‘Ad girls’ yet still none stood out for her, she turned her back to the line considering her next move, how to proceed.

Just then Ms. Wittmore heard a cough, it caught her attention and she turned back to find its source. There in the centre of the line stood a girl, well you could hardly call her a girl, she was definitely older than most here, her face blushed and as their eyes caught she looked quickly away and to the floor, her blush deepening. She wasn’t anything special to look at, not like the younger woman next to her, who was tall, blonde and of athletic build. Instead she was of average height and build with mousy hair, but the way her skin blushed really caught Ms. Wittmore’s attention. Slowly she walked up illegal bahis siteleri to her, “are you Ok?” she simply asked, another cough as the girl struggled to reply “just a tickly throat Miss, I’m sorry.” Again her eyes shot down to the ground. “Name?” Ms. Wittmore asked. “Cally, Miss” the girl replied quietly “No need to apologise Cally, let me get you a drink.”

This seemed to relax her a little and made Ms. Wittmore smile to herself, silly little fool she thought as she placed her hands on Cally’s shoulders and pushed her to her knees. This would show all of them what was expected, she could feel the excitement in herself building, it was finally beginning. “Open your mouth, dear” she demanded and Cally looked questioningly yet did as told. She positioned herself so that Cally’s head was between her legs and slowly pulled up her pencil skirt. Cally’s eyes opened wide in fright and surprise and a few gasps filled the room but Ms, Wittmore silenced them with a stern look a long the line. She pulled her panties to the side, squatted down a little and relieved herself into Cally’s mouth.

Much to her surprise this girl didn’t jerk back, nor did she try to avoid the warm stream of piss that was now hitting her in the face and filling her mouth. Instead she quietly swallowed and gulped at the golden shower she was receiving. Impressed by her Ms. Wittmore let her panties slide back and pulling down her skirt telling Cally to stand and to step forward two paces. With out a word the Cally did so, her face still wet, yet she didn’t even attempt to wipe her cheeks and this impressed Ms. Wittmore even more.

She step closer to the girl and ran her tongue up her cheek, more gasps from the line. “The next time anyone gasps or makes a sound, I want them removed” she informed her assistant that was silently stood at the door. “Of course Ms. Wittmore” she reply shooting the line a warning look. Again she licked the girls cheek, no sounds to interrupt her this time, she took her time to savour the taste of her own urine mixed with that of the girls own skin.

Slowly she ran her index finger down Cally’s cheek and watched as her eyes darted unsure where to look. She teasingly continued to trail her finger tip down the her neck and then down lower, pushing so it went between her breasts drawing an invisible line down her cleavage. Looking intently into the her eyes Ms. Wittmore could feel Cally’s breathing quicken as she continued to move her finger lower and lower. Stopping at the belt of her rather short skirt she stood back smiling. “very good canlı bahis siteleri Cally, you impress me” she said and as she went to move her hand away she was surprised that Cally grab her hand in hers.

Even shocked at the current events, Cally knew this was her one chance, the taste of Ms. Wittmore’s urine in her mouth hadn’t been that bad and the sensations that shot through her body at the touch of Ms. Wittmore’s touch on her skin most definitely hadn’t been bad. In fact it had felt good and suddenly Cally felt very confident.

Without a word and now keeping full eye contact the Cally thrust both their hands up her skirt, making sure to pull it up to expose herself fully. As all the girls had been directed Cally wasn’t wearing panties and as she pushed their hands upward her heat was obvious to Ms. Wittmore. She press her hand against that of Ms. Wittmore’s and force them both against her pussy, letting Ms. Wittmore feel her wetness.

“Very brave young lady, but what now?” Ms. Wittmore asked looking sternly into Cally’s face. Cally paused for a moment, suddenly unsure about her next move, so Ms. Wittmore lent forward, squeezing her pussy hard and whispered into her ear “If I were you girl, I would start to grind and cum as fast as you can over my hand.”

With the sudden realisation of the situation she had put herself in Cally started to bite her lip, her face full of doubts and panic. But the look on Ms. Wittmore face told her not to disobey the woman, slowly she started to grind, using her own hand to push Ms. Wittmore’s hard against her pussy. She rocked and moved her hips frantically and even to her own surprise could feel her orgasm building fast. With a sudden shudder she came and hard too, gushing over M’s Wittmore’s hand.

“Good!” declared Ms. Wittmore “We have our girl, the rest of you may go” she continued. The other women in the line looked around them, unsure of what they have heard. “Yes, yes, you all heard Ms. Wittmore, thank you all for coming” her assistant was saying as she hustled them all out the room.

Ms. Wittmore turned her attention to the Cally, who was now stood opened mouthed, legs slightly spread in front of her, breathing heavily. “You showed initiative, some real spunk and just the right amount of uncertainty, so as not to come across as overconfident. However you still need to learn a lot before the real fun can begin and you will… Yes, yes my dear you will indeed do” she remarked as she gave the Cally’s pussy one last hard squeeze before pulling free her hand and walking away. “Be at this address 8am sharp tomorrow morning and we can begin your training” she said as she handed Cally a small envelope “All instructions are in there, follow them to the letter and we will get along fine, Cally” and with that Ms. Wittmore left the room.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32